Finally some updates..!

So finally we’re getting the scenario. In Korea it was Berto part 2 but it will be called “Arc Royal Sets Sail to the Sea of Freedom”.  The new update will raise the cap to level 54 (which is what it is currently in Korea I believe…) It will also bring us the level 53 skills (omg Cromodo & Elpintos are the best xDDDD) Also there will be the next set of C level armor/weapons (Level 52 I guess?) There will probably be new cash items as well.

Next up is the stamp rally. From 7/23 – 8/31 everyday that you login you will receive a stamp.  If you get x amount of stamps you will receive the following prizes:

5 stamps = 100% hp recovery scrolls x3, 3 revival scrolls, 3 anti fatigue pots for level 35 and below
10 stamps = Wings that give overall damage ratio +5%
20 stamps = 30 C stones, 1 C safety, 1 Perfect lv 5 Magic Stone, Perfect Level 5 Tios
30 stamps = Demon horn & Wing set. The wings can be dropped and made from the level 29 challenge (I have a pair). The horns however are normally a cash item that expires but these look like they will be permanent.
35 stamps = 3 perfect level 6 tioses 😯
40 stamps (perfect attendance) = That chicken head/wing set that you could only get during the Ruko event before. If you have the set you get crit +3, con +5 and movement speed +1.

All prizes will be rewarded like 2-3 days after you reach your stamp count. Man I want that chicken set so badly. Gotta be sure I login daily (although I do that anyway.. :lol:)

Similarly to the Marugoto Cat package in Pangya, Tartaros is now releasing their own “game package” on 8/27. If you buy the package you will get some goodies like permanent weapon avatars (sheep) and a blue marine hat thing. It will also include a free talk by all the characters’ seiyuus. Most of the stuff in it are newbie items really so it’s not worth the purchase – and I’m pretty sure you’ll have to go through a 3rd party to import it since stuff like this usually isn’t shipped overseas.

Experience Up event (finally) 7/24-7/28 – For all characters level 26 and above (and I mean based on your account rather than on the character itself) there will be 1.5xp during the usual times 1-3PM and 8-10PM Japan time daily. That’s midnight – 2am and 7am – 9AM EST. This will be going on all weekend so if you have characters above 47 and are desperately trying to level up, now’s a really good time lol. Characters below 25 are considered noobs and will get double exp regardless.

There will be a campaign for those who have never spend money on the game. If you buy at least 1000 yen worth of points you get 3 anti fatigue pots for level 50 and below and a bunch of colorful stones.  Damn, I already spent 310,000 Yen e_e; Oh well.

That’s it for the events. Since there’s gonna be exp events all weekend I’ll probably only login during event time. I do plan to go to the beach tomorrow though so I’ll probably only for tonight be logging in at midnight – 2AM time slot. I hope everyone doesn’t forget to login for the stamp rally. The prizes are too good to miss!


2 thoughts on “Finally some updates..!”

  1. well if you can’t login daily it just means you won’t get the chicken set but login as much as you can since the more you login the more items you will receive. i haven’t seen you online for ages lol

  2. wow that stamp event is cool lol.
    Makes me wanna play again althrough I could just log in and leave.

    don’t think I can log in everyday though. I’m going on vacation ._.;

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