Otome Game Review: Kenka Bancho Otome! -2nd Rumble-

This is the sequel to the KBO series that basically takes place after the “normal” ending of the first game. In other words Hinako never got those otome endings with any of the guys, only friend ones and continues to be the bancho of Shishiku. A new first year student Sagara Tenma comes as a new character and constantly challenges Hinako until she kicks his ass as usual. The new thing now though, after the 2nd year ends, Shishiku’s gonna get destroyed because apparently they just discovered it was some site of an old war zone and there might be some bombs/traps that could be buried underneath. So after all these years they decided to tear it down. Now all the Shishiku guys need to find a new school to transfer to, but as luck would have it, the school Hikaru attends, all girl Kotobuki, decided they will become a mixed gender school the following year. As a test they want to take in all the Shishiku students.

Minowa Totomaru – Most of Totomaru’s route just feels like we’re bffs as usual, and there’s just no romance at all. During the school festival, one of the Kotobuki girls sabotages the haunted house which ends up angering the Kotobuki principal and cancelling the festival everyone worked so hard on. After this the principal of Kotobuki says that the deal to have the Shishiku guys transfer in is cancelled and they will be shuffled off to different places. Totomaru’s dad also wants him to go to an elevator school that will give him easy access to a high class university so there’s a bit of drama there. In the meantime, Totomaru, Konparu and Hinako all like decide to stop hiding secrets from each other and Hinako confesses she’s a girl. Somehow though, this game, Konparu and Totomaru aren’t surprised because during the Hokkaido trip she never went into baths with anyone, was always careful not to change around anyone…and at one point when some drunks spilled alcohol on her, her tshirt was seethrough and they saw she was wearing a chest flattening pad on herself. Both of the guy decide to still help her out and be on her side and she’s still their bancho BUT…Konparu realizes Totomaru has this endless crush on Hinako and apparently Hinako does too.

They’re both dense though so Konparu gets annoyed and stops coming to school cause he feels like a third wheel. Totomaru finally decides to confess his feelings to Hinako, and after Hinako gets an earful from Hikaru, she confesses too. So they officially become a secret couple but they let Konparu know, apologize for being dumb bricks and they all go back to being BFFs. Meanwhile Hoou’s been on the case of the Kotobuki principal and she’s been involved with some other yakuza gang to pull all this bs. In the end Hoou and co. and Hinako beat up the yakuza and stop the school from getting wrecked. The whole rumor about bombs/traps was made up by Kotobuki principal lady so the school is no longer going to be demolished. So now Hinako and Totomaru start their final year of high school as they secretly date and study for college entrance exams. Meh. In the bff end, Konparu and Totomaru never find out that Hinako’s a girl, but the girl that Hebio nicknames “Kotoko” was just blackmailed by the principal to do all this stuff for being able to attend Kotobuki. So then she basically runs to Hinako and tells her the truth and she’s actually the only person who realizes that Hinako is a girl lol. At the end “Kotoko” and some other girls from Kotobuki bring valentine’s day chocolates to the Shishiku guys and Hebio gets friendzoned. 😂 And same plot as the otome end where Shishiku’s saved and the yakuza gets their asses kicked.

Konparu Takayuki – Konparu was kinda copy paste from Totomaru’s route but then they kinda shoved off the whole Kotobuki drama to the side to focus on Konparu and his whole boxing thing. He wanted to meet up with his former rival in Kyoto and when Hinako won the tickets through a lottery, Konparu was able to go. Also during this time, Konparu finally has a chat with Hinako being like “I know you’re a girl, but I feel disappointed cause I thought all girls were weak” etc lol. Okay my dude. Just kinda disappointed at how they found out she’s a girl? It was a little more interesting in the first game but here both Konparu and Totomaru are just like “I definitely thought you were a girl but I didn’t know how to say it!!” In this route of course Totomaru isn’t dense and immediately figures out that Konparu has a crush on Hinako. So anyway Konparu goes to Kyoto and Hinako follows him worried something may happen.

