Otome Game Review: Olympia Soire

Our heroine Olympia, real name Byakuya, just turned 18 and has to find a husband to procreate with. Real summary after the jump cause it has spoilers. Warning: This game contains normalized misogyny and violence against women.

Alright incoming massive spoilers because there’s a lot to unpack here. The game takes on some weird godly fantastical pan Asian island and intertwines the Japanese mythology gods Izanami, Izanagi, Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Susanoo and Hiruko. The problem is Otomate made a bunch of shit up to fit their plot so a lot of it is NOT TRUE. A good article I found on the mythology you can check out here. Anyway here’s the deal, the entire island has a color caste system where the 3 main colors are Red, Yellow and Blue (though because we’re getting into some fancy shit here they refer to as Scarlet, Indigo and Gold). For the purpose of my review (and because I think the entire thing is idiotic – and you will see later why) I am gonna just refer to them as Red, Yellow and Blue. So because of this system there’s a lot of stupid laws where you cannot breed with someone of a further color and mixed colors are considered trash and if you are born without a color or a poo color like brown or swamp green, you’re banished into the “underworld” which they call Yomi. Yomi in this game though is just a town hidden underneath the mountain in the island which the residents of it can never leave once exiled there, but people from above can visit them if they get a special pass. This doesn’t make the main primary colors immune though because if say a red color falls in love with some swamp green and they bang, they will be arrested and potentially given the death penalty – depending on the rank of your color. One of the characters, Kaina was arrested and thrown in Yomi but his lower color girlfriend was executed.

Now back to our heroine Byakuya. The island this game takes place on is called Tenguu, but she was born on a nearby island called Tenyou. Tenyou island is an island where only women live and ruled by the goddess Amaterasu. She hates men so any men who try to get on it get killed by the ocean. But apparently it didn’t work when a bunch of men invaded it, and to protect their purity all the women there killed themselves. One of the women there was 5 year old Byakuya but she was rescued by her father and ended up being the only survivor. Since all the women on that island are the color white, and can only make white babies, it’s now up to >>her<< to revive the white color tribe!!!! So now she has to find a husband, and the information bureau chief Akaza on the island tells her she has to find one within a year. This is actually a “cover up” plot for the truth about her but I will talk about that in Akaza’s route.

The other thing in this game is most of the citizens above ground have an internalized misogyny going on where its 1) completely normal to want to breed with the “best color” to produce the “best color babies” and 2) it’s completely normal for women to marry/sleep with some guy they don’t love as long as they produce the “best babies” for Hiruko-sama – the god an creator of this world. Hiruko was Izanami and Izanagi’s reject babby who they sent out to the ocean after he was born because he was ugly as sin. More on him though in Himuka’s route. Also women in this game are treated like livestock and most often Byakuya received harassment from a lot of the disgusting side characters in this game. They often just tell her to “find a husband and poop out the babby already” but she wants to find one and fall in love with him – but at the same time she feels guilty because as a white color, she can choose any husband she wants. Meanwhile, all the other women have a limited amount of “men to choose from” and are often than not marrying for “breeding” like some kind of animal. One of the side characters mentions how she was in love with another person, but ended up marrying based on the color choices. However when it came time to have sex, she was so disgusted at the guy she had to marry that she punched him and then got thrown in Yomi. Imagine, not wanting to “mate based on colors” and actually having a will and a desire to love someone else! ಠ_ಠ Unfortunately that’s the dominating theme in this game, which then kinda makes the heroine feel like this mary sue like oh yea I can do whatever I want but the rest of ya’ll get fucked lol. She also has this magical anti-disease health, so while a “color loss” disease is prevalent on the island, she’s never been sick or visited a doctor in her life. Even when some guy who assaults her gets the disease and coughs all over her, it has literally 0 affect on her body because MARY SUE IMMUNITY.

GTFO you Ukyo reject ಠ_ಠ

Fortunately Byakuya hates the system, she wants to change it, and she often tells rude people to fuck off. However because this writer is determined to make women be violently attacked, demeaned and treated like shit, she still get a lot of crap thrown her way regardless. The other issue on this island is the sun will often vanish because of Amaterasu being angered so Olympia has to do the sexy dance to please her (which I found out was actually canon in that link I posted earlier lmao 😂).  Only women from Tenyou island can do this dance and since she’s the only one left she has to continue doing it every once in a while when the sun starts going down for too long. More on this though in Himuka/Akaza’s routes. And one final thing, all the women from that island have a “batsu (punishment)” power – where if a man they do not love tries to assault them she will kill them. However, she never once uses this power in the game and lets herself get attacked MANY TIMES and it was incredibly rage inducing. She blames herself and says she will not be a cruel murdering monster, but tbh the disgusting trash attacking her is a lot worse imo and deserves every bit of “punishment” she can throw their way. But you know, this writer. One last other thing I forgot to mention are marebito – they are people who have floated from another world (aka Japan) on to the island after their death in their previous world. Anyway on to the main routes which will explain the rest of the story details.

* * *

   Rikuu – Rikuu is an angry tsundere who is incredibly obsessed with the purity of his blue color that he straight up tells Byakuya that he will only marry a woman of the purest indigo. The people of the blue also have the powers to turn the dying into crystals and send them off – and Rikuu performs these ritual dances as well as does some army guarding of the gate to Yomi  on the side. Rikuu gets really upset when Byakuya goes to Yomi and even more so when she starts being a mailwoman for the people there. So after seeing the dance she asks Rikuu who it is, because she has no idea it’s him… And that’s when the tsundere comes out. 😏 Once she finds out it’s him he gets so embarrassing he literally runs away from her 😂. Rikuu has also been decided to be there next blue color leader, due to the strength of his powers, so because of that he’s not allowed to have any relationship with women until he’s 30, and he’s currently 21. He misunderstands her relationship with other guys and gets jealous saying that she’s like the other island women who could kill him. This makes her cry because after seeing that dance of his she’s fallen for him and any mean stuff he says to her stabs right in the heart. 💔 That evening Rikuu stops by her place and apologizes for saying mean stuff to her. After seeing her dance performance he agrees to secretly give her dance lessons even though he thinks that she doesn’t really need to learn anything from him. They go to her secret beach shack where they practice and hang out while discussing their dances. It’s there that Rikuu tells her that the color white is beautiful – the opposite of what the townsfolk have said to her all her life. Unfortunately she gets friend zoned on the spot when the topic of him being unable to marry until he’s 30 comes up. 😔

Because the blue color people have the power to send souls off, they cannot breed with someone with pure blue color cause that increases chances of death (think incest almost). The leader of the blue color Daishi, tells Byakuya that Rikuu can’t be her husband cause if she loses her color and dies before she’s 30, there won’t be any white left ever again. She also gets angry at Byakuya for knowing too much instead of being a dumb baby maker – aka the sexism this writer loves to put into all her games. 💀 To make things worse Rikuu is pressured by another blue elder that he has to produce blue heirs and since Byakuya can only have white heirs it would never work out anyway.  In bad end 1, when Byakuya is on her way home a bunch of rapists attack her but before she kills them Rikuu comes to her rescue. He gets so angry at them he literally kills one of them with his power by turning him into a crystal. Since turning live humans into crystals is forbidden, Rikuu is demoted of his rank into an executioner. If you avoid the bad end Rikuu decides to leave the blue color tribe and go to Yomi in just to attone for using his powers on a live person (but not killing them). The 3 color leaders get together and Doma suggests that they allow Rikuu and Byakuya to date in order to preserve the rare white color. This makes Shira furious because muh heiirr but Doma says that women of her bloodline also carry the power to kill people (including herself) so if they have a baby it could be just as good as someone from the blue line.

