Otome Game Review: Beast Darling

Kazuha is an animal magnet, so when her parents go to work overseas and leave her in Japan (as every manga anime plot would have it) she goes to live in a dorm based school. Unfortunately they have a no pet policy so the constant cats and pigeons and the like coming there piss off the landlord. Just then her pet cat Futaba who happens to be a Nekomata, tells her about a dorm where she will fit right in. Turns out the school has a dormitory full of humans who have a “beast” curse where they are on the brink of turning into an animal they are cursed by. Futaba has a magical seal on her neck that when the animal boys touch it, it can suppress the wild animal within~ 😂

Kujou Shishio – Shishio is obviously the lion curse and he’s just the average angry fiery red headed tsundere. He’s also some rich bocchan so even after he and Kazuha finally confess their feelings there’s the angry dad road block. The usual dad wants son to take over family business and is an abusive asshole who uses a literal chain to “chain down his son” when he’s in beast mode lol. And then Kazuha and Shishio attempt to run away from dad and his guards but fail when he falls into the river and can’t swim. And suddenly Kazuha turns into a useless potato and can’t help him and instead dad jumps into the river and saves him. Then to add more deus ex machina dad’s like “oh you have an animal control power pls marry my son” and so now Shishio and Kazuha are engaged. Imagine the grief that could have been avoided if only there was open communication between a child and his parent!? 😂 In the date scenario Kazuha gets sick from a roller coaster and passes out so much that somehow Shishio is able to carry her to a hotel. Then she wakes up in bed with him and they make out because “it’s her fault for falling asleep next to him” Bruh. ಠ_ಠ

Kujou Yuuto – Yuuto is the horny bunny voiced by Kenn so of course the game creators lost no opportunity to add a lewd af scene of him getting drunk from chocolate (lol) and making out with Kazuha 😂 Unfortunately that was probably the peak of the route since most of the game is unvoiced and he was basically a silent bratty otouto-kun type. The plot of his route once again involved Kujou-dad who this time decides to force marry Shishio and Kazuha but obviously Kazuha loves Yuuto. Yuuto then basically gets blackmail material and threatens to ruin his father’s reputation so the dad backs off and it kinda just..ends there? Also since dad basically abused and tore at Yuuto’s ears as a child, he has rabbit ear injuries which also add to the blacklist package lol. I don’t even really understand how the hell that got resolved but doesn’t matter because in the end it’s all about Kazuha picking Yuuto over his brother (who literally had like no relevance until the last chapter of the route lol.) Then their omake date is basically cockblocked by the entire cast at Luna Park lmao. Anyway I’ll just thank them for that drunk scene at the beginning, I miss that kind of tsundere Kenn (reminds me of Fuuto from Brocon 😂) — wasn’t a huge fan of his stiff persona character in Cupid Parasite lol.

Kumagai Chitose – Chitose as you can see by his last name, is a bear. He often spends time sleeping which seems cute and bearlike but then turns out every time he sleeps his memory just goes into a black hole. So frequently, he will forget events, and people and in the case with Kazuha, he ends up forgetting who she is 2 times and has to be introduced to her over and over again. But then out of nowhere they somehow realize they’re both in love with each other and after that his memory is somehow cohesive and he no longer has this issue! He cries when his favorite grandma gets a stroke or something and ends up forgetting who he is, and now he’s like “damn this is what everyone around me feels like when I forget shit huh.” Then he gets sad so to cheer him up they dress up Kazuha as a cheerleader which makes me “happy” in more ways than one if you know what I mean. 😂

And they almost bang (???) until he changes his mind and then suddenly in the next chapter he falls down a giant well trying to save some squirrel. He ends up getting rescued by his friend Shiro, who he thought caused him his right eye injury (he’s blind in his right eye) but then found out actually protected him from abuse by other kids. So then out of nowhere some tree falls on Kazuha cause of the rain and he runs into protect her and gets a concussion that puts him into a several month coma. He then magically awakens one day (and is somehow able to walk despite no movement in months.) Yay happy ending, and in the bonus story she and Chitose go to the hot springs and almost end up banging until he’s like “No we must wait till marriage uwu” lol okay 😂. Chitose also tells her that he plans to go to college to become a doctor so he can do more research about the animal curse. Overall his chara design and personality reminded me a lot of  Natsuki from Utapri lol. Poor Chitose, you don’t get to fucc but Kyosuke does rip.  Also yo I love Shirai Yusuke’s voice but not when he does this type of half drunk derpy voice – gimme dat Bustafellows Kuro-chan 🥺.

Saotome Shiro – Shiro is the wolf boy, who’s been friends with Chitose for a while, but due to a misunderstanding their relationship has been on the rocks for the last few years. He also has a rocky relationship with his mother and younger sister in a sense where the sister wuvs her oniichan but the mom is terrified of him so when he takes his sister home one day the mom just briefly says hello and they part. Shiro is also good at cooking and pretty much boots out the others from his kitchen domain cause they just make a mess. He’s a typical lone wolf character though who’s pretty much ashamed of his curse and it takes a while for him to warm up to Kazuha (including being pushed into a lake lmao) but eventually he becomes her loyal puppy. (n*´ω`*n) Unfortunately some random weirdo (who looks like he was traced from some Kazuki Yone character) who is soon to be turned into a kyubi wants to kill Kazuha so that he can obtain her power to remain human. He’s like ultra powerful and pretty much none of the other guys compare to him so this is where deus ex machina Futaba (the nekomata) comes in and basically kicks his ass into oblivion. Apparently she was once a human too but accepted her fate to be turned into an animal thousands of years ago and tells Kazuha that her power is very rare which is probably why she watched over her in the first place. So anyway yea, now that the bad guy’s killed, Shiro is cleared of all charges he was arrested for (the kyubi guy made a huge mess and destroyed the dorm rooms). Shiro and Kazuha confess their love and then on their date he ends up throwing hot coffee in the faces of some guys who hit on her. 😂

