A Week in FFXIV: [5/7 – 5/13/2019]

This helped me get through Kenka Bancho Otome 2 😂

Got my ninja to level 70 and completed all the quests and made sure to take lots of pics of my fav NPC Jack 👀.

Once I got ninja to 70 it was time for machinist!

When Friday hit we continued our 3rd run of Heaven on High. This one was tough because for the first time I had to learn and actually fight the floor 90 boss. Up until now we’ve gotten lucky and had at least 1 Odin pomander. Fortunately, it wasn’t bad at all, and honestly the worst part about the whole thing is floors 81-90 just TAKE UP A LOT OF TIME and you have to start using pomanders so you actually have time to fight the boss period. I found that with 4 people 7 minutes was plenty in case you’re trying to see whether or not to use a pom or clear a floor normally.

We also got lucky this time with cute animal minions giving us buff on floors past 40, which I didn’t even know they could show up on! One of us had a previous clear so she got her horse first! Unfortunately she has to be dragged with us for 2 more rounds so we can all get horses & little housing shrine xD.

In the meantime I decided to revive leveling my Gaia DC alt who finally made it to the Azim Steppe! I’ve always wanted to hear the special Au Ra Xaela line while doing the MSQ so that was nice. Also ran into Tamamo, a fate that rarely spawns and gives the same ears the girl in the kimono is wearing.

I also visited a few housing places this week starting with bar “Sunset in the Desert” on Hades and a power spot shrine place on Bahamut. Also stopped by Cafe Corotte on Chocobo.

And finally I bring you a collection of my bard performance videos. I used to play piano back in middle school but I haven’t touched it in years….so the bard performance system kinda gave me the opportunity to pick up FFXIV songs by ear and perform them with my characters ^_^. Check out my playlist below:

Anyway maintenance tonight for patch 4.58 – not sure what it entails but I’m guessing minor fixes to prepare for 5.0. In the meantime I’m gonna start on Variable Barricade *groan* lol.


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