They then decide to look for a new blue leader to replace Rikuu and let him go with Byakuya 😂. Rikuu still feels bad though and decides to stay at Yosuga’s bath house in Yomi for a bit. There he meets up with Byakuya who tells him that she’s got the same powers as him but can’t really control them. She tells him about how she blew off Doma’s arm and that’s the reason the guilt that she stays at the yellow residence. And then he eventually admits he’s actually the child of someone who defied the color grouping and procreated with someone from a far color family. The blue genes in him we’re strong enough that the blue village literally stole him from Yomi and adopted them as his own because the blue genes as mentioned before are really weak due to the “incest” syndrome over there to preserve the death powers. His step mother had a still born baby and since Rikuu just happened to be born around the same time they took him in pretending that he was the true blue child. He found out the truth when he was 10 and his step mom died from illness due to the genes. Byakuya is like okay, all good dude, I still love you 😙. And then they start making out at the garden outside the inn, her hair turns blue because the dude literally “colors” her 😏. Anyway plot time, turns out the random rapists were hired by Sakyou, one of the blue dudes who got really buttmad that Rikuu decided to get with Byakuya. He’s apparently been trying to find a cure for the color loss disease (basically when someone loses color and dies) In order to continue he needed to experiment with dead people’s crystals but he didn’t have enough test subjects so he’s been hunting down those who may even have “come close” to breaking the color dating rules and constantly throwing out death penalties like candy.

So anyway they go with Sakyou to the beach where he basically admits that he’s had the color cancer twice but used medicine to stop it so he could continue his research for all the others suffering from that disease. He went after Byakuya in hopes it would help with any research breakthrough but now that he’s caught he whips out a gun and points it at his own head. He says that he doesn’t want anyone persecuting him except himself and just then a giant wave washes over them knocking the gun out of his hands. After this he goes to to Shira telling her that he will not marry a blue woman because he doesn’t want the disease to pass on and because Byakuya is the only one who has no one else.  So that night Byakuya goes to talk to Rikuu in his room, and Yosuga and Camellia are tired of them beating around the bush so they literally lock them in their suite for the night claiming the lock is “broken” 😂😏. Rikuu babbles that they mustn’t and all that shit but Byakuya has had enough of his shit and pushes him down on the bed and gets down to business. Hell yeah dominate that shit gurl. 😈 Also random fact that the more she bangs her dude the more her hair color becomes like his but then goes back to white when they’re done lol. While Rikuu is brushing her hair she thinks about the mouse delivering the memo to the chosen man thing her island did… And then remembers how Daifuku got friendly with Rikuu when they shared hamburg together. In the epilogue, he asks her to give him the flower as if she would in choosing her husband and tells her Daifuku can be the bearer lol. In the 2nd bad end both Rikuu and Sakyou drown and Byakuya falls into despair to be comforted by Shira – who apparently was in love with Sakyou.

Tokisada – Tokisada is the token shota although he’s 17 and only 1 year younger than Byakuya. He’s also a marebito like Doma and others and represents the color green. He lives in Yomi and often comes to the bath house with Yosuga and Camellia. He has Daifuku’s mouse brother named Paris, and originally was Daifuku’s owner with him previously named Romeo. His favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate and he supports Byakuya in her quest to change things on the island. So then one day out of nowhere he shows up at her house and says the green chief suggested that he propose to Byakuya to be her husband. Byakuya is kinda thrown off but agrees to give him a chance to better get to know him first at least. I had issues getting into his route at first because of this and kept thinking it was gonna be some trap and he was gonna pull some yandere card out on me. Fortunately this didn’t happen, and I kinda wish I had just enjoyed the route for what it was lol. As a marebito he originally floated here from Japan at the age of 15, and has memories of his past life. One day when they go to the beach, somehow Tokisawa’s sword from Japan washes upon the shore. Tokisada is really happy that finally something from his homeland ends up in his hands and both he and Jigen feel like it must be fated by the sea. A few days later, Byakuya finds out the truth about marebito – they have once died and were reborn by being carried via the sea to the island. They receive their color by shoving crystals into their body lesion and if Hiruko accepts it, they will officially become a resident of the island. This of course includes Tokisada who died at age 15, or rather was executed for a crime.

Anyway for a while they go on dates together and Byakuya slowly starts falling for him because his feelings seem so innocent and pure.  He also teaches her about religion and language of other countries like Europe. Well as I was suspicious from the start the entire reason he’s going after Byakuya is because the green village chief pressured him into it. Despite this it seems like he’s fallen in love with her too cause when they go to her beach shack after the rain and start making out he almost goes beyond the kissing part, realizes what he’s done, gets embarrassed and runs away lmao 😂. Byakuya is already head over heels for him as she notices her hair turned a shade a green after they finished kissing. 😏 Unfortunately Tokisada has been keeping multiple secrets from her. First one is he has a huge injury on his body and that’s the reason he’s been going to the bath in Yomi – to use the medicinal salts to heal it. It’s also why he refused to take off his shirt or go swimming with Byakuya. Despite going to the baths for a year it’s not healed at all. He then bursts into Doma’s house threatening to kill him saying it was his fault that all the women of Tenyou island died. Turns out Kanan and the green orange guy fooled him into thinking crazy stuff and he can’t do it anyway, runs off into the ocean saying he’s going back to Japan. Byakuya chases after him and he has a mental breakdown revealing that he still has memories of when they beheaded him, and reveals the huge cut scar around his neck. He starts crying that he is gonna get executed again and he once again hasn’t been able to do anything useful and calls himself a fake marebito.

She tells him his new job is to be her husband and anyone that tries to hurt him she’ll just instantly kill 😂. She brings him back to her beach shack,and  literally strips his clothes off (to dry of course!)… They then recite the wedding vows of the western world and get down to business 😈😏 So basically he just wanted to fit into the island cause he always felt like an outsider and got fooled by the green and orange assholes until Byakuya oneesan took him under her wing. ♥️ After they bang and her hair turns completely green, he tells her that in Japan he led lied that he could hear God’s voice to give people hope. So then his green chief guy gets poisoned so Tokisada decides to talk to Akaza and Kuroba. He tells them the closer he got to Byakuya the more angry the chief got at him. And he admits that Kanan was the one who pushed him into trying to kill Doma. Turns out Kanan’s been jealous of Kaina the whole time cause he’s orange and Kaina was yellow so even though they were twins, the colors split in a way that made Kaina above him. So when Kanan lost his leg at the age of 15 he couldn’t get medicine in time cause other colors above him were prioritized. That’s why he intentionally reported his brother for banging some lower colored girl and got him thrown in Yomi.

At the end it becomes a gun showdown with Kaina threatening to kill everyone. He says if he can’t be happy, then nobody can be. He shoots Kaina but Tokisada stops him with his sword. In the epilogue, the green chief Tsuneho feels bad for all the things he’s said to Tokisada so he tells him to become the next green chief, effective immediately. Despite Tokisada babbling how he deserves to be punished for his impudent attack on Doma everyone tells him to STFU and be a good chief. As his first duty he asks to pardon all those people living in Yomi so they can see the sun once again, including those who were born without the perfect color. After this the other color leaders tell them to grow some juicy fresh peaches for them since the green village is known for its agriculture. In bad end 1, Kanan and that other rando bully Tokisada into attacking them which further deepens his crimes so he decides to kill himself by drowning in the ocean. Byakuya doesn’t want to leave him alone so they both kill each other by eating poison and floating off in a boat on the sea. In bad end 2, both Kaina and Byakuya get drugged up by Kanan and she ends up in a twin sandwich. 😳 In one of the omakes Tokisada reveals that his father was like a servant of a feudal lord and once the Lord died and everyone was in despair, so the dad told him the he’s a messenger from God. The poor kid believed him and then was executed for lying and ended up getting beheaded and drifting to Tengu island. I’m just confused because it sounded like he was from the bakufu era but in the common route Byakuya got a message in a bottle from April 2020. Does that mean that his soul was wandering for 300 years before arriving as marebito? 🤔

Yosuga – Yosuga runs the bath house in Yomi and is also known as Mr. Hell cause he also has the powers to end a person’s life. He’s also a huge wingman for all the guys to ship with Byakuya in the other routes. 😏 Yosuga is kinda tragic in where he basically can’t bang anyone for his whole life because he’s the last remaining violet color due to all the other violets basically dying out from the color loss disease that ran in their color family. It spread like the plague and everyone was quarantined in the same ward and they eventually set them all on fire to “end the spread”. Yosuga happened to leave and survived but was sent to Yomi for leaving quarantine 🙄. But ayy no problem in this route cause Byakuya can get with any color no problem and she only has white babies so no spread of violet disease ever again! 😂 Since Yosuga is always really sweet to her and even gives her special permission to go into his room….she almost instantly falls in love with him. He even was the one who made a mailbox for her in Yomi to pick up mail from. And frankly I don’t blame her 😍😍😍. He protects the people of Yomi and literally set a dude’s arm on fire for trying to rape one of his bathhouse employees. Because of his lineage having the disease a lot of people including himself have learned the art of medicine making. This is a big thing at his bath house – a lot of healing type bath salts. But then as usual Sakyou comes to cause drama – he wants Byakuya to make white babies asap cause he needs more of them to test cures out for the color disease.

