No respect left for PangyaUSBR

And well I don't blame them to be honest...
And well I don't blame them to be honest...

It’s gotten so bad that people are now hacking the client to type in blue text to impersonate multiple GMs. GameGuard hasn’t been updated in nearly 3 months now. A thread on the forum today about someone complaining that he’s sick of reporting hackers because it’s out of control – has been moved to off topic. Apparently complaints from loyal players about their unsatisfaction with a poorly run server is not relevant to Ntreev’s interests. 😆  Bugs are so bad lately, I login, switch to BP1, whisper to my friend to check if he’s online because he doesn’t show up on my buddy list. I asked Ntreev to have a maintenance this week to fix bugs, but I am not confident my request will be met. People’s quit rates are going up due to multiple disconnections from the server and game crashes. There have been multiple scam complaints because the mail system is eating the items.

I realize they are pushing for season 4 release which could put other things on the back burner…but the problems have reached a critical level. My interest in this game is starting to die again… -_-; Maybe it’s time to catch up on my anime backlog and continue my Otome Gaming…

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  1. i hope and pray that we have a Maintence
    I’m not tierd of pangya at all
    but i am tierd of the Troublemakers and Hackers
    I dont know whats gonna happen
    hopfully something for the better

  2. That is what Ntreev gets for not blocking a specific country/region. I know it might not totally work, atleast it will drop let’s say 70% of hacker population.


    So like, maybe that event made Ntreev realize that their server sucks shit and a certain country is extremelly disrespectful and obnoxious to their US players…? Naww, who am I kidding they don’t give a shit about anything but money money money.

    On a side note, I’m sad that Loki deleted my beautiful “Welcome to PangyaUS crossout BR” sig :C, if anyone caught it before.

  4. I know that the guilds option will be much later. But how about to form a passive (passive – I mean without ntreev support) guild with some fundamental idea, for example, the guild of bloggers, or anti-br guild 🙂
    And then we could make organized web-protests or InGame-protests. What you think?

  5. lol, “genral”

    Some dude/girl/whatever, which I kind of suspect to be that (star)hotgila person (as they were typing in colored text and changing their username at will and never showed up on the player list to the right, like 2 hours before), posed as “GM_Ronaldo” with blue text to make him/her/it look legit and people actually fell for such a troll-y name.

  6. Back when I was still playing PangyaID (Indonesian Pangya server), alot of people did this typing in colored thing. I believe this hack originated from Indo, not br.

  7. Oh sorry and also ^ (star)hotgila is an Indo name/word so I’m pretty sure this thing comes from Indo -_-.

  8. Another Pangya US disappointment post?

    The GM impersonator happened on Korea just recently, so I cannot say it was a coincidence that it’s the same person that happened on the US server too.

    This screenshot was taken by somebody and posted on the bbs page. GM Quma said they are looking into it.

  9. Miki = EternalCiel? If so your sig was absolute win. looks like Ntreev is starting to turn into OGPlanet and remove any sort of “protest” or “in their face” insults about the obvious state of this server. they haven’t removed my sig yet though 😆

    Blaze> I noticed the maintenance announcement is only for 30 minutes…is that really enough I wonder…

    Jorik> I’ll probably just remake Bread Master Lee again lol and the foundation is basically this blog xD;; I’m pretty passive as is, I’m not really interested in guild competitions since a lot of people cheat/hack anyway.

    Orihime> Yea I saw the GM_Ronaldo, but that made me LOL. I fell for the Tiramiss thing but the Ronaldo thing gave it away 😛 I heard that hotgila just loves fucking around with gms in general. He’s obviously there to make everyone’s lives miserable because he’s some crazy indonesian masochist.

    Errie> Yea I know he’s from indonesia I saw him mention it a few times on the hacker forums I lurk on. He makes ridiculous funnel hacks and crap like that. I have to give him props that he really knows how to screw around with gameguard, but all the retard script kiddies think he’s their god =_=

    Rich> See I just don’t see the point of doing that on the Korean server. I mean you get your account banned and that’s it bye bye. I bet it’s probably that hotgila guy tho lol

  10. I don’t get why Ntreev is turning a blind eye to all of this. Are they retarded? Can’t they see how much damaged the 3/4 of these Brazilians plus a handful of Indonesians are doing to the server? I lost a lot of faith in them after I reported two people and found them back in game again at the beginning of S4.

