Otome Game Review: Code Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~

It’s a miracle this FD was released because it finally contained the content I wanted to see in…the last one. 😂 Most of the contents of the FD takes place with Cardia’s poison gone except for Sholmes and Cantarella routes. And now on to the fangirling (and emoji spam lol)!

Cantarella – This is another story where they rescue some famous singer named Cantarella. She lives in some storage room with her adoptive dad who blew all their money on gambling despite her earnings from her singing. 😂 She got mad at him and gave him away to the mafia out of rage but he managed to escape 😂😂. The dude who tried to kidnap her is some nerd named Aiguille who wears fabulous custom made robes and who Cantarella owns on the spot with her spicy words 😂😂. Cantarella was adopted at age 10 by Miles in a sewer and has no memory until then. She had a high fever and Miles sang her terrible tone deaf songs that somehow made her feel better and inspired her to become a singer 🤣. But as it turns out, Cantarella is actually one of Cardia’s runaway prototypes. Isaac had created her to be as close to a human child as possible including a body that would naturally mature and age. Because she didn’t end up looking like Cardia, he chucked her and Miles picked her up. Unfortunately it seems like the horologium in her brain is literally burning it on the inside, so she’s been drinking jikuterium that Alester had left with Miles. Even though it’s a poison it actually counteracted the horologium instead. Miles then reveals that he’s been joined the Tasogare and used Cantarella as bait to capture Cardia. He tells her he’s done playing daddy for her and no longer has use for her. Just when Cantarella is in her ultimate despair her nerd hero Aiguille comes to the rescue 😂.

He takes them to his castle to reveal that he’s an ikeman who’s been controlling a robot  because he can’t leave his room. He’s been living off his parent’s inheritance and due to a leg disability he’s been unable to walk since birth. He spent time reading books and his favorite story was about the moving castle. He once looked out his window and swore he saw it in real life but nobody believed him. He tried to then run outside to find it but ended up stumbling and falling a lot because of his legs. Eventually after he fell on the ground and cried, he was found by Isaac. Turns out the moving castle was one of his side projects, and Aiguille took it from Isaac cause he no longer needed it. Isaac’s parting words were that in order to move the castle again he would need a beautiful singer… soso Aiguille had been living in this castle ever since trying to find the perfect singer to get it to move again. After his parents died he’s been studying science and was able to create various machinery to help himself. So he asks if Cantarella can be the one to help him cause the castle reacted strongly to her voice when he played a recording.

In another flashback it’s revealed that Myles worked for Isaac… helping him dispose of failed Cardia clones.  Myles’ partner couldn’t take it anymore and quit working for Tasogare. The two of them decided to steal info from Isaac’s lab and instead Myles ran into a young Cardia clone begging for help. Myles can’t refuse and decides to take her with him, knowing that Isaac and Tasogare might come after him.  So anyway Cantarella ends up singing and moving the castle but then the floor opens up and it swallows her inside. Aiguille has no idea what’s going on and Cardia tries to get the floor to open but to no avail. Cantarella starts hearing voices of Isaac in what looks like his old lab. Meanwhile Lupin and Co. get Myles to admit the truth that he only joined Tasogare again to save Cantarella and all the stuff he said to her was a lie. Everything is suddenly interrupted as they see Aiguille in his castle stomping towards London 😂. Apparently it’s gone out of control so Lupin and co come to the rescue. They find Cantarella singing inside and any attempt to get to get has the castle throwing projectile gears at them. Cardia starts to sing and it distracts Cantarella enough that Myles can get close to her and tell her he loves her as his real daughter as they have their father daughter moment 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

After this the castle is permanently out of order and the queen orders it to be buried back under ground. Aiguille is still allowed entry but can’t do anything else with it. Myles recovers from broken bones and Cantarella continues her singing career. Also the poison that was eating away at her brain apparently disappeared when she was rage singing in the castle. Alester spares Myles and writes off that he was killed in his report. Myles and Cantarella decide to go traveling together once he recovers. When they return Cantarella says she wants to invite everyone again for a party, including Aiguille and Myles panics that his daughter has a boy she likes 😂😂. I ship it ╰(´ิ∀´ิ)╯ヒャホー❤️. In the epilogue, Cardia and Cantarella put a private performance for Lupin and co. like two sisters 😊. Actually I’m really upset that Cardia never found out Cantarella is her older sister for real 😭😭 Also extremely sad that there wasn’t further romantic development with Aiguille 😭😭😭.

