Unboxing: Code Realize ~Silver Miracles~ Animate Set

Otomate no more, my bank account can’t take it 😂

Gonna be honest, I’m being cautiously optimistic. The first 2 C:R games were Cero C, this is Cero B so it could be because it’s not violent and more fluffy – or because it’s just lacking any interesting content. Also Otomate is notorious for milking and grasping at straws in their FDs so honestly if I can walk out enjoying at least Lupin’s route, the purchase will have been worthy for me. That said, the wall scroll is beautiful and now it hangs above my bed so I can wake up to hot 2D mans every morning 😂. One interesting thing is since I got the ps4 version (this is actually my first Ps4 otome game) the case is obviously now larger than the vita case since it has an actual CD for the ps4 in it. They actually had a slightly different box interior than the usual vita one to make it fit better but I oddly like it more than the vita one. I always have a hard time figuring out where to slot the booklets or the CDs. On the topic of booklets, disappointed at lack of booklet for the limited edition but that’s why I got the animate set to make up for the lack of stuff Otomate’s bare bones game provides.

Will probably set Gakuen Snooze Club aside for a couple days to play this instead (and also because it’s appropriate for Xmas 😂).

6 thoughts on “Unboxing: Code Realize ~Silver Miracles~ Animate Set

  1. I clicked on this post only reading unboxing without reading the rest and funnily enough I got nice a surprise seeing it was code realize while watching CR anime. XD
    By the way what do the certificates like letters say?

  2. Hmm I thought that the all CR games after the first one were fandisks, but then idk if fandisks can get Cero C ratings 🤔? This game and the one right before it are both fandisks right?

    Also, congrats on getting the game! I hope its fun with a lot of イチャイチャ for you 😋😆😝~

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