Otome Game Review: Yukyuu no Tearblade -Fragments of Memory-

So here I was thinking we were done with space oniichan adventures and gonna settle down for a nice peaceful fandis….WELL I WAS WRONG. As the title says, this is apparently a giant appendix for all the stuff they forgot to mention in the first game (or retroactively added because why not). While the game contains short after stories, they are merely a shadow of the Eclipse – the main chunk of the game that focuses on explaining the entire timeline of the past 17,000 years. Warning for incoming confusing text walls.

I’ll start with the after stories first and then leave the main chunk scenario for last.

Yajur – I did his route first because he’s my least favorite Mr. Everything is Forgiven. Their happy time is interrupted when some Star Trek reject comes after Yajur…but despite their attempts to kill him Yajur and Eve kick their asses.. the end. The only thing to take away is due to the 2 artists in this game Yajur looked like pedo gge and Eve looked like a loli so all their cgs looked really creepy to me 😂. In the epilogue apparently it’s some human trafficking business that Yajur notices and he threatens the merchant to stay away from both himself and Eve if he values his life. And then it ends…I don’t even know what really happened or was supposed to happen in this after story.

Sud – Sud cuts off Eve’s long hair so that she attracts less attention and stands out since most people don’t have hair that drags down to the floor. If my previous game wasn’t bad enough, Sud’s route is also now filled with otoutokun cockblocking (though this one appears to be unintentionally bad timing.) The government randomly attacks the slums again and Eve learns the painful way what it’s like to get hurt and not have nano machines instantly heal you back to full health. So then Sud tries to be all knightly (like in his past life) and “protect everyone” but Eve literally slaps the sense into him saying if they stay behind to fight against giant robots they will die. So a bunch of them end up going through the sewers to escape the city and search for a new place to live while they wander around in their slum group. Also magically evil-Namikawa-Daisuke character whose face is darkened actually disabled all the golems that were attacking them and saved their asses lmao. They also decided to self-destruct the no longer active tearblade gundam and threw out their original rings for it. I dunno this was such a weird route, it’s still unexplained why in the world the slum people are constantly getting attacked either.

Atharva – Atharva’s route appears to start off from the BAD end where Eve thinks that he’s Row because she’s in a deep endless dream. Atharva uses some technology to get into her dream to try to get her to wake up  but she refuses to believe him. Poor Atharva is doomed to be NTRed forever😂. The whole route takes place inside Eve’s dream and she doesn’t know anyone there besides Cradle and Row, but she agrees to call him Atharva. She also has no idea about what Tearblade is and there isn’t one in her dream neosphere world either. And whatever memory erasing virus Eve has, starts to affect Atharva’s brain too and he’s close to dying in a coma IRL too since he doesn’t have nanomachines to keep his body alive like Eve. Atharva manages to snap out of it and realizes Cradle was actually Arcadia and was spreading the memory wiping virus through Eve’s brain. He tried to defeat Cradle but fails, and nearly succumbs to the virus until Row’s voice tells him to ~call the Tearblade~ and magically it comes to save the day. After defeating the virus, Eve starts to gain her memories and remembers Atharva and they finally both wake up.

Cradle – What in the fresh hell was this shit. I did adult Cradle first, in which he tells Eve that since they are no longer “eternal” they should “leave something behind” and have a baby. Eve is like okay that sounds good let’s do it….before asking the obvious question of “how does baby form”. Cradle says he’ll ~tell her later~ and 3 seconds 3 years later a baby has been formed. 😂😂 And suddenly some dudes wanna steal it but once Cradle swings a metal pipe at them they run away crying and leave the new family alone…THE END. OK??????? Maybe it was like Clannad where they just held hands and magically stork dropped the baby off the next day. 😂 In little Cradle’s route, it’s basically copy & paste from the other one but the awkwardness of him also asking Eve to have his babies and I’m just like…..✋🛑 Eve tells him he needs to first “grow his current body” and be able to actually help with chores before they add another baby to their already massive child roster they’re caring for. A year later Cradle’s begun to help out with more chores because he’s gotten used to being in his human body more. Tbh…I wish we had a ~10 years later~ flash forward instead because he still looked exactly the same to me. ಠ_ಠ Honestly he just looked like Eve’s little brother to me….give it up shota-kun.

