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I know it may seem like Otome games are thriving because so many English localizations have been picked up, but you know what, they are not. Most companies have gone MIA, are releasing ports of old games (most of which I have already played) or they’re focusing on their mobile section because GACHA$$$ games make the most money as people are apparently that gullible. Hell even Otomate just announced a fandisk for Code Realize that’s gonna be a simultaneous PS4/PSVita release signaling there’s a possibility otome games are moving to PS4 after all. A custom made PS4 with the C:R engraving on it signifies this even further. Regardless of what may happen, even though I still play otome games on the side, I’ve been slogging the same game for a month now and even when I review it, I only have 2 other games left on my plate (one of which is a shitty half assed Matsu game I wish I didn’t waste money on.)


With that in mind I’ve decided to bring back FFXIV blogging! My focus and goal is mostly to show off various weapons, glamors and scenery that I take with reshade and gpose. Gpose is a feature in ffxiv where you can adjust lighting, effects and camera angles specifically for taking screenshots. In otherwords, the game makers clearly know what the big attraction for casual players is!

4.0 has really been pretty amazing graphics wise and aside from bringing a bunch of Eastern Asian themed areas, it also allowed us to swim under water which makes for great screenshots. Additionally they added a feature in Gpose which allows you to see the last “attack” you did and some attacks have really neat animations.

Stone IV

The MSQ was pretty good, had a much happier tone than Heavensward which was really depressing most of the time. Also brought us this hot dude ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):


The other nice location, is the one before you fight the final endboss of the 4.0 MSQ. Unfortunately once you beat it, you cannot return then. I didn’t know this so I didn’t take much screenshots on my main – but fortunately I took a bunch on my alt!

They did mention in a live letter with the producer that eventually we may be able to come back to this place in a future quest. One of the other new features of Gpose also allows you to take screenshots with useable items like food or firecrackers:


If you want to grab a screenshot of yourself doing the big LB in DF, once you pop the LB you just stand there and do no other attacks until the fight ends. Once the fight is over you hit gpose and take all your screenshots! I got a chance to do this in Omega normal mode this week with my summoner:

And finally, I’m pretty casual so a lot of the stuff I do in game involves crafting & gathering. One of the things I did was craft a new white mage cane for my healer. Things have not been well for Summoner for me so I’ve temporarily put that job aside while I do end game dailies on White Mage.


Anyway I realize a lot of my readers here come for otome game reviews but that’s just gonna be very scarce from now on. Otome games in general are few and far between and I’ve dropped the notion of “If I don’t review it no one will”. Well if no one reviews it then so be it, I can’t keep wasting money on crap – someone else gonna have to take one for the team from now on. 😂


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  1. I miss Haucherfant ;___________;

    But I really do love a lot of the au ra stuff in SB and all the random side stories (absolutely love the stuff in Azim Steppe and Sui no Sato) as well as fun stories for crafting/battle quests. I think this time around they did a better job to make them a lot more interesting than before.

  2. lol yea you said it well…so many kuso mobages I mean Have you seen Kimi Kiri? You’d think Square Enix would do better than that piece of trash.

  3. I love your characters, and your screens! I’ve been following your blog discretly for your otoge reviews, and I didn’t even see you were playing FFXIV. I’m happy your enjoying Stormblood!
    PS: Hien is okay, but I need more Aymeric, I miss his pretty face >

  4. Yeah, it’s fine to take a break from otoge reviews orz
    I’ve been w/the comm for a while and I’m tired of mobage slowly eating the otoge market alive one $5 DLC at a time.

    Also I would read your FFXIV posts since I’m very much a touch and go MMO player there.

  5. Haha it sucks that you have to make an FAQ in the first place 😛 I’ve been considering it too since I keep getting messages about how someone can’t afford this game (despite hauling x and y) and need links and if I say no thanks they lose their marbles lol

    Haha good! I was getting worried since it’s been so long since I saw an FF post. And really? Wow, that’s hard to imagine since you’er pretty much the go to for otoge.

  6. eh I think I’m jaded to those comments by now lol, I try to put it into my FAQ so now I just tend to ignore most of them.. xD

    I never really LEFT FF but yea blogging wise I figured nobody would be interested but honestly I’m getting less traffic on my otome posts so I figured there’d be less people who would “mind” at this point haha

  7. Well if no one reviews it then so be it, I can’t keep wasting money on crap – someone else gonna have to take one for the team from now on.

    GURL YAS srsly it sucks as a fan of yours knowing you’re constantly bombarded with “You’re gonna review this right? Cuz I want to know stuff. When are you reviewing it?” and seeing this in your comments all the time and you having to go “sorry but not interested” just sucks since they either get butthurt or if they’re nice people they reluctantly go ok. That and I’d want you and all of us otoge fans to have fun playing otoge instead of stressing about when you’re gonna get the review out and stuff.

    Sorry for the rant lol but I’m glad to see your return to FF!! xD I’ll be following this for sure.

    And agreed. It seems like otoge are heading down either the PS4 or the gacha route….

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