Game Diary: Turning my back on A18

Yay my first accidental HIO!
Yay my first accidental HIO!

Well until A18 gets its act together (probably never) or shuts down (lol) I’ve decided to take off for greener pastures. As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been playing on GOA (Pangya Europe) and aside from the god awful chat filter bug, it’s been a lot of fun. Actually a lot of A18 refugees seem to have come here so I’ve not had problems finding people to play with. I did have issues finding tourneys for some reason though, they weren’t popping up as often as they were on other servers I’ve played on. 😯

hanaswimThe greatest part is how the economy isn’t fucked up since the server isn’t spewing with stupid hackers. I was able to get Hana’s swimsuit for only 20,000 pang!! Of course being a noob that took me like 3-4 hours of tourneys but it was worth it =3 I’m not sure why but ever since I began as a noob once more on GOA, I’ve found that I hit pangya REALLY WELL with only 20 control. 20! On Japan and US my control was 25! But here I’m hitting 20 and my pangya rate is 69%! 😯 I think that’s the highest of any server I’ve played on. Needless to say this makes clothes shopping 20 times easier. I think I’m going to save up for a dolfini caddie so I can use my head accessory to add more power. 238 is just not cutting it! 😛 The only downside is the French immediately think “what’s this noob doing getting a -17 on pink wind!” and then I have to explain that I am an Amateur C in Japan and a Senior C on A18. I think that calms them down, but what would I know, I don’t understand anything that’s being said except when I see my name. It makes it harder too when every word lo*s li** th*s. xS

Omg it's Hachikou!
Omg it's Hachikou!

Meanwhile things have been a lot of fun in Megaten. This weekend they are having a 2x exp event (ends tomorrow at 3PM EST) so JP and I decided to grind up so we can a) get some new pokemans 😆 and b) get to the level 25 mission we are on so we can go for the demon buster license. Currently I’m at 22 but that’s cause after I got my pony, I went to help Taiyaki in his Suginami quests. (That Inugami quest is no laughing matter!) JP & I got a chance to frolic in Shibuya where we ran into intersting icons! Despite being in ruins the famous Shibuya dog statue was still standing tall. We also got to fight funny monsters like Papillons and furry elephant butts. 😆

Cue "Return to Innocence" =D
Cue "Return to Innocence" =D

I’m still a noob when it comes to this demon fusion stuff. It took me 3 tries but I managed to fuse to get the Unicorn. I also captured an Inugami but it kinda sucks right now and I think I need to level it more in order for it to fuse into something better than stupid suicidal Sudama. =v=;  Megaten’s been fun though. It’s a lot better when there are others besides me and JP but Taiyaki is catching up!! Berz helps us out sometimes too but I think he’s usually doing stuff with his guild (with a weeaboo name of DeathGod lol.) Maybe I should make a guild now that we have…3 people (who are frequently on anyway.) Maybe “Trinity Soul” like the anime? Or “Breaking Through” like the name of the Persona anime OP theme. Or hell we could just stick with Bread Master Lee for old time’s sake =D. We’ll see, I actually need to figure out where to get a clan creation thing lol. More grinding to come tomorrow!

Edit: I made the “Pangya” guild 😆 I know. I’m so original. xD


19 thoughts on “Game Diary: Turning my back on A18

  1. lmao, i dont like the name too if that counts XD
    i only entered it because a few ppl from there i used to make parties from time to time, so clan chat is a plus XD

    we do parties sometimes, but some times i do bail out of them XD

    like finishing act 16.. doesnt give exp(in fact last time it went backwards, like going into suginami gold)
    and takes a lot of time and meds XDDDD

    try sending a msg, most of the time i`m doing nothing that much important(you just got unlucky because at that time i think i was inside gold dungeon)

  2. Lol if people watch your pangya screen, it seems like you’re playing on pangya KR ^^, and yes GOA is a nice server no price abuse,as a rookie you can buy the angel candie to get through the level easely (only cost 100pang), and dont worry about people flaming about you when you make some weird scores for a Rookie, there is a lot of young player on GOA and they are not really aware of the fact that there is other servers out there very ver more advanced.

    Hope to meet you there one day.

  3. I just joined up on Megaten. Still getting used to it, and don’t get it quite yet. I go by Kima on there. And I’ll join your guild if you make one, if you’ll have me of course 😀

  4. “As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been playing on GOA (Pangya Europe) and aside from the god awful chat filter bug, it’s been a lot of fun.”

    Ah, I had this same problem (I’m the one that posted that topic on GOA’s forums, saying that I wasn’t a pottymouth like the game thought I was. XD;;) and after becoming rather frustrated by it, I figured out the problem. :X I had my system locale set to Japanese (since CLANNAD wouldn’t run for me unless I set it to Japanese) and when I changed it back to English (United States), voila! No more random stars and being put in time out for swearing and having to ~guess~ what people are trying to say to me.

    Also an A18 “refugee” here. ^^;;

  5. Wow really? Well I’m not about to change my system locale for that sorry 😐 That’s ridiculous. A lot of stuff (particularly any flash players) that run Japanese for me will just turn into squares if I turn it back to English. If GOA can’t fix this problem then I just won’t play. It’s obviously a bug since I never had this issue on A18.

  6. As for you comment on my blog, I have no intention to spend any cash on A18 until May-ish, not that they deserve it anyway.(-ω-) But seeing as A18 is the best out of the servers I can be on legally… Lol;

  7. haha yea that’s true, well GOA is slowly but surely catching up. They already had some things that OGP doesn’t, including openly active and responsive GMs.

  8. I might make an account on GOA if I get bored enough, but I’ve got plenty of other games to keep me busy… especially since I just picked up a PSP from the Dell sale.

    I fear that if A18 really does close, GOA will become the new hacker central though…

  9. Mm, I hope they don’t ~ Or that will be another set of disappointment for vets.

    I really have no interest in starting over on a server unless it was JP or KR, since those two aren’t going anywhere. If I need to play Pangya, I can have just as much fun with the Wii or PSP versions. Going on GOA with repeated updates and none of my friends.. No thanks.

  10. The most messed up thing about it all is that most of the taiwnese players that killed off the japanese server for others in the first place are still playing on the japanese servers, with a NEW guild. Obviously they’ve wisened up so it’s not as obnoxiously “HEY LOOK AT US, WE’RE TAIWANESE” but it annoys me how things turned out.

  11. Yeah, I’ve been following a couple of their blogs/forums (as best as I can anyway, I can’t read chinese) and they’ve posted the way to do it, except that it costs money and you have to live in Taiwan.

  12. Oh so they actually bought a VPN to play on JP server? geez that’s pretty retarded O_o “Pay money to play illegally”. I’m losing interest in Pangya anyway, I think it’s time I take cold turkey break from it until we see some development with the servers.

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