Otome Game Review: Psychic Emotion 6 (Mu)

A bunch of  dudes on a space ship head to earth to pick up their “Princess Kaguya”. Tsukishima Hikari,  is your avg high school girl who’s had weird things happen to her all her life. Her only  allies have been her parents who are working overseas, her grandma and her childhood friend Kirara. Hikari moved to her grandmother’s pension and Kirara worried transferred to the same high school. One night they run into a spaceship that  crashes in the mountains near her house. Out of  it come  out a bunch of space princes from various planets,  who claim that Hikari is their princess who they came to earth for.  😂 They tell her she’s gotta pick one of them to be her future husband to save the galaxy! Also because their space ship broke, they decide to crash at the pension which conveniently has enough rooms for all of them. They are also joined by a random freeloader and classmate named Kurosaki Tsukasa.


pe6045Minase Aoi – Before I begin the summary I just want to say that the first 3 routes of the game made it REALLY difficult for me to get into the game so I was zoning out and being bored most of the time. Aoi is Sailor Mercury and is a kuudere (or maybe a tsundere who even knows anymore – they called him a tsundere in the drama CD that came with the game so I guess tsundere it is.) He refuses to go to school at first and I honestly was thinking why do alien princes need to go to Japanese school but after finishing 1 route I realized all of them were actually 17 so they were technically of school age. Anyway eventually he mellows out and becomes more helpful to Hikari. After new years he decides he wants to care about marrying her.  Just then Aoi’s brother calls Earth in distress saying that the  2 factions are at  war  with each other. Apparently on Mercury there’s no men so they reproduce via genetic engineering and so they always try to reproduce only those with the strongest genes. Those with weaker genes are exiled to live in the worse faction. So now you got war between those who were discarded for  being imperfect and those who were chosen as the  elite gene carriers. The two of them head towards Mercury after Hikari jumps into his spaceship one night when he runs to help his brother. Destiny end: Aoi tries to stop the war but gets killed in the crossfire. Twilight end: Hikari uses her powers to grow vegetation which pacifies the  angry residents and the war stops. Everyone goes back to earth and even though this war stops, the tension between the 2 sides still continues. Aoi confesses his love for Hikari and says he’ll properly propose to her when he feels he’s more fit. Marriage end: like with the previous end, but the conclusion is the wedding ceremony on Mercury. I also wish they’d stop casting Hosoyan into these angry dude roles…I miss his roles like Loki in KamiAso 😦

pe6062Kiiya Shiina – Shiina is Sailor Jupiter. I guess I should be thankful that they cast Kaji Yuki to do a normal voice rather than some boku shota (but instead they sacrificed Kimura Ryohei for this.) Shiina I guess is supposed to be the more ero dude of the game, which you’d think would belong to the Suwabe character so I guess props to the stereotype breaking. Shiina acts like Mr.  Perfect but it’s an act because he works really hard when no one’s looking. He can play the violin so because of that the music club asks him to help them prepare for the school festival performance. He tells Hikari one night about his home planet which was inhabited by fairies called Lumiere and their “mother” Dam. The fairies used their musical powers to create living environment for others. So since he’s the prince, the royal family does the yearly ritual ceremony with the  fairies. When he was 7, it was his first time to participate in the ceremony but an accident happened. He began to play his violin but the ritual went wrong and the ritual muse began to randomly attack the people there. Apparently it’s because his musical muse sensed fear in him and went wild. This caused a lot of  people there to lose their lives and after this he was banned from calling out to the muse, playing his violin or participating in the ritual. So now he’s blaming himself cause the girl who passed out in school was the one who asked him to help with their orchestra. Hikari convinces him the girl just passed out cause she was tired but he’s convinced it’s his bad luck with anything involving music. He also feels he doesn’t deserve Hikari’s hand in marriage. Hikari tells him she doesn’t feel like it’s his fault at all, but despite this he quits the orchestra. At Christmas he cries that he always wanted to be loved cause his parents never gave him any. Hikari is like ok I will love you and he’s so happy he confesses his feelings to her and they kiss.   Suddenly after new years he gets a message from Jupiter that the faeries have gone wild and are destroying things. Shiina goes and Hikari asks to come along. Destiny end: Shiina tries to play a song and calm the fairies with his muse but it  fails again. The parents rage at him again and his mom says she wishes he was never born. Shiina loses it and his muse kills everyone around him including Hikari. Twilight & marriage end: Shiina manages to pacify the faeries and his parents remove the music ban from him. After everything is resolved they return to earth and in the marriage end they get married. Also his parents apologized to him for being utter assholes his whole life. 😒

