Otome Game Review: Bustafellows

Continuing the trend of “games that take place in America” this time instead of fake LA, Extend brings us my ultimate favorite of FAKE NYC! 😂 Our story involves a newspaper column writer Teuta, who is trying to make it big as a news reporter. She chases down an infamous defense lawyer named Limbo Fitzgerald to try to to get an interview with him but instead he drops dead in front of her eyes after being stabbed by a hitman. Teuta then uses her magical powers of being able to jump back to the past into a random person’s body and warns Limbo of his fate thereby saving his life. After she returns to her present body she meets up with him and his partner Shu at the local hipster cafe and they have trouble believing her not ruling out that she may be tricking them or be in cahoots with the criminals. They strike a deal that until they figure out whodunnit, she has to hang out with them, and in return, Limbo promises to be her housing lawyer to help her break her lease and move out. 😂 Please note there ARE SPOILERS below the jump so if you plan to play just scroll down to my final thoughts!

Limbo Fitzgerald – Limbo is the infamous lawyer whose is known for defending even the toughest criminals. He often takes cases for immigrants because when he was a child he ran into some sick illegal immigrants and tried to help them by calling an adult…. Which ended up in having them get deported. He’s from an extremely rich family and being a lawyer on top of that the dudes worth millions. His sister works at the police department and owns his ass if he ever talks back to her 😂. He loves dogs and names the house cat Max, his former dog. Additionally he is good at chess and plays the piano since he was pretty much told to do both growing up. After Teuta saves his life he eventually warms up to her but his past has come back to haunt him because the guy responsible for his initial murder comes back to take revenge once more. He tries to frame Limbo for murder and tells Teuta that he will do anything to hurt Limbo or his friends. In the past, Navid lost his lawyer license because Limbo ratted him out for getting involved in human trafficking as he was trying to save one of the people there by paying and buying her out.

And so the woman Navid had fallen in love with and tried to save ended up getting set to be deported but her baby got separated from her and died in captivity. (Not the actual story but probably based on something like this.) The mother was so angry that she killed herself and called Limbo right before so he would find her dead body and remember it forever. Helvetica and others get irritated at Navid’s bullshit and they corner him threatening that if he starts shit with Limbo they will fight him back. This didn’t scare him at all and back on his bullshit he asked to have 1 last dinner with Limbo and put some kind of nanomachines into his drink. The next day Navid kidnaps Teuta telling her that if she doesn’t kill herself the same way that immigrant woman did, he will send a signal to the nanomachines to poison and kill Limbo internally. Teuta then travels into the body of some little kid, uses a pay phone and calls everyone telling them what’s going on. So they basically rescue her from the hotel and put Limbo’s  body into a death state for a few seconds to shut down the nanomachines from ever being able to do anything.

They go to the motel to arrest Navid but after realizing he’s cornered he sets the nanomachines to kill himself instead. After this Navid is listed as dying from a heart attack, and Limbo’s taken to the hospital for examination to make sure his body is alright. When Teuta visits him he holds her hand crying that he didn’t want either of them to die. A few days later they visit the Brooklyn bridge where they confess their feelings and bang in his car. 😏 In the bonus epilogue they go on their first date together and when they get home Limbo enlightens her about deep kissing. (๑´ڡ`๑)♡ On new years Eve he flies to Europe to get a handmedown ring from his grandma and bring to Teuta during the ball drop countdown. After that he brings her to an insanely expensive hotel where he buys out someone else’s reservation lol. The bad ends were pretty gruesome but they did have cgs so I ended up doing them. In both Navid ends up either killing both Limbo and Teuta, or he kills Teuta and when Limbo finds them he kills Navid on the spot and becomes mentally broken.😥 Limbo’s food omake was super cute and honestly his side B was pretty hot. Other than when he’s getting bullied by Valerie I really do like Limbo a lot and Kenn’s voice acting for the obnoxious yet sexy lawyer man was on point. 😏

Helvetica Olsted – Helvetica is a plastic surgeon who loves things that are beautiful and constantly gives everyone ratings. He has spicy words for everyone and wears fake glasses to look smarter. When he was a child he basically lived in the slums and was a drug dealer even at age 15. Eventually he became an addict too and got beat up to near death in some alley. Just when he thought he was gonna die Professor Sauli Olsted found him and rescued him, adopting him as his own son. He taught him how to read and write and gave him surgery to fix all his broken bones and facial appearance. So he’s basically someone Helvetica looks up to a lot and wants to be like him. So one day a magazine editor brings him a new “client” , a woman named Magda, whose entire left side of face has burn injuries. She asks if Helvetica can use plastic surgery to fix it but Helvetica refuses. She then flips her shit saying that he cannot escape his past. About 2 days later Helvetica goes missing and after speaking to Sauli he says that Helvetica asked about his past and tells both Limbo and Teuta about the places Helvetica might have gone to where he “used” to live. And so Limbo and Shu find Helvetica lying on the ground in a pool of his own vomit and bring him back to Crow’s place. They throw him in the shower while he continues vomiting because of a drug overdose according to Mozu, and while Mozu prepares some medicine he tells him that it’s just gonna take time for it to leave his system. After Helvetica is somewhat able to talk he finally reveals that he remembered the PTSD trauma before he was rescued by Sauli.

