Kaz Pantsu.

I was hoping they’d be more exciting. At least he wears some period. Quma apparently doesn’t even have a crotch! 😆

P.S. Yes, I am aware that Ntreev is raping everyone with a large spikey medival weapon. Unfortunately, aside from trolling, I don’t really care


12 thoughts on “Kaz Pantsu.”

  1. Even the boys get some fanservice as well.

    On the sidenote, I really want Erika’s Lolo outfit. Bring it KR, and take that fantasy outfit and eon ring outta there.

  2. Rich> I’ll trade you for super shuffle mode! XD

    DS> NO I think those are uh..thicker? LOL

    Rekrab> Kaz is the official man skirt model apparently.

    kashichan> セシなんていらねぇ!!wwww :lol: やっぱりパンツゲーだねw

  3. You gotta stop making posts like these… you know how much I love them ffffffff Pangya definitely needs more Kaz fanservice;;;

    LOL THEM WINGS. The drama entertains me the most. I could care less about ugly gray wings. NTREEV HAET RISE TO +9001%

  4. Who couldn’t resist looking up Kaz’s skirts? xD
    They’re just…. So tempting. You say to yourself “I don’t HAVE to look…” But the temptation and curiosity grows.. and grows.. ‘TILL SUDDENLY YOU GET THOUGHTS THAT MAKE YOU WONDER IF YOU’RE GAY AND-
    Nah, everyone’s curious. 8D

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