pe6078Kinjou Mizuki – Mizuki is our Sailor Vednus. I’m sorry shota lovers, I just can’t stand these stereotype characters. He’s 17, but he acts like he’s 4 and because I really like Kimura Ryohei’s voice, this kind of voice acting just grated my ears. He also had that annoying shota stereotype of “I love sweets and cakes” and I just rolled my eyes the entire time. He was kind of like the inventor-loli stereotype you often see in anime/eroge but instead they just reversed the gender and bam inventor-shota. I guess a lot of people really do like this type though cause he won 2nd place in the character poll but it was just grating to me. The route only finally got decent when they put the shota bullshit aside and went into the story about his past when Hikari came to his planet. One day Mizuki just ends up sleeping the whole day and Hikari panics. The next day his robot buddy Katherine reveals that Muzuki is actually an android robot. His energy comes from the moonlight and without it he starts to  lose energy and shut down. That’s why Katherine had to give him a recharge. His parents never told him because they wanted him to live like a human. In Venus it’s ok cause the moon was always visible but on earth there are days when the moon is not visible because of clouds. Katherine also tells him that he secretly fixed all of his “wounds” he would get while he was sleeping. Mizuki then has an existential crisis on whether his thoughts and feelings are even his own. She makes him snap out of it after she confesses her feelings to him.

pe6087He also reveals this to the other guys but no one else has any issues with it. Mizuki realizes he was sick as a child so there’s gotta be more to it. They decide to go back to visit his parents on Venus to get the details. When they get there the parents explain that the people of Venus have access to get into cyberspace. When Mizuki was little he got in there by accident and when they rescued him it was too late,  his body was destroyed by it. They tried to heal him for days but with no luck, they transferred his soul into an android body thanks to new technology. They didn’t want him to feel unusual so they raised him as a human. Mizuki just says he wishes he had found out this earlier. After many years they fixed his body but if they were to transfer his soul back after all this time, his body may not be able to handle the memory overload. While all this is happening suddenly a war breaks out and Venus is attacked. Destiny end: Apparently someone injected a virus into their mother computer so Mizuki asks to have his soul transferred back to his body so he can go inside the cyberspace and stop the virus. Before the transfer he kisses Hikari saying this may be the last time. After the transfer he immediately runs to cyberspace to fight the virus. He manages to defeat it but when he comes out he has no idea who Hikari is. Time passes and he still has no memories so he decides to withdraw from marriage ceremony, so Hikari decides to return to earth alone. Twilight end: Mizuki returns to Hikari with his memories of her in tact. He asks her to marry him but he suddenly falls ill.  Hikari returns to earth and Mizuki says he’ll come get her when he feels better. Marriage end: Mizuki adjusts to his new human body by actually having to rest between his inventions, then marries Hikari in the end. I mean yea I get it, he had a child’s “soul” since he was transferred as a child but seriously I could really do without this character archetype..

pe6026Hinomiya Kazuteru – Resident Sailor Mars and the point of the game where finally it feels like there’s a god damn story other than MAWWY MY PWINCE! ✨ Kazu must have had some kind of perverted old grandpa who gave him a book on how to be a great PUA to get all the ladies and mainly – SNAG dat princess. Needless to say he is constantly trying to “follow the PUA guide” and keeps hitting on Hikari. He also has a really scary white pet tiger who even when shrunk still makes scary growling noises. (;´・ω・) Hikari is like wat dafuq the whole time because he even does this in the middle of teacher teaching  class. ಠ_ಠ Since nothing works he decides that he’s gonna run for student council pres which will SURELY make her fall for him! (눈_눈) There an attack on the royal family in the past and his parents got killed but they never found his brother’s body so to this day Kazu believes his twin bro may still be alive somewhere. Due to this he was raised by erogge most of his life. He ends up winning the election but realizes that being student council president is a lot of work. He tries to get out of it but Hikari has to constantly keep him in line and drag him back. After the new years Kazu decides to temporarily return to Mars to visit and then come back to earth. He takes Hikari with him but while there he gets kidnapped by Tsukasa. Someone who looks like Kazu then takes Hikari to the castle. Hikari realizes its not him when he gets angry the moment she brings up his brother. Turns out it’s Tsukasa disguised as Kazuteru because he’s part of a pirate group who wants to take revenge on Mars. Hikari manages to push him away, stealing the key to where Kazu is locked and runs off. (the most she’s done all game! 😂) Destiny end: She runs into his pet tiger who takes her to where Kazu is. She tries to unlock his prison door but it  doesn’t work. Just then Tsukasa shows up revealing the Kazuteru is harboring an illness because the prison room he’s been put in is filled with the plague. He also reveals the key Hikari took was  a fake one. Tsukasa then decides to make like Darth Vader saying he will destroy the universe. 😂

