AiSp@ce adds an event hall.


So looks like AiSpace added access to a dedicated event hall which you can access via the warp lady near the UDX screen in Akihabara. Unfortunately I have no idea what kind of events they hold here and I’d imagine that they’d all be Japan time when I miss them anyway. They need to have some repeats or replays or something, but since aispace caters to Japanese customers, they prolly don’t give a shit about us.


8 thoughts on “AiSp@ce adds an event hall.

  1. hahah there’s nothing to resist xD
    you just log on, play with your chara doll/my room then that’s it. all I do nowdays is login to get my daily money and log out. it’s mostly a “socialize with other otakus” aka the otaku version of 2nd life or something. fun at first but pretty dull afterwards until they add like “new areas” or new clothes ^^;

  2. Another [useless] update. As awesome as it sounds, what on earth would they put in here that would be worth getting up at 3:00 am to do? listen to people program their chara dolls to repeat the same phrase over and over again while your trying to watch some ‘special video’? (like they did at new years) >>;

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