Ai Sp@ce Charadoll update

How's about a clementine Ruriko?

If you have some furniture in your aispace room that you thought you wasted money on cause you couldn’t really do anything with it (wtf I keep running into the bed instead of sitting on it), the folks over at aispace decided to add some uses to it. Well..for your charadoll anyway.

charaupdate02Your chara doll can now sit at your little table and lie down and take 10 second naps on a bed if you have one. You can’t “tell” her to do this, but she will do it automatically if you just idle in your room. The only downside I think is that you have to use the default s001 script for this to work, as I don’t really know how to program this into the doll.

charaupdate03Come to think of it, this is like a queen sized bed or something! 😆


6 thoughts on “Ai Sp@ce Charadoll update

  1. haha yea that’s why I don’t spend much time on aispace anymore. just log in to check out the features, get my 1000D & log off ^^;

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