Otome Game Review: Shiro to Kuro no Alice

Our story centers around 2 twin sisters, Airi and Luna. Luna lives in the Black World ruling over it as the queen while Airi lives in the White World, aka on earth, where she’s your average boring high school girl. Due to Luna unable to contain her “Alice” powers the 2 of them are swapped in order to keep the Black World from collapsing.

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[FFXIV] Returned my SMN weapon to Book Off – Red Mage is my new best friend.

After getting sick and tired of Bahamut’s shit (and him blocking my view most of the time and not attacking if I have to dodge an AOE and getting out dpsed by nearly everyone…etc..etc…) I decided to finally try out Red Mage. I’ve been hesitant about it because all the videos of it looked so confusing, and the skills on my hot bar made absolutely no sense to me. Looking up red mage guides led me to weird shit like this and I was about to just give up and not bother. Fortunately my husband sat me down and showed me how it works in an ELI5 method and I was able to place everything on my hotbars neatly to get a flow of things going.

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[FFXIV] A return to blogging

MFW Mobile based gacha otome games

I know it may seem like Otome games are thriving because so many English localizations have been picked up, but you know what, they are not. Most companies have gone MIA, are releasing ports of old games (most of which I have already played) or they’re focusing on their mobile section because GACHA$$$ games make the most money as people are apparently that gullible. Hell even Otomate just announced a fandisk for Code Realize that’s gonna be a simultaneous PS4/PSVita release signaling there’s a possibility otome games are moving to PS4 after all. A custom made PS4 with the C:R engraving on it signifies this even further. Regardless of what may happen, even though I still play otome games on the side, I’ve been slogging the same game for a month now and even when I review it, I only have 2 other games left on my plate (one of which is a shitty half assed Matsu game I wish I didn’t waste money on.)


With that in mind I’ve decided to bring back FFXIV blogging! My focus and goal is mostly to show off various weapons, glamors and scenery that I take with reshade and gpose. Gpose is a feature in ffxiv where you can adjust lighting, effects and camera angles specifically for taking screenshots. In otherwords, the game makers clearly know what the big attraction for casual players is!

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