Oh snap!

We are sorry to announce that Albatross18 will be closing its services. We have had some good times, but the servers will be going down. For the time being, you will still be able to play, and until the servers go down on March 10th, you can use your Astros to make purchases from the shop or from any other OGPlanet game.

So, for now, enjoy Albatross18 and remember to try our other games before March 8th to get your free gifts! We are currently working with the developer on the future of the game and we will make an announcement once we have more information. Until then, will keep Albatross18 running smoothly until the servers go down on March 10th. We are glad that we could share all of these good times with you and we hope to share more in the other OGPlanet games!

Oh man you guys called it! I knew that it wasn’t gonna be a rumor. Oh shit now GOA is gonna get flooded so I’m gonna just kindly step away from Pangya while the stepping’s still good. LOL I love how OGPlanet thinks we should still buy astro items from A18….LOL FAIL FAIL FAIL *explodes* XD hahahah, I dunno why I’m so excited.

I wonder if someone else will pick up the game. Well until we get some clear answers, I’m not touching any Pangya server with a 40 foot pole.


  1. Lolz I’ve been waiting for this news and here it is… I guess more than a month without updates was the beginning of the end for A18. Lets hope that Ntreev USA will pick up A18, cause I don’t think that GOA is ready for such big flood.

  2. Hi guys.

    Regarding Alba 18 …
    I have heard from many sources (I can’t tell you exactly who …) that albatross IS NOT closing.
    You can stop having a hissy fit.
    Og planet is not hosting albatross 18 cause of late payments ( I believe ) and never updating gameguard (which explains all the hackers). If you haven’t noticed gameguard hasen’t updated for
    what, 1-2 months ?
    Which they almost clearly stated on the buttom of the newest news.
    Ntreev is going to take all the accounts from ogp and host it themselves and probably change the name of the game (I’m thinking Pangya USA or such).

    Stop saying that the game is going to be over. Cause it won’t.

    Yours truly,


  3. hey girl…! i think the same xD no more Pangya for me, excepts when some friend calls me…

    anyway, add me in GOA if u wanna win some VS 🙂 i can´t hit pangya with 27 of control, just imagine with 18 🙂 my IGN is vEMe…

    and what i think about the future of a “International version of Pangya”…? check this pic

    bye GL…!

  4. Draco> Until we hear an official announcement anything you say is just “word of mouth” to me. I’m not throwing a hissy fit 😆 we’re all sorta like “relieved” rather that A18 is just leaving OGPlanet’s hands. Whether it closes or not isn’t really the issue here.

    I’ve heard some terrible things about NtreevUSA, so even if they pick A18 up, I’d have to see the changes to believe that A18 is in good hands. So for now at least A18 is “closed” to me, and well frankly I’ve lost interest. It would take a major rehaul for the game, event wise, item wise (And perhaps season wise) for me to consider coming back.

    But thank you for the insight, something to think about.

    vEME> For now I’m gonna just stick to Megaten. I bought like $30 of AP today. I find that game a lot more enjoyable (even though it’s a bit grindy now because lack of content) and they have a lot more events & stuff than even GOA. Pangya is great and all but with all this drama going on I’m just gonna take a long deserved break 🙂

    As a final note, I had sent an email to Ntreev soft about a month ago pleading them to pick up A18 from OGplanet because they were a terrible company and the game was running amock with hackers. Maybe my email worked? 😆

  5. I knew it was right to stick with Everybody’s Golf: World Tour. At least Sony don’t shut down their servers. I might suck against Everybody’s Golf Pros online but you’d never get hacked using the online mode. Plus you can be confident that your purchases are in Australian dollars and can easily be applied to the game, including interesting free stuff like the Toro cat playable character, but also paid stuff like Kratos from God of War as a playable character.

  6. Well, it’s kind of expected, I’m just feeling sad for my elf ears. GOA, or kr, I don’t know anymore. :3

    I’m afraid of spending cookies and getting ip banned again (JP anyone?)…if there’s a way of buying a single cash club in kr, then I’ll go for kr ._.”

    But for now…I’ll just stick to my playstation 2 and facebook :3 Hinano can I add you in GOA?

  7. Symphonist> Go for it even though I’ve uninstalled all Pangya clients from my system at this point xD My IGN is Hinano.

    Jorik> I read it on the season 2 forum link that I linked to in this post. If you look through the thread someone mentions a long chat about how Ntreev soft kept releasing cash shop items for Trickster and the nwould release more cash shop items better than the previous ones so you had to constantly spend money.

    In other news, I got a response from Gamepot about unbanning me because I am an honest player and I bought cookies, and as expected they said Japan Pangya is meant for Japanese residents and that they appologize blah blah thank you for enjoying pangya but we cannot do anything for 1 customer etc. Yea I pretty much expected that but gave it a shot anyway.

  8. They banned your jp account? I remember mine didn’t got banned when they exercised the ip banning before this proxy banning.

  9. If they close down A good friend of mine has a disable teen that plays A18 for the past 3 years now she will be sad if it closes down……..
    They must keep in mind that a lot of elderly and disable people play A18.
    What a way to break there hearts..


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