Cash movement of dressup games.


I realized today I’m in a lot of “dress up” related games. Aisp@ce, Party Castle, Poupee Girl and now I joined Tinierme. Technically Pangya is dress up golf if you think about it too. As I evaluate all these things, I start to think like “what is there to do other than dress up your character…but what if the only worthy dressups require you to pay a ton of $$$”. At least Pangya has the golf aspect but what does Poupee have? Continue reading “Cash movement of dressup games.”

Party Castle: Self Design the Game

my first creation!
my first creation!

Today I received a key to the Party Castle closed beta that I signed up for a month ago. I’ve been eyeing this thing since back in March because it was supposed to be some kind of a game where you draw a character then you import it into the game and boom your character’s in 3D. Well it’s like that but not quite. If you’re familiar with Pangya’s self design and IMVU, it’s basically a combination of the two. Continue reading “Party Castle: Self Design the Game”

aisp@ce digest.

I’ve been meaning to make an aisp@ce movie for a while. It’s nothing special since most of my friends quit already (and well I don’t blame them….what the hell is there to do on there besides dress up your characters and charadolls? 😆 ) Anyway check it out to see what it’s basically about. I pretty much ran through Akihabara, the event hall, my room, Clannad island town center and Clannad school. I didn’t bother going to Da Capo or Shuffle islands since they all look the same except for the school areas and NPCs. I don’t have an aisp@ce screenshot album because I don’t know if anyone would be interested in seeing them lol. I do have a bunch of screenshots in my screenshot folder though.

Aisp@ce Summer Beach

halp! quicksand!
halp! quicksand!

So for a limited time the town centers of every island have been turned into a beach! Right under the Nico video board you’ll find sand, palmtrees and water! XD Continue reading “Aisp@ce Summer Beach”