Since he’s purple, he also had gotten the disease before and is blind in his right eye. He suggests Yosuga be the one to be her husband cause if he married her, they will pardon him and let him live above ground again. If Yosuga refuses then Sakyou plans to involve the yellow green rando side character Nagusa who was a huge dbag in Tokisada’s route. And the whole time this is going on, Byakuya was hiding in the room cause Yosuga wanted her to hear the truth. And I’m sitting here like ok but what’s the problem, she loves Yosuga anyway isn’t this perfectly convenient 😂😂😳😏. That night the two of them take a boat to Byakuya’s Tenyou island ( cause apparently he can leave Yomi with a pass he has for delivering medicines.) Turns out Tsukuyomi lied to her saying she can’t go back to the island in order to keep her from trying to go back by herself as a child. When in fact she goes back normally and the water even stops being rough just to welcome her back. When she gets back she immediately starts crying while Yosuga comforts her. But then he has to be this huge nerd and act like he’s assaulting her to be like this is what will happen if Sakyou gets his way and has her get with Nagusa… All cause he’s too constipated to admit his feelings for her and probably not realizing she’s completely in love with him too. 😂😭 He asks Byakuya to pretend to be his wife so in the meantime he can distract Sakyou and kill him to protect her from becoming his lab rat. He also reveals to her that he found a letter his sister left before she died, saying someone of the blue killed her so he thinks that person was Sakyou and Shira. So it turns out when Yosuga’s family got wiped out, he was adopted by Tsukuyomi who told him stories about Byakuya and while telling her stories about him. So then smol Byakuya gave a sea shell from her island to Tsukuyomi to pass on to Yosuga to make him feel better.

So then they argue about what to do in regards to getting revenge on the blue ppl and argue because Yosuga just wants to do everything himself but Byakuya wants to help and not just stand back and be protected. He’s so happy that he can’t hold back and starts making out with her, but the moment he sees her hair turn violet and she tells him about how that makes him her official one and true love, he immediately puts all her clothes back on and pushes her out of his room 😂😂😂 Bruh what!?😂 The next day he shows up at Byakuya’s house asking daddy Doma for permission to marry her 😂. After this the army keeps attacking Byakuya’s friends in Yomi (including poor Kaina) so finally Yosuga decides to go with his plan. He tricks and captures Sakyou to lure Shura in and tells her to tell him the truth about who killed his sister. It’s also revealed that Shura and Sakyou are siblings which makes that one bad end really weird 😱. Shura then reveals that she also has the color loss disease by showing the scars all over her body to them. Because of it she was unable to bear children, her husband, the then blue village chief, told Ayame – Yosuga’s older sister and Shura’s friend at the time – to produce the next heir in Shura’s place. Ayame refused, and returned to the violet village, but that asshole fucking chased her down and raped her. 😒 Ayame then killed herself and Shura and Sakyou infuriated by this killed him and used him in experiments to cure the color loss disease… And they masked it as him “dying from color loss disease” from the public. After telling them this though Sakyou is like well now you know the truth we can’t let you live so he starts strangling Yosuga and tells Byakuya if she doesn’t become his lab rat he will kill him.

Byakuya then offers them a deal – she will donate her blood for the cure, but they must leave Yosuga alone, leave their future children alone, let people in Yomi visit the surface every once in a while and build a school in Yomi for residents to learn in. She tells them she wants to change Tenguu island too and wants to cooperate with them not be at odds. Yosuga and Byakuya agree to “forget” everything they heard today as well about the past of the blue village. After they leave, that night Yosuga cries with Byakuya feeling completely useless that he wasn’t able to save multiple women around him from being raped. God damn this writer loves to shove this kind of shit into her games orz. Sooo anyway the next day they go to Tenyou island together where turns out Yosuga has kept the sea shell that smol Byakuya had given to him through Tsukuyomi. 😊 He’s kept it as his most treasured item all his life but now it’s time for Byakuya to take its place. Now that that’s settled they spend the night banging on a flower bed of her favorite flowers and he also gives her a ring with the same motif. In the epilogue Yosuga, Byakuya, Camellia and Asuha (this boy from Yomi that wants to be doctor) go to the beach so the 2 can see the ocean for the first time. Bad end 1: Yosuga kills Sakyou and then asks Byakuya to kill him since he’s gonna be executed anyway. So they bang, she gets pregnant and then 3 months later decides she’s gonna live on Tenyou island with her child, servant lady and Yosuga’s soul crystal. In bad end 2, Yosuga gets imprisoned on a remote island and in the meantime Sakyou tells her to produce babies with random men and he will let Yosuga go. But since Byakuya hates anyone that isn’t Yosuga she ends up killing them when any “attempts” are made. In the letter omake Yosuga mentioned that he wished their reunion was like “you’re the boy I gave a shell to 15 years ago!! I’ve waited so long to see you!!” And was disappointed it didn’t end up this way 😂😂. That said I just wanted to mention how incredibly hot Uchida Yuma was in this game. (;//́Д/̀/) Honestly this style of character fits him the best, I can’t stand when they cast him as a yeller type lol. Also I gotta say after finishing Yosuga’s route seeing Byakuya go with someone other than him hurt me internally. 😢😢

Kuroba – Mr. Black Clover Sugitan! Been a while since I’ve gone after a Sugitan character in an otome game and it’s the usually silly character type which fits his voice best imo. Kuroba is a doctor and despite being the color black, the lowest on the caste system, because of his talents and knowledge he was accepted to work under Akaza above ground, instead of living in Yomi where he was raised. He often comes to Yomi to be a free doctor and do vaccines for the kids there. Juliet, Daifuku and Camellia ship them immediately and tell Byakuya that if she has a doctor husband she’ll never be sick… However Byakuya magical Tennyou genes and has never been sick in her life. Kuroba is the typical flirty character and always jokes about hitting on Byakuya and teases her. So then Byakuya finds out that there’s a medicine that works half of the time to cure the color loss disease, but I’m exchange it turns the colors of the patient all black such as eyes hair etc. Because of this a lot of people above would rather die than become “black” which is an insult to Kuroba whose natural color this is. Not only that but there’s no place for black color residents to live in above ground which is why they all hide in Yomi. Black is considered an unlucky color that brings misfortune to them. When black color babies were born they started using them as experiments and realized their blood could be used to cure the color loss disease… But in exchange it would turn people’s features black as mentioned above.