Apparently one night when he and his gang broke into some rich person’s house they ended up getting high on drugs and accidentally starting a fire. In order not to get caught they decided to let the fire burn, and Magda got left behind. Helvetica called for help but of course when help came they arrested these kids since they technically were a gang of drug dealing thieves. In order to try to hide the evidence before the police came the gang started beating each other up and when Helvetica tried to stop them, they beat him to a near dead pulp too – that’s how Sauli found him. He also then reveals that he was an illegal immigrant child who came here in a container by boat – with dead kids in the same container lying next to him. So that’s why he got involved in drugs/the gang and says that once you are involved in a gang, they never let you “escape” so that’s why Magda came back to drag him back to the shit life that he finally had escaped out of. The following day they decide to try to arrest Magda before she causes more problems for Helvetica but she crashes her car into the one Teuta and Mozu were in, and while they are unconscious somehow no police or anyone calls for help and she manages to drag them into the container yard (which looks like Red Hook in Brooklyn). She ties up both of them, manages to figure out Teuta’s password and calls Helvetica telling to come alone or else. She also then reveals that his real name is Nicola and she will have him return to being part of the gang, and will not allow him to continue his current lifestyle as a plastic surgeon. Teuta jumps back in time to stop Helvetica from going to black hawk area because Magda had set up a bomb there to give Helvetica the same burn she got. While Teuta stops this unfortunately things don’t go as planned and she returns to find herself and Helvetica at gunpoint.

To try to make the crazy bitch calm down Helvetica pours oil on his face and sets it on fire burning his left eye. Magda then starts beating him up until be becomes unconscious. When he stops moving Magda is like zomg you weren’t supposed to die!?!? 🙄 While the cray bitch is flipping out Mozu calls 911 and starts trying to revive Helvetica. Magda then shoots herself and both are taken to the ER. Idk why Teuta was like don’t die Magda San and I’m sitting here like no die for what you did you crazy cow lol. 😩 A few days later when Helvetica regains consciousness he has Sauli visit him and finds out his real name was Nicola Ritz. Sauli tells him that if he wanted to go back to where he came from he could have anytime, but he wanted to live a new life that’s why he didn’t. Several months later it’s time for Helvetica to finally be released from the hospital and remove his eye patch. Apparently Sauli did enough plastic surgery that his face looks exactly as before. He then hugs Teuta while crying that his name is Helvetica and nothing else. Meanwhile Magda is in a coma and even though there’s enough evidence to prosecute her for setting up a bomb and injuring Helvetica, he doesn’t want to press charges. Valerie rages about this to Limbo and tbh I feel the same way that bitch absolutely deserves to be prosecuted IDGAF if she’s in a coma lmao. 🖕 What’s even more rage inducing is Helvetica calls a doctor from Europe to come treat her like holy shit I have no pity for this crazy woman. 😩

Helvetica also reveals that she had cut her stomach open during a drug carry operation where she ate bags of drugs so that she wouldn’t get caught at airport security. Apparently the bags opened up inside her so she literally cut her stomach open to get them out what in the fucks name how does one survive this?? 🤢🤢 Anyway after this they return back go the sharehouse and kiss in the pool cause Teuta demands it. 🤭 In the epilogue they both watch an old DVD from Sauli which has videos of Helvetica as a teenager when he first was undergoing the drug addiction treatment. He gets movie tickets for her favorite movie but right before he has a party with his office staff and some former patients. When Teuta gets there to meet up run him Carmen is flipping out that he’s flirting with other girls and Teuta gets so upset she ends up spending the night at her friend Luka’s house. Helvetica realizes he’s being an ass and end up going to her room and falling asleep on her bed hugging her scarf that she left behind. 🥺 Thanks to Luka though they end up making up and making out at his office. 🤤 In the other bonus omake it’s basically revealed that Helvetica is just as jealous of Teuta hanging out with other guys but his Scorpio pride is too high to admit it. 🤭 In the bad end Helvetica chooses to get surgery to look like his old self and returns to the name Nicola Ritz. He decides to cut ties with everyone and in the meantime Teuta gets a gig to work overseas. Before she goes to catch her flight she passes by him without realizing. 😭 Helvetica’s route was a huge shock to me because I didn’t expect him to have such a deep past nor be an illegal immigrant and also be a famous plastic surgeon who does nude model photo shoots??