pe6025He locks Hikari in with Kazu and since they’re gonna be there till they die from disease they make out until they both black out 😂😨) Twilight end: The key is real and she rescues Kazu.  Unfortunately he’s still got the plague so running away becomes more difficult. They get chased by Mars residents claiming Kazu is the fake one who came to spread the plague here. After they run back to the castle they run into Kazuteru’s grandpa who reveals most of Mars population is dying from the plague. Kazu lays him in bed to rest but his own plague is starting to get to him. Tsukasa then shows up lying that he has the cure for the plague but then says lol jk I’m gonna kill you and destroy the universe. They run away again to look for the cause of the plague and find a weird alien tree growing in the forest. Kazu tries to set it on fire but has no strength but thanks to Hikari’s magical powers he gets his strength back and they burn the tree down. This stops the plague and suddenly everyone is cured. Kazu and Hikari return to the castle only to find the other guys have arrived from earth angry that the 2 of them left without telling anyone. Just then gramps come in saying that the residents of Mars wants Kazuteru to be their new king (an upgrade from Prince). Kazu also asks Hikari to keep the thing about Tsukasa a secret. Tsukasa then dumps all the royal duties on grandpa and says he wants to go back to earth. (Why does he keep getting leadership positions……) Before they return to earth, he says he’s actually only going to earth temporarily because he wants to learn more about Mars and so he’s gonna push their wedding back until he feels he’s a more appropriate king. Marriage end: Hikari says she likes her dude blushing like a tomato and makes him tell her his feelings out loud. ( ̄ー ̄)✨ After he confesses his love and asks her to marry him, once she agrees everyone else comes running and congratulates them lol. 😂 On the wedding day, all the other guys are like “damn we all got cucked because we all loved Hikari” 😂. (I don’t know why they all suddenly care in this route but not in the others lol.) Honestly I think out of all the routes thus far Hikari probably did “the most” in this one keeping Kazu in line with all his carelessness and stupidity. I still wish that Tattsun didn’t do his “forced shota voice” …I mean come on all the guys are 17 they don’t need to sound like they’re 11…

pe6111Midou Subaru – I don’t really get why Subaru scored SO LOW on the character poll. He’s really sweet and he’s a now the 2nd Suwabe-Horse character I’ve encountered 😂. Subaru has the power to heal but it really drains his energy and he feels bad about changing “destiny” of someone’s life by healing their wounds. By Christmas, Subaru starts falling in love with Hikari, but Tsukasa reminds him of his  mission and that Hikari is destined to die. Needless to say after new years,  when Hikari admits to liking Subaru, Tsukasa kidnaps her. They knock her out and when she wakes  up she finds herself on Saturn. Tsukasa then reveals himself as Subaru’s bff childhood friend and himself as the leader of the pirate gang “Phantom ”. Subaru reveals that some plague mass killed nearly everyone on his planet except him and  he needs Hikari’s powers to revive it. He has the same power as her but it’s not strong enough. Tsukasa also reveals that the engagement ceremony will take Hikari’s life and none of the other Princes know this. He says that true love is needed as well as a planet prince to make the ceremony happen. Subaru betrays Tsukasa saying he can’t sacrifice Hikari after all. Tsukasa gets pissed and stabs Subaru then admits of his Darth Vader plans to destroy the universe. 😐