They run into some guys who know Konparu’s rival Todoroki, they duke it out and Todoroki cheers Konparu on telling him to like do his best and stuff and train hard etc. Konparu also agrees to be more open to training with others at the boxing gym and agrees to train with Hinako again. He had stopped because oh noes I can’t fight a girl!! Sigh. He also then confesses to Hinako and asks her to go out with him and Hinako immediately agrees cause she’s developed a crush on him ever since she had to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his siblings 😌. That’s about it to the route, again just a little disappointed at how I had to drag/skip my way through most of the game just to get to anything interesting. Additionally, by now I had set my game to easy mode and would auto-skip/win every battle cause damn I was tired of it :/. Oh and the Kotobuki drama just gets resolved by Hoou offscreen so it didn’t even matter lol.

Kira Rintaro – Rintaro pretty much shares a common route with Mirako and the entire school shut down thing is kinda blown over to focus on their stories instead. Rintaro and Mirako both find out that Hinako’s a girl when Rintaro catches her visiting their old orphanage and the teacher there calling her out by her name. Mirako just so happens to be IN the area so she has no choice but to tell them the truth. Mirako isn’t that surprised cause he thought Hinako was a girl to begin with but Rintaro is upset that his ~hypothetical imouto~ has to attend a school fulla yankees. Once Hinako explains the thing with her and Hikaru, Rintaro goes into FULL ONIICHAN MODE feeling he has to protect her 24/7. Not only that but he gets this brilliant idea in his head to stop attending school so he fails to graduate and has to get left behind so he can be in the same grade as Hinako!! Hinako of course is pissed and ain’t having none of this. She talks him out of it and instead he decides to pursue a career to be a pastry chef. Unfortunately on Valentine’s day, he injures him arm fighting off some dumb yakuzas who are angry at couples (lol?) He’s worried he will fail his chef exam with a broken arm but both Hinako and his brother Nozomi help him out with cooking/practicing while he recovers.

He recovers for exam day but those stupid yakuzas run into him at the train station. This time though, Nozomi and Hinako kick their asses so Rintaro doesn’t get hurt. Before he goes to take his exam, he gives Hinako a hug and they confess their love to each other. 😊 And so Rintaro passes his exam, gets hired at the famous restaurant to work and tells Hinako to move in with him once she graduates. Before joining everyone for a graduation celebration, Rintaro and Hinako walk off together and kiss under the cherry trees. There’s also a branched off Mirako & Rintaro BFF ending. The plot here is basically the whole treasure search from the route leads them to a treasure somewhere underneath Shishiku. The paparazzi wants to make them look bad and constantly comes to anger and provoke them. Turns out a bunch of stuff was setup by that yakuza group and they even had people pretending to be Shishiku students and causing trouble in town until Hinako & co. caught and beat them up. The idea was to lower the value of Shishiku so they could buy it up and dig out the “buried treasure” they heard existed underneath it. After Mirako makes the yakuza look like a fool on TV thanks to his connections, Hinako, Rintaro and the Shishiku guys beat up the yakuza and the school demolition is now cancelled. And so Rintaro and Mirako graduate while the other Shishiku guys go wild trying to find the buried treasure.

Mirako Yuta – Mirako’s route kinda flows naturally in a sense where he thought Hinako was a girl the whole time anyway, so when he finds out via the whole orphanage visit incident from Rintaro’s route, he’s not shocked at all. Actually he’s happy and also kinda jealous that Rintaro’s this “childhood reliable oniichan” so he wants Hinako to rely more on him instead. Additionally Hinako gets scouted to be in a drama with Mirako because a director saw a video of her at the cross dress contest during the Shishiku school festival. She’s hesitant at first, but Hikaru and Sakaguchi are like WE’LL RECORD IN HD AND THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST THING EVER. 😂😂 And so at first Hinako really sucks at acting and one of the co-actors is rude and treats her like shit. However, she’s better than anyone at all the “fighting” scenes since it’s a yankee drama and so her friends practice with her to help her learn all her lines and speak naturally. She perfects her acting and the filming is great except the co-actor being a jealous ass, and the Masakari group getting in the way to try to sabotage the shooting. Fortunately thanks to the guys at Shishiku the yakuza get beat up, the asshole actor gets stabbed (LMAO) and goes home and Mirako and Hinako basically kickass for a glorious ending together.