Sholmes – So basically Lupin and Impey give up trying to get Cardia back and tell her to come back to them when she’s tired of him. 😂😂 Canon Crusher route here lol. Sholmes plays violin for Cardia at a restaurant but she accidentally drinks wine and falls asleep. I’m actually surprised that alcohol has any effect on her body though 😂. Also apparently Sholmes sucks at daily chores so Cardia does all the cooking and cleaning for him. To him washing his coffee cup is a great accomplishment 🤣🤣. So anyway Cardia’s horologium starts to go bonkers so they have a week to try to stop it before Cardia kills everyone. Sholmes asks Impey, Fran and Nemo to help them find a solution. So they get a medicine for her that knocks her out for a year and as she falls asleep Sholmes asks her to marry him. In the epilog the medicine counteracts the poison of the horologium ridding it from Cardia’s body. He then kisses sleeping beauty and she opens her eyes 😂. What a fairy tale ending lol. The whole route just felt so shoved in lol and Cardia barely did anything in it except punch Nemo and make fun of Van’s cooking.

Finnis – In all the Christmas stories, Cardia is now living in Wales with otoutokun which is what this route is basically a precursor for. San and Hansel just visit for the hell of it annoying Finnis 😋. There’s also the inconvenience of Cardia and Finnis having to drive 2 hours into town to buy groceries so Cardia wants to plant her own vegetables garden. More people visit their house like Van, Delacroix and even Alester. When Finnis and Cardia try to go to London because of an incident caused by a creation from Isaac, Hansel tells them to get the fuq back into their house and won’t let them return. While Cardia is no longer a threat, Hansel says Finnis is a threat because of all the knowledge he inherited from Isaac and could start another code realize. Hansel tells them to leave the London stuff to Lupin and Co. as he doesn’t want to hurt either of them. Eventually he lets them go and when they get there apparently one of Isaac’s old robots called the “Mother Knocker” 😂😂😂 has gone out of control and is randomly destroying buildings. (And apparently the government is the one that accidentally let this go out of control.) With his father’s knowledge, Finnis inputs a code to deactivate it and saves London. Afterwards everyone goes to Cardia’s house in Wales to celebrate Finnis getting a job with the government again. He will lead a new unit called Akatsuki which will focus on fixing any othet crap Isaac has left behind. He’s able to teleport to London with the help of IDEA since he wants to live in Wales but has to work on London. 😂 Cardia also decides to adopt Sisi as a member of their “family”.

Christmas Stories

San – San returns to the house by himself and is bored out of his mind so he decides to clean up. He starts seeing illusions that Cardia is there but she returned to her home in Wales with Finnis. He decides to decorate the house for a Christmas party and asks Hensel and Ginevia to help him 😂😂. The night of the party no one shows up and as San is about to clean up, Impey comes crashing with Cardia and a raging Finnis and Lupin 🤣🤣. The others show up too and poor San starts laughing and crying at the same time. 😭 Poor guy was so lonely without all the dorks around him. At night San visits Cardia’s room and drive by hugs her before leaving to the party. Granny Omnibus tells San to take a long vacation to be with Cardia so he won’t get missions assigned for a few decades 😂. Meanwhile the IDEA people join the Christmas party shocking everyone inside lol. While everyone celebrates inside San sneaks out with Cardia outside for a Christmas date :*:・(*´ω`pq゛. A week later Cardia and Finnis return to Wales and San asks if eventually she moves in with him as his wife and Finnis as brother in law 😂😂😂. Before the train leaves San gives her a kiss on the cheek through the window. 😘