pe6113Suddenly Subaru turns into his true form: a unicorn Pegasus and flies away with Hikari. 😂 (this is now the  2nd game I play where Suwabe voices a horse 😂😂). They run into some cave where Subaru confesses his love for Hikari and apologizes for everything. Suddenly they feel some rumbling cause Tsukasa plans to spread death to any remaining life on the planet which will cause it to completely crumble. When they find him it’s revealed that all the problems that happened on other planets in previous routes were because of him. Destiny end: The planet begins crumbling and Tsukasa ends up getting hurt cause the disease he’s spreading gets to him too. 😑 Subaru uses the last of  his powers to heal Tsukasa before succumbing to the plague. Twilight end: Thanks to Hikari’s power,  they clear out the  plague which also restores Subaru’s powers, as well as powers of anyone left in Saturn. Tsukasa wakes up to the bad news that Hikari’s powers are gone and now he has no reason to go after her. Just then the other Princes arrive wondering wtf happened. They return to earth and then Subaru leaves Hikari saying he’ll marry her when he finds runaway Tsukasa. Marriage end: After graduating, Hikari and Subaru get married. They take their time since Hikari no longer has the power so  no need to rush the engagement ceremony. This route was the first route where Hikari had her power removed before the engagement ceremony, so it makes me think basically in the first 4 routes every time she gets “married” she actually dies. ಠ_ಠ Also why does nobody care that he is literally a horse. 😂

pe6122Kurosaki Tsukasa – Tsukasa is litereally the best route in the game and pretty much the canon OTP.  I can tell they put all the effort into his route because I feel like this route finally made me change my mind that this game was a complete lost hope. Sure Subaru & Kazu were getting there but Tsukasa is what really sealed the deal. By the time you get to his route all you really want to know is what is his deal and why does he wanna turn this game into star wars. At first Tsukasa’s fake high pitched voice grated my ears and he was very flirty with the heroine, pretends to be the nice guy but it’s all an act. Only Hikari’s friend Kirara picks up on it. Kirara finds out the Tsukasa is the pirate gang leader so Tsukasa threatens to  kill him. Hikari hears everything and runs in which stops him but he’s not happy that she heard everything. He admits that he is the space pirate boss and gives Hikari ultimatums to do as he says or he’ll kill everyone. He eventually reveals to Hikari that the engagement ceremony doesn’t just save the universe, it will kill her. He also tells Hikari that Kirara is from the moon sent to make sure that the engagement ceremony goes well. That means Kirara pretended to be Hikari’s friend knowing well that Hikari was destined to die. He pushes Hikari on the bed telling her that he’s her only ally and she should fall in love with him. Hikari refuses and then Subaru comes in telling her that everything Tsukasa said is true. In order to use her power as mentioned in Subaru’s route Hikari has to fall in love with Tsukasa. So realizing being an asshole isn’t gonna get her to like him so he starts acting nice… but all it does is confuse her. After she tells him that, he starts to act less fake around her.

pe6131Hikari also finally talks to Kirara who admits that  he’s from the moon and at first he was assigned to just monitor Hikari… but then he really grew to like her. So eventually Tsukasa reveals to Hikari that he is indeed Kazuteru’s long lost twin brother. The people of Mars were going to kill him just as he was born,  but he was rescued by the Phantom pirates. Only Subaru knew this and Kazuteru knew he had a brother but didn’t realize it’s him. The reason they wanted Tsukasa dead is because there was an old myth on Mars that if twins are born to the royal kingdom a tragedy will fall upon the planet. Also only Kazuteru got the fire power which left Tsukasa as the shit twin. And so Tsukasa was raised by the pirates of  phantom. Eventually Tsukasa stopped caring about them and later found out the  “attack” on his family was staged by his family to kill him. One day the topic of family comes up and Kazu mentions he had a twin brother. When he asks Tsukasa about his family Tsukasa snaps and Ryan attacks him to defend Kazu. He tears off a part of  his sleeve which reveals a tattoo that only those in the Mars royal family have. Kazu then finds out that Tsukasa is his long lost brother Sora. He rages at Kazu who is confused about everything. Tsukasa then grabs Hikari and runs outside calling for his pirate ship to  pick him up. Kazu tries to talk things out but Tsukasa just threatens to stab Hikari if they get any closer. Kazu flies up to the pirate ship pleading Tsukasa to talk things out with him. Kazu hears about his side of the story but says that while it’s true that the former royal family tried to kill Tsukasa, their parents tried to protect both of them until the end…when they both died. Kazu also kept searching for Tsukasa even though everyone else considered him dead. Kazu even brings out a sand clock that they used when they were little to only say the truth. Kazu says he and his parents never hated Tsukasa and have never forgotten him. Kazu also shows him the scar he got from being shot when he protected Tsukasa from being shot before Tsukasa had passed out and got picked up by the pirates.

