FFXIV: A Cumulative Post about Patch 5.1~5.11

I’ve been kinda dragging out when to make a post about the latest patch so here it finally is. Patch 5.1 brings us a variety of goodies and content!

There’s quite a few great things so I’ll start breaking it down one by one. First is the Pixie Beast Tribe! Beast tribes are always one of my favorite things in xiv because you get great exp for leveling jobs, fun rewards and the stories are usually really cute. This time the story deals with a pixie who has memories of Titania and is lost in her nightmares. Now it’s up to you, your new pig friend Ezel the 2nd and pink pixie Tyr Bek. Once you hit rank 7 you get the flying porxie mount!

In addition to this there’s also a minion and a cute macaron furniture you can put into your house. The best part though of course is the Pixie Playground Dreamland you can visit anytime for screenshots ☺

The next, and probably biggest point of this patch is the first of 3 Nier:Automata raids!

And of course as I had hoped, we get to wear 2B’s costume! Although it requires you to roll against 23 other people, you do get 3 chances and by now most people have it and so are passing on the boxes anyway. I managed to get the costume on all 3 of my gals xD (Let’s not mention how the 2B stocking also literally add a butt to your character – except lalas get a fat belly instead?? 😂)

Once you clear the raid you can continue the story through one or the other dwarves’ paths and luckily since I have 3 characters I can do it on both paths to see the various endings! 😀

The next thing added this past week is Ishgard Ultimate Ishgard Restoration. It’s basically contents to help people level crafters & gatherers by also rebuilding Ishgard. The difference vs the Doman restoration is there’s no weekly or even daily limit. As long as you got gil or time you can buy/gather all your materials and sit there churning out collectibles via macro. There’s also a FATE where you basically “help build” aka interact with items until the timer runs out. The problem is this caused so much chaos with world travel, that they had to limit the areas to only people on the server. Crazy. I only did the fate a couple times as it usually happens while I am sleeping or doing other things. Most of my scrips were via crafting – though all my crafters are 80 now (except my potato) so I’m hoping to slowly get all the items on 1 chara before moving to the next one.

And finally while this is contents I will never do in my life 😂 my home server team got world first in the Alexander Ultimate race. I managed to catch them showing off their weapons in Limsa this morning.

Oh and of course before I forget our poor boy Kai Shirr now accepts collectibles! In the latest installment he even found a singer aura girl who has a crush on him :^)

I’m still leveling my subjobs as usual but now there’s so much to do I don’t really know when I will have time for otome games lol. I’ve been playing FF12 on the side and I did finally get a digital edition of cafe enchanted as well as pre-ordered Bustafellows for December.


6 thoughts on “FFXIV: A Cumulative Post about Patch 5.1~5.11”

  1. Great post! I’ve just gotten more “in” to FFXIV. Currently a Lv 50 Black Mage in Realm Reborn. I’m really excited to get into the new content. Your characters look great! Keep playing lol!

  2. 5.1 is a great patch. I think I’ve run the Copied Factory at least 50 times and I’m still having so much fun with it, my friends prolly think I’m going crazy…😂 I really like how the playground looks on your screenshots. I really should go an unlock them pixie quests already.

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