Gaming Updates 2.16.09

demonlistSo recently I’ve been doing hacked chip runs. A hacked chip run is where you get a broken IC chip dropped from a monster, you repair it in one of the towns, and then you give it to a Demon Buster to take you into a virtual battle room. Upon completing the battle room and defeating every monster, you will receive a random demon in your inventory. The problem is….it’s random, and you can receive the same demon multiple times (see above.) Recently I got a decarabia mount ring from a drop so I’ve been trying to get a Decarabia (starfish) from the hacked chip runs. I must have done this at least 30 times over the weekend and I’ve gotten nothing but law monsters that I cannot use.  One time JP got the decarabia instead of me, but since he is LAW and not chaos, he ended up dropping it. I’m at a point where I just drop the monsters as well because they are completely useless to me and I need slots for any additional hack chip runs.

I think Megaten is great and all but it’s really becoming a drag lately. There’s not much to do except weekend invasions and double exp runs. In addition without death penalty I have no motivation to do any dungeon runs that actually give me any exp. I know Aeria will bring more content in, but considering that not even Japan has any new acts in their servers, I don’t really know what much else they can bring other than lottery items of course. While I think the events on the weekend are great, during the week it becomes a drag.

I kinda wanna go look for another MMORPG to play, but in about 20 days or so PangyaUSA will re-open and I may want to just play that in between Megaten. Aisp@ce is a drag now, I’m actually thinking that I might uninstall it. Just logging in every day to get my 1000D is really stupid since most good stuff is Nico Points. Even when they release Dere items it’s like what’s the point of buying it? I don’t actually log on and socialize with anyone, hell none of the English users I added to my friends list I ever see anymore (and I don’t blame them). Anyway hopefully by March this gaming dry spell will pass and something exciting will happen in either the games I’m playing or if I pick up anything new.


8 thoughts on “Gaming Updates 2.16.09

  1. hahah comp hack runs are kinda a drag =p

    decarabias are hard, the rare pyro jack is even more =p
    good thing i`m neutral, i can somehow have both

    so. now we have reached the boring part of any MMO: no more quests, just grinding =_=

    besides getting a new demon, no other reason to level up =/
    now we grind and wait they can make us level up to 10 lvls each act or give us some ‘WoE’. i`m not sure what to expect too

    maybe some pokemon mode? hahah battle with your demons till they wish you were dead. just like we grind in pangya to get nice scores. (come to think, its not a bad idea hahah)

    btw: bincho-tan still lvl 38?

  2. berz> no he’s 39 now lol. i’ve been using a coatlicue lately to get her skills back since i plan to fuse her with him for nation ruler at 59 -_-; Only 19 levels to go oh joy…

    comp hacks are a drag. but i REALLY want a mount ugh. at the rate I’m going, i’ll turn level 50 and just fuse one before i get the damn thing =_=;

  3. Hi, I started playing MegaTen partially because of you. I think it’s a game with a pretty interesting concept. But, I hate how there are no cute costumes though. ):

  4. Hi reina~ If you still need a guild you’re welcome to join ours (and we’ll help you with your acts cause we’re really bored :lol:)

    In regard to costumes, there are cute ones, but only in Japan so far. I know that we’ll probably get them eventually but I’m saving my AP until then ^^

  5. Ah, well, I got randomly invited to a guild and the people seem quite nice. But if I don’t like it there, I’d love to join yours. My character is Miyuna.

    ): Oh yeah, I saw some on the Japanese wiki. I really want them, although some of them remind me of Cardcaptor Sakura.

  6. oh alright, i’ve gotten randomly invited too and I always ignored. i mean if you’re gonna invite me, get to know me first! so to avoid that I just created my own guild ^^;

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