pe6142When Kazu awakened,  Tsukasa was gone and Kazu was forbidden from looking for him. Tsukasa feels like he wasted his life trying to take revenge on Mars. He then runs off to his room and throws a tantrum and breaks random shit. He has no idea what to do with his life now that there’s no reason to take revenge. He then admits there is no way to save her and he was gonna destroy every planet using her power. Destiny end: Hikari gives Tsukasa a hug to calm him down. Unfortunately all it does is give him the idea that he and Hikari should just die together here. Hikari is like well I guess I’m gonna die anyway and agrees to  let Tsukasa kill her. He asks Hikari to hug him and then he stabs both of them and before he dies he tells Hikari he loved her. Twilight end: Tsukasa cries himself to sleep in Hikari’s arms after going on about how he has nothing to live for. He wakes up  and says that he’ll stop his plans to destroy the universe if she falls in love with him and stays by his side. Hikari is like cool I already love you though, and he then confesses that he’s in love with her too. Tsukasa then ends up bawling and apologizing to Kazuteru. They return to earth and Tsukasa tells everyone else what happened as well as revealing the truth about the engagement ceremony. Tsukasa promises to extract the  power out of Hikari without killing her and they go on a date a few days later where he kisses her. At the ceremony Tsukasa decides to sacrifice his life to save Hikari’s but Kazu rages about this saying that if he dies there are people who will be grieving. Kazu lends his powers to Tsukasa and they successfully remove the power from Hikari. Unfortunately it’s too much and Tsukasa dies. Marriage end: The ceremony is a success and nobody dies thanks to Kazu’s powers. Her powers restore balance to the universe and save Subaru’s planet too. Tsukasa asks Hikari to marry him after Kazu spoils the fact that grandpa was inquiring about the ceremony on Mars. Kazu also shows off Tsukasa to everyone as the other prince. And so they get married and live happily ever after… though I can’t help but wonder what actually happened to the phantom pirates.  I mean their leader literally left them to be  a prince on Mars… and apparently nobody cares wtf?? 😂 (Well apparently they were supposed to be the moon’s allies but still!)

pe6145Sumeragi Hidaka – Glad to hear Seki-san voicing in otome games again and glad he’s not doing that ossan voice he did in KamiAso lol. Hidaka mostly just works at a Lamperouge cafe and isn’t really around in most routes outside of his own. Hikari decides to take a part time job helping Hidaka at the cafe but as she continues to work there she starts to have flashbacks with him in them. Eventually Tsukasa’s identity is revealed but Hidaka vows to protect Hikari. Tsukasa attacks him and when Hikari sees him hurt, her power begins to go out of control. The choices here  were hold his hand or call an ambulance and the right choice is hold his hand while he lays there bleeding 😂. He tells Hikari not to take him to a hospital and to call Kirara instead.After a day Hidaka’s wounds magically heal despite him getting stabbed in the heart 😨. Kirara then comes over and explains how the Kaguya hime tale is  true. That the  engagement ceremony is the ceremony where Kaguya hime returns to the moon and the  5 princes are there to help facilitate this. At one point the earth got filled with impurity but it became too much for the moon family to handle. So the moon king sealed the impurity inside his child and sent her to earth. As he expected the impurity was purified inside his daughter and that was the first ever Kaguya hime. Hikari is the reincarnation of that Kaguya hime. So every time she is reborn, the moon people are sent down to protect her and to make sure the engagement ceremony goes well.

pe6151That’s what Kirara’s been sent down to do and he apologizes for always lying to her. He does say that he genuinely thinks of Hikari as his friend. Hidaka also then reveals that he has an eternal invincible body thanks to a medicine he received from Kirara’s moon family. Another flashback also reveals that the first Kaguya hime and Hidaka (named Mikado at the time) were lovers. He was forced to append for his crime of making Kaguya fall in love with him by living forever and getting NTRed by all her reincarnations for all of eternity. Tsukasa tricks her by lying that he can extract her powers so she won’t die but then says she has to fall in love with him for it to work. Kirara reveals the next day that his family has tried to save Kaguya reincarnations for years but couldn’t find  a way. Hikari asks him to trust her no matter what crazy thing she’s about to do. Kirara also reveals that phantom group were supposed to help with saving Kaguya hime but for some reason became rogues. Hikari agrees to try to love Tsukasa but it’s all fake cause she still has feelings for Hidaka. Hidaka is shocked by her and Tsukasa dating and then despite given up on Kaguya hime for ages, this time he seems to be in love with Hikari. Destiny end: Hikari asks what Hidaka really thinks about her. He tells her they will be freed from the curse and says he loves her. By confessing his love to her,  he breaks the medicine curse and disappears.  Hikari cries saying she loves him too before he completely vanishes in front of her. Marriage end: Tsukasa threatens to kill Hikari if Hidaka interferes with his plans.

