Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~In Winter~

Well this is the final game in the Starry Sky series. It’s a bit sad because you know there won’t be anymore new bishies, but frankly I’m so sick of Tsukiko being a 12 timing whore!! 😆 Okay well obviously the game is fantasy but geez they could have totally used like a different girl in each game just for a change…or perhaps at least not add the fact that all the guys from the previous games are all still there. Like yea hi you totally married me in the spring game, but now I’m attending your wedding with some guy from the winter game. かなしすぐるウワァァ—–。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。—–ン!!!! The game takes place now around Tsukiko’s student council activities, which they did mention in the previous games but obviously it wasn’t the focus at the time. Anyway dramatic sarcasm aside, enjoy the winter review. As always spoilers ahead, and download/CG requests will be deleted with extreme burning hatred of 1000 suns.

Shiranui Kazuki – Kazuki is an Aries and voiced by Nakamura Yuichi..and because of this it was hard getting used to his voice/character because I kept imagining Ryu from Jingi Naki Otome 😆 Kazuki is the student council president and he’s like the “dad” to everyone. He’s gotten held back 1 year because he saved Shirogane Oushiro’s life and instead got hurt himself. This landed him 2 months in the hospital and so he had to be held back. Oushiro felt guilty so he purposely stayed back 1 year as well in order to start fresh with Kazuki. Kazuki recruited Tsukiko on her first day of Seigetsu Gakuen (just as Kanata and Suzuya left her alone for a moment!) as well as Hayato. The following year he recruited Tsubasa, but only because he had made a promise with Tsubasa’s grandpa to take care of his grandson when he enters the academy. He demanded that everyone in the student council refer to everyone by their first names because it creates as sort of bond. Tsukiko takes the position of treasurer and Hayato as vice president. He wants Hayato to take over his position and Hayato hesitates at first being a coward manchild but eventually he gives in and decides to accept it. His parents died in some kind of an accident when he was young so he’s basically lived with his uncle. He wants to raise a warm and loving family just like his parents were which is why he always acts like the dad and often makes jokes about how Tsukiko will be his bride.

Despite him pushing Tsukiko away (and saying has small boobies -which he points out isn’t a bad thing lol), she falls for him anyway. Kazuki can read the stars and predict the future (like an astrologer) so he’s afraid of getting close to people and that’s why he rejects Tsukiko’s confession. For Valentine’s day there’s a battle for the guys to find the “real” chocolate and the guy who finds it asks Tsukiko to slap him as his reward 😆 She also gives her real chocolate to Kazuki but he rejects it. In one of the other endings though, later on Oushiro takes the chocolate and gives it to him and Kazuki secretely eats it.Once when Tsukiko goes to the reference room someone accidentally locks her in. Kazuki finds out and runs to get her out. This has happened to both of them in the past, the first time she met him at his uncle’s shrine. Due to this incident she remembers him from the past and how she “saved” him from a bunch of bullies. Again being afraid of her getting hurt because of him, he tells her to forget about him and somehow she does (wtf he has hypnotic powers too? XD) until once more. Oh look, childhood friend #4. I thought we were done with those in the spring game xD. Anyway now that she’s remembered him she forces him to confess his real feelings to her and of course he does. After this he kisses her like a million times and then tells her he’ll visit his parents’ grave for the first time. He says he wants to study abroad and travel the world before settling down and taking over his uncle’s shrine. After he graduates the student council members all hug and cry.

There’s currently 4 endings for each guy. In the “school uniform date” end basically Tsukiko and Kazuki go on a date wearing their school uniforms and Oushiro shows up and thinks that Kazuki got held back another year. In the graduation end Kazuki comes to Tsukiko’s graduation a year later and more smooching ensues. In the Golden Week end he comes back temporarily for golden week..and more smooching ensues. In the wedding end, obviously they get married and that’s the final CG of them cutting the cake with the summer and spring guys in the background. Nuooo Homare I wanted to marry you instead~~ (´;ω;`) I’m so biased lol. xDD In the seiyuu talk Nakamura sensei says that his favorite season is spring. He also mentions how he lived in an inaka where it took them a train ride just to get to the nearest conbini. He also didn’t have too much snow where he lived so when it snowed a lot one time he was really surprised. Anyway I really liked Kazuki, he’s a sweetheart, but his whole “I can’t get close to people” complex was a bit too much for me. Also that one piece of hair on his face that was like sticking to the left really bugged me. Why did they need to draw it that way (屮゚Д゚)屮 In some cutout angles he would look really hot but in others he’d look really weird because of this blah lol. The seiyuu really made a difference for me in this one.

