Otome Game Review: Suran Digit

Back at Otomate Party 2015 they announced a game where you get to date NUMBERS. So then we all wondered what kind of story they’d create around personified numbers. Sadly, not much of one, and so we have this grasping-for-straws of a game. Honestly I only bought it because of the character designs by melo but I guess this is the kind of game I finish the kind of crappy year that 2016 was. Reisaki Hiroka’s parents died in a car accident and she’s been living with her guardian Yatsugu for most of her life. One day in her 2nd year of high school, Yatsugu tells her that he’s transferred her to another school where she’ll be living in a dorm. Hiroka’s annoyed because all she wants to do is sleep all day like a snorlax and on the first day of school, she discovers that she has a glowing seal of the “0” number family. Turns out the school she’s been sent to collects the students from the number families and is run by the Ichizono, aka the #1 family and a very powerful family in Japan. Little did she know that she was called in order to revive the 300 year old “Suran Sensou” which was a battle between the ancient number families to decide who would be the leader of the village.

A couple of notes, the way the suran battles work is you cut through the right hand symbol of your opponent with a special sword. These special swords decide the “winner” and can’t actually kill anyone but there is definitely pain if you get hit by it as well as pain when your hand seal is sliced. Anyone can start a battle by having the 2 people’s symbols touch each other via touching the backs of their hands. The 0 family was known through the generations as the “missing” number but nobody ever knew why – until this game reveals it.

suran109Rokuhira Takaki (6) – Honestly I can’t remember ANYTHING about this route. It was the first route of the game for me, but it did the absolutely poorest job of getting me interested in the game. Takaki usually quietly just sits around and listens to everyone complain about the student council. The math club they just act like they’re into math when it’s just a front for their anti student council group. Takaki says he killed a friend but it was covered up, due to him being a number, so he’s swore to never fight again no matter what. Turns out Takaki didn’t kill his friend, but because of him the friend lost his chance to be a pro soccer player. When Takaki was bullied, he ignored it and just took it. His classmates then threatened the friend to bully him too or they’d bully him as well. The friend then later asked Takaki to punch him back and when he refused he was called a puppet. Upon hearing this Takaki raged and hit him back causing him to fall down the stairs and break his leg. It didn’t make him unable to walk but unable to ever play soccer professionally. So ever since then Takaki blamed himself for killing his friend’s future. I think the friend forgave him at the end honestly I was falling asleep by this point… (;´∀`) The route randomly ended without anything happening Except Hiroka kissing him on the forehead and him finally calling her by her first name.  I kept waiting for something to happen so the ending kinda came as a rude awakening. Sad end: They both die in a fire to avoid fighting ever again.

suran119Kuori Meguru (9) – I don’t know why the fucking fuck this guy won 1st place in the poll. His route literally starts with him pushing Hiroka’s face against her desk and making her his bitch while he forces her to do really dumb slave labor for the student council. Labor that even Osuke doesn’t really care that she does…Meguru literally admits in his omake that he just enjoyed treating her like shit for no reason! Look man some do-S dudes are ok, but this is getting into dialovers territory and I don’t wanna go back to that bus. Clearly all the DL fans must have voted him into first place because I fail to see how anyone would like him. Yea he does improve a little by the end, but then he acts like a douchebag in the rest of the game so any redeeming qualities he had are overshadowed by the fact that he’s a giant dick. The only time he isn’t an asshole is when he’s wangsting about Osuke in the rain cause he’s Osuke’s #1 fanboy ever since shota-suke stopped him from slicing his hand when he was little. One day he takes her to the nurse’s office and turns into a yanhomo by pulling out a box cutter threatening to cut off her hand so she never has to fight again. She’s a threat to Osuke but just then Osuke and Keitaro come in and are like wtf are you doing. He’s angry that Meguru doesn’t trust in his powers and leaves. He kicks himself out of student council and his parents call him an embarrassment to their family. For some reason Hiroka feels sorry for him and starts hanging around him while he calls her a masochist. 🙄

