Tartaros Interviews & Updates

Swimsuits coming Thursday (for all characters)

There’s been a couple interviews posted by 4gamer and GameWatch with the creator of Tartaros (Korea). Rather than translate them all I figured I’d highlight on some interesting points.

  • Next map will be called “Elliaden Kingdom” which will focus on the story rather than on a single character. Apparently it will have nothing to do with Oboros and be a totally new story ?_?
  • Lee says that ideally you shouldn’t play more than 3 hours a day. (Lol)
  • As far as character popularity overall the most popular character in Japan is Ruko, Taiwan is Pinko and Korea is Nagi. The most popular character among guys is Nagi & Shubalman and among girls is Soma & Cromodo (hurr).
  • They plan to add a pet system in 2011 using some popular monsters as pets (everyone’s gonna have a Turimon xDD)
  • They have no plans of adding new characters but instead want to focus on scenario of existing ones (*cough Soma cough*)

In other news I really gotta make a rant about Berto. It’s like why add a new map when the exp is so shitty I have no motivation to level up there??  It doesn’t help that I have 3 characters all around the same level so my motivation to level up in the same fking map for hours on end isn’t exactly high. Even though I’m level 49 (on Cromodo) I’m still playing in Kishidan Expert. I’ve been recommended to try bird rape map (last map of Kishidan) on expert but I’m pretty sure the only character that could possibly handle it is Ruko. Pinko will just get stunned & die, Cromodo will probably get smacked 3 times and die sigh. I started working my way through the level 49 one-time quests to help get it up but at this rate basically it’s Kishidan Ex every day which will get me to the next level within a week (if you include the quests.) Clown bomb map sucks, the exp there sucks, chimera boss in Sebastian’s garden sucks, golem boss sucks. The pirate boss isn’t so bad but the pigs and the mini-boss there are brutal sigh. I’ve broken 4 level 48 Pinko weapons trying to get them to level 10. I got one to level 9 before it cracked.

Game’s becoming really frustrating honestly…Even though I haven’t taken any skills for my Elpintos and Aerlot (due to lack of points) I find it more enjoyable playing with them in Rotrua than I do playing with my level 48 characters. Lack of scenario doesn’t help any either (although hopefully they will implement it this week…) I emailed MK-Style about this saying the experience was ridiculous and unfair but I doubt they will change anything :/. I’ve not seen any info so far on where to level after 48 other than bird rape map and Kishidan but if I hear anything I’ll let you guys know in game sigh.


4 thoughts on “Tartaros Interviews & Updates”

  1. i barely got through the first few minutes. i’ve been moving and stuff and tartaros has kept me occupied (leveling 3 chars at once lol) also catching up on spring anime. hopefully I can get more into it once my anime backlog is cleared.

  2. Most of the MMOs I played did not have a set of characters like Tartaros and Pangya, but I can see where you’re coming from. And in all honesty, Tartaros does seem pretty fun from what you describe, I just don’t play it because my japanese skills aren’t good enough. I can understand them well enough to get through otome games, but I can’t write in hiragana or kanji. And I’m not one of these people that writes in another language in places where you’re not supposed too and annoy everybody, so I’ll just keep away from it.

    You still have some characters you could develop, so you could still find some stuff to do till good updates come along. As long as the service does not become similar to the one in PangyaUS (or whatever it’s updates), or most updates become cash based which will make you focus on the frustrating aspects of the game, I can see you play this for a good amount of time. Then again, sometimes you do tend to change your opinion on something rather quickly, so maybe I’ll be wrong.

    Also how’s your progress in the tsundere men game coming along? Very curious about it since I’ve never played it. Have you encountered a rape scene yet so I can guess which character did it?

  3. Yea once I get my webmoney and hopefully win one I’ll post about it lol.

    Actually I’ve been playing tartaros for like 6 months now. It’s gotten frustrating with the latest update though (horrible grind) but I spent money on the game and I’ve really come to like my characters so I don’t want to quit anytime soon.

    All games eventually become a grind but if you love your characters enough and value the time you put into the game, then it’s worth continuing to play in my opinion

  4. Well at least the swimsuits look cute, be sure to show us the Cromodo version.

    Not that I play many MMOs (especially in Japanase, and I only played free ones), but to my experience the games either end up being boring or frustrating at the end. They’re all good at the beginning when there’s so much to do and you’re exploring everything. Two months later and it all starts feeling like a grind fest to me, and since I don’t really like the experience of playing online (I’m one of the few in this generation that still prefers live people playing next to me), I’d rather have a grind fest in normal RPGs.

    Tartaros sure has a heck lot more updates than any other MMO I’ve ever played, I’ll give it that, and I find the graphics really cute. Any other MMO oyu have in mind in case you decide to take a break from this one? Even if I don’t play them, I still enjoy reading other peoples experiences.

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