pe6012He takes Hikari up on his ship while breaking the princes’ ship so they can’t follow them. Tsukasa even betrays Subaru who now has no idea what’s even going on. Tsukasa takes her to the moon altar where they perform the engagement ceremony but says they can no longer do it so she has no choice but to do the ceremony with him. It fails and it’s cause Hikari never really loved him. Tsukasa then gives her the black star stone telling her to do the ceremony with Hidaka since they’re both in love with each other.He also admits that he just wanted to destroy the universe. (^_^;) Just then Hidaka and co run in because Mizuki fixed up the airship super fast. Tsukasa admits that if the ceremony succeeded Hidaka might have been saved but Hikari would have died. He also confesses that he was in love with Hikari and was willing to do anything for her, even if  it meant her death. So they let Hidaka try to use his invincible body to take damage of the engagement ceremony with Hikari. Hikari’s power begins to go out of control so the other guys use their powers to help contain it. It’s a success, and afterwards because of it, the earth impurity is now able to self-purify via the moon power and no longer needs to be sealed in Kaguya hime reincarnations. Because of this, the curse is lifted off both Hikari and Hidaka and they become normal humans with a limited life. One of the moon people also shows up and is like “uh actually you didn’t need the engagement ceremon, that’s just some bullshit Kaguya’s parents made up to make her feel better about the fact that she literally has to die every time she has to return her powers…so it would be nice if her death was this romantic ceremony thing lol.

pe6157Oh also it didn’t have to be a prince of a planet, coulda just been anyone, we basically fucked over Hidaka for thousands of years てへぺろ(*´ڡ`●).” They ask if there’s any way to repay for their sins but Hidaka is too nice and is like meh, I’ve done a lot of hard livin, and I no longer care. Now with the curse lifted, he can finally tell Hikari that he loves her without evaporating…and not too long after, the 2 of them get married for real. At the ceremony, all the other princes get invited so they can get cucked because apparently they still love Hikari despite becoming kings of their respected planet. Hidaka also then grabs Hikari and makes out with her in front of everyone for a glorious Psychic NTR 6 end 😂😂😂😂 Twilight End: I had trouble getting this ending cause it would either spit me out into marriage end or destiny end despite me having the right stats. Eventually I got it but since it’s like the in between the good and bad end anything that happened here no longer mattered to me lol. Tsukasa does the ceremony with Hikari but then reveals that she’s gonna die. He says he’s a liar but does admit that his feelings of love for her are true. As Hikari dies, she has a flashback of being the first Kaguya hime in Hidaka (Mikado’s) arms. Overall Tsukasa & Hidaka basically stole the show of the game that really further made the prince routes even more pointless and vapid. The conclusion of the moon people and what they did was fucking crap though, fuck you guys and your stupid thousands of years of crap. Figure out your own problems lmao stop placing evil things into your children *looks at Naruto’s dad.* 😂

Would have been great if this game actually put as much effort into all of the routes as they did into the routes of the 2 main guys Tsukasa & Hidaka. The poster boys, the princes, had the most underwhelming routes and the good characters were locked behind these underwhelming characters. Once I got to Subaru, the first locked character, things really began to pick up. The biggest reason things “picked up” is because they finally involved the heroine’s story so it made her seem like she’s finally “involved” in something other than being the princes’ mail order bride. Because of this the first half of the game feels like it’s meant for Nakayoshi reading 12 year old little girls. The vocabulary is very simple and the heroine is this perfect good girl who is protected by her best friend and now has a bunch of alien princes fawning over her. It’s when she finally has to win over the affection of the last 3 guys it felt like she really  shined. It’s not interesting at all when the guys are in love with the heroine right off the bat and everything is happy, with some minor plot but overall nothing the heroine has to do to get them to take interest in her.