suran127On a rainy day he finally admits that since his parents only care about family status, Osuke was the only one who saw him as a person. So he’s been Osuke fanboy and wants to do everything for him now. So now that Osuke told him to peace put, Meguru is all sad, too sad to bother bullying the math club and Hiroka. Feeling sorry for him, Hiroka takes him out of the student council and invites him to the math club. 😌 Everyone thinks they’ve begun dating and during a kimodameshi he tries to kiss her alone in the classroom until she boots him away… And when others find them he hugs her in front of them joking they should go out for real. After this he acts nicer to her, even helping her study. Eventually Hiroka says if he needs to be wanted by someone, she will be the one. Meguru gets a bit of confidence and asks to challenge Osuke to a battle, not as a Kuori but as himself. The school principal says that Osuke has to kill Hiroka cause the 0 family name has no place in the Suuke because of the ~shame~ her distant relatives brought. Meguru suggests that maybe Hiroka’s parents death wasn’t an accident. Good end: Osuke goes bat shit from the god influence and tries to kill Hiroka. Meguru protects her and gets stabbed instead. 😓 2 weeks later, Osuke is suspended while Meguru is recovering. When she visits Meguru he confesses his love for her and they kiss. He also says he’ll do more research on her parents when he gets out. Sad end: Osuke’s grandpa tells Meguru to kill Hiroka. Before he can tell her the details (which she hears from Osuke), Osuke ntr’s Hiroka and says he will take full custody of her so that his grandpa won’t kill her. Osuke then tells Meguru that he’s back to serving him and back in the student council. Meguru can never see Hiroka again and ends up crying because just like his grandpa, she’s now left him too. Also let me tell you how it sucked that Morita voiced this guy after voicing the sweet ossan in Collar x Malice :/.

suran086Shichihara Keitaro (7) – Ok so I am a bit biased here because of Maeno but I still weirdly enjoyed Keitaro’s route. Since he’s a lucky 7 he has turbo good luck and when he fell (or rather intentionally jumped) down the stairs, he miraculously survived without a scratch. In this route there’s a mystery of someone randomly attacking students at the school. Rihoko, one of the student council members gets attacked as well. The pattern appears to be attacks on the students’ left hands – the ones where the numbers are engraved. Based on a sticky  note bookmark left behind, Hiroka realizes the one behind it is Keitaro and he’s been pretending to look for the criminal with her the whole time. When she confronts him about it, he admits to having done everything and is really happy she did. He says it was all just a game to him to see how soon she’d figure it out. Because of his good luck he’s never had to suffer or be sad so his whole life has been boring and he’s been unable to feel any kind of emotion towards life. When Hiroka showed up, the number that shouldn’t exist, the start of the suran wars, he figured his life can finally have some excitement. And basically he’s like yolo I regret nothing so he challenges her to a duel to “punish”him. Hiroka defeats him and then tells the student council, but Osuke tells everyone to keep it a secret. A few days later, Hiroka comes to Keitaro’s room to see how he’s doing. He’s basically so happy that he said she’s made his life and he can die happy now. Hiroka then starts to get in tune with her inner do-M and starts to fall for him. The next day his younger siblings ask Hiroka to pass on some flowers and a letter to their oniichan so he gets well soon (they don’t know the reason he’s stuck in his room.) She continues to visit him and he even helps her with English homework.