Fortunately they stopped doing this and only recently accepted black as an official color and created a place for them to live above ground. But anyways he asks Byakuya on a date indirectly and she doesn’t even realize it’s a date until the end where he asks her who the most important man in her life is. 😂 She finally admits to his face that it’s him and he says he’ll take her on another date. They go to the beach together and go swimming the following day and after he kisses her he’s horrified that her hair turns gray. After this things get awkward between them and Nagusa tells her she must not get with Kuroba because recently someone who turned black because of the anti color loss drug had killed themselves. He says that if Byakuya turned black because of Kuroba then she might not be able to call out the sun anymore and the two of them could be executed. She also gets into a fight with Kuroba about him using her and the Yomi kids for experiments to cure color loss disease even though it’s all lies that Sakyo said as usual. On top of this despite Byakuya telling Nagusa to fuck off, he doesn’t give up and becomes a creepy stalker. 😩 Kuroba even tells the other guys that he and Byakuya broke up. But then as it turns out that Kuroba was actually yellow before but he got color loss disease as a baby, and then thanks to the medicine he was turned black,and was abandoned in Yomi. Oh and by the way they used the medicine as a test on him for the first time cause he was basically about to die as a baby. Not only that but his father, who also died of the same disease, was the former yellow village leader. So if Kuroba hadn’t turned black he would have been the next yellow leader. Stalker Nagusa then tries to blackmail Kuroba claiming he assaulted Byakuya and tells her to stop him she must bang him instead. 😒

Byakuya of course tells him to fuck off but he keeps threatening to basically punish Kuroba unless she bangs him and he actually gets her to strip for him and get in bed and I’m just like…. This isn’t the bad end right?? Ozmafia flashbacks?? Unavoidable ntr again!?😩😩 For a moment I thought I was in some bad end but then the rape flag was avoided cause out of nowhere he starts coughing blood cause apparently he has the color loss disease lmfao 😂. Jetstream pugya fucker lmao. He runs away screaming and then Byakuya gets dressed and runs to Kuroba to check if she didn’t get the disease from him. Kuroba gets pissed but Byakuya doesn’t want to tell him the truth that she was willing to get raped in exchange for his life so instead she lies and acts like she’s a big slut who loves the D lol. Kuroba gets further pissed and kisses her and then she finally admits that she lied and she got assaulted for his sake. He keeps kissing her telling her not to do dangerous things for him and when he sees her hair turning black he gets horrified again thinking that his diseased color is getting stained on her. Before she can tell him the truth about him being her destined one they get cockblocked a 2nd time 😂😂. Fortunately it’s cause dad Doma hates Nagusa and says he knows the lower colors want to overthrow him, so he tells Kuroba since he’s the true heir of yellow, that he is willing to let him be the next chief as well as marry Byakuya. Doma even is like hey let him die lol he’s a shitter and Kuroba’s like so you wanna save the rapist or…? And for some fucking shitty reason to get the good end you have to pick yes. ( ´_ゝ`) I kinda zoned out the rest of the route with a deadpan face because after 3 good routes it made me think this route should have been first on the list to get the nasty out of the way first.

They go to Tenyou island to get the water of life in a last attempt to find a cure for the color aids. After he finishes making the medicine he comes to her beach shack where they finally accept each other as lovers without outside cockblocking and spend the night doing the mattress mambo. My favorite ongoing gag is the whole dropping your handkerchief for some gentleman caller to come along and pick it up to show he’s interested 😂. At least despite getting a terrible route, Kuroba got a nice kiss CG. Soo of course because Kuroba gives the dying rapist a medicine what does he do soon as he recovers? Goes to fucking assault Byakuya again threatening her with a sword this time. Obviously nobody ever saw this happening! Fortunately Akaza and Rikuu show up and catch him in the act for running out of the hospital and arrest him for threatening Byakuya. Kuroba also tells him that if he comes near Byakuya again that he will end him… And then punches him in the face 😂🙏. In the epilogue Kuroba’s status goes up thanks to his new color aids cure and he names it Shirotai after Byakuya. Then they both get horny again and go bang in her beach house that she’s decided to move permanently to. Bad end 1: Nice boat end – Kuroba dies from suddenly getting color disease, and Byakuya keeps his clothes and skull by her side in her beach house 😱💀. Bad end 2: Since Byakuya goes yandere in the first bad end, Kuroba goes yandere in this one. He’s accused of raping her (which is false cause she even tells everyone) but nobody listens because his color is black and he’s sentenced to death. Kuroba then manages to escape jail, goes and kills her and then himself saying if he can’t have her nobody can. 😅 I honestly didn’t expect yandere ends from either of them… Guess they ran out of ideas lol.

Himuka – Himuka is mystery boy whose job is to basically turn bodies into crystals but not just any bodies… bodies of those who have committed suicide or died to color loss. The suicide cases though he cremates the bodies a and throws them into the ocean which is why he hates the ocean. He’s super shy though and even though he carries a skull around with soul crystals in it, he quietly watches over Byakuya but never directly approaches her. Unlike Rikuu who it takes several hours to turn someone into crystal, Himuka can do it instantly. When Byakuya tries to get friendly with him he’s so terrified she has to grab his arm to keep him from running away 😂. When they decide to hang out at the beach together he’s so happy he breaks down into tears asking her not to hate him. He’s like a precious cinnamon roll but the moment he accidentally trips and lands on the tiddy, it awakens the lewd inside him 😏. In this route Tsukuyomi also explains the when Byakuya bangs a dude and takes on his color is not just a visual effect. She also gains the power of their color which she then offers to Amaterasu to light up the sun. Eventually Byakuya gets him to let her come to his house which is literally a skull collection 💀. Rather than being horrified though she thinks it’s amazing and interesting lol. At first Byakuya thinks he likes her because she reminds him of someone else but he pretty much tells her how he loves everything about her. (Also because he’s used to only handling dead corpses so touching a real human being to him was an eye opener 😅).

So then she falls for him but he tells her outright that he can’t be her husband. And the reason turns out to be that he’s actually Hiruko – the initial marebito who created this island! I totally called it though cause with a name like Himuka and with him saying he drifted at sea for a while it was a dead giveaway. Himuka things that this shota named Hairi is somehow connected to the goddess of the underworld and also Himuka’s mom, Izanami. She’s sealed in Tsukuyomi’s room in a pool of death water and if she gets out she will kill everyone on the island. In the mythology, Hiruko was Izanami and Izanagi’s first attempt at having a child but because Izanami spoke first, Hiruko turned out to be deformed. They then set him of in a leaf boat and he floated to Tenguu island. This also explains why Himuka hates himself and calls himself hideous and deformed because he hides his true form behind some long haired bishounen image. Scared that Hairi may get her out, Himuka locks her in his uwu beach shack of love and says she’ll be safe there. 😂 He comes back telling her that since she’s like the sun it’s natural that Izanami would hate her and there’s a possibility that Hairi might try to kill her…as he has been with random people recently. Turns out Hairi had fallen into the death water and probably got some Izanami connection on himself. One rainy night they go to the place where they drop souls crystals of the diceased from Yomi. There Byakuya tells Himuka that she wants him to be her husband after all but he says the reason he can’t be is because he has no “color” to give her to then transfer to Amaterasu to keep the sun shining. He tells her he loves her but unfortunately he has nothing to “give” her. Byakuya tells him they’re gonna have to find a way cause now she loves him and if any other man touches her she’ll just kill them. 😂

They watch the rainbow together and he gives her a rainbow bracelet, but after they kiss, unlike the other routes nothing happens to her hair. So then they find Hairi who’s made a deal with Izanami to get Byakuya’s crystal in order to have his ‘wish’ come true. So she goes to see Tsukuyomi only to find out Kanan knocked him out (like wow really he was that weak??) Hairi is like yeah I’m gonna turn you into a crystal and then have Izanami end this world. Of course we couldn’t just simplify things the writer had to throw yet another ntr rape attempt by Kanan if that bad end of his wasn’t bad enough. 🙄 I don’t even know why Byakuya just didn’t fucking kill him on the spot. Fortunately Himuka burst in and stopped this crap but then Izanami takes over Camellia’s body telling Hairi to kill Byakuya. Himuka then decides he’s gonna remove Izanami from this world along with himself. After he gets rid of Izanami it’s revealed that he originally tried to save Amaterasu but because he was so “ugly” he couldn’t come near her to protect her. This time he used a beautiful doll body (made by Tsukuyomi of course) to get closer to Byakuya, who is apparently a rebirth of Amaterasu…. So actually if the whole time he was looking at her as Amaterasu this be some thicc layered ntr 😂😅. But then he says that despite him looking at her as Amaterasu at first, the more he got to know her the more she was her own person to him and her fell in love with her. And lol the reason that he had the whole color caste system is BECAUSE AMATERASU LIKED RAINBOWS AND HE THOUGHT THAT WOULD PLEASE HER LMAO BRUUHH 😂🤣🤪🤪.

