Otome Game Review: Shiro to Kuro no Alice

Our story centers around 2 twin sisters, Airi and Luna. Luna lives in the Black World ruling over it as the queen while Airi lives in the White World, aka on earth, where she’s your average boring high school girl. Due to Luna unable to contain her “Alice” powers the 2 of them are swapped in order to keep the Black World from collapsing.

Minette – Minette is the Cheshire Catslave who’s been contracted by some old BBA because she needs him to create youth medicine for her to keep up her youthful appearance. So she forces Minette to basically kidnap Airi, drug her up (cause that’s what he’s good at) until she’s a lifeless doll and basically extract blood out of her every night to make the meds. Eventually he’s like “damn I am so sad because this blow up doll won’t respond to me” so he removes the medicine effect, creates a clone of her, and allows her to escape. But by now Airi has a hard core case of Stockholm Syndrome so she’s like no I wuv you, don’t leave me! And so instead he runs away with her back to her castle and everyone forgives him and somehow his slave driver lady doesn’t chase after him desuwa. They then decide to have Minette use his alchemy skills to create a drug that would remove the poison off of Airi’s sister Luna who is currently in the real world. In the meantime Minette becomes all deredere with Airi because he’s discovered twu wuv~. Sadly it’s all short lived cause he’s still under the contract with the angry BBA and she starts to enforce it and mess with his brain.

To solve this, they just have him suck Airi’s blood and bam it breaks the contract, what a miracle! The BBA of course is mad af and ends up using some randos as slaves to go after Airi in the castle. She manages to barge in and use one of Minette’s medicines to turn into a Rain look alike. She demands that Airi hand over her blood to her but Airi refuses and then Minette comes to the rescue and stops her. The angry BBA reverts into an old wrinkled pile of poo and then Rain walks in and stabs her 😂. Just then Luna shows up out of nowhere and yells at everyone for throwing so much responsibility on Airi saying she’ll take care of things now. White end: Airi returns back to her boring high school life world but she all sad now cause no more catboy. But you know Otomate miracles make Minette come back to her world and bed intrude through her window in the middle of the night. He then grabs her and flies out the window with some magic that he learned while they were separated. 😂 Apparently becoming a wizard was the only excuse he could get to visit her. Black End: Airi and Minette go finish high school together (lol?) and graduate before returning back to Black World.

Rain – Rain thinks Airi is too dumb and disinterested to learn about Black World so he never bothers to tell her anything and tells her to just do as he says. He even asks Minette to drug her to she’d forget about her human world life. As it turns out since she’s a twin born with Luna from the original Alice, she’s not from the human world and she was basically living there as a “spare” in case something happened to Luna. Her parents were also hypnotized into thinking Airi is their real baby which is why they raised her as their own and Airi had no idea otherwise. Now that something happened to Luna that’s why AIri’s been brought to take her place but she’s less than enthusiastic. During a parade, Asagi the caterpillar (who is the leader of the merchant guild) sets up bombs to use as a distraction to kidnap Airi. He then explains to her that he doesn’t want a queen anymore and he just wants to use her blood to make medicine to spread to the commoners so they can take care of themselves. Obviously anarchy never ended well so while he has no intentions to hurt either Airi or Rain, he warns that if either of them don’t cooperate with him he’ll do anything to “stop” them. So now while Airi is kidnapped, Rain finally realizes that he’s in love with her (and even gets a book on love advice LMAO). Airi also is like zomg I love my kidnapper uguu uwu ❤ and sits there like a captured princess waiting for him to rescue her. And so he ends up being beaten up and captured and thrown into the same room as Airi (????) which obviously leads to them both confessing (in a really stupid way) and making out on the couch. Asagi prolly watched through the keyhole I mean why else would he just leave them overnight like that. I mean instead of thinking of an escape plan – lets bang! 😂