suran089One day she comes to his room finding that he’s cut his hand because he can’t stop cutting things and he didn’t want to attack others again so he did it to himself. He claims that he needs another dose of punishment from Hiroka so she agrees to battle him again.  He beats her but cuts his own hand intentionally to officially lose because he doesn’t want to hurt her. Some days later the suran battles are announced to end in a week via everyone’s hand symbols. Keitaro also reveals that he only attacked random students, and that any attacks in the number family weren’t him. Suspecting that her caretaker Yatsugu may have something to do with it, she goes and talks to the principal. She then finds out Yatsugu knew all along about her being a number 0 and he intentionally enrolled her at the school. Before he can tell her about her parents she runs off crying to Keitaro’s room. She takes a nap in his bed and wakes up at sunset. Best end: After telling him what happened, he gets mad that someone upset her this much that’s not him. He kisses her and says that she should just run away from here and he’ll be the one to save her from this number cage. Three days later, Hiroka goes to talk to Yatsugu and hear the truth. Yatsugu says he’s basically #10 but their family was exempt from the suran battles. He then confesses that he was driving the car with her parents and her in it and wasn’t careful and got into an accident. When the accident happened he saw the mark on her hand glow. So when he found out about the number family and school he thought she would be better off at this school than with him (completely unaware that 0 is hated in the number family.) He apologizes for hiding everything from her. That night, the suran battles officially end and Keitaro and Hiroka go live overseas while he studies while she’s his stay at home waifu. (Although seems like she has everything done for her cause he figures if he spoils her she’ll never leave him 😂). Sad end: Keitaro comes into Hiroka’s room at night, kisses her head and says goodbye. When she visits his room the next day it’s totally empty.

suran026Nitou Mitsu (2) – Mitsu wants to be the very best like no one ever was but he sucks and will always be #2. So most of the time he’s just being commanded by Meguru despite being the leader of the math club. He does stand up for Hiroka when Meguru is being a huge douche though. He’s good with his hands so he can make flower wreaths and sew dresses. His route felt like weird deja vu of Meguru’s route. There was a lot of repeated scenes I saw in both routes despite the game thinking it’s a “new scene”. The plot in this route is that Nitou’s older brother Touji has died a few years ago but only the Nitou family knows this. To everyone else they lie and say that the brother went to study abroad. On top of this, he used to date Sanga Rihoko (3), but didn’t want her to be sad about his illness so he just lied and asked nobody to reveal his death to her. After he left her, Rihoko thought he abandoned her and began to hate men a lot after this. Mitsu reveals all of this to Hiroka because he’s madly in love with her. What Rihoko revealed to Hiroka later is that before they broke up, Touji intentionally made Rihoko hate him by attempting to rape her in a classroom and saying that he’s no longer interested in her. (´・ω・`) So yea it’s no wonder that Rihoko fucking hated men after this. Eventually they reveal to Rihoko about Touji’s death and she thanks Hiroka for telling her. She says she’s sad but is actually happy that Touji cared so much about her, going as far as to make up such a wild lie about himself. She also asks Mitsu if she can continue to visit Touji’s grave every once in awhile.

suran027Meanwhile, Godai apparently has a crush on Rihoko and asks Hiroka for some advice. Apparently he fell in love with her because he saw her the day that Touji broke up with her. So because Hiroka starts hanging out with Godai to help him get his feelings across to Rihoko people start a rumor that the 2 are going out lmao. (;´・ω・) Mitsu gets jealous so he decides to help out so that Hiroka ends up spending less time with Godai. Eventually they let Godai and Rihoko talk things out and the plot shifts back to the story about Hiroka’s past. Mitsu bugs Yatsugu for the truth and Yatsugu now reveals that everything he said in Keitaro’s route was a lie…😂 He says that Hiroka’s family house was actually set on fire and Yatsugu ran in and saved her because her hand seal was glowing and it led him to her where abouts in the smoke. He was able to rescue her but not her parents. This was all planned and intentionally done by Osuke’s grandpa who wanted the entire 0 family dead. However, he didn’t pursue to kill Hiroka because Yatsugu revealed to him that Hiroka has the number symbol active on her hand. Once he enrolled her in the school, with all the numbers in 1 place, this allowed for the number tournament to start once more after 300 years of inactivity. And of course gramps only wanted the tourney to prove once again, that the #1 family is still…#1. When Hiroka confronted gramps about this he’s like lol yea I killed your parents but staged it as an accident, what are you gonna do about it ? Cause the #1 family holds a lot of power in Japan apparently so even if Hiroka were to go to the police they’d figure out some way to bribe them and cover it up.