Shu Lynn O’Keefe – Shu is the kuudere chain-smoker who seems cold and aloof but he’s just too embarrassed to show his sweet side. Even the resident kitty takes a liking to him. 🤭 Unfortunately his job is to kill hitmen so the dude isn’t all right in the head down since he basically commits murder for a living. He is following a list of names his trainer Taira & foster parent left behind for him to make sure he kills those that only commit murder for money. Once he kills everyone on her death note he figures he’ll probably die or be killed by someone as he has no other goals in life. Because Teuta complained about it though he  tries to quit smoking by instead eating lollipops. When everyone goes to Coney Island (Sunny Island lol) Shu teaches Teuta how to use a rifle in one of those shooting games. Unfortunately their fun time is cut short when his old teachers son, Yang holds Teuta at gunpoint telling Shu to meet him the following day at a certain place. Turns out Yang took a job to kill a Hitman who is after a candidate in the presidential election. However the job is too difficult so he asks Shu for help. The payout is pretty big and Yang just wants to get money to get a new ID to leave the country and go elsewhere.

Turns out it was all a setup by Yang who killed the senator and framed Shu as the shooter. Teuta tries to jump back in time but is unable to reach Shu to warn him and in the end nothing changes. They then go for plan B where she jumps back in time again, stabs Shu with a knife he had in his shoe and in that moment everyone jumps in to cause an accident and make it look like Shu died like they did with Limbo in the beginning. After this Yang meets with Teuta telling her that a Hitman from the Loui Lopez gang killed Taira and is after Shu. Since he doesn’t appear to know about Yang, Yang wants to kill the Hitman on his own and he wanted to have Shu be “jailed” temporarily to take away the hitman’s attention. So then this Hitman basically somehow manages to kidnap Teuta and knock her unconscious so she’s unable to jump back in time. They make it seem like Shu killed himself and in the meantime they figure out whete Teuta is and kill the hitman. The keyword was Calamity Jane, Shu’s favorite movie which gave the hint that he isn’t actually dead and that she just has to trust him and wait. Yang gives Shu the last page of the book and the photo of the 3 of them with his teacher. Turns out, Shu was the real son and Yang was the adopted one! 🤭 Yang also reveals that it was his fault that their mom died because when the closer attacked Yang was told to hide but he jumped out to help and Taira ended up dying protecting him instead. And then Yang is hinted at being a girl too or something? 🤔🤔

In the end they basically confess their feelings once more and kiss in Teuta’s room. In the bonus epilogue Shu reveals to Teuta that he has a bullet in his head from a long time ago and if he tries to remove it by surgery there’s a chance of him either dying or becoming a vegetable. He tells Teuta he was holding off on the surgery because he was focused on the hit list but now that’s is over Yang found a really good brain surgeon for him. He has his brain surgery on New year’s Eve and to make him not feel lonely post surgery, Teuta sneaks into the hospital area and builds him a snowman with Yang’s help. She then calls him to look outside soon as the countdown to the new years finishes. After he gets released from the hospital they go on a date and Teuta has him talk to her parents (who are in Los Angeles) on the phone. In the bad end the hitman kills Teuta so 2 weeks later Shu finds him and kills him in a way so that he dies suffering in pain as revenge for Teuta. I expected Shu’s route to be worse than Helvetica but weirdly enough it wasn’t as awful as I thought? That said in his route Teuta felt more like a damsel in distress than anything else, especially near the end – she coulda jumped back in time but she just sat there getting beat up until she got rescued. The only other thing that kinda is left unsolved is Shu said before he “met his teacher (aka his MOM) he doesn’t remember anything” which gave the impression he was some orphan or whatever but….he clearly wasn’t? His mother clearly was there the whole time so what the hell ACTUALLY happened then? What was the deal with his dad? So yea this was really strange and left me kinda unsatisfied too.

Mozu Sheppard – Mozu is a coroner and has a medical license despite being only 25. He looks and handles dead bodies all day so his way of thinking is usually from a medical point of view. For example when seeing Teuta in the swimsuit, his immediate thought is your collar bone looks nice rather than “it looks cute on you” 😂. He decided to become a coroner when his parents died in an accident when he was 11 and he was taken to the morgue to confirm their bodies. As seen in other routes he’s also extremely good at providing a “dead body” when needed for a mock death scene. They get involved with incidents of disappearing students and one of the students who vanished a year earlier is his sister Yuzu. The school is infamous for taking the murders of the students and hiding it or making it seem like it was just a suicide. They start talking to a girl named Ivy who was friends with Yuzu. She became jealous of Yuzu telling her that she doesn’t want to be around her anymore and that’s when Yuzu disappeared. As a thanks for listening to her, Ivy gives them 2 tickets to their school prom called “Jamgo”. During the prom the teacher Troy gets hurt and the principal’s office is on fire.