By then Valentine’s Day rolls around, Hinako gives Mirako chocolates, and he says he’ll only accept them if they’re the romantic kind, not the friend kind. Of course she then admits she loves him and since the feeling is mutual they kiss in his apartment (and probably nothing else cause this game is Cero B XD). Anyway after this the yakuza gets caught and the school isn’t demolished thanks to research from fans of the drama. A sequel is in the works and Hinako accepts the role once more with Mirako. After they run away from some fans post graduation he kisses her under the cherry trees. Honestly Mirako is my best boy but that was so disappointing for one reason: he never dropped the I’m the best dude attitude. In the first game and FD Hinako made him blush on more than one occasion but other than a few words here, he never got kicked down a peg. And that honestly disappoints me. What’s the point of the narcissistic character if they never change!?☹️ If Mirako was like this in the first game I definitely wouldn’t have liked him as much as I do now…. So while the route did have romance it just felt like he was leading the whole time instead of Hinako basically owning him like before.

Onigashima Hoou – Hoou’s route honestly felt more like it was Tenma’s route more than anything because it pretty much followed the same path. Hoou even has Tenma stay at the Onigashima house so he can do more research on Masakari group. Unfortunately while Tenma is staying with Onigashima group, he picks up a photo that Hinako’s dad drops of him, his wife and Hinako and Hikaru. I kinda ended up accidentally derailing into the Tenma/Hoou friendship route here. When Tenma is captured by the Masakari chinpiras he gets beat up and the photo is taken away. After this the Masakari yakuza start stalking Hinako and Hikaru around and while Hoou offers for both of them to stay at the Onigashima house to be protected but Hikaru rages and utterly refuses. So instead Hinako asks Tenma to follow Hikaru around causing Hikaru to of course rage more cause his friends start to think that Tenma is his “boyfriend” 😂😂😂. The Masakari then plan to blow up the school to make it seem like the “buried bomb” rumor is true but Hinako and Tenma manage to stop it with Hoou’s advice by throwing the bomb into the pool. After the senior graduation, Hinako asks Hoou to fight her because apparently they reset it so that she never beat him in the last game. ( ´_ゝ`)

In the romantic end with Hoou, he figures out the twins are swapping because Hinako is acting nice to him while “Hinako” (Hikaru in drag) acts like Hikaru did back in the day. When he confronts them, Hikaru just yells that he doesn’t want to deal with yakuza shit or get involved in dangerous fights and that he’s tired of being forced to just because he’s the son of Onigashima. After this Hoou goes into turbo-overprotective oniichan mode disregarding the fact that Hinako kicked everyone’s ass at Shishiku. He starts to be all like “but don’t you wanna live as a girl” but Hinako says she’s more comfortable now being with all her dude bros at the yankee school. During a scuffle with Masakari, Hoou gets stabbed protecting Hikaru. After he recovers they do the same revelation revealed in the FIRST game about why Hikaru and Hinako were separated and how Hoou is adopted. Just then the teacher from the orphanage comes to Hoou’s hospital room with a letter that Hinako and Hikaru’s mom left before “vanishing” from everyone to keep them safe. They both cry at the letter and then when valentine day rolls around, Hinako gives Hoou chocolate and somehow he confesses he’s in love with her. Hinako’s dad then decides that the one to lead Onigashima won’t be Hikaru, but instead it will be Hinako and whoever she marries. This gives Hoou the opportunity to confess in front of everyone  and ask for Hinako’s hand in marriage lol. After this they all visit Hinako’s mother’s grave and say their greetings and announce their engagement.