The next day I guess he didn’t like being cucked this badly so he beats up and stabs Rain again, kidnaps Airi to tell all the townfolk that she’s the new queen and the common folk are like hooray our hero Asagi is so close to royalty! Just then Rain bursts in thanks to the fact that Kanon and Minette found him half dead on the street and helped heal him. He tries to save Airi who Asagi plans to take with him back to White World so that Black World can basically perish. Rain is like NOO and jumps in when Asagi then shoots him (with a gun he got from White World) multiple times. Airi then grabs a half bloody Rain and jumps through the mirror with him. On the other side she runs into Luna who’s like “don’t worry sis, I got dis” and runs back to Black World in her place to clean up the mess she left (;・∀・)….Airi then punches the mirror and breaks it so that Asagi can’t come after her and effectively locking Luna out in that shithole instead (눈_눈).  And then after Rain recovers they magically live happily ever after (?) on White World.  In the Black End which I guess is the true ends for Airi, she stays in Black World, and by making out with Rain and having their blood mix up (eww) it creates a magical barrier that defeats Asagi and allows the guards to capture and arrest him by knocking his gun away. Both Luna & Airi are crowned as the duo queens and everyone lives happily ever after with their bunny boyfriends. I personally enjoyed the bad ending where Airi becomes the evil Queen of Hearts honestly it was a lot better for her transparent personality. That said, Rain in other routes is the most irritating piece of shit ever. He berates Airi for “not doing her job” when she was thrown into this role without any training or prep. He tells her to not make decisions that will badly impract Black World like fucker why don’t you be King and make decisions for her then…since she obviously isn’t good at that like Luna was. Then he’s basically a bad guy in nearly all of Luna’s routes as he tries to murder her on the basis of rumors started by the random villagers 🙄. Needless to say by the end of the game anytime Rain showed up he got on my nerves.

Kanon – Kanon’s route begins the Luna side of the game where Luna is the current queen and because she just wants to chop everyone’s heads off they think her Alice power has made her go crazy. Before something drastic happens (like how her mother Alice died from it) they decide to swap her with Airi and send her to White World while abducting and bringing Airi to Black World as per the last 2 routes. As expected, Luna isn’t crazy about living a Japanese school life after spending her entire life in Black World. Even stuff like a sunset colored red sky shocks her. Also unlike Rain, Snow actually tells Luna about her twin sister and why she was brought to the human world right off the bat instead of keeping her lost and confused. ( ´_ゝ`) So anyway Kanon is the tsundere hatter who’s good at sewing. Eventually Airi can’t hold back anymore and when one night he stabs himself with a needle and bleeds, she loses all sense of herself and jumps on him like a vampire. A few days later Nero tells Luna she can just go back to Black World anytime so she puts her dress on and goes back with him. Kanon gets worried about her so he follows her there too but he can’t hold back his blood cravings like he could on White World so she lets him chomp on her arm for a bit 😂. When they run into Snow and Rain the next day, Luna finds out that she’s never supposed to return to Black World at all and that by returning again the world is in chaos again. Rain tells her to GTFO before things get worse so she and Kanon return to White World. While there, Kanon reveals that he can show visions of the past and reveals that he’s thousands of years old because the original Queen of Hearts put a curse on him to keep him from ever aging.

Due to this he’s lived a lonely life and constantly watched his friends grow old and die leaving him behind. Rain then crawls out of a hole to announce that if Kanon wants to break his curse all he has to do is kill Luna which would conveniently work out for Black World regarding the queen situation because oh noes curse of the twins! (Aka Rain is a moron who thinks that Luna will kill her younger twin sister which is absolutely not true as seen in his own route!) Not only that but killing Luna is his last chance to break the curse because after that the connection between the queens and his curse will break with the next queen. Rain or maybe it was Nelo, drops a gun in Kanon’s bag and when Luna starts talking about how she should just die to make everything better, Kanon gets all buttmad and whips out the gun on her. He ends up dropping it saying he can’t do it and hugs her instead. They kiss and Luna confesses that she loves Kanon and then he starts crying saying the until Luna came along he had suppressed his feelings of loneliness. Black world end: Hanae Natsuki does some lewd af sound effects for the viewers👀💦. He then uses her blood power to a spell to turn Luna into a baby again so that he can stop her from reawakening her Alice powers. Luna begs him to stop but it’s too late and moments later she’s a crying babby. In the epilogue, once Luna returns to her original age 16 years later and mentions how the queen is currently her older sister Airi. It’s around this time that Kanon introduces himself to Luna for “the first time” but Luna feels like they’ve met before. When he shows her the dress they made 16 years ago suddenly she remembers everything and bursts into tears. White World End: They discover that Kanon living in on White World ignores the magic spells in Black World which allows him to “grow” at the same pace as Luna. In the epilogue they go shopping on a date together and Kanon’s gotten a little taller. Bad end: After Luna kills herself with Kanon’s gun, he turns into the mad hatter and constantly talks to “Luna” coming out of his teacup. His curse is broken but he’s pretty much lost all his marbles.