Row – Row gets injured but for some reason his nanomachines go out of service and none of his wounds close up. The nanomachines inside of him also refuse to accept aid from Eve’s, putting his life in danger. Eventually he recovers because he’s got some stupid complex about Eve’s step brother Gil. Apparently her real parents were killed and she was adopted into Gil’s family but she heard news it’s possible they were killed because of him. She began to hate him but then they both realized they’re sad and regretful of what happened and started to call each other “brother and sister”. She then tells Row he has nothing to worry about and Gil is not (or was not) competition for him. The other guys make jokes that because Row saw Eve’s dreams he also saw her when she was changing or taking baths but he promises he closed his eyes 😂.  Anyway he gives Eve an engagement ring that she mistakens for a birthday present…😂. Once he realizes that he officially proposes to her and she almost accidentally rejects him lmaoo (ノ´∀`*). So then using the magic of nanomachines, Cradle is able to create a body for the other Eve so she isn’t stuck in Cradle’s old flying body. At the end Eve and Row get married and then the Namikawa character comes into her room one night and gives her a little note that says “good morning.” This is a precursor to him then kidnapping her and Row in Eclipse.

—Textwalls of Spoilers—-

Eclipse – Eclipse is the name of the 10th Tearblade unit that was originally piloted by old-timey Sud. I’m sure I got something wrong in this pieced together mess so feel free to correct me in the comments! Original eve and Row get an SOS signal from the moon so they take their gundam up there to answer it. Turns out it’s a trap and they end up getting hurt and kidnapped by evil Namikawa Daisuke and Tachibana Shinnosuke characters 😂. They put Eve into a sleep state and then the game opens up a massive timeline about the beginning of time when 12,000 years ago earth was attacked by a huge meteor shower. In 2284 an organization called Union was formed to defend the earth.  A powerful AI that was created like 12,000+ years ago along with another AI named Eden that contained a Quantum Circuit to protect from any incoming orbital damage. Elysium became the representative of the moon while Eden was sent to be the representative on earth. Eden then began going haywire for no reason but people thought maybe he got corrupted due to a virus – although the reality appears to be the at a certain point Nanomachines just go haywire in general.

Nanomachines were created from an accidental experiment, then 3 scientists (1 from Mars because apparently there was civilization on Mars by then) meet Elysium on the moon. They put him into a deep sleep when they get attacked by NANOMACHINES GONE WILD and then escape to earth. One of the scientists, Ophilia ended up injured so she couldn’t fight and Agi ended up dying, leaving only Rodrick to fend off the wild nanomachines. After this Arcadia was born, and then Rodrick was claimed as a hero and became the leader of the Reborn Union, followed by marriage to Ophilia. Everyone decided to seal off Nanomachines and advanced AI because that was the cause of all destruction. They made rules to hide any scientific advancement from the public and punish anyone who attempted anything of the sort. Somehow in the slums, the people there find Arcadia’s remains  and start using it so that’s when Union has to get involved and sends off their Knights to kill anyone meddling with AIs or nanomachines. One of the first knights in this union is a knight named Yuuri. The slum residents form an organization called Single, and with Arcadia being their “leader” they begin to go against Union. While all of this is going on, the leader of the Union Knights, Galgado finds a young Gil and recruits him in.

Some years later Gil found Eve when her parents were killed during a raid he was involved in. He feels like it’s his fault and wanted to adopt her to make up for it. After Gil’s parents are killed, he is adopted  by one of Union’s royal families, the Beria along with Eve. This is why Row, Gil and Eve are pretty much raised like siblings/childhood friends.  About 6 years later Aina built the first Tearblade. Gil was from Single while Yuuri was from Union and he put him in his place because Gil was bragging about being better than other knights on his first day. After Galgado’s children died in an accident, he retired and made Gil the leader of the Union Knights. Apparently the scientist who re-discovered nanomachines got killed by Union, and he was also Aina’s father. She then takes her father’s old research and ias asked to work on them once again to help create Neosphere. She’s asked to do this secretly not realizing King Rowland’s true intentions. After Row & Eve are attacked, Eve agrees to be an experiment of nanomachines as mentioned in the first game and then Row goes along with her. Not too soon after Yuuri finds out the secret of Union aka nanomachines so Row’s dad, Rowland,  uses nanomachines to basically kill Yuuri from the inside. He also reveals that Neosphere project was just his personal practice with nanomachines power cause he’s just a crazy old fuck who wanted to become nanomachine Jesus 😦. After Yuuri dies, they make it seem like he died protecting Rowland by taking Rowland’s dead body to the lab and making a clone of him so nobody notices 😱. Yuuri was a spy for the Guardians and their leader Berio wanted eternal life too so now he’s basically taking Rowland’s place being the next evil gge. Oh he also slips out to a dying Yuuri that he’s his dad,… what in the fresh hell. 😂 Poor Yuuri died just wanting to protect the citizens of Union. Right about this time is when Neosphere project officially starts and everyone moves their stuff there only to be killed  with Row & Eve being the only survivors – aka the first game.