Because Teuta’s phone fell and broke she’s unable to make any decent call for help so she jumps back in time to try to stop it. Unfortunately nothing changes and Teuta tries to jump into the burning room to try to save Ivy. They save her with Mozu’s help and when they ask Ivy what happened she said Troy attacked and strangled her until she passed out. Well turns out Troy the creeper pedo sensei is behind everything and while Mozu isn’t looking, Troy grabs Teuta and holds her at gunpoint. He then rambles how he failed to become a doctor and the only thing he was good at is hiding murders and disposing of dead bodies. He then gets angry how he didn’t want to go it and that the first time it happened it was basically rich kids bullying someone poorer and getting away with it because money. 😩 He also then admits that he killed one of the rich kids who bullied the poorer one. He then rambles on about how he couldn’t kill himself and in the meantime Teuta escapes from his grasp. Troy rambles for Mozu to shoot him but Mozu just shoots the floor and that’s when the cops burst in an arrest Troy. They also find out that Yuzu isn’t dead but has been locked up in some abandoned storage house by Troy for a year. Unfortunately he basically left her to rot and die and in the end Mozu is only able to just hug her skeletal remains….😭 After this Mozu comes to Teuta and for the first time in years he cries while she hugs him.

After this they assign someone else to do the coroner report on Yuzu because Valerie figured having Mozu do it would be too emotionally overwhelming for him. In the end the 2 of them attend a small funeral for Yuzu and that’s when he admits that he once took a job to secretly dispose the body of a murder victim like Troy did. After doing research again he says that it was probably the body of Teuta’s murdered brother. In the bonus epilogue Ivy and Teuta become friends and sometimes meet to chat in the park. Mozu and Teuta talk things over and he says he isn’t 100% sure that it was her brother or not and then basically confesses his feelings in his usual medical termy way lol. Teuta of course tells him her feelings directly and they both start crying 😂. They walk through the city as the year ends and then jump forward to their Valentine’s day date. The date turns out to be Mozu gifting Teuta a “prom” that she never got to go to in high school because of her brother’s death. Mozu gifts her a dress and a corsage and they go to a fancy hotel. Afterwards Teuta thanks him for the perfect prom and they kiss. 😘 In the bad end Troy shoots Mozu and Teuta is unable to do anything because jumping back in time too much makes her black out. This route was so morbid and depressing honestly but I’m glad Mozu got to have a little bit of time for romantic scenes in the end. 😭 Before I played this game just looking at the character designs I kept thinking since Shishiba was my fav in sidekicks, Mozu would be my fav in this game….but as you see below, Kuro-chan stole my heart. (n*´ω`*n)

Scare Crow – Crow calls himself the underworld mafia boss but he’s basically a computer hacker who is able to get any information he needs and track whatever down to help the rest solve crimes. He’s only 22 though so he is a very pure boi and often misses all the lewd jokes Helvetica and Shu make. He immediately agrees to help Teuta at the start because it’s basically love at first sight. (*´∀`*) Crow’s mother died when he was just a baby and he was raised by his father who taught him about electronics and technology and was the one who built the AI system Anima. Unfortunately his father died when Crow was 16 so he’s pretty much lived in that house all alone, even on Christmas until the other guys moved in. Teuta tells Crow that her dad is a rock musician and they spent mostly Christmas with her mom and brother. In this route Crow wants to uncover a dirty organization’s hidden crimes and the only one who agrees to help him is Teuta. Everyone else eventually joins them into sneaking into the school to get the info but during it the guy who looks like the hitman from Shu’s route shows up to stop them. He spills some kind of liquid on Crow’s face and suddenly Crow goes into psychopath mode nearly strangling the guy which gives Teuta and co a chance to escape. After this Crow can’t remember what happened at all. In order to have him not be alone for Christmas, Teuta surprises Crow by having everyone prepare a Christmas surprise party for him.

After the party ends Teuta starts playing random notes on the piano and after Crow joins and sits next to her he gives her a kiss on the cheek (and immediately rambles in embarrassment about mistletoe 🤤🤤🤤). Unfortunately the happy times come to an end when Shu discovers that Crow, aka Crow Miller was behind a massive cyber attack 6 years prior and that he was supposed to have died. He then reveals that he was one of those genius kids and he graduated high school at age 13 and went to college but at 14 he dropped out. Instead he became a criminal hacker and did things like money laundering. He was then recruited by a company called Constrained to create a hacking system, and the terrorist incident was apparently a “test” of that system. He figured it’s no big deal to just like shut down Chicago for 15 minutes (and because he had the maturity of a stupid teenager). He found out later that this caused a lot of accidents/deaths and regretted it. He decided he was gonna quit working for that company but they told him he had to choice and physically tortured him which has resulted in PTSD and anxiety attacks. Crow refused and continued to put up with the torture, until one day they killed his father on camera in front of him and told him if he didn’t continue working for them he’d face the same consequences. He then apologizes to Teuta for lying about his father. When Crow was finally mentally broken to the point where he couldn’t even think straight, a certain hacker helped him escape and faked his death. And the reason this time Crow got involved in this company again is because he wanted to save the hacker who saved him 6 years ago.