Impey – Cardia and Impey are apart but they both realize they have romantic feelings for each other. Impey sends her a doll with a recording of his goofy love confessions 😂. Impey helps cook for the Christmas party but with sudden arctic weather, everyone is worried that Cardia’s train is stuck in a blizzard. Impey then grabs his Omnisopter and flies to Cardia and Finnis to rescue them from the stranded train. Finnis decides to be a bro and says he’ll wait for a rescue train so Cardia can be alone with Impey. As they fly to San’s house Impey says he loves the view of London instead of Cardia and she starts raging at him 😂😂. When they’re alone outside Cardia asks Impey to say I love you to her so she can confirm that the “love” for him is different from everyone else. (๑♜ڡ ♜) Impey gets so embarrassed he falls his butt into the snow and then runs away from the house claiming he’s going to visit Nemo in jail wtf 😂. You know you’ve hit Rock Bottom when you go for love advice to Nemo. 🤣🤣 Not only that but Nemo actually talks normally and tells Impey to get his ass back to Cardia cause it ain’t no time to discuss science. Impey then returns to the house, which apologizes to Cardia and takes her on a Christmas date while everyone else is being drunk 😂. At the end Impey pulls out a switch Nemo gave him as a Christmas present and when he presses the button, fireworks shoot up into the sky. ٩(๑′∀ ‵๑)۶•*¨*•.¸¸♪ Impey then takes the opportunity to truly tell Cardia he loves her rather than the usual empty i love yous he throws at her.

Fran – Fran’s been hanging out with Watson who digs out of him the crush for Cardia that he’s denying. His parents in Sweden keep asking him if he has a girlfriend but when he tells them he has someone he’s interested in… they assume he’s already dating with marriage prospects 😂😂 So he goes all the way to Wales to ask Cardia to be his pretend lover and she’s shocked and upset because she thought he was really confessing to her 😭😭. Cardia reluctantly agrees and along with Finnis they also return to London for the Christmas party with everyone. Cardia also tells Fran to go on a practice date with her so she can get into her role… and she won’t take no for an answer! (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞ During the date Fran realizes he has true feelings for Cardia but is too much of a chicken to say anything. Cardia gives Fran a mission to act like lovers in front of Lupin and Co. in order to make sure they can also fool his parents. 😂 The only one who notices them linking arms is Impey lmao. Everyone else just thinks it’s natural and doesn’t blink an eye except Impey after Fran makes the official announcement 🤣🤣🤣. After this they go on a date where the line between real and pretend begins to blur. 😏 They go ice skating at night and Fran is really good at it cause well he skated a lot in Sweden as a child. Cardia can barely stand straight so Fran supports her with hugging on ice ❄ (*˙˘˙*)ஐ At the end of their date they both stop kidding themselves and admit they both want to be lovers for real. To prove he’s not lying this time he kisses her in the train platform while waiting for his parents to arrive. 😍😍 Once his parents arrive he introduces Cardia as his true lover. 💕