Berio leader took Yuuri’s dead body to this space station where he also made it be run by an AI named “Cradle one”. At one point the space station was under attack by people who wanted the nanomachines…and Berio dude got shot. He then raged at Cradle to “do something to save him” so Cradle made the decision to blow the Nanomachines into space – which is how they landed on the moon. Cradle made a public announcement saying the space station no longer had nanomachines but the attackers didn’t believe it and continued to press anyway. Berio ended up dying from gunshot wounds but before he did, he told Cradle to cut off air supply from the entire place. This effectively killed everyone else on board and the space station kinda floated in space with a bunch of dead bodies while Cradle One recorded events in his diary. After 1000 years the space station hit a giant mass (either astroid or nanomachines?) and he ended up on the moon where he found the old temple ruins from the Elysium/Eden era and decided to examine them. He then awakens the Quantum Circuit Elysium who explains the moon is infested with Nanomachines Gone Wild because he was sleeping along with them but Cradle let them loose lol.  😂 In order to fight these wave of nanomachines Cradle One basically awakened a robot named Dezoid and he put the brain data of Yuuri into it. When Yuuri awakens he’s like why dafuq am I alive, on the moon and in some young dude’s body?? 😂

Cradle One zaps the “info” into his brain and he’s shocked to find out that Beria is dead and it’s been a 1000 years since Union perished. He sets his foot into unit 10 which Berio had brought into the space station before his death. Elyisum & Cradle tell Yuuri that if he doesn’t destroy the nanomachines earth is in danger so he decides to pilot the robit to try to save people once more. Elysium also gives Yuuri some of his nanomachine powers but warns him if he can’t control them he will die. He also then gives him the disclaimer after that they are now both connected 4lyfe with those nanomachines😂😂😂. He says that he needs to be protected since he’s some supercomputer on the moon and if a virus invades him earth is doomed. OKAY THEN! Row and OldEve go to the core of Elysium to use their nanomachines to stop the bad ones from invading and destroying him. So back to the present, while old Eve is captured with Row, new Eve is still living fine in the slums with her man harem including Yajur… even though I thought this takes place after Row’s route where Yajur was supposed to die. 🤔 NewEve sees a dream about OldEve and Row getting captured so everyone goes to the moon to rescue them. Instead they run into Yuuri, who’s been reborn and now calls himself DEZOID (lmao that chuuni name tho) and he has some manly sword battle with Sud which makes Sud remember who he is. Yuuri then is like uh yea you guys can grab Eclipse and return to earth and yea we’ll take care of Row and NewEve. So basically their trip to the moon was for nothing and everyone goes back to the big robit and flies back to earth empty handed. ??? Both Atharva and Yajur’s routes end in a similar fashion where they meet either Dezoid or Elysium and then they talk/fight and return to earth in their teargundam.

So finally when you see every piece of the past, Eve and Row wake up in Elysium’s protected underground base. In the meantime, our friends haven’t returned to earth because they’re stuck on the moon fighting off an angry mob of nanomachines. They also reunite with Aina and meet with Cradle’s prototype Cradle One (aka the dumb AI who created this problem lmao.) They then find out what they’re really doing is actually destroying Elysium so that the nanomachines can’t take over him but Row gets all sad and Elysium has to remind him he’s just an AI computer, not a person. So then they have the battle.mov and magically they also receive the power of the Union Knights  to help them out. It changes Eclipse to look more like Sud’s original tearblade with the new name \ORBITAL TEARBLADE/ 😂.  To save Elysium, Row & OldEve also absorb Elysium’s old nanomachines. This gives them 1000 years to figure out how to disable those nanomachines otherwise they’d go out of control and both Eve & Row could destroy humanity. During the battle Eve realizes that the raging nanomachines are basically a corrupted Quantum Circuit of an AI and that’s how Arcadia was formed back in the day.  Eve makes a promise with her sister that if in 1000 years their nanomachines go haywire and they can’t self destruct, to use ORBITAL TEARBLADE to destroy both her and Row. One thousand years pass and it’s now 5014, and many generations later, Eve’s great great great great great great granddaughter gets attacked by the haywire nanomachines and remembers her grandma told her about the secret “weapon” hidden in the Neosphere. Apparently this is on Mars, and she’s rescued by someone who looks like the son of Eve & Row because he’s also in his ORBITAL TEARBLADE. Too bad we never got to see what the other Eve’s great  great (x10) granddaughter looked like D:.