Everyone thanks Crow for telling them the truth about himself and he tells Teuta later that one of the ways he was tortured was water boarding so due to that he has a fear/PTSD of water (which is also strange seeing how he has a giant pool in his house). So a few days later they figure out the hideout of the hacker who “saved” Crow and turns out it was his dad who in fact isn’t dead! The father and the hitman guy from before leave them locked in the underground hideout and the guy turns on the self destruct mode. In order to escape Shu breaks the glass roof and they swim out. Unfortunately Crow is nowhere to be found since he has water PTSD so Teuta swims underwater to look for him while Shu runs to call for help. She finds Crow with his legs trapped in the wreckage so she keeps swimming up for air and giving him mouth to mouth in the water until he’s able to break free. At one point his PTSD kicks in and he just gives up trying to swim out until fortunately Shu finally arrived with help to rescue him. When he wakes up he’s still traumatized and he starts strangling Teuta rambling that he doesn’t want to die. Mozu and Limbo find them and break them apart and when Mozu slaps Crow to his senses he starts freaking out asking what he’s done because he has absolutely no memory of it.

After they both calm down they talk by the pool and Crow says he feels so shitty and that there’s another personality of his but Teuta tells him it’s all good… But afterwards reveals to Helvetica that she is in fact terrified of him possibly killing her again. 🥺 After talking with professor Sauli, Crow realizes he doesn’t want to be alone anymore so when the hitman calls him, he offers an exchange to return the passcode, work for Constantine and give him the Anima system in exchange for the safety of his father. When the others call Crow he says he doesn’t care if the terrorists get a bunch of guns and kill people as long as he can save his father. It’s obviously a trap and both Crow and his father get tasered and put on a single train car that’s headed for a dead end to kill both of them. The hitman says that keeping their organization a secret is more important than having their hacking skills so that’s why they’re going to kill them. Crow then makes a final choice and sends a text message that only he can understand to Teuta in the brief time he gets a signal. Teuta then remembers the numbers, jumps back in time, calls Crow and gives him the code. The code is basically telling Anima to put a stop on the train before it blows up.

The train still crashes though but somehow Crow and his dad are ok?🤔 When he gets out he tells Teuta he loves her but she’s like yeah we all love you too Crow!!😂😂😂 After the news leaks about both the train company and Constantine, Crow invites Teuta to a date at Sunny Island where they both confess their feelings to each other. :(*´////`*): In the bonus epilogue they go on a new years eve date and he tells Teuta that he secretly sent money to those who were affected by the terrorist hacking he did 6 years ago. In the evening they meet up with Kyle, Crow’s dad, and eat dinner at Carmen’s place. The dad goes back to the hotel so his son can enjoy their date and during the countdown Crow asks to kiss Teuta but he’s such a nerd he messes it up lmfao 😂😂. They do it correctly the 2nd time after the fireworks go off. A few weeks later they go on a template date where Crow insists on driving like a nervous wreck and Teuta makes some terrible tasting food but Crow is just happy that he can go on his “dream date”😂. Unfortunately it starts to rain and they get all dirty and muddy and when they get back Mozu rages at them for making a mess of the car. In the bad end Crow finds his father’s dead body and then kills himself in despair. In the food omake he looks up a recipe on making hamburger steak and even though it doesn’t end up tasting good Teuta is still happy he took time to figure out how to make it for her. They then get cockblocked by everyone coming home when they’re abou to kiss xD. So yea now 2 games in a row, Shirai Yusuke’s chara is my fav lol, I think he’s really growing on me as a voice actor. (*^▽^*)

Full Circle/Carmen/Alex – This is the first truth ending. It’s revealed that Carmen’s lover has been in a coma overseas and because his condition hasn’t improved they brought him back to the hospital in new sieg. Unfortunately he only has a day or so before he dies and Carmen gets really depressed. She tells Teuta and the others that her lover Theo was nearly killed by his brother and now he’s basically on his death bed. Well soon Teuta finds out that the Loui Lopez brothers are in fact older brother is Carmen’s lover Theo, and the younger brother who killed him is the kid who works at Carmen’s bar…Alex. Teuta overhears the conversation with Alex and the police chief Vonda, the police chief, and apparently the police were connected with this gang too. Unfortunately  since Teuta finds out the truth, Vonda shoots her. Alex is pissed and it’s now revealed that Vonda is the final boss who lied to both Alex and Theo, manipulating them to kill each other so he could take over Loui Lopez. Before she dies she jumps back in time and calls Alex telling him not to meet with Vonda. She is saved and meets with Alex but when he finds out that she knows who he is he uses a stun gun on her and goes missing. When Teuta meets with Carmen and others at the bar later, she tells them what happened but Carmen is furious that she took care unknowingly of her lover’s killer. Unfortunately she gets a call from the hospital about Theo dying so she decides to spend his last moments by his side (per Pepe’s recommendation).

