6 Years on FFXIV

The usual pic in Limsa I do every year

With Shadowbringers releasing this year my otome gaming kinda came to a halt….but there’s just honestly not much to buy these days.

I have 3 characters on 3 different data centers now to play with friends and visit housing. My Aura is on Mana, bun is on Aether and potato on Elemental. Elemental has a lot of famous housing creators so that’s always a pleasure to browse through. Mana is where all my friends from Japan are so I can play with them when the timezones align. Aether is my main and where I had started FFXIV 6 years ago. I try to keep up my Aether & Mana girls but sadly my potato kinda ends up being the “thing I play at the end of an expansion because I’m done on all my other characters”. 😂 Sometimes I get tired of certain “players” on one or other data center so it’s good to jump back and forth between different types of player cultures for me. I feel like when I’m just focusing too much on one character, I start doing things that stress me and piss me off and make me hate the game. Weirdly as it seems, playing on 2 characters has actually made me realize “nah I don’t have to do this thing” or “I’ll just do this on japan because it’s way easier than bothering on NA” etc.  So overall I don’t regret playing 2 characters and when I feel like visiting houses or my SEA friends I hop on my Elemental potato.

I had initially created my alt in order to visit Japanese cafes/server events etc but with a lot of weird stuff going on, players getting tired of running them all my favorite cafes have pretty much gone out of business. With timezones constantly being not in my favor and me wanting to actually sleep on weekend morning I just haven’t gone to any events anymore. I did enjoy the housing tours that they did, though I haven’t seem them do any new ones recently so that’s kind of a bummer.

This year was also my first time at Japan FFXIV fanfest and probably last time. It took a lot of lottery and crazy ticket purchasing thanks to my friends above to finally get into this thing. In the end  the overcrowdedness, the confusing booths, the endless lines and frankly just LACK OF SEATS (sat on the floor like 80% of the time) really took the wind out of me. Didn’t help that a lot of booths wanted you to use the barcode app which was of course JP PHONE ONRY so half the time I couldn’t even get into line for anything. I think the photo booths and “draw from memory” were probably my favorite parts of the whole thing lol. Of course the piano concert and live concert were great too, just that I had to sit on the floor/stand through out them after a long day of walking/standing.


5.0 took us across worlds into the future with fairies and flowers and sineaters but the story will still go on until we’re at 6.0. Otome games have come and gone but FFXIV has always been here. Even when I took small breaks from it to play some mediocre otome game I’d always return here for new content. There’s people on here that I’ve known for a while too while I feel like I’ve lost contact with a lot of otome game bloggers over the years since a lot of people dropped the hobby/quit. So I think in the longrun FFXIV will be around for me for a while until it ends service. I’m an old fogey playing it but eh it has so much casual content it’s nice to relax for me vs watching some TV show or something. 😂 Here’s to another year in Eorzea!