Van – Van acts like Delacroix’s dad it’s hilarious 😂 😂. They go visit Cardia’s house in Wales but with bad timing they arrive when both Cardia and Finnis are away. It gets late and they almost leave until Cardia and Finnis literally come crashing home 😂. Cardia tells Van and Delacroix to spend the night since they’re both cold and hungry from waiting all evening for them. Inside Van finds Cardia’s knitting projects that she was making scarves for everyone. Since she can’t finish by Christmas, Van offers to help. So he ends up staying at Cardia’s place until Christmas eve helping her knit scarves 😂😂😂. Sadly they gotta bring in all the angst again with Finnis where the two of them discuss revenge and Van’s feelings about the whole thing. At least Van punched Finis in the head and realized it doesn’t make him feel better?? 🤔 Also Finnis tells Van that he wants Cardia to experience love, if u know what i mean. 😂 When Van goes to see her in her room he finds her fallen asleep mid knitting. He pats her hair and the next morning everyone sets off to London to give others their scarf presents. I’M SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED THAT VAN SPENT SEVERAL DAYS AT CARDIA’S HOUSE AND NOTHING CUTE HAPPENED LIKE AT ALL. HEAD PATTING IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH OTOMATE WTF. щ(゚Д゚щ) The route did have more humor than others, for example Van added a bunch of weird stuff to the scarves like making them also be usable as gas masks 😂😂. But yet once again they run into Alester and he says he’s on the run which is why he’s been mia for a while. He tells Van he doesn’t need his help before trotting off on his merry way. 🙄 They go to San’s house for the Christmas party but halfway through Van goes outside into the freezing cold to talk to himself about how nice his friends are… instead of you know.. partying with them 🤔. Cardia finds him outside and gives him a Christmas present – a new coat. After she confesses her feelings to him he tells her to put on his coat to stay warm, before confessing he feels the same way about her. He then kisses her but we just get a white screen 😭. Honestly I think Van has a lot of great comedic moments throughout the game but his route just felt like such a huge let down ☹️. As a tip make sure when Van is talking to Dela in front of Cardia’s house, you pick both choices cause one of them contains a dictionary word you need for the trophy.

Lupin – Lupin keeps messing up during his heists because he can’t stop thinking about Cardia. 😊 He then decides to write her a letter before going to see her… but can only come up with stuff like silly love letters 🤣🤣. He’s so out of it the next day he acts like a bumbling idiot tripping over Christmas decorations. He sends her  letter asking her to come back to London for Christmas but she doesn’t reply after a month and Lupin starts moping around thinking she hates him (or found a boyfriend 😂😂). He decides the best way to handle this situation is to steal her heart one more time. ╰(´ิ∀´ิ)╯ヒャホー Apparently Cardia has sent a bunch of letters to San’s house to Lupin but had not gotten any answers either. And so on Christmas eve Cardia has a quiet dinner with Finnis and goes to bed sad that she couldn’t be with everyone. Just as she closes her eyes, she hears a knock on the window and she opens them again to see Santa Lupin and Sisi the reindeer (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡. As it turns out Finnis had taken  Lupin’s letter to Cardia… because Impey wrote love letters to Cardia like every week and Finnis just kept stashing every letter addressed to her without realizing one of them was from Lupin lol. 🤣🤣🤣 Finnis apologizes but says he sent out all of Cardia’s letters our properly so no idea why Lupin didn’t get them. Lupin then grabs Cardia and Finnis and the omnisopter it back to London. When they arrive to London, Finnis goes to San’s house while Lupin takes Cardia on a Christmas date. 😘 Unfortunately every time Lupin tries to confess his feelings he gets cockblocked by someone 😂. When they arrive at San’s place Lupin drills Fran and San about Cardia’s letters… and turns out they were hiding them to ship Lupin and Cardia and light a fire under their asses 😈. So during the Xmas party Cardia slips out to cool off when Lupin finds her in the hallway. He tries to confess but gets cockblocked by Delacroix so he hides Cardia under himself and tells cockblock shota he has no idea where she is. Lupin then leaves a note to everyone saying he’s taking Cardia for the night as they go out to the rooftop near the big decorated Christmas tree in town. There finally Lupin admits that he’s missed Cardia and didn’t want her to go to Wales. They both confess their love to each other and kiss as it begins to snow. (ლ ^ิ౪^ิ)ლ💕