    It’s not like Brazilians actually contribute to the server financially anyway. Striped Skirt/Top Kooh, anyone? I sure as hell wouldn’t miss them if they were IP banned.

    Slight off-topic, I love your forum signature. 8D

  11. Airi> haha thats what I was saying. Whenever I see someone with a Kooh wearing that outfit I immediately leave the room xD; My forum sig will remain until Ntreev actually fixes things. At the rate they’re going, they’re just adding new content to chug money from and creating more bugs they refuse to fix. Their excuse is “maintenance will not fix bugs, bugs need to be reproduced, and dealt with blah blah blah” aka “we know there’s bugs but frankly my dear we don’t give a damn.” 😐

  12. Screw PangyaUSBR, I’ll stick to KR/JP right now, tey will ave a neat events like Lucia rares in papel Shop in Japan and Bingo in Korea (again, based on luck which means shitty prizes for me again) but its still better than dealing with bugs and hackers.

  13. Because of DC’s, during the previous event in Korea, my quit rate rise quickly from 0.9 to 2% (my Lucia Angel Wings are in danger ;( ) so it’s almost the same, besides I’m only going to play lottery in Japan so its not going to affect my quit rate at all. I know that while playing you get more chances to draw tickets, but it’s not like I have a tons of pang to spent either (lol) (call) .

  14. ah that sucks. I know that on JP on our old VPN I didn’t get dC’ed but I got booted from game to lobby a LOT bleh. At least my connections pretty stable on the shitty us server lol

  15. Well…without any gameguard updates (like it does really help?), this is expected. But what’s maddening is that, Ntreev knows what’s the “root” of the problem, yet the “did nothing” to resolve it.

    I think I might really quit PangyaBR if this continue, since it’s turning into a server where speaking english = foreign language, while speaking Portuguese = local language.

    Furthermore…it’s not like those people from a “certain country” did spend any cash at all, since all they need are “naked” characters to hack. Sigh.
    (Only applied to those who don’t play honestly.)

    How nice if I could buy cash in JP. ): I’d run to that server right away!

  16. Just when I thought this game wouldn’t get any more shittier, I’ve just seen two fake GM Event Tournaments.

    Nice. Very nice.

  17. Hinao> Yep that’s me hehehe. I kinda laughed when I saw what they replaced my sig with, then I was like “uhh so Hinano’s sig about this server is fine then?” haha

  18. Symphonist> I can buy cash on JP in fact I did! Too bad I have no stable connection to connect to it!

    Airi> Yep there’s an entire thread about it now there’s also some dumb bitch trolling it too. 😐

    Miki> see my sig is ok cause I basically just screencapped pieces of the “problems” with the server and just said “just say no to poorly run pangya servers” I’m not hinting at any nationality (even thou its obvious what the non english speaking language in my sig is) Therefore it’s still safe safe but I guess you saying “pangya BR AHUEHAUHAUHUE” is like OH NOES YOURE MAKING FUN OF BRAZIL etc. xD

  19. Who cares if we’re making fun of Brazil
    Its the Truth
    And For once I”m gonna be the Negative person
    Screw Waiting
    Ntreev Hurry the Hell up!
    They need to get their Heads out of their asses and so something!
    Now I’m pissed off beyond belief!

  20. hahaha god I’m gonna go home today and catch up on all the anime I backlogged. no desire to even log on to take troll screenshots anymore 😆

    although with the fake gm room issue at hand, it’s hotgila, he’s not even from Brazil. he’s from Indonesia 😕

  21. Thats what i should do
    I have the sudden intrest to finish Ranma 1/2
    And Shugo Chara

  22. If you mean that LadyMiaow girl, she’s really fucking annoying and needs to GB2THEKITCHEN. Perhaps I shouldn’t have fed her, but it’s fun to mess with trolls at times.

