How to achieve perfect dodge.

I just read on a Japanese blog that perfect dodge in Tartaros is achieved at 70. Currently my Ruko is at 50. I’ve come up with a sure fire way to get 70 – unfortunately it’s costly and something I’m not going to do on a game with a lack of a foreseeable future.

So Ruko starts with 26 dodge by default.
+4 = Level 28 tops often have 4 dodge in them.
+4 = Level 28 pants often have 4 dodeg in them too.
+6 = Cash umbrella, 600yen a month(About $6.85)
+8 = Pirate set. The hat & eyepatch are 600yen/month each (bagpack is permanent). That makes it $13.70/month.
+5 = Tail belt from the recent lottery boxes (I have one.) It’s permanent fortunately =_=;
+17 = 1 level 5 dodge stone, 2 level 6 dodge stones (yea good luck getting/making those…)
Total Dodge = 70
Total Monthly Cost = $20.55

Wut. 😐

No thanks lol. Getting the level 6 dodge stones alone is a pain in the ass as it is but paying that much a month? LOL plz.