He then realized he dun goofed but it was too late and he gave up and let the shit bus keep on rolling with all the death penalties, color marriages and the incest bred color loss disease. 😩 I’m sorry I can’t feel sorry for him cause his fucking stupidity has caused misery for so many people including his precious Byakuya. Like where the fuck were you when she gets sexually assaulted in all those bad ends??🙄 Was this all part of you “gr8 idea”!? Also Tsukuyomi must make some really amazing lifelike blow-up dolls if Byakuya can make out with him and literally not be like “damn this wooden doll face sure feels kinda stiff 🤔”😂. Anyway after he disappears, Tsukuyomi comes to give us the exposition that after Amaterasu was killed and the world was enveloped in darkness, they had to “rebirth” it. Tsukuyomi created the yellow color from himself while Himuka created the blue. He says since they’re gods they used up all their remaining powers to recreate people and other things on here. Not mentioned in this part but in another part of the route they’ve mentioned the color red was created from Amaterasu’s blood and is considered the cursed color. Byakuya then takes a broken mirror from Tsukuyomi and boats back up Tenyou island where she summons Amaterasu’s spirit (who looks like her older lmao). She asks her to give her Himuka back and is told that if they use the power of the giant Tori gate (which was made to awaken Amaterasu) at Tenguu island they’ll be able to bring him back at the cost of the real sun never coming back again. In fact up till now it’s been a fake sun made by Hiruko and because everything he makes is half assed it needed the prayers of the white girls on Tenyou island to keep shining. Byakuya doesn’t want to sacrifice the sun so she decides to sacrifice half of her life span to bring him back because he’s her “soul mate”.

Despite being warned he’ll come back as a hideous ugly thing he comes back looking exactly like the doll body Tsukuyomi made for him lol. Amaterasu also reminded me that technically he’s her oniisan which then adds another layer to this ntr – he a big ol siscon (but then again Izanami and Izanagi are siblings too and now I’m having Moshi kami flashbacks 😩😒). After Amaterasu tells him to take care of the rest it turns out he’s a human with real organs and blood flowing through his veins. Well now that that’s out of the way Byakuya can marry him and why even wait they just go right to the sexy times! 🤪 In the epilogue, they return Amaterasu’s mirror back to its rightful place and decide to try to live on to change the island to live without any “gods”. Hairi is moved to a remote island prison and Asuha goes traveling. I hate how everything was left open ended, and how the two of them are happy but what about the bullshit color system you put in place you buffoon!?😩 Bad end 1: Byakuya is turned into a crystal, Himuka destroys the world and remakes it with only himself and her doll body replica that Tsukuyomi makes for him. Bad end 2: FUCKING yikes pedophile ending. Sakyo and Kanan decide to have Hairi ,who can’t be more than like fucking 12, sexually assault Byakuya who has been drugged to sleep by Sakyo. Really. Really Otomate. Really?? Good grief talk about leaving a bad taste in my mouth from this entire shitty route. I was hoping in the bad end they would instead show us how his true form looks like but I guess this writer is obsessed with violently abusing women instead. 🙄 Didn’t help that in the next route Himuka was a huge siscon towards Amaterasu which made me further question if he was ever in love with Byakuya at all in this route and it wasn’t all him imagining he’s banging his imouto. Also I made a joke early on about how he landed on the tiddy and it lit a fire under his ass… Well he confirmed in the omake that he loves the tiddy the most 🤣🤣🤣.

Akaza – Akaza is the head of the island record database and often reads the letters that Byakuya delivers to make sure they’re not suspicious. Byakuya hates him at first because she misunderstood him as being an emotionless robot who was just gonna offer to be her husband for the sake of taking responsibility for her. Sooo because of this she acts like a massive tsundere towards him lol. He convinces her to go on a date with him and he takes her to Tenyou island since he knows based on research that it won’t instantly drown them as long as she’s with him. After this he continues to be nice to her telling her he wants to know more about her, know more than just the “dancing doll” that she was to everyone. He sees right through her tsun that she continues to front despite starting to fall for him too lol. 🤭 Not only that but surprise turns out he’s the son of the red village chief and marebito, Jigen. So like the whole game all the villagers are like hey she’ll end up with Akaza they’re the perfect match blah blah. But then Tsukuyomi and Jigen and all the godly people tell Byakuya that she should definitely not get with him because cursed Amaterasu blood color etc. Doma also tells Byakuya that there’s this mythology that Susanoo, Amaterasu’s younger brother who came out of Izanagi’s boogers,  tried to rape Amaterasu. She refused so he killed her! Ah yes everything in this game somehow has a rape backstory. I actually googled up the real mythology about Susanoo and Amaterasu and while he was a complete asshole who destroyed shit like crops and forests, but he didn’t kill any of his siblings…sooo….yeah this writer….😒 Anyway a couple days later, Akaza reveals that his mother was from the Tenyou island and he’s one of the rare cases where a male is born rather than a female. Not only that but he was born red, not white, and was immediately abandoned and adopted by the red village.

His father Jigen lied and said he was “found on the beach” rather than admitting it was his own son to the public. He says he doesn’t care about the status or anything like that though but he did mention he felt nostalgic going back to the island. So then the magical ocean that happens to bring in whatever items needed, floats in a book about Japanese mythology so Byakuya reads about Izanami and Izanagi, about their fugly babby Hiruko, and about Izanagi getting burned after having the fire babby and getting exiled in the underworld. Despite Byakuya and Akaza getting closer, Tsukuyomi still rejects their relationship and continues telling her not to get with him. Byakuya ignores his warning and continues to hang out with Akaza, inviting him to her beach shack to cook dinner for her. It turns out to be a belated birthday dinner for her that he prepared all by himself. 😌 In fact like he’s a really good cook and often gets her to hang out with him by giving her snacks lmao 😂. He even lists it as a benefit of marrying him! The only thing that bothered me and her too is the fact that he knows everything about her. He knows more things about her than she does and honestly that’s kinda creepy. He even knew about how she blew off Doma’s arm and Jigen told him (at age 14) that when the time came, to be there for her. But yeah she just gives in to that sexy Matsuoka voice and they both confess their feelings on nighty boat ride. Well now because of that things go to hell and darkness starts coming out more and more frequently. When she, Doma and Akaza run to Tsukuyomi, he says that actually they were gonna use Byakuya’s body to do a world reset when she turned 18! Tsukuyomi said that you need 2 pieces of Amaterasu’s mirror to summon her inside Byakuya but he didn’t want to do that so he decided to destroy half of it. He also confirms what we learned in the last route that the current world was a 2nd one created by Hiruko, after Susanoo killed Amaterasu. Himuka then goes into siscon mode again raging how he wanted to revive his imouto, but her “vessel” Byakuya had instead fallen in love with a reincarnation of her killer Susanoo, aka Akaza.

Turns out the sword that Akaza randomly found on the beach just so happened to be Susanoo’s too! Actually if it wasn’t already predictable, Susanoo who is the God of the sea has been controlling the ocean waves all this time. Also lol Tsukuyomi is like actually I’m the God Tsukuyomi I’m not a marebito and I’m sitting here like gee with a name like Tsukuyomi I never even thought you could be the same guy!!??🤪 Himuka and Doma leave, and Byakuya and Akaza go into a room at the bath house to chit chat – where Akaza tells her when he picked up that sword on his 18th birthday he had a dream about killing Amaterasu. He tried to throw the sword into the sea but it came back to him. He saw blood on it one night but then didn’t see it again, and after this he stopped smiling which would explain why Byakuya called him an emotionless robot face. As Byakuya tries to find it the truth about everything, it’s revealed that her maid was a Tenyou island woman who decided to leave it behind and live with her husband at Tenguu island. After her husband died from color loss, she decided to dye her white hair and live as a normal woman because she felt she didn’t deserve the “white” name after leaving the island. The maid asks her to reproduce the white color so they’re not the only two left,  since she’s too old to have babies now. More revelations come as Jigen tells Byakuya that his wife Suzuha who was pregnant at the time, happened to touch Susanoo’s sword that washed upon Tenyou island. Somehow this magically transferred Susanoo’s spirit into her womb and bam she had Akaza instead of a white color female child. Horrified at what her baby ended up like Suzuha ended her life by drowning in the ocean. Tsukuyomi wanted to kill the baby, but the women of Tenyou stopped him and sent him over to Jigen instead.

