Project Diva f 2nd Review

Well since I’ve reviewed other Diva games in the past I figured I’d post something for this as well.

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Android Otome App Review: Wankoi


Do you like dogs? Do you like Shiba Inu dogs? Do you like guys who act playful like a dog wagging its tail jumping in your face licking you when you get home? Then you should read on.

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Otome Game Review: Watashi no Real wa Jujitsu Shisugiteiru

Translated as roughly “My offline life is blossoming too well” the story is about Anesaki Nozomi who is a closet otaku. She acts like she’s Miss Perfect in school, always doing favors for teachers and getting the best grades. She’s even the VP of student council and is an idol amongst her peers. However the moment she gets home, Nozomi whips out her 3DS and starts poking her 2D mens! The only one who knows the truth about her otaku hobbies is her step brother Shun, who she is currently living alone with because their parents are traveling overseas.  This is a free doujin game created by Tetrascope and is available to download on their site. Spoilers after the jump and also because this game is really good there’s a LOT OF TEXT \(^o^)/

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April Fool’s Roundup 2014

Well I do this every year so let’s get the ball rolling! Let’s see what the game makers have for us this year:

Oz Kindergarten. Ozmafia chars have been turned into little kids lol.

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B’z Log May 2014


Most of the stuff in this post I already posted on my twitter account but oh well why not lol.


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Unboxing: Project Diva f2nd


And so my very first Vita game has finally arrived! \( ^o^)/  (And I can finally delete HOTCH KISS off my console (ಠ_ಠ))

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Otome Game Review: Minus Eight (-8)

Yaotome Rei is about to start her first year of high school but she didn’t get into the school she wanted. The reason is her middle school senpais wasted her time with studying too much or slacking off too much and she ended up failing all her entrance exams. The only school that accepts her is a school that takes in the most disappointing students in all of Japan. Rei decides she’ll try her best anyway until she finds out that the school’s gonna be shut down mid year because the principal is also an idiot :lol: The principal says that the only way to save the school from getting shut down is to…..fall in love! By showing that the school is full of raburabu couples, apparently they will get a large sum of money (probably because Japan’s birth rate is abysmally low www). Now it’s up to Rei to find the man of her dreams, but unfortunately she only has a bunch of losers to choose from.

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Otome Game Review: Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu

When Katagiri Kaede was 7 years old, her family was attacked by some ninja. Her mother & father died, but another ninja came to her rescue and took her to her grandmother to safety. Not knowing his name, Kaede was determined to also grow up to be a ninja and join the Sanada defense force so she could one day protect her loved ones, like how that ninja protected her.  One day she runs into the principal of the famous Fujiwara Ninja Training School who tells her to enroll for free because he feels she has the talent to be a great ninja. Kaede is excited to start her first day, but on her first day, she accidentally sets off an illusion jutsu that makes guys fall head over heels for her! Coined as MeroMero Jutsu, Kaede charms any guy within the vicinity of her charm AOE! Because of this, Sanada sensei tells her to pick a guy to “train with” so she can get her jutsu under control and pass the midterm exam. Unfortunately because the guys she charms are the 6 most popular & capable dudes in the school, she’s the subject of bullying attacks from jealous bitches.

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PS Vita Unboxing and Brief Thoughts


So I just want to say how awesome Baggage Forward is. I literally ordered this thing on Amazon on Monday afternoon, and the game was on my desk on Friday morning. Thank you A+++ will come again.

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The lost has been found: Unboxing Ninkoi & -8


Only took 6 weeks with airmail but who am I to complain! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

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