Jack – Jack is known as the “tail end” because he’s the last “face card” aka #11 before you get into regular number cards so he has no magic powers and only trained in his sword skills. This makes him a lowly knight send to watch over the queen so he constantly “stalks” Luna from the shadows to the point that classmates begin to call him “Protector-kun”. After a while Luna realizes that he’s actually really sweet and considers himself unworthy of her so she tells him to act like an equal to her because they’re no longer in the Black World. Jack even allows her to suck his blood on multiple occasions so that Luna can confirm that she’s still the “queen”. After they get a little closer, Rain comes from Black World telling Luna he’s taking Jack back and instead he’s leaving Nine with her instead. Some days later, Minette makes a medicine from her blood and they sneak into the Black World to find Jack. She finds him and just watches him having to watch over Airi now and Airi feels bad about it. After returning back to White World, Luna realizes she’s been replaced and she’s no longer the queen. A few days later someone goes into Luna’s room and rips apart her bedding and breaks a bunch of stuff in her room. After this she continues to be a victim of stupid shit like people stealing her pens, turns out Nine has gone mad and has been stalking her instead of well…protecting her lol. Turns out he just wanted a chug of dat good ol’ Alice blood so he stalks her in the park at night and demands she gives him some. But since this an otome game, our hero Jack magically comes to her rescue in the nick of time. 😂

Luna then realizes all because she went to the Black World it made her blood more potent which is why it started to affect Nine too. He nearly kills him until Luna stops Jack telling him that Nine was just unable to resist the temptation. After Nine leaves, Jack says he’s only going to serve Luna and Airi is not true queen yet cause Rain’s trying to figure out a way to get Airi to awaken her Alice powers without the drinking blood part. Jack also shows Luna a secret book he found in the library there and that’s the reason he even went back to Black World. The book reveals that all previous relatives and queens of Luna have died from the Alice powers consuming them. Luna then remembers her repressed childhood memories where her mom Alice basically went insane before her eyes. Alice nearly killed her with a poison tart until she was saved by little Jack (ㆁωㆁ*) who stole the tart pretending he wanted to eat it. Turns out they had met even before that when Luna found him practicing alone in his sword training because he didn’t wanna go home since he felt unwanted. Luna pat him on the head and told him that he’ll become a great knight one day. Jack was so happy that finally someone had approved of him that he started crying and he vowed from that day to become strong to protect Luna one day. And so after fighting with Rain who calls Jack a traitor (for stealing that library book), they run away to some classroom where they confess their love, smooch and he sucks her blood to get his energy back.