  23. Ban em Both I dont give a damn!
    And hell yeah I’m Really mad now
    I dont care if i met TWO Nice Brazilians
    and NOT ONE nice Indonesian

    And Miki dont chu know your not supposed to feed trolls? D:

  24. Miki> rofl yea she’s so retarded. every single post she ever posts is “YEA WELL THIS DOESNT AFFECT ME SO THERE” like stfu bitch lol 😀

  25. “I worry that banning “all IP’s outside US” will include banning IPs from Canada as well…”
    and I hope they wont ban europeans ._.~

  26. I’m for banning indonesia & brazil 😀
    well yea it woulda kinda suck because I have 3 friends in Brazil who i’d lose if this happened…but sacrifices must be made sometimes….

    ok let’s get realistic, a country ban is NEVER going to happen. sometimes I think the GMs themselves are from Brazil. I mean why the hell are all their announcements always full of typos and in bad grammar? 😆

  27. It might happen
    i hope it happens
    Maybe something will just push ntreev over the Edge
    And i hope it does

  28. its a job from hotgila (indonesia)

    Was funny coz GM Syn is pathetic like GM- Icon.

    IP Block isn’t the solution Hinano.
    The solution is : be fair w/ all people of the world.
    If a american broke a rule…ban him!
    If a brazilian broke a rule…ban him!

    I see brazilians broken rule all days, just ban one for one…and they will stop.

  29. yay the day is done, and i have screenshots of fake GM notices in my capture folder xD. I was in the lounge when 1 notice came up that was fake and the other several notices we’re to state that the first notice was fake, plus to mention the GM rooms we’re fake as well. So it’s been eventful. Crashing, fake GM’s, a thread with a troller who obviously isn’t effected but cares enough to post her crap. GMLoki’s post about Gamegaurd and Hackshield we’re pretty straightforward. I’m just glad one of the GM is okay with talking like he has brains. But even with all this discussion about talking to developers and side security and etc., it still doesn’t stop me from wanting to falcon punch ntreev right in the crotch.

    It’ll probably be like this too until something effective is done about the servers. Not to rush you developers, or put pressure on you, but i really wanna play Pangya comfortably. Not have to worry about spontaneously crashing or fake notices.

  30. Sigh T_T I would be willing to share my vpn with you for pyJP 😀 I can finally play hours there, but without cash it’s not fun at all :3 What method did you use?

  31. This is unacceptable! How can people do something like that. I know its easy to hack the client and even finding a hacking programm is only work for 15 seconds google search, but why the hell can´t people just be honest and play fair????
    This is not going into my head.

    I don´t know what happend with the maintance but I got disconnected from the server today a lot and quit rate rose. -.-
    I hope they fix it soon since I wanted to play today. Tomorrow I can´t.
    I hate that, so pangya died for today. All that screws the fun.

  32. to edit: the new cencorsystem drives me insane!
    I do not speak foul language and allways gets banned! >.<

  33. Symphonist> Just used a regular credit card when purchasing GP. The thing with PangyaJP when I played it before I had at least 5 of my friends who shared the VPN so there was always someone to play with. But if it’s just me then I’ll be stuck playing with random Japanese in the no talk rooms cause I think my timezone is completely the opposite of yours at the moment T_T;

    Also I think if I played JP server again I’d be tempted to spend money which I don’t wanna do. Haha playing on the US server is so terrible that I have no desire to spend money, this is actually a good thing! xD So yea I kinda miss Pangya JP but I know I shouldn’t play it. I’d get addicted too much, waste more money etc lol.