Takamiya Kyosuke – Kyosuke is the manwhore stereotype who always tries to hit on Kazuha but then realizes it’s not his route and buggers off somewhere. Fortunately now it’s his route so here we goooo. His spirit animal is the hawk, which is funny because lately I swear I’m sitting on twitter liking hawk photos from Central Park – clearly it was destiny. Since hawks like mice I guess that’s why he always calls the heroine little mouse!? 😂 Anyway unfortunately this route kinda strayed off the path of all the other ones and weirdly how it ended up being the one I left for last. When I said Kyosuke is a manwhore he literally is as the first scene in his route is Kazuha catching him fucking some girl in the music room. He gives some excuse that he needs to bite people because of his animal curse and the only legit way to bite people is when fucking them (what. ಠ_ಠ) He basically has a slew of sex friends and when he starts being the one to “watch over” Kazuha, he eventually falls for her and makes his sex friends angry so ironically Yuuto is the one who lies to them and basically saves Kazuha (while Kyosuke just gets deservedly punched in the face.) So then it turns out he had some twin sister who got into some kind of accident and died, but Kyosuke is convinced that she died from the anguish of the animal curse and killed herself instead. So he’s spent years and years researching about the animal curse and found out for every human born with the animal curse, another human is born to keep it at bay like Kazuha – aka a balance.

So according to that if a balancer is killed, the cursed human will be released from the curse. So now Kyosuke goes nuts and has nothing but hatred for Kazuha and not only goes back to his manwhore ways, but he also attempts to kill her by strangling her several times. AWESOME ROUTE. So then Kazuha decides to be the self-sacrificing heroine, and makes up a lie saying her parents want her to live with her overseas while she leaves the dorm. She goes to Kyosuke’s room the night before for one last fuccc for the road and the next day leaves, and goes wandering like a homeless bum looking for a place to live. She finds some farm run by a dude with a tiger curse and since she is an animal magnet it’s the perfect job for her  – herding them cows!! And so she becomes a cow herder for like 3 months until Kyosuke finally finds her and takes her back to the school. ಠ_ಠ??? And then they live happily ever after and also bang a lot. 😂  Yikes. This route was so different and weirdly darker than the rest of the game and well frankly offputting because dirty manwhore wifebeater gets forgiven because he’s a dirty siscon.  Also it was Yuuto who basically told her that it’s not her fault that Kyosuke’s sister died, and that her curse could have been from anyone else similar to Kazuha not necessarily Kazuha herself…it was literally cause of Yuuto that Kazuha decided to get over everything and move on. Fuck you Kyosuke you’re a trashcan lmao.

Well I didn’t really have high expectations for this game since it was initially a mobile port. The biggest disappointment honestly is the lack of full voices. If you’re gonna port it to switch anyway, why not make it full voice? Why not just improve the whole thing and make it better? For example a lot of the backgrounds were really weird photos that absolutely made no sense location wise. Like why the hell does the school look like some european castle:

Also the sprites only had 2 renditions so there was a scene in Kyosuke’s route after which they bang and Kazuha wakes up next to her naked boyfriend and says “kyaa put your clothes on!!” but:

My man fully clothed 😂

The stories actually weren’t too bad, at least they weren’t copy pasta and were fairly unique. Heroine falling for the guy at least had some time to fall for him so it didn’t feel jarring and all of a sudden – except in Chitose’s where it was literally “I have no idea when I started to like him!” The music was whatever random BGM they found on the internet and the heroine varied from proactive, to template-chan so it really depended on what route you were on. The CGs were actually okay (save for the fact that they were really meant for a phone but at least this game was smart enough to let you zoom out on them.) I’m probably biased to Kenn but I personally thought bunbun Yuuto was the cutest (and also the best boy in the trashcan’s route.) 🥺 I couldn’t find a guide for the game that was for the Switch port and a lot of the mobile guides were outdated so I ended up just saving before every choice and if there was no “hearts” I would just load and pick the other choice. Annoying but at least easy in a sense since there’s only 1 good end you don’t have to go back and redo routes for other ends (which is good because there’s no “skip read text” option and it basically skips everything..)

If only the game art was as good as this artwork lmao

Anyway overall meeeehhh I don’t know lol it could have been something decent if they actually added full voices and improved the cheapo backgrounds and sprites but they clearly couldn’t be assed so I’m glad I got this game on sale for $15 lol. Unfortunately like my other steam mobage ports, this one does not have an English version I can link to but ehh I don’t think anyone is missing out on much with this one.

2 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Beast Darling

  1. That photo background is bother me so much…. I saw a lot of that in indie renpy vn games but at least those games filtered the photo a bit so it has cartoony effect. This one looks too real!

    1. yea it’s like they didn’t even try lmao.
      they definitely have a lot of advanced tools to make photo backgrounds look better but they didn’t really do much here lol

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