Black End: Luna and Jack go back to the Black World despite his protests and end up being spit out in front of the castle guards who attack them. Rain chases them down with a massive army but nothing can stand against the solo power of Jack and Luna’s blood that he sucked earlier 😂. Just then Minette shows up to explain that apparently Jack had some hidden power sleeping in him that awakened thanks to Luna’s blood. His power apparently weakens all his opponents so the entire army, including Rain became wet noodles who couldn’t even hold their swords. HOW CONVENIENT! And so in the epilogue Luna becomes queen, and thanks to Jack’s power, he’s able to “weaken” the Alice powers so they no longer go out of control. HOW CONVENIENT AGAIN! 😂 And so thanks to Jack “weakening” anyone who disagrees with Luna’s reign, Luna can still be queen even if her Alice power is unusable. White End: Everyone returns to the Black World except Luna and Jack who remain in the White World. Once in awhile Minette will visit since Jack is his childhood friend. Meanwhile Jack and Luna officially become a couple and go on their first date together and Luna gives him a bento she made~ lol. In the Bad End Luna’s Alice blood goes out of control again so she forces her way back to the throne with her killer knight by her side. In the White World bad end he chains her down by attaching a ball & chain to her leg (and then drugs her so she can’t move) cause it’s the only way to keep her from going back to the white world. Well technically in one of the other ends she was like “I WISH HE”D JUST LOCK ME UP SO I WOULDN’T HAVE TO GO BACK” well dreams do come true I guess 🙄.

Snow – Snow is the canonical white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland so I expected him to have a pretty deep story. He’s got the bro complex with Rain where dad preferred Rain over Snow because Rain just enjoyed sword fighting naturally while Snow just did it because he was told to. Eventually the dad got annoyed at Snow and basically ignored him only giving Rain attention. Everyone says Luna is spoiled by Snow so she tries to be independent but for some reason she becomes a bumbling idiot in his route and can’t tell the difference between water and sake ?? (눈_눈) That said Snow really likes Luna because he feels like they both have the “being unwanted twin” thing in common. Snow also enjoys gardening and is very knowledged about various plants. Luna feels that he treats her like a child, and gets jealous when he tells some rando girl that he’s just Luna’s “guardian”. It’s one of those typical childhood friends who never thought they had feelings for each other until now type stories. Things go bad quickly when Asagi the homewrecked shows up and lies out of his ass to Luna who is somehow really clumsy and gullible in this route. Snow refuses to tell her why he’s dangerous and when Rain comes back he gets angry just hearing the possibility that Luna might have run into that guy.

Luna gets irritated that her blood is causing all these problems so she asks Snow to drink it to “lessen it” but he refuses. She gets so pissed she then runs into her room and starts cutting her wrist to let it “come out” (눈_눈). Snow smells the blood, comes running is like DAFUQ WOMAN and she tells him well if you just drank my blood I wouldn’t do this. So he’s like ok fine, sucks her blood and she finally passes out from blood loss 😂. After they share bed cuddles suddenly Snow appears to be an ikeman in Luna’s eyes. (〃∇〃)  Unfortunately Snow not only rejects her on top of everyone but rumors circulate that Luna is the evil queen and is the reason that Black World is falling apart. Rain then comes to try to kill Luna one night but thanks to drinking Luna’s blood, Snow is able to fight him off. Luna then finds out Snow hired an assassin to her gardener because she raged at him for not planting roses. She then gets upset that Snow isn’t the gentle bunny she thought he was and runs away to the park alone in the middle of the night??? 🤔 Which obviously gives the bad guy Asagi a perfect opportunity to strike and take her back to the Black World. While there he fills her head with more lies but Luna feels shit aint right so unlike Airi, she actually escapes. Unfortunately I guess she has some of Airi’s genes in her cause she didn’t think her cunning plan all the way through and went out….in her Queen Dress like COME ON. Everyone who sees her is like ZOMG ITS THE EXQUEEN and she has to lie and be like “uh no its not, I’m just a look a like” and apparently the village folk are so stupid they actually believe her.

She hears about Asagi’s blood donation drug plan and realizes that she can’t trust basically anyone. She decides to go back to the White World but before she can, Asagi and his goons catch up to her. She calls out to Snow for help knowing it’s useless but magically he comes to her rescue. They run away thanks to Luna using her powers and then run to the castle into the sacred tomes library. They find the book giving details about the history of all the Alices and then run into Jack who tells them to run far because guards are blocking the entrance to the mirror. They run to the woods, and spend the night confessing to each other and making out. Afterwards, Luna makes her choice to stay or go.  White End: Luna gives Snow her blood, he becomes superman, beats up Rain and the 2 of them return to the White World. Years later they graduate college, become rich plant scientists & live happily ever after. Black End: Snow sucks the living hell out of Luna, uses his newly found magic to restore the “sunset” in Black World and somehow this magically solves everything and nobody thinks that Queen Luna is evil anymore. Airi and Luna meet up, rekindle their sisterhood and the two become queens. Also apparently Luna has no idea how to make babies so she asks Snow to “teach her” all about it 😂。In the bad end Rain kills both of them and they become ghosts lol.