suran037Hiroka then says she will defeat Osuke and be the top of the number group to then reveal his crimes but he just laughs it off knowing that there’s no way Hiroka would ever beat his grandson. For the next few days Hiroka continues to train over and over and even asks Mitsu to help but he refuses to fight her because he knows well that both he and she can’t stand against Osuke. When she tells Osuke about this, he has a hard time believing and Meguru as usual calls her out saying it’s bullshit and demands she fight him. She gets badly injured so instead Mitsu says he will fight Osuke in her place. In some miraculous twist of fate, Osuke actually loses! Best End: Needless to say, principal grandpa is enraged that his grandson could EVER LOSE! In the end all he ever fucking does is bow in apology to her but that’s it! He’s not taken to jail and not arrested because Hiroka decided that it wouldn’t ~bring back her parents anyway~. What stupidity, all that training and revenge suddenly ~gone~ because of Mitsu. Umm okay. ಠ_ಠ  And then suddenly even though she realizes she likes him, she refuses to confess it and when he tries to kiss her she shoves her stuffed animal in his face. (눈_눈) Eventually he convinces her to let her kiss him after confessing his feelings once more. Sigh. Sad End: Mitsu loses to Osuke so….he goes and sets the Ichizono house on fire after killing gramps lmao. 😂 m9(^Д^)プギャー Sounds like best end to me tbh lmao. When Hiroka tries to stop him, he slips a sleeping drug down her throat via kiss and yandere-babbles off about how he will never let anyone hurt her. 😂 Wtf who would have thought he was a yandere lmao…too bad the game never hinted on any of this.

suran056Ichizono Osuke (1) – Osuke is the #1, always at the top of the number group but is actually a pretty humble and chill dude. For  some  reason  he  falls in love with Hiroka and confesses his feelings after the sports festival. Hiroka is really confused cause she doesn’t really feel the same way. ( ̄▽ ̄;) When Meguru hears about this he thinks Osuke is  crazy and demands to battle him. So then somehow after this battle she realizes she likes him too apparently.  He also says that he feels like he lost by falling for her first and it’s a first for him since he’s never lost anything.One day he just starts to ignore her for no reason even though they had kissed just days earlier. She thinks it’s cause of her hand seal and tries to cut her hand but Meguru stops her (the only decent thing he’s done in the whole game!) Several days later Yatsugu confesses the he’s from the #10 family, Jyuumonji. He didn’t wanna be part of it so he left the house and let his brother take over. Anyway after hearing the  breakdown about his grandpa, Hiroka runs to see Osuke who’s a sad panda sitting alone in the kendo room. She hugs him saying she ain’t mad at what his grandpa did cause he didn’t know about it until now. Osuke starts crying that he has no right to be her lover because of this but she’s breaks out into  a Whitney Houston speech of how she will always love him. 😂 Best end: Hiroka challenges Osuke to a duel. As they’re battling, grandpa comes running with a sword threatening to kill Hiroka. So now Osuke ends up fighting grandpa instead. Gramps loses and then Osuke gathers everyone telling them the  1 family was  responsible for 0’s demise. He says from now on the 0 family will be once again accepted as part of the number group. Gramps seems to have mellowed out after he got hospitalized and quit his principal job. Osuke complains that Hiroka won’t call him by his name so when she finally does,  he  kisses her. Sad end: Osuke protects Hiroka and gets stabbed in her place. He dies and his grandpa goes mia after writing it off as an accident. Ironically one of the main guys there wasn’t much left in his route since the majority of the plot was spoiled in all the other routes… That said Osuke was still a pretty sweet guy, I expected him to be an asshole since he was voiced by Yusa Kouji but he ended up reminding me a lot of Hibiya from Oumagatoki Kaidan Romance – and they even look really similar lol.

