Music Game Review: Project Diva Mega39’s (Megamix)

Continuing my tradition of playing basically every PJD game (except that DS one because I never bothered getting a DS) I’ve purchased the latest but not so greatest addition to the series.

The first and biggest but not surprising disappointment of course are the graphics. If you are coming from any PSP/PS Vita PJD game then likely the graphics are very similar and you may have no issues transitioning to the switch version. HOWEVER if you were fortunate enough to play Project Diva Future Tone, this game is an absolute graphic downgrade. See below:


Wtf. The top is an absolute downgrade! So while that graphics are a huge downfall of the game, if you don’t have a PS4 or are just nostalgic for songs you played back on Project Diva 2nd then this may still provide a week worth of entertainment for you. A lot of the songs are available on Future Tone with better quality though, and FT also has twice the amount of songs that this one has. In fact playing this game made me want to go back to FT because some of the songs and videos I liked like Rinchan Nau are now DLC only on the switch version and why pay extra money for worse graphics…? I did end up buying the DLC that had “Yellow” on it because it’s literally THE ONLY SONG I CAN CLEAR ON EXTRA-EXTREME LOL

Yellow is the only one I even attempted but anyway lol

A few things to note for those that plan to get the game. If you are used to the Playstation style buttons/controls I strongly recommend just swapping the controls as below:

I tried to play with the Switch style buttons at first but my brain refused to learn them and it just made me ragequit until I found out you can switch the buttons to the PS style and I never looked back lol. Additionally you can set 1button that presses all 4 at once (cause doing it manually on the small switch buttons can be really annoying) so I recommend you pick a button to do that as well as I have done with my ZR.

One unique feature the game has is called TShirt Edit. It literally lets you use the touch screen to draw your own t-shirts for all the vocaloids to wear (the preview just has Miku wearing it but anyone can wear it.) I drew Paissa & Fat Cat from FFXIV xD. I ended up using a random stylus I had lying around to draw and I recommend using a touch screen stylus as it’s not very receptive to finger painting. My only downfall with these cursed tshirts is despite me buying tons and tons of modules for everyone, when using the “random avatar” mode for my songs I swear 80% of the time it would pick one of the tshirts. If it wasn’t the ones I drew it would be a completely random one that comes with the game.

Always the damn Tshirts! I grinded so many songs just to buy more modules!! Like ok I get it anyone but Miku doesn’t have many outfits so them getting a tshirt is likely….but I bought like 20 modules for Miku but no, it always picks one of the 7 or so Tshirts instead. Obviously the solution is “lol idiot just set a module you like” but I dunno I think it’s fun seeing mix & match hair/outfits in the randomizer so it’s extra disappointing when it’s one of the blank unedited tshirts e_e.

Loading times for every song were really annoyingly slow.

And finally you are probably wondering, but hey what about the Mix mode? The one where you’re supposed to shake the controller while playing the song right?? Well…

Yea sorry grandma couldn’t figure out how the hell mix mode works. I tried the tutorial and I literally could not wrap my head around what I was doing wrong. I was shaking the controller and trying to press the button but I felt like a caveman trying to light up a fire with 2 rocks and being unsuccessful. 🙃 Another thing I want to mention is I ended up playing all my songs the handheld way. I first attempted to play them via my TV but the timing was off no matter how much I would adjust it. Also playing with the joycons attached to that “controller” holder was really uncomfortable and I felt like my thumbs would smack into each other during the sliders which would mess me up. I do have one of those huge Xbox style switch controllers however they cause me physical hand pain because they are too large so I couldn’t use that one either. Ultimately playing hand held was the only way for me to clear songs.

My final words are this game is hard. I’m a pretty mediocre player and this is the best I could do with Ex mode:

A lot of the songs I know I’ve definitely cleared on ex mode in PJD F2nd or PJD X I couldn’t even get beyond 30% in this version. As you can see most of my “cleared” extreme songs are 7-8 stars, with Dreaming Chuchu being probably my best one simply because I liked the song so much I had listened to it on repeat for like 3 hours and had the rhythm embedded into my brain before attempting. 😂😂 Actually that song was probably my favorite part of the game as I’ve never heard of it and instantly I fell in love with how catchy it is lol. I would often get introduced to new songs from these Diva games since I don’t keep up with vocaloid rankings like I used to, but a lot of the songs in this game were songs I’ve heard in previous games…so it was nice to hear a new song I actually liked.

Anyway I’m not sure if to recommend this game or not, for new players it might be too hard, for veterans it’s more of the same and for Future Toners it’s just a straight up downgrade. There’s nothing to really do other than “collect outfits” because they are already unlocked from the beginning so all you are basically doing is just trying to improve your score (in what is already a frustratingly difficult game.) I’ve had my fun for about a week but if anything it’s made me wanna boot up my Future Tone again and play that instead lol.




4 thoughts on “Music Game Review: Project Diva Mega39’s (Megamix)

    1. Yeah I actually went back to replay future tone after writing this review and was like why did I even buy mega mix man…

  1. While I think the graphics are quite cute and can look really nice in the more vibrant pvs, I agree that they are probably a downgrade for any FT fans which is quite disappointing. Interesting review!

    1. yea after I finished this game I’ve been going back to FT and replaying the songs there lol. for some odd reason the timing for me on the ps4 feels more accurate than it did on the switch when I play that one on TV!

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