Meanwhile Teuta and Co. go to find Alex. After they find him and Vonda it’s revealed that Alex, real name Alexey, is actually about 27 years old but used plastic surgery to make himself look like a child. When they ask Vonda what his goal is, he says that only money and power make the world go round and that up till now Loui Lopez gang has sacrificed people for the better of others and now it’s Alex’s turn. Just then Carmen shows up and she’s reveals that she’s the owner of Full Circle (aka basically Twitter) and she’s been streaming this whole thing to millions of viewers. While Shu holds Vonda down, Carmen walks up to Alex telling him she wants to kill him to avenge Theo. The reason she created full circle was in order to find Theo’s killer. Instead of shooting Alex though, she shoots into the air and says that before Theo died he called out Alex’s name, not hers. After this Alex is taken to the hospital because he ended up shooting himself in order to try to escape. Valerie is there too and the police is in chaos since all the corruption was brought to light. Loui Lopez is officially disbanded but those that were connected keep it undercover. The reason Alex got close to Carmen is because he felt guilty about his brother’s murder. Carmen doesn’t fully hate him though cause she pays his medical bills and visits to check on his status daily. She returns to running her restaurant and asks Limbo and the rest to help her with paperwork to officially adopt Alex… Because that’s what Theo would have wanted. They never actually directly said who killed Luka during the scene where she gets shot and Teuta jumps back in time to save her but from this route I guess we can infer that it was probably Vonda.

Adam Krylov/Zora – And just when I thought it was all over, a new episode unlocked calling Adam, Teuta’s childhood friend, singer and news anchor, a murderer. 😱 Not only that but because Loui Lopez network is gone, there’s nobody to keep secret that Adam was the one who killed Teuta’s brother Zora. The difference is though, Zora is alive and he runs into Adam shocking him. A few days later Teuta and Luka celebrate Adam’s 24th birthday where it’s revealed that he came to America from Russia when he was 7 and Teuta and Luka helped him learn English. When the game is from Adam’s point of view it also appears like his vision is really poor. Turns out Zora is still dead but Adam keeps seeing hallucinations that he’s still alive and after him. It gets so bad that he has a panic attack in the middle of times square and gets hospitalized. After Sauli and Helvetica talk to him and he finds out Luka and Teuta are coming to see him he freaks out and tries to run out of the hospital. Unfortunately his vision has become so bad he can barely see where he’s going. He randomly steals someone’s car, drives it 80mph and crashes it. That’s when everyone gets there and the ultimate truth is revealed: Zora raped Luka, and to save her, Adam killed Zora because he was scared he’d do the same to Teuta. (WTF HONESTLY EXTEND WHAT??)

Processor Sauli then reveals that he knew everything, about Loui Lopez, about Adam, about Alexey (and his plastic surgery) but he just acted as an observer and did nothing to intervene. He equates it to being the chess player moving the pieces and nothing more because he’s just a psychiatrist who enjoys seeing people go bonkers. Teuta tells everyone to STFU and apologizes to Luka for not knowing anything about what happened about constantly talking to Luka about her disgusting brother. In the prologue Teuta mentioned that her brother joined a gang and got into drugs so he was probably pretty deranged as it is. After this Adam has a flashback to right before he killed Zora and it’s obvious that Zora was a deranged psychopath but also Adam had romantic feelings for Teuta. He then blacks out and when he awakens he can barely see, but he’s in the courtroom and Limbo is defending him because Sauli leaked on full circle that Adam is a murderer. The case is dismissed due to lack of evidence but at the police station Helvetica asks Sauli who in Loui Lopez disposed of Zora’s body. Adam killed him but someone from the Krylov family connected to Loui Lopez had the body disposed of and Adam ended up joining this organization in exchange.

Sauli doesn’t tell them anything and Teuta tells him that he acts like a bystander but he’s screwed up in the head just as much. Adam’s name is cleared but he takes a break from his Zero Hour news program and decides to temporarily return to Russia. While he’s in the car to the airport he has a hallucination that he’s leaning against Teuta’s shoulder and talks to himself that he’s really happy right now. The ending credits follow show the 3 of them walking together as kids, as adults, then showing Adam alone without Luka or Teuta. I’m still really confused on what kind of disease he had because all Helvetica said is he had hyperkalemia which can lead to vision loss. But then it’s like what happened?? Did he die?? Did he return to Russia permanently?? What about Teuta? And Luka??😭 And who is it that disposed of his body? Was it Mozu after all?? The omake has Luka leaving them alone to go on a “date” but I have no idea if this is before or after what happened. 😭 I checked other Amazon reviews and seems like I wasn’t the only one who felt kinda distraught at the lack of closure for the true ends, especially Adam. Most people wanted to know what happened to Zora that caused him to become the way he is, or I guess we are supposed to just assume he got involved in a gang and became a druggie psychopath which is why when he died, everyone was just “welp that’s just how it goes *shrug”. I wonder if maybe that’s why Tetua’s parents moved to LA while she remained in New Sieg? So many questions, and knowing Extend they aren’t going to make a sequel or an FD for this game. They kinda had this issue with Sidekicks as well so it must just be a thing that the main writer/director just is really bad closing all the loose ends lmao.┐(´д`)┌

