Otome Game Review: I Love You Colonel Sanders -A finger lickin’ good dating simulator-

So KFC, the actual chicken restaurant franchise decided to release a goofy dating sim where you get to date a probably 40 years younger Colonel Sanders while you attend culinary school. 😂😂😂

The school professor is a corgi named Sprinkles who tries to teach you about the joys of cooking while getting distracted by cars and squirrels.

You also have annoying rival classmates who constantly try to cockblock your love with Colonel but fortunately he’s too focused on his upcoming KFC franchise to give a crap. 😂

This game also includes exciting turn based battles against a monster made of old moldy mashed potatoes and used sporks. But actually he’s just a dog who was turned into a monster by some evil students who got their hands on a magic spell book. (ヽ´ω`)

You also have to be careful that even though you get invited to Colonel’s house you can’t pick any naughty choices or you will instantly get a bad end. 😂😂 He’s a pure boi who just likes to make good fried chicken.

Needless to say on my first few runs I kept getting the what I can guess is the normal ending so I ended up using this guide to help me get the true end (which honestly wasn’t that much different.)

Overall it was a short but funny game where you could pretty much laugh at pretty much every line from every character including your self insert. My only gripes is to skip you have to press and hold the arrow in the top right corner with your mouse which was kinda annoying when you kept going through to try to pick different choices. There’s no save/load option and the only way you get to “try again” midway is if you get a bad end in the middle it puts you a few choices back to try again. It made the sequential playthroughs kind of annoying when trying to find what the true ending was. The game wasn’t voiced but had some silly sound effects like “ooh’s” and “aahs” from the characters (and the barks from the dog lol.)

You can get the game for free on steam and since it’s short it’s a fun thing to play one evening. 🐓


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  1. thanks!
    hahaha, a goofy game, isn’t it? just a fun little game! i wonder who came up with it though looool!

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