[FFXIV] Electric Ponies & Moonfire Faire

I got 2 lines in wondrous tails and landed myself this cute little couch decoration

A lot has happened since I last posted so this is gonna be a long catch up post I guess!

First, I grinded Black Mage to 70. I hate blackmage, I don’t understand the rotation so my DPS was awful, I hate being stuck like a sloth in 1 spot to be able to actually do anything. I became such an asshole that I would tell myself that I can eat some damage and stand in AOEs just to refresh my enochian. Ugh, playing black mage was horrible and I only did it to clear out my caster gear storage 😂

Next I got my Ninja also to 70 and as you can tell by all the screenshots I really enjoyed it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) God bless the devs for adding Jack into the questline, I sure missed him 💓

Currently leveling Paladin with machinist on the side. Reason Machinist is on the side is I’ve spent the last 2 weeks grinding Red Mage on my alt because I realized I’ll have to do a lot of end game content alone, and I’m limited to how much I can do with a tank (I’m really crappy at tanking aside basic dungeons or hunts.) With the leveling of my red mage I’ve also changed my name and now I’m basically RPing as Cirina’s long lost sister 😂

And now the title of the post of course – Ixion. I got lucky on my alt, it spawned both days in difference instances this weekend while I was grinding away my red mage. Because Alexander a fairly small server you can imagine at 4-5 AM (which is like 3-4 pm my time) most people are gonna be asleep. Fortunately the midnight crew came through and with 2 minutes remaining we did manage to kill Ixion both days and I got me the mount. Additionally, I had waited with an alarm until 2AM on my MAIN account to get it as well. Big zebra butt horses for everyone! ☺

The Moonfire Faire this year was cute with the peeking and all the random NPCs hanging around the area. The ability to swim made it a lot more fun. Our FC had our annual fireworks outing as well.

Other stuff:

Friend from another server on the same DC plus FC friend jumped into all the ARR ex primals with me and cleared them in about an hour. I even managed to get an Ifrit pony, yay 😂
There’s a nice spot in Kugane where you can take a screenshot and it looks similar to the Inari Fushimi shrine in Kyoto
Japanese sheep (*´ェ`*)