    I still do strongly feel the JP server is the best server. They have the most events, most customizations and a pretty competent in house development team. (Save for the fact that they recently had an account hack but it doesn’t seem like it cause that much of a problem.) While the US server is in the shitter, I can at least go focus on catching up on my anime and playing otome games. JP had like weekly events so my entire life revolved around Pangya xD;

  34. Hmm I was thinking about writing a comparison of Korea and Japan servers (writing about USBR is pointless, they suck at every aspect). Korea has some nice things too, like the best trading system (rares from both lotteries and cards) with nice prizes or cookie coupons from Papel Shop & Treasure System that are quite useful. Simple comparison, my Japanese Lucia has got nicer outfits (whole pang sets) but my Korean Lucia has more accessories like two masks and Angel Wings (thanks to countless DC’s on Japan I can forget about buying wings there, my quite rate is too high).
    I was thinking about it but I probably won’t do it for two simple reasons, I’m too lazy and I don’t have a blog or something similar to post it anyway. 😀

  35. i can think off the top of my head things better in Korea, like the non-nerfed feathers and clubs (its even 7 spin in US but its only 5spin in Japan wtf)

    it doesn’t matter. there’s no use talking about what I don’t have. if you have a KR or JP account and its a decently stable connection just play there. no use in playing on Pangya USBR. If Pangya USBR is all you have, give it a rest, don’t spend money and do other things. only play it if you want to hit up a game or 2 with some friends privately.

    thats the point I’m at right now…since friend list is bugged and constant server crashes I’m not logging in until further notice. my quit rate is 0 and I intend for it to stay that way.

  36. lolntreevusa.

    “Again, we are not IP banning or even “soft banning” Brazil. We are banning rule breakers. Period.”

    lol. lol. lol. lol.

  37. Dan> did you not read the part that said “WEDNESDAY MORNING 7/15/09” ?lol

    Miki> eh whatever, I don’t report anymore I don’t care anymore rofl. just let em fix the damn game and my buddy list so I can actually msg friends online -_-;

  38. yeah, I just might seriously get Pangya for the PSP or just dedicate more time to the Sims 3 😛

  39. Saddens me to read all this… God and here I was hoping things `d get better when Ntreev took over… If only I could find a stable JP VPN/SOCKS5 server I`d be on JP by now, but hell, the only stable VPN I know is $38 a month (used to be $20 but they suddenly doubled the price like, 3 weeks ago or something… I had no problems spending $20 every once in a while to play JP, but $38 is just too much… I can find good VPN services in almost every country except JP it seems… This so sux!

  40. well if it makes you feel better I Logged in this evening and

    a) played at least 5 deep inferno games with random people all who spoke english and were polite and didn’t spam in portugese. even one of them was from Brazil he was still normal, spoke english and even appologized that his english wasn’t that great. no one quit either.

    b) I tried to sit down and actually find hackers since Ntreev’s mass ban has convinced me that they actually finally ban hackers. Ironically enough after whoising a ton of juniors and beginners I got bored and gave up because I Only found like…1 suspicious person! Guess the banning really did help lol.

    I just want them to fix bugs at this point. I hope we have some kind of decent bug fix update next week.

  41. Yeah, the reporting seemed to have worked… Albeit a bit SLOWLY, but, eh, less hackers, I can’t complain. The bugs… Are just annoying. I miss my -3.0% ;_; -Sniff-
    Hotgila seems to be the… Well, I wouldn’t say the MAIN problem, more like, the most annoying problem 😡

  42. Seems like I’ve been missing a lot of stuff lately. Can’t log regularly because I’m at my grandma’s and it’s a miracle I even got internet access, but eh.

    Anyway! As for the whole Brazilian issues, I’ve stated what I think about it on a prior post, but banning the whole country won’t really work any magic. People who hack will still try to get IN the game, and I doubt they’ll change their ways after their country was banned. Doing so will only make the few honest Brazilian/Ind/whatever players leave, so yeah, I don’t think it’s a solution at all.

    Now, as for Ntreev, I’m kinda happy we got S4 already. Haven’t tested it that much yet, though, but noticed some weird bugs on a few holes of Lost Seaways. Now, what’s majorly pissing me off is the lack of player shops. Now, C’MON GUYS. They’ve been down for what, a month now? That’s just retarded.

  43. Well for now at least you can trade via the email system….well actually it’s not that safe because it seems people’s items are getting eaten. I personally haven’t had any problems other than the friend list bug and that I almost never see anyone on, nor does anyone see ME on.

  44. Oh? Is there something like that? I think I completely missed it, hahahaha.

    Thanks for the tip, though, I’ll look into it!

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