Doppleganger Bug

Ever feel like there might be another one of you…

More random screenies after the jump!

So yea I don’t know why this happens, and only to her but apparently she can’t see it! xDD Weird bug, it happened at least 3 of the runs I did this evening. Now for some other stuff…

Event items are dropping like crazy so everyone is spamming fireworks!! The drop event ends August 5th so I figured sometime that weekened we can all get together, redeem some fireworks and have a fireworks gathering 😀 I’ll post dates & times as we get closer.


I accidentally made 5 cat noses. I only meant to make one for Pinko sigh. Now half my characters will look ugly – but at least only for 4 more days!

A selection of Cromodo in Pain screenshots~

As always, Cromodo is flying around from electrecutions 😆 Ugh leveling 3 characters at the same time is becoming difficult. I’ve finally hit level 50 but now I don’t even know where to level up at this point. I basically get an average of 10% of exp per day (this is sad) so it takes me about a week to level up since I also include one time quests for Cromodo and I give all other chars’ quest exp to him as well. The game’s becoming a real drag. I’ve had people come into the party and leave because we weren’t killing things fast enough – so that kind of attitude gets on my nerves too.  There’s still no scenario but I hope they finally add it in this week. I’ve not played in Berto at all aside from 1 time quests. I’ve been spending my time in Kishidan killing Cock Noose (?) over and over for the past few days -_-;

3 thoughts on “Doppleganger Bug

  1. LOL @ the floating doubles sticking out from the walls. 😆 Weird bug indeed.

    I think we should try doing the second map in Berto to see if (for whatever reason) it gives more EXP when you’re lv50. Though, if that were really the case, I’m sure the Japanese would have already found out by now.

  2. Taiyaki> If you mean Sabastian’s rape garden I’m going to pass. The boss is a nightmare, wayyy harder than the bird one and I’m pretty sure the exp is either less or the same. My JP friends on twitter suggested either golems or pirates :S

    Bell> Log on!

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