Nello – Nello can tell Airi is tired of Rain’s shit and being his little bird in a cage so he offers to help her run away. Unfortunately, Nello works for Asagi and as we have learned anything involving Asagi is bad news. (;・∀・)  Well as expected, turns out his family is a line of those who “kill” for the queen aka when she says off with their heads, its the March Hare’s job to do the beheading. So because of that his whole life he was labeled as a “murderer” even when he was a child who didn’t yet do any killing. So when his sister fell ill, he desperately needed money to save her and became an assassin that kills people for blood – and mixed with the Alice blood – he and Asagi would sell it to gullible townsfolk who thought even a “little bit” of power was worth paying. They didn’t realize it was a cheapo quality version and not pure blood so Nello has to keep murdering randos, especially young women close to Airi’s age so that the blood is as “close” to the true one as possible. Once Airi finds out that he’s been basically brainwashing her and using her all this time……..she falls in wuv with him anyway DAWW HOW ROMANTIC. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

He then takes Airi to his house where he tells her how his parents went mia and he and his sick sister had to steal food. He then ran into Asagi who offered him a job to basically be his henchman doing everything he said. Asagi was also doing research on Alice blood and promised to cure Nello’s sister Mia of her incurable disease. But obviously this is a lie cause Nello hasn’t seen her in months cause Asagi claims that she’s too sick to see visitors. Obviously this is all a lie but Nello has believed this asshole and now Airi is all giving up herself to him as well wtf! So she figures since she’s gonna become Asagi’s puppet anyway she confesses her feelings to Nello. Nello suddenly feels bad man and starts screaming and crying that he doesn’t want to give Airi to Asagi anymore. On the way to Asagi the following day, Minette knocks them out and brings them to his mistress’ house. There, Rain shows up and tells Nello that he overheard Asagi speaking to his loyal traitors who work in the castle and discovered that Nello’s sister has been dead for months. Apparently when Nello brought his sister to Asagi she was already dead so Asagi just lied saying he’d make her better cause young Nello didn’t know any better. 😱

Rain tells Nello to wake up and see reality and stop following Asagi like a tool. This is confirmed when Airi and Nello sneak into Asagi’s house, and find his diary. Asagi then gets home and catches them both, throwing Nello into some dungeon. Nello’s dumb ass is saved cause Latte begs Kanon to come get him. Airi gets captured as usual and before she’s turned into a blood donation machine, Nello comes to fight Asagi at the castle. He kills Asagi thanks to a brief sip of Airi’s blood, then starts crying how he never wanted to kill anyone. Black End: Nero gets a job….being the executor of the queen just like the rest of his family but Airi abolishes executions all together so he’s asked to handle Airi’s matters since Rain will be busy with other stuff. White End: Kanon informs everyone that thanks to drinking Airi’s blood, Nello now has magical powers to bring back the dead…which is why he then runs into his friend who he once killed and is now walking around. So now Nello is on a mission to revive all the people he had to kill for his job.  Luna also manages to stop her blood from going wild thanks to this and so she’s able to take over the throne allowing Airi to return to the White World. And so 3 years later, Nello magically comes back to her world cause I guess he’s done resurrecting dead people. Bad End: Airi becomes a blood donation blow up doll. Oh and in this one other bad end he kisses her and literally stabs her through the heart, lovely! 🙄 In other news, why did only Nello have his bunny ears & tail visible? Did Snow & Rain have magical powers that they can hide them at all times while he was the shit tier bunny so he couldn’t? 😂

