[FFXIV] Finishing off the casters

After getting my Red Mage to 70 I’ve confirmed that it is now my new main job.


Much to my sadness I also ended up finishing every single side quest in Stormblood so now my only means of leveling are just Fates, roulettes/dungeons. On my alt FC, they had a fortune telling event (which was actually weirdly inspiring and accurate) as well as photo taking. Everyone stayed up really late but it was only like 3PM in the afternoon for me, the positive side of being on the other side of the world.

The gear on my alt’s server on the market board is so cheap I actually ended up buying a crafted i320 weapon and body because I haven’t bothered to farm Omega….since ultimately I’m not raiding and my gear is good enough for expert roulettes anyway. I had begun leveling conjurer on that character then I realized I definitely don’t want to main a healer.  Then I thought about Red Mage but DPS queues during off peak hours are probably actually bad (especially on Gaia DC that has half the population of Aether.) So most likely I will just stick to only leveling/progressing the patches on my tank….especially since I usually only login for FC events on it anyway. Speaking of Red Mage I got a chance to do the Red Mage LB last week in story mode Susano (cause nobody else bothered to) which allowed me to take fun gpose screenshots afterwards.

What’s interesting is when you turn effects off some of the poses are really neat!

Other things of note, the side quests in Stormblood are great. Particularly the “Chain” ones where you help an NPC like the two below are very endearing. (ㆁωㆁ*)

The Tamamo fate gave me more stones than I could use so I ended up creating stuffed animals on a bed look ☺

The latest Gpose rage is taking a minion, focusing your camera target on it behind your character – and then making your character POP OUT of the picture frame.

Otherwise I’m grinding black mage, it’s at 65 right now and I absolutely hate it. BLM might be my least favorite job to play even behind my not-so-much-liked Melees. Hopefully the pain will end sometime this weekend or next week and I can also then finally clear out all the caster gear I had sitting around from the start of Stormblood.