(*´ェ`*) MY OTP

Honestly I really did enjoy this game, I prefer games that are more story based with romance at the end. I like when the heroine starts the game and the guys have 0 affection towards her and it takes time and events for them to warm up to her before they jump into the hugging/kissing ending. Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with some guys having a crush on her at first, but when it’s every single dude it gets a little boring lol. So in that sense, I really enjoyed the interaction between Teuta and everyone and while Crow is my ultimate favorite, I liked everyone else too, even Helvetica and Shu who I want to slap in most of the others’ routes 😀. My only feeling of sadness/regret is the truth ends – they just felt so rushed and incomplete. It left me with a lot of questions and uneasiness as if there needs to be a fandisk or a sequel to resolve all these loose ends or almost like it needs a separate game. I don’t know but it left me so unsatisfied I would have almost they not done this at all and left it open ended. The revelations were so bizzarly shocking and the final resolution didn’t feel resolved at all.

Anyone for a trip to Coney Island Sunny Island?😂

The system also was baffling in a sense where it had some great things – but also some really terrible ones? For example all the “movie like” scenes (like Limbo and co getting into the helicopter and throwing the money) were amazing to me. You don’t usually see cool animated scenes in otome games but both this one and Sidekicks had them and they were really great. It really helps to draw the viewer in to what’s actually happening rather than lines of text describing the action. But the visual novel system was god awful. The font was really shitty to read, the auto-mode fuction was broken where it would have this awkward pause after every spoken line (non spoken lines seemed to follow whatever you set it to.) The skip mode was slow as hell and during it people’s voices would flow out so it was annoying to listen to while skipping. There was a jump to next unread choice/ dialogue option but half of the time it didn’t even work, it would tell you that you can’t jump, despite the fact that this was common route scenario I had gone through several times while doing other routes. This made subsequent playthroughs really annoying as it would take me about 30 minutes to just SKIP through scenario I’ve already seen just to get into the next guy’s route. You also could not save during a choice so you had to get to a choice, quickly go back into your log a line or 2, and then save there. The game also had some timed choices here and there and sometimes letting the time run out was the correct option.

Teuta confirms to Chika from Sidekicks, that New Sieg is DEFINITELY NOT New york. 😂

Technical difficulties aside, the game had some really neat ways of showing you whose route you were on. There was a psychology  test from Sauli, the name of the cat (Ginger, Ana, Teuta, Kitty, Max) and Teuta’s swimsuit choice. Not the traditional meter of affection you usually see in an otome game, but it was still interesting to see because everytime I’d be like “alright, what swimsuit did this man pick for her XDD”. Personally my fav cat names were Ana and Ginger (Mozu & Crow) and I think the best swimsuits were from Limbo and Helvetica because they were cute style which I think fit Teuta the most.  As far as heroine goes, Teuta is an amazing deal maker and she’s helped get important information for the guys in all their routes. She can definitely be a tough opponent in a battle of wits, especially in Mozu and Crow’s routes. She also sucks at cooking so at least she broke that whole “all proper girls must be good at cooking for their boy” stereotype you often see in these things. I also wish we got to know more about her parents, I mean her dad was a rock musician?? Wouldn’t that make her child of a star?? She seemed pretty average for someone in that kind of position to be honest lol.

There was plenty of stuff already IN ENGLISH so honestly they’d really just have to localize the actual in game dialogue.

I asked extend if they could localize this game but they said they can’t because they don’t fully grasp the culture.. But in my opinion they grasp it very well. The game mentions things like Fashion Week, patent trolls, Edward Snowden, frienemies and even has the infamous NYC train announcer going “we are currently experiencing train traffic congestion, we are sorry for any inconvenience.” There’s probably people outside NYC who wouldn’t even catch that but they did!!😂 I loved all the parodies of times square (central core), Coney Island (sunny island) and Trade Joe’s (Trade Jones’s) as well and I’m bummed that the hoedown style Trader Jones’s theme song is nowhere to be found on the OST that came with the limited box 😨. Anyway while there is no plans to localize the game I do encourage those who can read and understand Japanese to play this game for sure. And if you aren’t confident in your Japanese hopefully my post can serve as a guide in case you are lost on the plot lines! I don’t think it will happen but I still hope that they do some kind of FD/Sequel to resolve the loose strings in the truth endings.



22 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Bustafellows”

  1. Thank you for your response! If you ever wanna read the short stories, I’m more than happy to share pics!

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing this!

    I seriously loved Side Kicks so was super excited for Bustafellows, and reading your review made me confident about finally buying it.

    I also appreciate being able to come back to your reviews and catch anything I missed since my vocab still needs work.

