Otome Game Review: How to Take Off Your Mask

Taking a break from commercial kusoge, I decided to hit up Roseverte’s indy game How to Take Off Your Mask that I picked up during a STEAM sale. This will be a spoiler free review since it’s a short game and available in English!

Our heroine Lilia works in a bakery with her childhood friend Ronan who delivers food ingredients from his store to her bakery. One day she runs into some black cat who tells her that something bad will happen to her the next day. As expected the next day she wakes up and she’s turned into a luccretia aka a catgirl 😂 She ends up bumping into Ronan but he doesn’t look like his usual self. Ronan ends up adopting her and she makes up that her name is Leea. So now both Ronan and Lilia are hiding secrets from each other, so who will be the first to reveal their true self? Lilia discovers that her father was a catboy making her half catgirl. She finds out she can turn herself back to human by sneezing and then she realizes that there’s an organization in town that wants to get rid of all the cat-people.


As typical of indy/doujin games, Lilia is a heroine with an actual personality and a fun attitude that allows her to bump off the personality of the guy you go after, Ronan. The game has 2 different endings, of Lilia as either her human self or cat self but generally it’s the same. Unfortunately this ends up being a down side of the game because once you finish 1 route, the 2nd one becomes a bit boring since essentially the story is the same aside from a few slight difference and Lilia’s appearance. Despite this I still enjoyed the game, because both the 2 main characters and the sub characters had fun personalities and great dialogue that did make the first run of the game very enjoyable.


While I find the price tag a bit high for the content you get ( $15 without the sale, sale price was ok for me) I think it’s made up for the fact that the game is fully voiced. It’s very rare that you get a fully voiced indy game, most of them are not voiced at all. But this one even voices the heroine, who by the way did a tremendous job as Lilia and Leea. There’s a nice opening movie and an OP song which again is unusual for these types of games. So I think that ends up validating the price tag, but I guess I would have wished that the 2 routes had something actually different rather than almost identical stories.


Only other gripe I have is I wish the skip and auto-mode buttons were on the menu GUI so I wouldn’t constantly have to right click to open the menu. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the game, and especially the voice acting was probably one of my favorite parts. Both Ronan and Lilia’s voice actors did a great job and really helped bring out the characters’ personalities. If you’re looking for a short and cute game, I definitely recommend giving this one a shot as it’s better than some of the otome games I’ve reviewed recently. Yea sure it may be short, but that just means that it gets to the point, and isn’t filled with hours and hours of pointless sleep inducing scenario. There’s also a STEAM achievement guide that I used available here.


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  1. I’ve kinda been falling out of otome games lately due to all the bad ones I’ve played so I’m currently playing a galge on the side while wasting time with mobile games. There’s barely any releases I even want this year. The mobile industry is basically eating up the console one so I’ll probably have to find a new hobby to replace this one soon…or just play and review non-otome games xD

  2. Thanks for the review, Hinano! I’ve seen this game being played by an LPer some time ago, and seeing it crop on your blog brought back memories!
    I agree that the heroine having some personality is a huge plus point when playing an otome. I mean, I understand why people would like to imagine themselves in the heroine’s shoes, but it’s the opposite for me. I love heroines who are actual characters, and being able to go through a game as I would a novel… which might be why I tend to prefer indie games.
    Reading you actually reminded me of another indie otome, Lads In Distress – whose heroine I was afraid not to like for having *too much* personality. It does the reverse fairy tale thing, and she, as is any Prince Charming’s lot, is beautiful, loved and skilled, with spunk to match. I was expecting her to be a complete Mary Sue – and while her being so talented can be grating at times, the way these characteristics shape her interactions with each love interest more than makes up for it. Each of the routes is pretty different, but there’s chemistry and purpose in each one, and I ended up really liking it (and maybe crying like a chump). It’s pretty short, but I believe it might be right up your alley, whether for review purposes or not. (Plus, it’s free, iirc.)

  3. haha I don’t mind him not being a catboy. His voice actor did a really great job of portraying his hetare persona so I was really surprised! You could always wait for a steam sale if you feel the price is too high but I would recommend getting it at some point!

  4. Hahaha most indie games do tend to give their heroine “life” instead of commercial games. I saw this on Steam all the time but was always freaking out over the price. So glad you enjoyed it and wow it’s all voiced?! Damn. I will now be getting this rofl. (Although, for an otoge, I kind of wish Ronan was a catboy because as cute as Lilia looks as a catgirl, I think all of us girls want some more sexy nekodanshi rofl

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