Poupee Girl: Let’s Go Snowboarding!

poupeeskiiKatherine’s latest scheme to rob us all of our ribbons is snowboarding gear! I admit those pants aren’t so hot when you put them on but eh it’s not so bad. I only bought the jacket, pants, snowboard and goggles. I don’t wanna completely go broke here because I’m still saving up for the Valentine’s Day event. If you clear your cache your background will change to the above – but only if you are wearing the skii wear! If you do not have skii-wear on, your background instead will be a snowman. I saw a few poupee friends had that so I guess when I dress mine up sans skii wear I’ll be able to see it. 😀

In addition more shells are dropping so I’m hitting everyone’s pages.


4 thoughts on “Poupee Girl: Let’s Go Snowboarding!

  1. i think you only get the lift background if you are holding a snowboard… and yeah, the crotches on those pants are kind of fug. ^^; i like your baby blue though!

  2. GOD, AGAIN?! i wanted to save for V-day…oh well, don’t wanna get left behind (i’ll just need to upload some more pics)

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