Things start getting worse as the sunlight vanishes once more and Byakuya’s dances don’t seem to make it last like they used to and eventually stop working all together. The islanders then get enraged at Byakuya blaming it on her and claiming she’s cursed them like Kanasshole had said in his shitty tabloid. Akaza comes to her rescue and threatens to cut anyone with his sword that attacks Byakuya. After everyone backs off he takes her to her beach shack where she returns to him the necklace he gave her – stating that he knew that this would happen and that’s why he was in such a rush to become her husband… Before she would be taken over by Amaterasu so that the sun would return. She lies telling him that she doesn’t love him and that if she falls for him she’ll never become Amaterasu. He tells her that if it was her destiny to become Amaterasu why didn’t Himuka just do the ceremony on her 18th birthday?😂 Akaza then mentions how he once saw her alone at the beach on her 16th birthday and then watched her dances ever since… But she never noticed him. He was horrified because he constantly had dreams of killing her because of Susanoo, and was further scared that on her 18th birthday she would turn into Amaterasu and he would kill her. So in order to avoid this fate he decided to change his destiny, find her a husband, and avoid her turning into Amaterasu. Anyway he pushes her in the bed and starts making out with her and she goes all tsun on him before giving in cause her hair color can’t lie lol. 😏 Also I can tell all the CG budget went into this scene cause it was probably one of the better ones in the whole game lol. After they bang, they go to daddy Doma to tell him that they plan to marry. Doma tells Akaza to take his evil sword and use it for good and if he can change his destiny then he’ll support him.

When Byakuya goes to speak to Tsukuyomi, he tells her that after Amaterasu was killed the entire world was destroyed and the current world Tengu island and Tenyou island are the only ones left. All the things she’s picked up from the sea are “remnants” of the old world.. Which makes me think based on that letter from 2020 the game takes place in a far distant future. 🤔 I guess that would explain the mish mash of all the different scenery and technology.  Anyway Tsukuyomi admits he didn’t break the mirror but he buried it somewhere on the island so everyone goes looking for it. She finds it in the living water pond on Tenyou island, and then has a flashback of her parents in which the voice is a dead giveaway that daddy Doma is her real dad 😂 Turns out the mirror piece that Byakuya found was only the initial half and the 2nd half of it Tsukuyomi threw into the death pond. He also reveals the color loss disease was created by him as a punishment for dumb humans constantly warring over colors. Sooo basically because Hiruko started a stupid system, it pissed of his otoutokun Tsukuyomi and he decided to shit all over it 🤪. Cool gods fighting each other and humanity having to pay for it, just like in Greek mythology! Also this makes me feel even more sorry for Yosuga because his whole family was wiped out because of this disease, so did Tsukuyomi take him in and raise him out of guilt. 😒 So then for some reason Tsukuyomi goes yandere for his sister Amaterasu like Hiruko did saying he wanted to see her all this time too. Then Doma officially reveals that he’s her dad and blames the deaths of the women on the island on himself. He tells Byakuya to be the change and she dives into the death pond where she sees a flashback of the past that the original chief of yellow, aka Kuroba’s dad, told Byakuya’s mom to kill her daughter and become his wife instead. Hakua refused and so that asshole killed her on the spot. Doma was so enraged that Amaterasu didn’t save his wife that he said when Byakuya turns 18 she will not become Amaterasu’s vessel. I’m confused on why the other women killed themselves on the island?

I guess it’s good to assume that they were men who came to the island with the yellow chief asshole?? After this Byakuya finds the other hand if the mirror but she starts to lose sense of herself. Thanks to her mouse friend Daifuku and Akaza she gets a hold of herself and is pulled out. Unfortunately because she got in contact with Izanami, her body starts transforming into a hideous corpse and she asks Akaza to kill her. Akaza refuses and says he loves her kissing her now deformed face. So then yeah power of love saves the day, both this world and the outside Earth world are all saved again, including the little girl whose letter Byakuya got. And then Amaterasu is like oh yeah actually because you drank out of my pond as a kid I’ve been connected inside you all along so thanks for that direct VR experience of the sexy times. 😂😂😂 All I can imagine now is in every love scene up to now Amaterasu just sitting there with a bowl of popcorn being like oh yeaaaa this is the good part 😏. And so the real sun returns and the tall rainbow Tori gate turns white because Amaterasu absorbed all the powers from it. Byakuya has an awkward talk with Dad Doma but they make up after like 13 years of awkward father/daughter relationship. Doma also admits that he was the one who killed the yellow chief in revenge and plans to leave the island to die but Byakuya asks him to hang around. In the epilogue Byakuya sends a response letter to the girl in Tokyo and magically it arrives to her in a bottle lol.  Also Byakuya reveals that she’s already pregnant.

Honestly the whole game I was really wishing I could just play Akaza’s route cause he seemed so sweet in all the other routes… But then Kuroba and Himuka’s routes killed my mood and I completely forgot all the good feelings I had towards him. So then his route came and all I could see is just him being like “I’ve done all this research about you and according to my calculations you are my soul mate therefore I will now proceed to hit on you and win you over.” Like it all felt so one sided and weird to me that it was hard for me to get a romantic feel except at the very end when he told all the villagers to fuck off and went to shag in her beach shack lol. Bad end 1: Akaza kills Byakuya with Susanoo’s sword and the world crumbles. Bad end 2: Tsukuyomi breaks the mirror that was on Tenyou island, takes Byakuya on a nice boat ride while the rest of the world crumbles. Honestly can’t tell if this is an NTR end or not cause I always saw him as like a father figure to her BUT WHO EVEN KNOWS ANYMORE I’M DONE WITH THIS GAME. 🤪 They mention how Tsukuyomi no longer needs to make arms and legs for people do are we to assume that because of Amaterasu the color loss disease is gone too then?? I also wish there was some epilogue showing that color system has been completely eradicated since it’s just some bullshit that Hiruko created. Also it’s a huge bummer that Akaza kinda took his glasses off near the end of the route and only wore them during his work shift. I thought he would be a megane character but I guess not 😔. He was actually cute in his omake getting angry that her first baked cake was for dad and not him 😂. If they ever release a fandisk, Akaza would probably have a really sweet route.

Other things of note –  In the letters omakes I listened to they gave info about Jigen, Akaza’s father, who was originally a grandpa who lived to be 100 in Japan and after his deueath he floated on to Tengu. He was called by Hiruko to lead the people of the red because they all lived in fear as being the cursed color. And then he got a flower at his door once which is how he met Suzuha. Also there’s a letter from Susanoo that’s like “oh Izanami told me that Amaterasu had a secret crush on me!” So apparently that’s why he tried to get her to bang him 😒. Obviously none of this ever happened in the actual mythology lol. Man if she wanted that kind of mythology she should have written a game about Greek gods instead 🤪. Tsukuyomi’s letter mentions that he made Camellia to be Byakuya’s friend but since she would have turned into Amaterasu at age 18 she might forget about her… But in the end Camellia and Byakuya ended up becoming friends anyway.  Also that grampa that she met in town who was married to a Tenyou woman turns out was her actual grandpa!! He was Hakua, her mother’s, father. 😭😭 And finally Doma’s story reveals that he was also an onmyoji from Japan and he died at age 40 then was transported to Tenguu as a marebito and Jigen made him leader of yellow. The reason that Byakuya had forgotten about the tragedy of the Tenyou island is because Tsukuyomi sealed off the memory so she wouldn’t keep being upset about it. He also mentions that Akaza wants to build a bridge to Tenyou island and Doma says he can still hear Hakua’s voice so he hopes to return there some day.


This chart basically summarizes how I felt about this game. I enjoyed Rikuu, Tokisada and Yosuga a lot (despite some shitty bad ends) but Kuroba and Himuka both had unavoidable assault/NTR which was so sickening it made me think I picked the wrong choice somewhere and was headed towards a bad end. ( ´_ゝ`) This unfortunately had a drastic impact on Akaza’s route which I was looking forward so much and it only took 2 routes for me to become deadpan and just wish the game would end lol. Himuka aside, all the love interests were really nice and were great in other people’s routes. Kuroba and Yosuga were totally bros and helped ship Byakuya with the other guys and gave them advice. Meanwhile the sub characters that had sprites were mostly vile and disgusting. I just wanted her to hurt them in violent ways after finishing the game. I was so disgusted that I forced skipped through their “letters” omake just to unlock the complete CG because I couldn’t give 2 rats asses on what any of them had to spew out of their mouth.

