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The poor man’s weapon & armor guide.

I’m not a tartaros pro and I don’t really spend money on the game anymore so I guess here’s a guide for cheap but still doable weapons armor. Continue reading The poor man’s weapon & armor guide.

Actual Challenge Levels

Because for some reason they decided to bump down the challenge level entry requirements but left the in challenge level cap & enemy levels the same, I made a nice little image with the correct levels!

I can only imagein the purpose of this was to either frustrate people into thinking they need uber weapons or to allow veterans to bring their newbie friends to higher challenges. Either way it’s not that bad of a move except when you got level 55 people coming into a level 63 challenge and wondering why they can’t kill anything and keep getting their asses kicked \( ^o^)/

Looks like the 2 sheep challenges are the only ones that stayed within the original level requirement….guess protecting sheep they figured you can’t screw around lol.

Just some Pangya & Tartaros blurbs

If this was 6 months ago, I would have bought Lucia’s Kimono in a heartbeat. In fact I think I had requested they bring it back and I wanted it all this time. But now that it’s released I just don’t seem to care. I almost forget to login to the currently on going login/play event to be honest. The idea of spending anymore money on Pangya just annoys me. I think the Kimono is lovely but now that I got Lucia’s magical girl & wedding dress, and bath towel, and SSAF, and the swimsuit I bought that I only wore for about a week…yea the last thing I need to do is blow $15 on pixels without having a job first. Continue reading Just some Pangya & Tartaros blurbs