LaTale Licensing Mystery

What the....
What the...

Ok it’s not that I play La-Tale nor do I give a crap about 2D side scrollers but I got an email today from AERIA inviting me to join their LaTale closed beta. Wait a minute…..I thought OGPlanet had the license to LaTale?! Is it possible for more than 1 company to own license to a game? I first thought OGP was dropping yet another game but looking @ OGP’s site it doesn’t seem like they’re dropping it anytime soon. If it  IS indeed possible for more than 1 company to have rights to a game I’d be interested in hoping that GamepotUSA someday picked up Pangya and made it as awesome as Pangya JP… XD Oh well wishful thinking! 😀


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  1. I use to play LaTale and even made a community on crunchyroll, but after lv.13 I got bored >.<

  2. Okay, tell me a game-company that satisfies your wishes ._. (except your beloved gamepot.~ >_>)

  3. Aeria is more responsive than OGP, but they are JUST as greedy. I am very happy I quit Megaten as at this point it’s nothing but a cash sink.

  4. i was never a big fan of LaTale. Got to level 20 and fell asleep from boring 2D grindage 😛

    But yes i recall something like this happening back when i played Gunbound. Since Ijji hosted it as well as Softnyx. I’m not a fan of either Aeria or OGP. But i’d rather play of Aeria then OGP anyday.

    so all you Latale players who hate OGP, quick! move to aeria 😛

  5. @ SakuraMaxX
    Actually LaTale is kinda dying. OGP made that game too cash heavy. Like for example, the thing that we can buy with ingame money in Korean LaTale, we have to buy with 9 astros in OGP LaTale. So their strongest game atm is prolly Cabal /o/.

  6. oh wow haha. the thing is I think both OGP and Aeria are poor companies! Knowing this if I actually had any interest in LaTale it may be difficult for me to choose the lesser of the two evils! 😀

  7. ^ Its Eu LaTale lol, but for some reason theyre letting NA people to play on their server.
    And surprisingly, although the server of Eu LT is located in Germany but people from NA can play it without any lags/delay/latency, meanwhile OGP LT is located in California but people from NA still having some lags/delay/latency issues.

  8. Cabal Online has 2 different services, if I remember. Same goes for Rohan: Blood Feud. La Tale still seems to be OGP’s strongest game, so I don’t think they’re going to give it up anytime soon.

  9. Though if two companies were to own the same game that means there might be better quality and more competition to get players.

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