Triangle Dates – Triangle date – this is pure fanservice where you can literally just pick 2 guys to have a 3P route with Cardia. ‘(<◉>╯ ౪╰<◉>)’ Van and Lupin share a 3P umbrella ☔. Fran takes a drug that gives him confidence to openly confess his love to Cardia and he and Lupin kiss her on the cheek 😍😍😍. Lupin and Impey clean up a part of Cardia’s old house and make her a nice dinner. Lupin and San surprise Cardia with red and white bouquets of roses. In order to stop Van from blowing up the kitchen, Cardia offers to make lunch and along with Fran the 3 go on a picnic. Cardia gets sick so Van and Impey take care nursing her back to health. Cardia rambles about not being alone so Van and Impey end up sleeping in bed with her 👀. Van and San end up with Cardia at Victoria’s ball, & they have a 3P on the dance floor 😂. Impey and Fran make an oil diffuser for Cardia so she can sleep better at night. Fran and San take Cardia clothes shopping now that she can wear anything. Impey, San and Cardia go watch the stars together. Delacroix thinks that Sisi keeps running away from him because he’s being a bad dog… but turns out he’s made a wanko girlfriend. :*:・(*´ω`pq゛Alester calls on Cardia to help him deal with Nemo’s invention stupidity in their “date”and Cardia regrets everything 🤣🤣🤣. The big surprise was seeing Nemo without his stupid goggles… he apparently has beautiful eyes and both Cardia and Alester almost didn’t recognize him 😂. Hansel, Cardia and Watson go to a cafe to eat sweets until Hansel starts licking “cream” off Cardia’s face and Watson rages. 😂😂 (There was no cream 👀 😂)

The Much Needed Wedding Ends

San – Omnibus tells San and Cardia that there’s no more danger in the future regarding them, so she will no longer monitor their lives. She gives Cardia and San her blessing and congratulations. And so the next day San and Cardia get married on the ship that San bought from the mafia lol. The mafia in question was the one from Lupin Ganga mafia adventures in the last FD (which I barely paid attention too cause I was busy raging at the lack of wedding ends 😂).

Van – Someone mistakens Cardia for another person and tells her she’s at the wrong place to get married. 😂 They grab her and take her into their car, kidnapping her a few hours before Cardia’s actual wedding. 😱 When Cardia gets there she beats up the rando who demands she marry him 😂😂😂. Just then a really pissed off Van bursts into the church saying he’s taking his waifu back. (ಠิ౪ಠิ*)Turns out it was a performance acting set and they thought Cardia was the replacement actor lol. Van is upset  that he had his moment of seeing Cardia in a wedding dress ruined but she calms him down with a kiss on the cheek. 😊 Some hours later everyone returns to the venue and Van and Cardia have their real wedding. 💕 Well thank God Van finally had a decent segment 😂

Fran – Fran opens up his own laboratory in which he and Cardia are president and vp. They’re married but haven’t had the official ceremony yet. Victoria offers to help Fran with his wedding if he can show to her his strong feelings for Cardia. Meanwhile Cardia walks into a random wedding and catches the bride’s bouquet 💐. Fran finds her and then tells her he wants to have a ceremony with her and they hold it in St. Paul’s Cathedral thanks to Victoria allowing it.

Impey – Impey and Cardia got married skydiving in the last game so this route is more like a brief after story. While Impey is away fixing stuff, Cardia decides to return to her home in Wales to see if she can find any useful books for Impey in her father’s old library. She goes to her room at night and some moments later Impey glomp tackles her on to the floor. He thinks she ran home because she was angry he left her alone for 3 days… but Cardia is like wut I came back to find useful research from dad for you 😂😂. He gives her a kiss as a “punishment” and then they go outside to watch a meteor shower. *・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿(ღ✪v✪)。゚:*:✼.。✿.。キラキラ♥ He also gives Cardia a wedding ring cause apparently they had forgotten them at their ceremony 😂