Aozora Hayato – Hayato is a Virgo and voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke. Hayato is a 2nd year student (same as Tsukiko) and he also plays the piano. During Christmas he says he hates Christmas and doesn’t believe in santa or presents or any of that. There’s even a flashback where the student council threw him a surprise birthday party in August (while Tsukiko was making out with the guys from the archery club 😆 )and he said they have better things to do than throw him parties. Basically Hayato is the ultimate emo manchild. I mean he’s not as bad as Iku because he’s not like a would-be-rapist-if-this-game-was-18+, but he’s definitely on a higher emo scale than any other character in the Starry Sky series. He’s also a little bit yandere like Homare in a sense that he acts nice but if you get on his bad side, he will do things like scratch his nails across the chalkboard until everyone around him drops to the floor. (He often gets the student council under control this way lolol.)

His big complex is that he wants to be acknowledged by his family who’s ignored him to the point that you could call some child abuse hotline. They don’t even call him by his name. The reason is because his older brother and sister are all genius pianists while he was never as good as them and therefore was the bastard child of the family lol. So yea because of this he constantly goes into emo monologues about how he’s a coward and that nobody understands him. When Tsukiko finally confesses to him, he’s like “I feel sorry for you, for liking me.” Later after enough emoing he gets over himself and agrees to be the next student council president in addition to confessing to Tsukiko. Once they begin dating though, he’s a kiss demon hahaha. Any time he can get to kiss her he does, especially as a punishment if she falls asleep listening to his piano practice 😆 He agrees to enter the piano recital after being begged by the music club a million times and because he does so well his family finally acknowledges that he has talent. He’s so happy that he wants to quit school and become a pianist instead. Tsukiko is upset because she realizes that it’s not that he wants to become a pianist, but he is so happy that his family recognizes him that he will do anything to continue this recognition.

He emos some more, breaks up with Tsukiko (and after she fed him Valentine’s day chocolates with her mouth!) and then it’s up to Kazuki-papa to give him a few verbal smacks in the head to get him back on track. When his brother and sister come to pick him up to take him back to the main house, he says that he will not be a pianist and he will remain at the school. His super bitch sister complains that he’s an idiot, but his brother is happy that his otoutou-kun finally grew some balls to make decisions on his own. The whole time he asks Tsukiko to hold his hand for courage and afterwards the two of them run away and tie some red string to each other’s fingers on the roof. (Apparently this was some stupid dream of his lol.) In end 1 he just kisses her as she wakes up in the music room. In end 2 they make out in the student council office after the new school year begins. In end 3 Kazuki comes to visit during Golden Week and he and Tsubasa pretend to hit on Tsukiko just to set off Hayato but they fail because he and Tsukiko are too .。゚+..。゚+.Lovёヽ(*・ω-)人(-ω・*)ノLovё.。゚+..。゚+.ラブ with each other. In the final end Tsukiko and Hayato get married and the CG is of them lying down on top of the bed and making out again haha. Please draw an actual kissing scene HoneyBee, I know you have it in you..! Hmm well Hayato wasn’t too bad. Yea he was a big whiner, but at least he wasn’t a psycho yandere rapist like Iku. No one in the Starry Sky series is worse than Iku, NO ONE. In the seiyuu talk Hirakawa sensei said he doesn’t like winter because he hates the cold and having to clean the snow out of the driveway lol. Also mentions how his memory from high school was the school festival, and he got really embarrassed when he had to do the “sweet words” part at the end 😆

Amane Tsubasa – Tsubasa is an Aquarius, a sign I don’t particularly like, but they made the character cute and adorable like a giant teddy bear who you just wanna cuddle with and roll around all day (〃ノωノ). Voiced by Suzumura Kenichi, Edison-kun here likes to create all sorts of crazy inventions. Most of the time they fail and create explosions in the student council room though. Tsubasa is also pretty tall, he looked like the tallest guy in the group, and probably one of the taller ones in the entire series. Unfortunately as the other winter guys, Tsubasa has a ronriness complex. He was thrown out by his parents the moment he was born and was adopted by his grandparents on his mother’s side. He was really close to his grandpa, and he picked up some of his grandpa’s traits, such as inventions and his token “nuhaha” laugh. Unfortunately after Tsubasa’s grandpa died he became so upset that he became more and more aloof from people. While Kazuki purposely got him to be in the student council, he never really does any student council activities. He mostly just works on his inventions. When he gets really depressed and catches a cold he tells Tsukiko he wants to quit the student council. He’s afraid that if he becomes happy, he will eventually lose that happiness and to him that’s worse than not being “happy” at all.