This gif felt so good to make 😂😂😂😂😂😂

I’ve ranted about most things already during my summary novel but I had an issue with the setting of this game. There’s no explanation of what is up with the setting of this game. They still use horse carriages and live in old timey Japanese houses but have modern stoves, lights etc. I thought they explained it in Akaza’s route but they really didn’t and I am really confused on when it takes place. Byakuya even received a letter from some girl in Japan that magically made its way to the island and was dated April 16, 2020 and then Byakuya sent a response in a bottle and the little girl magically got it like…wtf? They said that lot of knowledge was aquired by things that “floated” out to them on the island but it’s weird how they only aquired knowledge of some modern things but not others?

I can hear this image especially the SUGOOOII himitsu line lol

The game also had too many annoying flashbacks. One of the flashbacks was of Byakuya’s mom telling her to find her soul mate but holy shit they must have shown us the exact flashback with the exact 2 lines at least 20 times. I get it, she has to find a soul mate and her hair will change color. I know. I’ve heard it the first 15 times game.

At one point Byakuya even tells herself not to think about loving anyone and just “find a husband” like she’s “supposed to”

Some of the routes I had trouble figuring out how/when did the guy fall in love with Byakuya too. For example it was easy to see her fall for the guy but in certain routes she was like “hmm, I think I’m in love with him before I knew it!” If you think about it, the game takes place over a span of about 3 weeks? So basically 1 week later you have her being like “damn I’d hit that”. It feels like they spent too much time on the common route going over the “troubles of this island” and not enough time spent on getting the guys to KNOW her. By the time you get into a lot of their routes, they felt like they were already in love with her. That’s why Rikuu and Yosuga were my favorite because it didn’t seem like they guys were in love with her immediately. Kuroba was like that as well but well…his route was ruined for me thanks to the asshole side characters e_e.

One last thing is the art. The sprites/backgrounds were beautiful but some of the CGS were REALLY AWKARD. There was some really weird looking kiss scenes and a lot of kiss scenes the lips weren’t even touching. My husband made Inspector Gadget jokes saying the guy should just stretch his neck to get their lips to touch. 😂😂😂 Other CGs had the “let’s cover up the bad anatomy with sparkles and shinies” problem so there was like no background, some akward “kissing” pose and lots and lots of sparkles to make it seem nicer. Sad to say, it didn’t work.

I loved her pet mouse Daifuku though ( ˘ω˘ )❤

A lot of people asked me “do you recommend this game” and it’s hard for me to answer. Can you turn a blind eye on sexual assault/misogyny on women? Do you prefer really nice voice acting? Do unanswered details in a game bother you? Do you care that kiss cgs don’t actually show kissing despite the text saying it’s happening? 😂 If you’ve answered yes to all these questions then go ahead and get the game. If no, maybe wait for some kind of discount sale. I knew going in that this writer loves writing misogynistic crap in her games but I was fooled into thinking it was gonna be better because it wasn’t “so bad” in the first 3 routes. But yea the last 3 routes her usual bullshit came flooding in and I kinda regretted everything lol. So honestly I don’t know what to say, but maybe like with Nil Admirari, if they ever release an FD, it might actually be better than the original lol.



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  1. the character poll was mind boggling. LIke yea I expected Akaza to be number one and I knew my fav boy was popular enough so I’m glad he got number 2 but…Himuka, Mr. I love your past self, being #3 is just ??? Do people like NTR? Rikuu was so much cuter to me… :S Same for Tokisada he was just so cute!! Wtf? And yea the sexual assaulter being higher than Byakuya is just …what. What? Did nobody do the bad ends except me?

    I’ve already come to terms my opinion will never align with most Japanese players 😂

  2. Wow after reading your review I’m starting to question the mentality JP player… Maybe they actually like Mary Sue protagonist type who is vulnerable to sexual assaults or something…

    Also based on the popularity contest (https://www.otomate.jp/olympia/vote/?page=result) I am baffled that the fricking annoying side character is ranked higher than Byakuya… and I still question why Himuko is even placed third… Oh well at least Akaza and Yosuga dominates the first and second spot, also we got Akaza pic of him not wearing megane CHEERS xD

  3. yea uh if you’re looking for a good story about that definitely not it – I think I mostly enjoyed it for the moe points of some of the characters since the “women are oppressed baby makers” plot that this writer enjoys doing is definitely not my thing lmao

  4. Thanks for the review! Tbh I didn’t even know this came out until I saw people tweeting their screenshots. Like huh what it’s out already? :’D

    I usually like it when they draw on mythological references but umm it looks like it’s quite a mess in this one haha. Olympia never did draw my attention a lot so I guess I won’t get this. (That being said I haven’t played an otome game in ages cos I’m distracted by other games oops…)

  5. I admit during Yosuga’s route when he started rambling some bullshit about some purple dudes getting killed by the Tenyou women and Byakuya was like “the fuck is he talking about” my reaction was “GURL I WISH I KNEW BUT I THINK THIS IS JUST SOME ELABORATE TSUNDERE COVER UP” and turns out was. I agree he felt like he was better in other routes but I fell for his dorkiness when he was like GUHH SHES SO CUTE I CANT HOLD BACK lmao. I do wish there was a bit more to him though but at least it wasn’t as horrible as Kuroba or Himuka lol (sorry I couldn’t stand him because he just felt like he was basically looking at Amaterasu the whole time instead of Byakuya – though I really thought he was cute at the beginning ~_~…you may change your mind about him once you finish Akaza lol)

    I agree with you about the FD….I feel like especially chars who got screwed over like Kuroba and Yosuga really need more cute scenes in an FD. The game appears to have gotten good traction from the Japanese players though so very possible we may get one! Here’s hoping lol!

  6. Thank you for the review!! I only have Akaza left to play on my own playthrough and I totally agree with you on the abusing and assaults. Idk why that’s so heavily pushed into bad Endings by this writer, it’s like a bad ending (or any kind of drama in a route) has to be related to sexual assault, it’s incredibly tasteless done and I was getting tired of that shit real quick. Why can’t we come up with drama/conflict that relates to the plot in a meaningful way.
    I completely agree with the flashbacks as well, it was so excessive that it shattered any kind of immersion I had for that moment 🙄.

    Hilariously I thought Yosuga would score really high on my list but he ended up being one of the more boring ones? His character is so appealing and charming but the first half of his route was an absolute bore fest, I felt like Byakuya spent more time talking to randos than to him. Not to mention the fake assault scene, I hated that so much that it ruined the route for me. Bring the girl to the place where she lost her entire home and then just fake assault her to bring a point across, what…
    if that shit didn’t happen I could tolerate the slog fest in the beginning, since towards the end it was really sweet…

    And lastly I actually love Himuko 😂 the whole Amaterasu (potential siscon??) thing bothered me less since he brought the point across of actually being in love with the Byakuya here and now. I agree however with the color caste system, why in the world he thought that was a good idea is beyond me, I always assumed it was humans that that turned the caste system into the mess it is now, Himuko even says himself that it is not right for a woman to get punished even though she did nothing wrong. To me it seemed like he laid out the foundation of what could be and it shifted into something disastrous with him having no control over it. It doesn’t help that his mental state wasn’t quite healthy when we met him, he seemed rather broken. It’s not an excuse for what happened but I don’t think he should be the sole reason of everything bad in the world.

    Idk if it’s just me but in one of Rikuus CG (the one where he’s on top of her) the second variation is missing his chin 😂 thought that was kinda hilarious.

    Despite the flaws I truly enjoyed the experience and love the world they created and the characters, every guy got their charm and I can’t get enough of the wholesome scenes Byakuya has with them. I’m actually really hoping for a more tame and less lore bomb heavy FD because Byakuya needs more loving time with her men 💕

  7. yea this writer is infamous for putting those things into her games. i can mostly stomach them if they aren’t directed towards the heroine but even then it was too much for me to fully enjoy 😦

  8. Thanks for the review! I got really entranced by the opening movie and the art (it’s so gorgeous ; w ; ) but if it has some misogynistic undertones I might have to give it a try if I find it for a good discount…

  9. Ahhh thanks for the info about the setting, I was honestly so confused lmao. I had a feeling it was just “everything is based on whatever floated in here” but it seemed too good to be true and maybe I was misunderstanding…lmao.