Sagara Tenma – Tenma is the 1st year transfer student who idolized Hoou and wants to become the bancho of Shishiku just like he did. Once Hinako kicks his ass though he mellows out and becomes like a happy wanko and starts being nice and genki to everyone. He even becomes good friends with Rintaro’s brother Nozomi. Unfortunately his grandpa is being held hostage money wise by a bad yakuza group. They thought that Tenma could get them info from Hoou and made up some “loan” that Tenma’s house owes them. Tenma felt bad but didn’t want to betray Hoou so he tried to deal with it himself. It’s the same Masakari yakuza who made up the rumor about the explosives under Shishiku as well. Hoou researched all of this and eventually they confronted Tenma who was trying to resolve everything on his own. Tenma also adopts a puppy that he takes care of at the school who he names Kotaro. The reveal about her being a girl was when some drunks spill alcohol all over Tenma and some cops question both of them forcing her to show her ID and since she doesn’t have Hikaru’s ID on her, she’s forced to show her health female ID instead – revealing herself in front of both Tenma and Hoou.

Even though Tenma was totally ok with this reveal in Hoou’s route, he flips his shit and throws a tantrum in his own. Ah yes I love consistency. Once he hears Hinako’s story he takes her side and tells Hoou he supports her decision to continue attending Shishiku and not going to Kotobuki. They convince Hoou and Hinako continues to go to her yankee school. After this, Tenma confesses his love to Hinako and challenges her to a duel saying if he wins that she will go out with him. Unfortunately he gets his ass kicked again and says he’ll try again after he gets stronger, but since Hinako is moved by his confession, she agrees to go on a date with him – dressed as a girl of course. 😀 When he sees her on their date he gets so flustered he has to punch himself to calm down but they have a cute date where they play games and take purikura.  Unfortunately in order to get a good ending with Tenma you have to intentionally lose to the poor sap lol. So then he showers Hinako with I love you’s and kisses her…just as Hoou shows up raging and Tenma has to be like I INTEND TO DATE HER WITH THE PROSPECT OF MARRIAGE lmao. Stupid that you have to lose to be able to “end up” with Tenma. But on the other hand at least he wanted to “fight her” for affection, vs how the other guys were just like “I love Hinako” and she’s like “oh okay me too lol” and suddenly DATING.


Whowee am I disappointed. The game was so disappointing I dragged it on for like 2 months and finally forced myself to finish it while fishing in FFXIV. First of all I don’t even consider this a sequel but more of a remake?? I mean they kinda referred to events in the first game with some flashbacks and Hinako was now 2nd year but other than that it was a copy of the first game. Her relationships with all the guys were reset other than “we’re friends/bros” and stuff like her past with Hoou and her family was once again brought to light because apparently it was “not” in whatever ending this game followed. I mean would it have been so hard to make a game where Hinako has to hide her identity from everyone except let’s say the guy whose route she is on? Why does she have to reset her secret again? Or hell why hide it? What if the entire school knew they got an awesome SUKEBAN as their leader and add some funny scenarios where they all chase her like ウッス!アネキ!! or something along those lines. They had SO much room for being creative but no, they just…repeated the first game all over again.

The only saving grace was that this time they let you skip→auto-win every battle, so while I did do some at first, after a while I stopped caring and just skipped all the battles because I was tired of it.

They did improve on the battle system and make it actual…fighting instead of “press a bunch of keys really fast” but it felt pointless and repetitive and didn’t feel like it actually brought anything to the game. The romance was extremely lackluster. You basically spent like 8 months doing dumb bancho/fighting crap and beating up randos and then by December it would start to kinda branch off into someone’s route/actual relevant plot of the game. The overall plot also became repetitive with the Masakari yakuza because in the end everything was “oh no Masakari’s at it again!!!!!” They were literally the “problem” with pretty much every route vs how in the first game there were at least unique stories/conflicts and only yakuza stuff was pretty much left for Hoou’s route. The addition of Tenma was kinda like…well I didn’t really understand the point. They could easily have given a route to Sakaguchi or Nozomi but they just introduced a random new character like ?? I mean Tenma was ok, but his ending was a cop-out and his personality flip was really jarring and strange and I don’t know why they didn’t just make him one way or the other.

Tl;DR: Spikechun I am disappoint. Not sure if I’d ever buy a fandisk for this if they ever made one because I imagine now it would just be a copy of the first FD since that’s what Spike Chun thinks of KBO fans to release mediocre crap like this.

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  1. I went back to read your first review of Kenka Bancho Otome, and I have to agree 👍 This game is just a poor remake of the first one. I don’t know why it’s so hard to make an actual sequel where Hinako continues her relationship with her BF.