He starts to have feelings for Tsukiko but he’s still immature (only 15) so he’s not sure what they are. (Doesn’t help that Tsukiko’s dense as a brick). During the student president acceptance speech by Hayato, Tsubasa disappears. Tsukiko goes to look for him and finds him on the roof. He says he wants to disappear from everyone because he cannot live alone anymore. She tells him that she can’t live without him and then Kazuki and Hayato tell him to stop being a theatrical. They tell him to let all his feelings out and ask him what he really wants. He says he wants Tsukiko and that he loves her. 😆 Aww how cute. He then gives her a big glomp and for his 16th birthday he asks her for a kiss….or 5. Tsubasa is a smoocher, I lost count of how many times he’s kissed her lol. When his grandma falls ill he gets so depressed he stops eating. Tsukiko gets worried and makes some ongiri for him, but she begins to lose some weight herself. Kazuki notices this and he then goes and punches some sense into Tsubasa (literally). He tells Tsubasa to grow up and “graduate” from him and not always rely on him, and to stop being a spoiler brat. Tsubasa agrees and then runs to Tsukiko and kisses and glomps her a million times.

He tells Tsukiko he’s gonna visit his grandma and his grandpa’s grave. After he visits his grandma he gets a letter that his grandpa left behind. (Autumn flashbacks lol) The instructions are for Tsubasa to take a picture with those most important to him. While he and Tsukiko are cuddling on the couch Oushiro comes by to cockblock them out of jealousy lol. He also tells Tsukiko that his granny enrolled him in Seigetsu Gakuen because she knew he was interested in the stars. Tsubasa starts to become a lot more alive after this and even makes some friends. He gives Tsukiko a sort of promise ring to be together forever. In end 1 he tells Tsukiko he’s gonna study in America and he wants the two of them to make their dreams come true. In end 2 this is 2 years later and Tsubasa graduates. He’s on his way to America with Azusa and everyone comes to congratulate him. He cries and says he loves everyone. In end 3, Kazuki visits during golden week as usual and pretends to hit on Tsukiko, instantly spurring childish jealousy in Tsubasa who then takes her away and smooches her in an empty classroom. In end 4, Tsukiko mentions that she is living with Tsubasa in America and she hangs out with Yoh and Azusa as well who live there. They go back to Japan to get married and Kazuki says that he’s come to “see his children get married” haha. Kazuki-papa is so cute ( *´艸`)フフフ In the seiyuu talk Suzumura sensei says that he hates the winter season but loves winter season food. His favorite season is the summer.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Final Thoughts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And so this concludes the Starry Sky otome game series. I really loved them all honestly, even if some were better than others. My favorite one so far? I’m still biased to Summer, but Winter is very close to tying for that #1 spot. Azusa and Homare are pretty fierce competition, but Tsubasa and Kazuki are definitely up on my list. Hayato…well let’s just say the emo made him lose some points haha. Anyway if it wasn’t obvious already I loveeee Tsubasa ヵヮ。゚+.(≧∇≦)゚+.゚ィィ!!!お持ち帰り((((((ノ´З`)ノチュッチュッ❤❤❤❤ /fangirl. I expected Tsubasa to be like a short guy like Azusa but the fact that he’s tall makes him more adorable cause he’s like this big cute teddy bear lmao. Also he totally was the only guy in this whole game who had a kiss CG with Tsukiko that wasn’t some face front CG thing. That’s probably what I hated about Starry Sky the most. Some of the full frontal face CGs were so キモイ that I was like ew, I know this is supposed to be a romantic kiss scene but…ew. 😐 Especially Tsubasa’s, his mouth looked so weird @_@; The winter guys were also a bunch of smoochers. Soo many repeated kiss scene (obviously same CG but anyway), way more than I recall in any of the other games lol.

Overall though I enjoyed the the series in general. It would be great if they could do something like this again, perhaps a Zodiac guys series II with maybe another girl or something ?_? Kinda like what they did with Da Capo and Da Capo II. Ah well in the meantime I have some other otome games to keep me busy. Hope you guys enjoyed all the reviews!


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  1. lol no I didn’t but I preordered the game (´・ω:;.:…
    I hope it’s not as wangsty as Autumn or I’m gonna flip so many desks lmfao xDDD

  2. Did you read the Story of Starry Sky ~ after Winter ~?
    After reading Kazuki’s I’m afraid that the Winter fan disc is just as wangsty as the Autumn fan disc. >_<
    I don't want another frustrating game.. x_x

  3. Dragion> I don’t know anyone besides me and Keo who are actively posting reviews…although recently a few new otome bloggers have popped up. Hopefully this trend will continue 😀

    Yea autumn was kinda meh, mainly because they didn’t seem like they cared to have Tsukiko get it on with the teacher since in Japan it’s like this huge taboo or w/e lol.