    Really looking forward to playing this one!

  3. Hello sorry unfortunately I only got the CD Japan limited edition set (which just comes with the 2 prints) and not the animate one!

  4. i just finished the game and totally agree with you about Adam…. I need a FD stat to tie all that up. Don’t do him dirty like that…. TnT

    I have a quick question, did you by chance get the Stellaworth or Animate set for this game? I got the Stella set and I was reading the additional booklet with the extended bad ends for Limbo and Shu… and now I’m really hankering to know the extended bad ends for Crow, Helvetica, and Mozu too which are in the Animate set cause Shu and Limbo’s were so filled with angst ;w;

    Thank you for your review! It was a joy to read! >w

  5. Thanks for the review! I just finished the game and I want to clarify on the SPOILER topic.

    Which is the disease Adam have. He has a brain tumor actually, Sauli talks to him about it in the hospital.

  6. Thanks for the review! I’m currently waiting for my copy but I really regrets that I didn’t bought the deluxe edition lol. It’s disappointing that they won’t localize it. Do you think the language is difficult? In all my otome game I can understand like 90-95% with full Japanese but is this have more complicated words?

  7. 🤔Hum the only things than still bugs me, is where Teuta power is from ? they never explain how she have become a Maxine Caulfield. If never they do a sequel (which i doubt but we never know) i hope than Adam will get his own route.

  8. while I do agree that most of the game is self contained, the Adam bit really is disappointing so I would hope instead of making a “cash grab FD” they could make a potential sequel instead. I know they probably won’t but it would have been nice to think about 😛

  9. 😃Well i’m very glad to see than Shu and Mozu are not also annoying than i thought they use to be first.

    I was thinking than Helvetica was going to be the typical playboy type and than his backstory wouldn’t be great, but hopefully it revealed than actually he’s very goodly written.
    😁Has i thought this game is clearly the movie of the year, the plot is so entertaining and revelations breathtaking, EXtend have done a amazing job with that title and if SideKicks is also engaging i will play it without any fault.

    😉EXtend can take my money and i’m very looking forward to there next game.
    Too bad than we didn’t learn more about what have happen to Adam in the end, i find this that final pretty sad. It would have been better if he have a route, it might have make a better conclusion. I’m still very salty than he’s not datable. I don’t think than this game will get a FD, actually Bustafellows doesn’t need one. I found than the game is enough for himself and i find it very refreshing than a otome game company isn’t in the FD cash machine and can conclude there games in one shot.

  10. Thanks for the review, would have love to play if only it was in English, I mean the trailer did have the narrator speak in Engrish (which is kind of funny but a bit cringy too xD)

  11. Thanks for following here and on twitter! Yea I was pretty surprised that they came out and straight out said they won’t localize but also kinda happy they considered the request and didn’t just ignore us like most companies do lol. Still I do believe they could really do a good job with a better english translation editor so it’s really a pity they decided no to consider it at this time.

    And yea I definitely feel you on a heroine who moves the story. Usually it’s the heroine just narrating the story moved by “issue with one of the guys” which can honestly get really stale after a while. Good luck with this game though! Honestly I think if you refer to my review you can probably figure out what’s going on!

  12. Yea nothing worse than having a heroine be just a “narrarator” instead of part of the story. I think that’s why I can’t bring myself to try playing older games I never got to play lol. I think you might be okay with playing it in Japanese and you can always refer back here in case you are lost!

  13. I just quickly skimmed through your review, cause honestly that’s all it took to see that this is a great game. The fact that it is more story-based is a win for me. Yes, I love my cute moments but the story in my opinion is the most important aspect of the game. (Who doesn’t like a kick-ass heroine that takes charge in moving the story forward rather than just sitting there waiting for everyone else to think for her.)

    I follow you on Twitter and it’s a shame that the creators won’t be localizing this game. I could see from your tweets that they seem to understand the culture pretty well to the point where it seems like a parody. Sure, Engrish could use some work but they can always hire a translator.

    I’m buying a switch to play all the English versions of otome games and although I’m certain that I won’t understand 99% of this game I want to give it a try. 🤣

  14. “I prefer games that are more story based with romance at the end.”
    This a million times over. It’s why I adored Code Realize and Ashen Hawk and just can’t for the life of me get on board with self-insert wish fulfillment romps. Like you do you but I’d rather be invested in the story and wondering what will happen next. It’s a shame that there are no plans to localize it – especially as how you pointed out that they seem pretty adept at tackling a different culture (trader joe’s i love you). I think I’ll cave and buy it anyway tho rofl we’ll see how much I understand xD Thanks so much for your detailed reviews they are a godsend especially in times like these.

  15. Ahh, this looks really cool 😍
    Thank you so much for letting us know about this game! I loved Sidekicks so I’m hoping to love this one too.
    And since I’m not yet fluent in Japanese I actually always use your reviews as a guide when I play, they’re the best! ❤

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