    I also wanted to ask you if you had recommended reading material to learn Japanese for beginners. I looked through your FAQ and I couldn’t find anything. Sorry, it it’s something you get asked frequently.

    1. yea it’s such a huge disappointment and since they kinda shoved it out the door last minute as Vita is sinking into its grave, I get the feeling they have been short on time and just kinda half assed it. I wouldn’t have minded waiting for something better 😦

      I don’t really remember how I learned Japanese it was so long ago, I did spend a lot of time force translating stuff like song lyrics/fansubbing anime/translating manga as a hobby. anything that forces you to use the language or look up words works. so basically playing a visual novel in japanese and looking up words you don’t know is probably a good start. that said my bootleg method is bad because i can’t really write at all, can only type on computer lol

  2. OMG I’m so sad that the game turn into such disappointment…

    By the way, I just finished Variable Barricade and just plan to play this game so I’m sad hearing from you that its a disappointment…

    Have fun playing Variable Barricade because that game is something xD I love voiced heroine but you;’re basically playing as Mikoto from Norn9

    1. So far I like how the heroine calls her grandpa クソジジ and the first option was to ignore all her ~candidates~ lmao.
      a lot of japan reviews for the game were bad but I’m hoping it’s a cultural difference cause I love bitchy heroines lol.

      but yea KBO2….sad. 😦 they could have done so much with it but they chose not to.

      1. Hi Hinano, I was about to ask the same question. I’m doing the same. I’ve reading and translating jp songs to improve my Japanese. I can read properly Kanji but, have trouble with vocabulary and some composed or multi-meaning words. I’d be grateful for your opinion about games with an easy vocabulary. I bought and played Kiniro no corda Encore and haven’t had problems reading and understanding (except for some words but, I could always search them up). The question I’d like to ask is if Kenka Bancho doesn’t have difficult terms so I can play it even though my vocabulary is poor?

        Another thing completely unrelated. Where can I buy Quinrose games? I’m searching and all I find are way too expensive games!

        P.s. Don’t feel obligated to answer right away!

        1. I’m sorry I can’t really help you with what’s “easy or hard” since I honestly feel like every game requires a relative knowledge of Japanese. I never played otome games when my Japanese was “really low vocabulary” so I can’t really say what would be good for someone in that stage of learning. (;^_^A kenka bancho requires you to be able to at least follow a guide cause you have to do certain fights by a certain period of time and if you don’t you ‘ll just get a normal or bad end.\

          Quin Rose went out of business a few years ago so their games are pretty much impossible to buy anywhere now. You can only find used copies which are now basically vintage since only people are selling them used.

          1. Thank you very much for replying!

            I understand! Then I absolutely need to improve my vocabulary… I’ve been using some dictionary app for difficult words and asking forums for explaination.. And they’re all been very nice But, seems like I need to pick another game due to mechanics. Thank you for replying!

            Ah, I thought so TuT. I was hoping to find either Sweet Never land or Daiya no kuni no Alice… I’ll try searching in some sites and save money. At least for SWeet Never land since I love Peter pan fairy tale so if I find it I’ll buy it. I was also hoping to find it in jp ps store but, considering that even the mobile got taken down I bet the same goes for that.
            Anyway thank youuu. And I look forward to your future reviews!

  3. Oh wow, I never had any expectations about this but I also didn’t want this game to be that bad! /facepalm

    When I read your summary, I thought that it might be good because it would be amusing to see the guys attending a school w/ girls. But ugh. What’s the point of the 2nd game? Or this one even? =o=

    Skipping this. I don’t want to ruin my KBO’s impression being a great game.

    Thanks for your review!

  4. Hello!!, I do not know where to post this but first thing I love your blog 💕, i’ve been following your blog for a long time, un particular i love the reviews you make of otome games.
    I do not know if it’s my problem or the blog but I can not see reviews of R-18 otomes they do not appear in the blog 😭.

    1. Sorry I’ve removed all my r-18 reviews since I no n longer feel like they are worth having on this blog! 😅

      1. It’s a pity, your blog had many reviews of older games 😦 , anyway, thank you very much and greetings 😉.

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