Lost Seaway Thursday and Friday

Let's get ready to rumble!
Let's get ready to rumble!

EDIT: THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED!!! It was lots of fun talking to old faces and getting to know new ones!! 😀 We will do this again tomorrow! Please see below for the updated room name, see you guys tomorrow!

So because of the American swimsuit event, I am going to be hosting a private tourney for all my friends & blog readers tonight (so we can avoid hackers, spammers and just have a good time :D). Tourney details are as follows:

Server: Dolfini Free 3
Room Name: LS Friday
Password: pang67
Time Start: 6:30PM EST // 3:30PM PST // 6:30AM Singapore // 11:30PM UK // 8:30AM Melbourne
Time End: Around 9PM EST
Course duration: 30 min per tourney
Type: Shuffle

Ok I think I got every country that I know the majority of my friends are from lol. I know you’re thinking “why only lost seaway” well…I am in desperate need of pang for angel wings for like 4 characters 😆 There’s no set “end time” but I can probably go as late as 9PM EST. You can come & leave any time. If it gets to the point where there’s only 3 people left then we’ll end the tourney for the night. Don’t forget the limit is 30 people so it’s a first come first serve basis. (From past events we’ve never really gone beyond 12 people because of time zone differences though so I don’t think anybody has to worry.)

If this goes well, then I plan to run this on Friday night as well. Hope to see everyone there 🙂

14 thoughts on “Lost Seaway Thursday and Friday”

  1. sounds like fun, will see you there. Hopefully i can win an Arin swimsuit in one of the holes.~

  2. Ah, I won’t be able to make it at 6:30PM on Thursdays as I work until 7PM Monday – Thursdays (and a regular 9 to 5 on Fridays), so if you all are still playing by like around 7:45 when I get home, I’ll definitely join in! I’ve been away from home for 5 days so I’ve gotta get to playing Pangya again! 😀

  3. Fun fun fun (except for that first game 😦 I need to buy more Balls, Phoenix, Aztec, Dragon ball, COMETS >_<

  4. That was fun even though I came in like dead last when I joined kekeke :> Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually talk during the tourney

  5. It’s 1:30 AM for me 😀
    But I’m gonna come tonight, coz my wife went to her parents and will be there for a couple of days. So I can not sleep 💡
    Let’s rock this game tonite 😆

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