Byebye TinierMe

Well as I expected, TinierMe is a bit too pricy for the kind of things it offers. I pay money for Pangya because I can say…play golf while enjoying my characters. I have no interest in fishing or old maid or whatever other flash games tinierme offers. Maybe some people like that stuff but in my mind it’s a waste of money. Maybe kiddies under 18 are into this sorta thing but not for an old fart like me.

The only reason I was on Tinierme in the first place was because it’s free. Now that it’s pay, you might as well join the Japanese site because they at least have a lot more events and items than the English version does >_>. Oh well I don’t really care anymore. I have like 3000 chibi coins left that I have nothing to do with since chibi coin stuff now costs 400-700 and event items like Christmas all cost G-coins. I mean couldn’t they have at least a LITTLE xmas outfits that you can get with Chibi Coins? Geez even aisp@ce wasn’t this greedy.

Oh well, not my problem. For those who are staying, have fun, I’m out.


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  1. nah, I pretty much had low interest in Tinierme to begin with. I tried coming back, and while I agree they made massive improvements, I just never really got into that site. It’s just not my kind of community, this is why I was never into Gaia online.

  2. Prices arnt as hacked up as they used to be.. Every chibi coin item is now about say 100 or 90 not bad considering its easy to earn about 100 chibi coins per day. Not to mention they made a chibi coin only gacha. Of course they only did this after realizing that people were leaving in the pounds. You should try coming back.

  3. Wow, that would be great if you could! The site is available in English correct? I do like fashion and dress up with characters. Creating characters and designing/choosing things to customize them is my favorite aspect of sites like TinierMe and Gaia Online- of course, I’m also big on social interaction. As a major in Integrated Media, I very well should be! > w <

  4. I’m gonna just stick to Poupee Girl.
    Poupee may have the whole paid items vs free items going on, but it’s not as awful as tinierme. You can still get good stuff for the free currency and because of the daily dress up there’s at least incentive to login every day and dress up your character.

    It’s more fashion oriented rather than forum/community oriented though so if that’s not your thing I wouldn’t recommend it. If you don’t have an account and you’re interested I can send you an invite so you can get some free stuff 🙂

  5. Oh my, just after I posted the last comment on your October entry…Ah well, tell me where you are going in the stead of TinierMe? I left Gaia because it became too large and overcomplicated, but it’s true that TinierMe seems to be heading in an unpleasant direction…I may soon leave myself, but I’m going to stick it out for a week or so to see how things change.


  6. yea TinierMe was pretty dead for me a while though, I was really bored with it lol. The fact that I could do something with my chibi coins was the only thing that left me there…but now yea nothing left lol

  7. I’m still playing on tinierme, though I do hate the G-coin thingy! >____<
    I read on the announcements that they're going to add chibi-coin items to the shops on the 17th and will also be adding a chibi-coin Gatcha, so Ima stick around 'til then, but if it's still bad, I guess, I'm out

  8. if you guys want I can send you invites to Poupee Girl instead. It has a pay and free currency as well but the difference between free & pay items isn’t as horrible as it is on tinierme

  9. I
    and I’m 16

    Homework…. no my MATH and HISTORY homework is more fun than being on that website.

    …I should be doing my homework now XD

  10. The stupid G-coins are like killing me. I’m gonna barely hang on to my life on Tinierme now since my RL friends decides to join a month ago so I’ll see how it goes from there.

  11. yea it’s not like how other sites (poupee for example) where the free currency is still decent enough to stay on the site. I don’t mind sites that offer both free and pay items, but it’s annoying when the pay items are SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than the free items.

  12. Man, i’m having the same problem. like a week ago i loved it but now since of g-coins i don’t want to be there because everything is too expensive it started today and last nice i still loved it. i hate it now because it’s too expensive and all the new Christmas stuff.. i wish they never changed.. >.<

  13. haha yea everyone’s saying how its liek a Gaia clone. I was never on Gaia since I thought the avatars were fugly. I Like Tinierme’s avatars but yea their cash system stinks so yea I’m out

  14. I saw everyone talking about Tinierme and gave it a try, but stopped in like, jeez a week or something? I really wanted to like it, but I just felt like I was repeating my failed stay at Gaia Online. I like dressing up cute avatars, but the forums and minigames just don’t do anything for me. It was around when Gaia went nuts with the new cash shop and evolving items that I left too, lol.

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