A couple brief Megaten updates

I got my binchotan Zouchouten!

So according to GM Vicc, Megaten will have double exp/double expertise events every weekend now. That’s definitely something to look forward to rather than “hoping” they will have it. It’s definitely something needed for people who are above level 37 and have no more exp acts to do (other than helping lower level people do theirs.)

The second thing that Megaten is finally getting are Japan’s Fortune Cards. While I’ve been impatiently waiting for these I suddenly feel disappointed. I’ve mentioned this on the forums but I’ll be a broken record for the sake of this blog. The cost per card is 450 AP. If you break it down basically $4 a pop, $4 a chance to get a piece of clothing you want out of 14 other items. THAT IS REALLY EXPENSIVE. Don’t get me wrong, I love Megaten and all, I’m glad that unlike other shitty companies you can sell/trade lottery items in game…however! $4!!! Geezus man!

Here’s my personal opinion, and most likely no game company will ever do this. But I really think it would be much more successful. Take out all the stupid crap from the lottery. I mean crap like “Incense of Vitality 5” or “Revival Orb 5”. I don’t need to be revived, my binchotan here can do it for me. What I think would be better is this: We got some outfits in the lottery. Some male, some female. You keep trying to get the female one, but you keep getting male one. The chances of you to keep trying to get the female one are gonna be higher knowing that you’re gonna only get an outfit, rather than random healing crap. On the other hand, sure, leave the healing crap in, make it more exciting, but for the love of god lower the price of the card to at least 200AP.  I’m mainly comparing this with Japan’s lottery rate when I played the Japanese Pangya server (not even going into the shit that went down on A18).

I know Aeria games needs to make money, but I feel like this will just create a lot of angry and upset users. I know on the forums I sound like a grouch and a lot of people are excited, but when a ton of people are getting 40 revival orbs instead of that maid outfit, you’re gonna have a lot of angry and upset users. Most likely after the first fortune card, it will help a lot of people decide whether they want to spend money in the future. I’m also hoping that Aeria will maybe have promotions for fortune cards in the future or lower the price based on the kind of reaction they get from the players.

Me? I’m waiting for the gothic or wedding dresses before I even try my luck. If the cards are going to be expensive, I’m going to make sure that whatever the hell is in that lottery better be something I REEEEAALLLY freaking want to get. The other problem is this: Say you get an outfit but you don’t want it. Ok sell it for like a high price in macca. But wait, you sell it for such a high price, that you don’t even have enough space in your inventory to store all the money in. Umm argH!? I hate how in this game money is an ITEM slot. Like damn in every game I’ve ever played money was always just like a “virtual currency” that just “existed in your account”. It wasn’t some physical matter. Unfortunately this is probably how it is in Japan and not something Aeria could fix on their own (or be allowed to change for license reasons me thinks.)

Oh well enough gripes out of me, I’ll look at this in a positive note and hope that the Fortune Card system will eventually get revamped for the better based on user feedback. I’m confident that they make good decisions regarding the happiness of their players. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A couple brief Megaten updates

  1. Thanks for the feedback, Hinano! It’s really helpful for us in improving the game.

    For the 450 AP item, we are running a promotion on it where if you buy 2, you get a free Ariadne’s Thread (x5). This should be some small relief for people who may get items they don’t want.

    Also, in the next content update, we will be releasing an item that’s basically a big Macca note. With this item, you’ll be able to store more Macca in your inventory.

    We’ll see about introducing some of those items that you want 🙂

  2. Spencer> Thanks, I’m glad you actually read my feedback and take it into consideration. A Macca item sounds pretty sweet. The only thing I have with the Adrianne’s thread is well honestly I’d rather like buy 4 lottery tickets, get 1 free ya know? Like I’m not that lazy that I need Adrianne’s thread and same goes with my fiance. I think you should vary up the promotions for the coupons, but I’m sure you’ve already thought of that in advance 🙂

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