Make gakuen great again
Make gakuen great again

That said, because the dialogue is so simple it would be good for any otome game beginners as well as Japanese language beginners. There’s a LOT of hiragana, way more than kanji so those who like to look up words when they are playing/learning it would be very easy to do. So in that sense, I can’t hate the game for what it is, especially since it becomes an advantage. Still though, Otomate typically doesn’t target games for such a young audience so it was kind of an unfortunate surprise for me. The massive amounts of sparkles in every CG and GUI also added that “childish” feeling. Sure I love sparkly things too, and I find it cute, but I think they really went overboard lol. I also think it would have been more interesting if they didn’t make the space prince guys high school kids. I mean one of the Amazon reviews mentioned it would have been more fun if they brought her to their planet and the game took place mostly there rather than on earth. Yea we had scenes where the heroine went to their planet, but I would have wanted to see more of that. Ultimately they return to earth anyway and since this is a fantasy game why make it so boring and generic school life setting? Worsened by the fact that in every guy’s route the school festival and the children’s play scenes got really stale after the first 2 times.

You get starry food, and you get starry food, and everyone gets starry food!!!!11
You get starry food, and you get starry food, and everyone gets starry food!!!!11 STARS!!!!

The last 3 routes really brought  the game together for me, and I was surprised that characters like Aoi or Mizuki won the character poll. Nothing against Aoi but most of Mizuki’s route annoyed me until he stopped acting like a 4 year old. The game honestly woulda been fine without the princes except for maybe Kazuteru since he was relevant to the plot. (Woulda been better if Tattsun didn’t do his forced shota voice though.) The other 3 princess honestly were completely irrelevant and the game did nothing to make me take interest in them. Also once you know the truth about Kaguya hime and the engagement ceremony, their routes feel even more awful…like their good ends are actually bad ends ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Honestly it’s all a shame because the game overall was cute, the character designs were nice (even if some CGs were a bit weird), the music was catchy (especially the ending song by mao) and the cast was very good. I also kinda wish Kirara had a route lol.  I also really enjoyed those bonus 添寝 bed omakes in the end (except shota because wtf come on…Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン) Overall I guess if you’re a Japanese language beginner or a beginner to otome games you might actually really enjoy this game. As a veteran otome gamer BBA though, it was just a bit too juvenile for me and without the really grasping story of Tsukasa & Hidaka, I couldn’t really enjoy the rest of the game.

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  1. Thanks for your hard work!

    I agree with what you said about this game being more suited for Japanese or otome game beginners. When I saw the site for this game I felt like otomate was targetting the younger audiences and otome game newbies with this game. The eyecatch system also makes it easy to know whether they made the right choice for a good end. It’s quite a good change for otomate, who I feel has been focusing a lot on veteran gamers and ignoring the younger generation who may be put off by the more difficultly worded and lengthy games that they usually put out.

    As for your review format, I usually skip to the final thoughts if it’s a game that I intend to buy for myself but I see that a lot still read the whole thing. Maybe instead of describing the whole route, you can give a short summary and a list on what you liked or disliked about the route/character?

    1. I honestly didn’t look too much into it before pressing the order button but I guess I didn’t really think of it as being specifically for newbies since sparkly themed games are not that uncommon even for older gamers.

      And I think for any games that aren’t as interesting I might do that format you mentioned. I did something like that for my Norn9 FD review because I couldn’t be assed to summarize every route in that game XD

  2. Great review, as always! I have to disagree and say I really appreciate and read all of your route summaries because they are so helpful to many like myself who aren’t particularly advanced in Japanese. It really helps clear up any misunderstandings I might’ve had. However, I understand the amount of work that goes into doing that so in the end whatever you decide to do is your decision. Just wanted you to know that your hard work and time doesn’t go down the toilet because you have dedicated readers who are grateful for your work ^^

    Sincerely hope 2017 hits us with some good otoge lol and if you ever come across more “Japanese beginner friendly” otoge I’m all ears! ^^

    1. thanks, I don’t really get much feedback anymore like I used to, and I feel like I hear a lot of “I only read your final thoughts so I wouldn’t be spoiled” on twitter….so I came to the conclusion that there’s almost no point to writing a full summary lol. I’m glad there’s at least some people who still appreciate it. Though I think like I did with my Norn9 FD review, I will review terrible games in that fashion…cause it’s really demotivating to sit there writing a summary when the game is just SO bad.

      1. Sorry to hear that but then again maybe those are your haters because of Diawifebeaters? rofl
        Kusoge haha don’t really deserve your amazing summaries but they’re entertaining all in their ways.
        I can say that my friends and I all really look forward to all of your posts (so cool you love ff too btw!) and can understand if you get tired of all those summaries but we do really like them! Whatever you decide we got your back!

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