Music Game Review: Project Diva Future Tone

Since I’m a huge fan of the Project Diva music game series (a lot more than I am of mobile idol games..) I decided to buckle down, buy a PS4 and digitally buy the game and all its DLCs. Warning post is image heavy!

First of all we have a bit of a change from Project Diva X. We’re back to just playing songs with interesting videos, so no more weird quests or grinding electric charge etc. Also the videos are back to being interesting rather than Miku dancing on stage #12125.



Secondly we have an update to our system. Since we’re on the PS4 now  the “scratch” system is gone (no more star icons) as well as the double press icon (where it looks like a filled in arrow of a certain color.) Instead the stars have been replaced with arrows that you can use your joysticks to hit either left or right. There’s also a long hold arrow that has a bunch of bars after it which you hold your joystick until the lines end. There’s also the double arrow means you hit both joystick in the pointed direction at the same time. The old double press is now a little harder because you still have to press 2 keys at the same time but you don’t know which ones until you look so you need a quick reaction time/muscle memory.

While I managed to grasp the arrow part because I did the old stars with joysticks as well…the new double key system still eludes me. I can’t react fast enough and due to this I have trouble clearing almost every single Extreme mode songs except for a few 6-7 star ones (;´・ω・)。I know it will take practice and there’s a new practice mode that allows you to start & stop from any point in the song to practice certain parts you’re struggling with. You also have the option to play the song fully without it kicking you out for failing so you can get a chance to see what the whole song is like for practice as well. So while it’s harder, there’s a lot more options for you to improve which is miles ahead of most of the previous games which just gave you help items but didn’t really teach you anything.

Outfit closet

Overall everything else is the same. The outfits unlock really fast in fact I think I unlocked them just trying to get all the trophies in the game (mostly playing every song once and screencapping  over 60 videos.) Obviously the biggest difference is of course the graphic quality. Having played the same songs over the course of various systems its quite interesting to see how much the game has evolved since the beginning (´∀`)

Anyway overall I think if you’re a project diva fan and if you have a PS4 I can definitely recommend this game. They have the game and all its DLCs on the North American PSN store so even though my version is Japanese, you can get it outside Japan as well! There’s no platinum trophy unfortunately but all the trophies that come with the game are fairly easy to obtain whether you’re a pro or a beginner! And now here’s a gallery of a few of my favorite screencaps I took while getting my trophies.


12 thoughts on “Music Game Review: Project Diva Future Tone”

  1. owo so much beautiful pictures of KaitoxMiku and LenxRin.
    I laughed so hard at the last few pictures.

  2. Oh man I got suckered into buying this BEFORE they announced the physical deluxe release and I ended up pre-ordering THAT too. (T_T)

    1. I’m pretty sure they said any extras from the physical version would be available as DLCs later so I’m not gonna buy the whole thing again lol

      1. Yeah, that’s probably smart. I’m a sucker for that physical disc, the blurays and pre-order sountrack extras. Stupid I know.

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