The Summer! The Sea!


If you haven’t logged into Tartaros lately at least check out the new town square! 😀

Nice Boat.

Basically the hiroba looks like Berto now… I guess that’s good since I fk’ing hate Berto and I never go there e_e;


There’s shaved ice and takoyaki booths all over the place. Actually its kind of confusing because it’s so huge on where everything is. I still get lost when I go into it lol.

You can also go into the water. You couldn’t on the kaizoku map in Berto but now you can in the hiroba 😀

My daily grind (´・ω・`;)

So yea I’m still grinding away at Kishidan Ex with Cromodo and Bird Rape (watever the hell that map is called) with Ruko. Pinko sadly had to take a backseat because it takes like 3 hours to level up 2 chars to full fatigue and I just don’t have the time for a 3rd character 😦 For those wondering yes I won Cromodo’s swimsuit. No bandaids but definitely nipples wahahaha >D!! On the other hand, actually it’s not aerlot who has the bandaids over his man nipples haha. This game has got to be targetted towards women! Although I admit Nagi looks kinda busty in that bikini!! xD

The drop event going on gives you the opportunity to pick up some 7 day cash items. Yea 7 days sucks but the coupons drop really frequently and I was able to get pinko’s butt watermelon (hp recovery +36 which she desperately needs) for 7 days. The other option are some face items which give con +6. There’s some new cash shop rental items, the most noteworthy one is the back umbrella which aside from looking pretty neat can give you dodge +6. I want it really badly but I blew all my money trying to win cromodo’s swimsuit! I lucked out and found his rod in the shop for 5 million so now I can have the set.

I’ll try to update my screenshot album this weekend with all the hiroba/berto stuff. I got athletes foot lately and it hurts like hell so all my plans for the weekend are shot anyway (´;ω;`)

2 thoughts on “The Summer! The Sea!

  1. I read “found his rod” and lol’d my face off cause I’m immature >:)

    sucks about athlete’s foot! Get better soon! (have you tried baking soda on it yet?)

  2. har har 😆
    yea I’ve been using the topical cream, vics vapor rub, epsom salts and yesterday I got foot powder. I guess I’m impatient? I don’t know, but after 3 days I don’t feel like I see improvement!

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