    And yea I got the thing about the black color, still thought it was really stupid, fuck Hirukoaaaa, after his route I hated him so much for starting this bullshittery xD It angers me so much that a woman is considered a “criminal” for not wanting to just spread her legs and pop out a baby FFS

    And yea same, no idea why none of the women used their powers?? I agree at the end it felt like such a mess where they left so many things open ended and confusing. Knowing Otomate though, they often will go back to try to “explain the unexplained”(like they did in Norn 9 lol) so hopefully if an FD is released they can go back and iron out some of this stuff

  10. Thanks for the review!
    I finished the game and agree with you on so many points. Some plot twists felt so shoved in just to somehow cover huge plot holes. But I wanted to write this comment to shed some light on few questions 🙂

    First, this two islands exist in the very place called “The Land of Gods”, where Amaterasu and other gods used to live. That’s why this islands actually connected to the rest of the world at all times at once, making it possible for Tokisada (who was actually a real person in Japan history just like Jigen and Doma https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amakusa_Shir%C5%8D) to arrive there from the sea relatively at the same time as the things like a gun or that letter in the bottle from year 2020. Things that come “floating” to Tenguu are really random and that’s why their culture is such a mess. Imagine building your culture on the scraps of random information coming from all times in messed up sequence.

    Second, on why color black is cursed. Hiruko-sama aside, cult of Amaterasu and the sun has a great influence on Tenguu island’s religion. People on this island thinking that the sun is great and the darkness is really not. That’s why criminals and people that were born with bad colors are sent to Yomi, never to see the sun again – one of the most severe punishments on this island. And color black is treated like the ugliest color out there because it represents the darkness itself.

    Still can’t understand why women of white killed themselves though. Tsukiyomi tells how he is regretting delivering Kuroba’s dad (and him only, no other evil men mentioned) to that island and how he thought it would be fine since all women there had powers to protect themselves. What tf has gone wrong is never exlained. Yeah, Kuroba’s dad killed Hakua threatening to do smth to Doma but where is the need for others to die? It all felt like a lazy writing to make up some excuse for why the heroine is the last of her kind imo.

  11. Oh yea the Byakuya sending the letter back to the girl was actually in Akaza’s epilogue at the very end after you finish his good end.

  12. Thanks for the review! I’m a bit confused about this epilogue where Byakuya sends the letter to girl from 2020. Is it Akaza’s route epilogue or is it kinda universal hidden epilogue for everyone that appears after completing the game?

  13. Yeah I think generally they are more tollerant of the sexism stuff in these games but it really bothered me especially the NTR 😒 if they release an FD though I’d be open to getting it since I weirdly enjoyed the nil admirari fd more than the original so maybe it would be the case here as well 😂

  14. oh omg my bad I wasn’t getting the joke;; hfhdjdhj

    Jp fandom already considered this as kamige though so honestly it’s gonna be hard to judge by reading their reviews. 😅😅

  15. now that I think about it, NilAdmirari I only really liked 3 routes too> Hisui, Shougo and Akira SOO MAYBE ITS HONESTLY NOT MUCH DIFFERENT though the murders of the women in that one were far more gruesome than in this one at least e_e

    no idea about localizations since I don’t know what the decision making process for them is

  16. I had a feeling there might be the usual women abuse/sexism because its THAT writer but the first 3 routes really had my hopes up lmao

  17. about the colors> I get why they did the color wheel thing the RGB thing is just a joke we always made in art school lol

    The story had an interesting premise imo but I feel like the final route (Akaza) it really fell apart in the end. And if they had kept the NTR crap only in the bad ends I might have been able to stomach it but alas 😦

  18. Sorry if I have to barge in (hope I didn’t come of as rude). Regarding about the main colors, it is actually true that Red, Blue, Yellow are the primary colors while a colors like orange, green and purple are like subsidiary colors. Like if you browsing color wheel green is basically a color that came from the mix of yellow x blue which is why green is regarded as not the primary color. Same goes from Orange= red x yellow & Purple = Red x Blue.

    That aside tho, I’m glad that you reviewed this game (because it just gave me an anwers that should stay away from this writers since Nilad) in all honesty I’m actually ok & can sit thru abt the sexism and violence only if the story was written well. But if it’s gave constant flashback like ozmafia had done ….. Welp then I’ll pass.

  19. thanks for the review!! it’s kind of disappointing that the routes went down hill after the first 3. but half of the routes being decent is a good thing, right? 🤪 do you think this game has a chance at localization?

  20. Yikes. I figured it wouldn’t be my kinda game after realizing who wrote it, but reading all of this is had me going “Excuse me what” so many times xD Here’s to a better game next time lol

  21. I guess they wanted it to be more detailed than just go make babbies which is ok but I feel they want too far with the women abuse 😔

    I felt sorry for this one girl who kept telling Byakuya to give up on Akaza because she was told by her father that she must have Akaza’s babies and she just couldn’t comprehend that there was “love” involved in her and Akaza’s relationship.

  22. Thank you for the review! It’s fun to read your writing!
    I read the intro to understand the main idea but why i feel like the world system in this game is too complex for a story about ‘choosing husband from various type?’. The neighbor village where i live has similar caste system about marriage (although the rules are not this angsty and not all villagers demand to follow it) so i find this game kinda interesting at first but i agree with you, the heroine get it too easy (not about the abuse ofc). I sympathize with the ‘other women’ problem more than her…

  23. Regarding the colors I was honestly under the impression any colors that deviate further and further from the main 3 are considered worse even though ironically mixing all 3 is what creates black – although I guess mixing colors = bad in this game so it would make sense.
    And yea incest colors was a bad thing, that’s why a lot of the blues and purples got wiped out.

    HONESTLY I had the same questions. Why did none of them ever use their powers like EVER. The only time anyone used it is when Byakuya blew her dad’s arm off. Awesome right!? lol

    I was thinking why aren’t the main colors Red Green and Blue doesn’t that make more sense because standard RGB colors??! Wtf is this yellow shit! Maybe the writer was a pokemon fan xDDD

  24. I was following your journey on twitter and I was getting excited thinking “She’s liking the first 3 routes…maybe 2020 will be the year for otome games comebacks.”

    However, reading the details on this game I keep thinking “WTF happened, what is this?”
    Like the fact that they promote “keeping their colors pure” reminds me ancient royalty where they wanted to keep their bloodlines pure so they mated with their cousins over and over eww. Also, what is up with the color black being the unluckiest color on the island? Like way to hide the racism. And yeah, I agree I don’t like the constant use of raep in this story to create drama. Like its 2020 already…can’t we move on from this?

    Honestly, I am not sure if its a cultural thing that Japanese girls like when the MC is docile and submissive and is overtaken by the male dude. With Byakuya’s special powers its like they tried to be progressive but gave up on the idea.

    I know that there was a lot of questions unanswered but one that stuck with me was: if the women from the MC’s island have the power to kill men who want to raep them how come they didn’t use it when they got invaded?

    Besides the above, I’m very glad that Riku ended up being bae *blush*. He stood out to me from the other characters and I’m glad his route was unproblematic.

    Also the fact that the main colors are Red, Yellow, and Blue reminds me of the Main generation of Pokemon games lol.

  25. Byakuya just seemed like a victim of the writing. Overall she was pretty strong, she often would tell the disgusting side characters to cut it out and fuck off. So I liked her in that sense. But the moment she was blackmailed by them or forced to give sexual favors, she would just give in to “save her dude” which made me so angry lol. I don’t know if that’s necessarily “her fault” or the writer just wanting to throw as much sexual violence as Otomate let her

  26. Hi, I was waiting for this! I’m picking this when it comes west (hopefully). It’s just a pity that this writer always revolves around sexual violence to force drama. How would you rate Byakuya? I didn’t read the routes to not spoil me ^^’

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