    Kiseki> Is Shiki gonna be the fandisk guy? Assuming I get my hands on it, yes 🙂

  4. Reading your reviews makes me want to play Starry Sky so much.

    Think you’ll be doing Shiki’s?

  5. I love how comprehensive your reviews are *w*
    You and Keo are always the best when it comes to these things! I tend to read your input after I actually play them though for obvious reasons, haha 😛
    I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling awkward at the kiss scenes, maybe they could spend more CG time with those.

    Autumn left me a bit ho-hummish; Hoshizuki was the only interesting route for me, but the ending was still a bit…awkward I guess? Well, Winter seems awesome, and that’s a cute video~ ❤

  6. Yeah, THAT’S the one. XDDD

    When I first tried Autumn, I accidentally did Iku’s route by mistake but then I stopped when he tried to kiss Tsukiko in front of those two soccer boys. And when Tsukiko kept mentioning that Iku looked like someone from a band, I kinda knew what was going to happen. XD I’m still trying to finish Hoshizuki, but its kinda dragging on because he’s like “YOU CAN’T LOVE ME.”

  7. Have I mentioned how much I love reading your reviews? XD I feel like I can enjoy Starry Sky twice as much when I read your summaries~

    Haha, I still haven’t finished Autumn. ;( But thanks so much for your review! Keo told me how she enjoyed Winter and a few other friends talked about Winter. Now I have some insight on their personalities. ❤ I heard that Tsubasa has a bunch of WTF faces. XD

  8. yea haha the starry sky games are short and usually take me less than a week to finish. Normally a long otome game takes me about a month to get through with everything I’m doing in between

    I think in the end it comes down to whose seiyuu you’re biased towards 😆

  9. YESSS!!!! Another review already~

    The game was soooooo cute! I liked Kazuki best in this one. His glasses made him look preeeetty good. But Iku = Old emo douchebag even with glasses, so that’s a big no. Hayato was way too emo. Tsubasa was pretty cool and cute though. 😀

    Out of all the reviews of yours for the series… I really have no clue who I like best. 😥
    Some of them are just toooooo dreamy (and fake but I don’t care) lmao.

    Loved the review and can’t wait for the next one. ^_~

  10. I couldn’t get used to it either to be honest. I had wished they’d stop doing that after the first game but when it happened in the 2nd I knew this was gonna be an awkward trend 😐

  11. Dorky Tsubasa. I think I need to go replay his route now.

    I still can’t get used to the kiss scenes after 4 of these games. I laugh everytime I see them puckering up at the screen X>

  12. Anne> I’d only want a harem end with Homare and Tsubasa, I certainly don’t want Iku anywhere in my harem 😡

    Main> Yea the song is one big emofest lol, all the starry sky ops are cool video wise but meh on the songs

  13. Kagerou> I’m glad you like them, the feedback is really motivating (*>ω<*)

    I'm sure at least one of the guys from LoveRevo was like that right? xD Ren maybe? 😆 Even the oniichan – he has no emo past, he's just emo because he's a siscon lol. Also I'm pretty sure Mr. Big Cock (Kitou) from STEP has no emo past, he's just tsundere oranyan xD

  14. Excellent review, as always ~_^ Thank you for having wit and relaying information in a fun and understandable way. Most people don’t know how to do that.

    I wonder if there is an otome game out there with a potential love interest who is not either 1) her childhood friend, or 2) has a terrible emo past. I would jump a guy like that XD

  15. Keo> Ooh I never looked at their stats but Tsubasa looked gigantic!! xDDD Oh that’s right he’s got that star power thing, lol I kinda forgot about it cause his “daddy” persona stuck out too much for me. I thought Oushiro was so stupid at first but he grew on me. If he just cut those stupid braids off 😆

    Sweet a fandisk. Maybe they’ll actually include actual kissing scenes instead of the stupid face frontal crap..!! LOL or so I hope 😆

    Actually come to think of it, I bet the fandisk features guy #13 (Miyano Mamoru!)

  16. LOLOL I just went ahead reading Aozora, and yeah…I’m still dragging through his.

    I totally agree on the CG usage, xD lots of them were reused. ESPECIALLY Tsubasa’s kiss kiss ones (He’s also supposedly the same exact height as Homare too lol). That and Shiranui’s pretty special since he’s the only guy out of all 13 who have weirdo powers haha

    Ffft it’s too bad Shirogane doesn’t get any endings though

    8D There’s still the fandisc though that they’re doing although no one has any freaking clue what’s going to be on it since HB is being a bitch, but they confirmed there is going to be one.

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