My thoughts of this game in a nutshell

Well as you can see it took me nearly 2 months to finish this game because it just didn’t engage me that much combined with the FFXIV expansion. Despite being a new game, there was no mouth movement or lip blinking which is pretty common in most Otomate’s recent games. The kiss CGs are also kinda awkward because you see/hear description of a DEEP KISS but the CG just look like a tiny lip peck 😂.  The plots in most routes felt disconnected from others – for example how Asagi was the bad guy in some routes, but completely irrelevant in others and instead they’d make Rain the bad guy. It felt like the game was basically riding off art, seiyuus and blood sucking – aka what Otomate thinks is the only thing to make them money so they are now chugging money from people playing this game. The skip function is slow as sin too, but fortunately unlike most  Otomate games, they actually do have a skip to next unread dialogue/choice feature this time. Also the fact that Luna’s half of the game was actually enjoyable while Airi’s half was dull and “generic” in a sense of “oh boy a doormat heroine who just TAKES abuse and then falls in wuv with her abuser” trope. Overall the game really brought nothing new to the table for me, and the blood sucking just felt like it was shoved in simply in order to attract more Diabolik Lovers/Hakuoki fans or something.  I’m kinda done with the whole blood sucking/you have magical blood that solves every problem story telling so the entire game didn’t really leave a deep impression on me. While I really enjoyed Jack and Kanon’s route and Snow was sweet, half of a game isn’t enough for me to recommend the WHOLE game. Also if the Alice in Wonderland trope wasn’t overused enough, they didn’t particularly do anything new with it – and adding blood sucking doesn’t make it novel to me. Not sure what else to really say about this, there’s been barely any new otome game releases period this year to the point that I just preordered a bunch of games in September/October just because well I just want to play something…..anything? I’m probably just going to be disappointed again 😂.


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  1. i was actually disappointed to the game since the story is all about magical blooood of Alice and that’s it and Airi despite i like her appearance her personality irritate me lol (I don’t hate her though) some characters are cute but it doesn’t reach my expectations I have fun reading the review お疲れ様ー!

  2. yea I kinda went into the game with the same impression as you…was disappointed it wasn’t really anything new or special

  3. I was very curious myself about this otome game. But I can’t read japanese so i had no clue what was going on. Only that it was something with an “Alice”-theme and that it’s something with black and white. Now that I read about it here, it is a bit dissapointing. Thank you for all the reviews you make. I like them a lot.

  4. Honestly I didn’t really have high expectations for this thing so I’m less disappointed but more just like “are you even trying anymore Otomate” lol

    seems like most Otomate’s upcoming releases are mostly ports/fandisks…starting to wonder if it’s because they plan to make the switch to PS4 and are holding off

  5. Osomatsu game is so unfunny right now and I haven’t even gotten to the part where their voices turn into robotic beeps x_x

  6. Lol. Got to say the art is pretty. But plot holes are just common nowadays. Who’s the better heroine? Just asking.

  7. I saw the site for this when it was announced, and thought that it looked interesting enough to pre-order… then promptly forgot about it until I saw your review. I guess… I dodged a bullet there…? (・・;)ゞ I just checked Otomate’s site and it doesn’t look like there’s anything interesting for future releases…
    Kudos for playing and reviewing!

  8. Haha omg so everything rode on convenience and switching the villain’s for each route. Rain just sounds like a little shit. Well, I don’t regret buying it since it was in Japan and MEMORIES rofl but damn is it disappointing to know that it was just more pandering. And pretty poor pandering too. Good luck with that Osomatsu “game” and hopefully your next otoge is actually decent 😛

  9. Oh good lord it seems like this was wasn’t very fun for you to play through :C. I still love and appreciate that you did play it because now I’ll know to not to be tempted by this just because of the art (I’m def more of a good story person anyway).

    On the other hand, I love your way of writing what with “…Rain then crawls out of a hole…”, and “…[someone else] now has magical powers to bring back the dead…which is why he then runs into his friend who he once killed and is now walking around” LOL XD.

    Thank you and keep doing what you do, and being who you be :)~<3

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