Lupin – Similar to Impey, Lupin was married 2 games ago so it was another after story. Lupin tells Cardia about how since he was an orphan, the only person he considered a father was his old teacher Theofrost… who was also Myles best friend & partner when they both worked for Isaac. Lupin then asks Cardia to go on a belated honeymoon to France. The honeymoon ends up being a visit to Theofrost’s grave. Apparently Theofrost adopted Lupin to make up for all the Cardia’s he couldn’t save. Cardia tells the grave stone a thanks for raising Lupin who then in turn saved her. Just then French police who are still buttmad at Lupin come after them but with Cardia by his side they can’t catch the gentleman master thief. (๑・ω-)~♥” Was kinda hoping they could run into Cantarella again but guess that’s asking too much 😭. I guess this isn’t that great of a route for this section like the others but Lupin got the good ones everywhere else so I’m not that upset.


I absolutely LOOOOVVEED this FD if it wasn’t obvious by the mass of emoji in my summary lol. The artwork was beautiful, for the most part everyone got a happy end, and the wedding ends I’ve been waiting since the last FD finally came true. The extra Cantarella arc was amazing and honestly I feel like I want to see a continuation to it someday (´;д;`)ブワッ. The choices were simple and had no effect on the outcome so you could pick whatever you want and still get a happy ending which was nice so I didn’t need a guide at all. (I only had to look up the missing word for one of Van’s routes to get the platinum trophy.) Cardia was great as usual which really stood out after I just finished watching the anime where her anime self was a pale comparison of her game personality. If you thought the last FD was kinda lacking/meh I think you will definitely enjoy this one (unless you’re a fan of Sholmes cause well he’s just a round peg in a square hole just like that sad Nakaba route in Clock Zero lol 😂). One weird thing was there was a certain bgm in the game that sounded exactly like this one from Wand of Fortune…but I’m too lazy to pull out my WOF and check 😂. If anyone who played both games hears this, you’ll know what I mean, let me know if it’s the same one! Otherwise I don’t have much else to say about this other than make sure you do play the previous game first – as this one continues from stuff that happens there (particularly Finnis.)

This will be my final post for 2017, see you all in 2018! (ノ´∀`)ノ*.゚・。:*:.゚・☆A HAPPY NEW YEAR☆・゚.:*:。・゚.*ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

Edit: ALMOST FORGOT, so I got this game for PS4 making it my first ps4 otome game! I gotta say it was definitely worth it because the huge res CGs are just beautiful. There were details I never caught on the Vita that I caught on the ps4. The only down side, Otomate basically blocked off most of the game to streaming…so I could only stream maybe 30 minutes of each route before it would completely block all the content off. At one point I just gave up streaming since it was pointless. Other than that it looks so much better than PSTV stretching out the image so honestly I really hope they do more ps4 releases (BEFORE they release them on the vita and make me waste my money 😭)



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  1. I just love your blog and reviews. I got the 1st Code Realize game on PS Vita and now they’re releasing the 1st fandisk on PS4 as a standalone but also a PS4 bundle Bouquet of Flowers: Code Realize & Future Blessings. Is it worth going for the PS4 or should I just stick with the PSVita?

  2. unfortunately no, they didn’t touch upon this stuff at all. they only slightly mentioned a few things in Van’s Christmas route but that was it.

  3. So in the previous FD, Omnibus said in Fran’s route that Cardia could wind
    up living much longer than the guys, right? Is that addressed in this FD at all? I feel like even with all the cute wedding endings, it kind of puts a damper on things thinking that she’ll outlive them by potentially hundreds of years.

  4. yea Lupin’s special end was a bit disappointing but its ok since he got good ones in the last 2 games. everyone else finally got the weddings they deserved~!

  5. YASSS I’m so glad to see we finally get good endings for each of the boiz. When I saw the previous FD didn’t I was like SON. HOW COULD YOU. Thank goodness haha. Such a good way to end the year ^^ I also just got a PS4 so hell yes CGs here I come xD

  6. Your review makes me want to buy PS4 right away just for this game. www
    I was disappointed with the first FD too and was about to give up with this series. >_<
    And yaaaay! For real wedding ends!

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