Well alrighty then. I guess like with the last otomate “fd”I played, this wasn’t an FD but more a sequel/appendix to the first game. I guess fluffy pointless FDs are old & busted, and plot filled story packed low on romance games are the new hotness?? It’s already bad enough that the first game had barely any romance, save for Row….but once again the romance was pushed to the side in this game…save for Row. The whole game just feels like it centers around Row & Original-Eve and everyone else is just an addon to help explain/move the plot along 🤔. At the start, the game kinda forces you right into eclipse if you don’t understand how the confusing menus work. You don’t have to do eclipse first, and I encourage to do the after stories first because eclipse is supposed to sequentially be last. I discovered this after about 1 hour into eclipse, saved my point and went to do all the after stories. There’s no actual choices in the game, it’s basically like reading a book at this point – which I am okay with – but also this may be a turnoff for people who like to change outcome of things. The good news is fortunately Eve is a pretty good heroine so I’m ok with the choices she made for the most part rather than me making them on her behalf.

Otomate: So I heard your like timelines

Overall I’m still kind “wat” about everything. The way the game unlocked all the “past stories” was in a really random order, and honestly I would have preferred them to just unlock everything sequentially. When I finished the whole thing, I had to go back and re-read the massive timeline they provided to confirm I understood what exactly happened (and I’m still not 100% sure on things.) At some point it felt like “can we just…..end it already” because they kept revealing more and more and it’s like was all of this really necessary? I thought Norn9 was bad with their “past revelations” but I think the new award goes to Tearblade for this. 😂 I think if you enjoy those weird “world saving” space adventure Gundam type anime, you will actually weirdly enjoy this?? But I think with this FD, the game strayed even further from “otome” in my opinion, and even though the artwork is gorgeous and very “otome-ish” the context it was in was very disappointing. So if anything, maybe it might be better to just pick up an artbook if Otomate releases one. I’m not sure if sitting through space adventure gundam tl;dr is worth your time.

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  1. I think if you enjoy those weird “world saving” space adventure Gundam type anime, you will actually weirdly enjoy this??

    no you wont

  2. Congrats on finishing the game! I got the game solely for Row and honestly the only thing I’m really satisfied with are his proposal and wedding CGs… Also I’m actually wondering if we played the same game because what I remember about Atharva’s story seems a little different from yours 😂

    If I’m remembering it correctly, it continues on from the Good End where they were bringing in people to live inside the Neosphere, and Eve volunteered to be a guinea pig for quantum circuit research or something, got hooked up to the QS, then got infected because remnants of Arcadia were still in there I think? Cradle magically stops being a half burnt-out robot and helps Atharva to use NERVE gear and full dive into Eve’s brain, where Arcadia had made a peaceful dream bubble for Eve to ‘live’ in, and Eve didn’t want to leave the dream either because she was upset about how she couldn’t save a sick girl as they couldn’t bring her into the Neosphere in time and she doesn’t want to ‘experience that kind of pain and sadness’ again. Arcradle wrote in Atharva’s existence as ‘Row’ supposedly so that Eve won’t remember anything about what happened after Sud and Atharva dropped down from the sky. Arcadle then rewrites Atharva’s memories too, yada yada Atharva remembers the truth, blah blah, Arcradle tries to make Eve and Atharva jump into the reactor so Arcradle can take over Eve’s nanomachines, Row shenanigans happens, Atharva and Eve get saved and wake up, Cradle becomes a standard robo AI again, yay the end.

    Also, I skimmed through most of Eclipse but I seem to remember that the Eclipse gundam belonged to Eruze. How did it get on the moon? I don’t think the game ever mentioned that, or why it had mahou shoujo gundam transformation powers.

    1. oh no you are totally correct. but the fact that eve had forgotten him (because of the flashback nonsense about the memory loss) it felt like his whole route was just the same NTR as the bad end of the last game lol. I think I was just trying to simplify it for my readers cause this game is already confusing as it is :s

      From my memory, and unless I’m wrong, I vaguely recall them mentioning that during the part where Berio takes Yuuri’s dead body and asks his staff to bring the gundam to the space station as well. I think that’s why?
      Also I kinda zonked out during Eruze’s past but the pic of her and that grandpa….was that grandpa Berio?? If it was, then this would make perfect sense, although I honestly can’t remember.

      1. Atharvas route had too many little details that didn’t contribute much to the story :/

        And that gramps was her grandpa Galgado, who became her legal guardian after her parents died. So honestly, I have no idea how Eruze’s gundam ended up on the moon… The Eclipse route had too much stuff going on I was lost trying to even read it.

        1. ahh right Galgado….yea I just vaguely recall them bringing “some kind of gundam” on the moon along with Yuuri’s dead body during the episode where Cradle shuts off the air supply from the space station….so I just assumed that was the one lol

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