suran062Shikata Yuuhi (4) – Yuuhi is the number of death so he naturally likes ghosts and scary movies. He takes care of a kitty he named Kuro (cause its a black cat) behind the school even though it hates him lol. Meguru then  gets rid of the cat and instead of Yuuhi fighting him, Hiroka fights in his place (and loses). And even when he feels bad about it, she tells him it’s ok to be “weak” rather than telling him to try and get stronger. Yatsugu allows them to keep the cat until they find an owner to adopt it. Meanwhile because she lost, Hiroka becomes Meguru’s slave again… 😑 fortunately once Osuke hears about this, he offers for her to work under him instead and she immediately grabs the opportunity. He usually acts like a beta but has his manly moments once in a while like nearly winning the sports festival race carrying Hiroka when she gets hurt. In the  past a dude from  the  #4 family  was  in  love with the woman from 0 because it was the 0 family who was always kind to them. In the same way Yuuhi is in love Hiroka because of how kind she’s been to him. The leader of the  1 family then forced the  0 lady to  marry him. So now the plot is whether Hiroka will choose Yuuhi or Osuke even though it’s obvious she has only  feelings for Yuuhi. After this Yuuhi is determined to suck less to get Hiroka to notice him as a man. He even confesses his love to her after school. This is a preliminary flag because during a number battle between Osuke and Hiroka, Yuuhi bursts in, steps in and  stabs Osuke with a real sword (rather than the  Suran one).  He then reveals the truth about how the Ichizono family killed off Reisaki and there’s no “divine punishment”. Yuuhi then rages and kicks Osuke who’s bleeding on the ground and says Hiroka should be the one who leads the number clan.

suran070Hiroka refuses and cuts her hand seal to  intentionally lose. Yuuhi is like ok fine, then I’ll become leader and he cuts Osuke’s seal while the guy lies defenseless on the ground. Additionally he kills the principal too and even though Meguru tries to prove he did it  he is unable too- in the same way that Hiroka couldn’t prove the principal killed her parents. Best end: Yuuhi becomes the student council president and his first order of business is to take revenge on the bullies who constantly beat him up. Even when Godai and Meguru try to  fight him again in  Suran battle, he  kicks their asses anyway. One day when she goes to the shrine where you battle she finds a deep cave underneath it. There she finds an old sword with the  spirit of her relative. He shows her a flashback that  reveals that her relative actually won the battle but Ichizono was a sore loser and threatened to kill his lover, from the Shikata daily, if he didn’t secede. Ichizono then told Reisaki to cut his seal,  but even after he did Ichizono tried to kill Shikata Io.  Reisaki got in the way and ended up getting stabbed to  death. This all happened in this cave where the leader ceremony was to occur. Now the  spirit of Io has taken over Yuuhi’s body which is why he is hellbent on  killing every member of the Ichizono family. Hiroka battles him and says if she wins he needs to let go of  his obsession with the Ichizono family. After he loses, he sees the  ribbon that’s  attached to Hiroka’s sword and begins to cry cause it was  given to her relative by Io.  Hiroka hugs Yuuhi and Io’s spirit is able to rest in peace along with Reisaki relative dude.  After this Yuuhi goes back to his frail self but when Hiroka kisses him on the cheek,  he turns the tables and kisses her lips. 😘 He then once again tells her that he loves her. Bad end: Yuuhi tells Hiroka that her parents were killed by Ichizono. He then tells Hiroka to take revenge on the world with him. Honestly Yuuhi was actually really cute but when he was always blushing around Hiroka but when he gets possessed it’s a rather strange feeling but I guess it made his route more interesting than most of everyone else’s.


Honestly – meh. The game did nothing to draw me into it and the fact that the heroine was literally snorlax most of the time didn’t help. It’s hard to get into a game when the eyes of the person you’re looking through are mostly closed because all she wants to do is sleep all day. The promo art made it seem like she’d be this cool ass kicking fighter and when she defeated #5 at the beginning I was like wow hell yea! But then as the game goes on, it turns into boring copy pasta club activities/kimodameshi/sports festival stuff but without all the moe situations you’d expect from those things? That’s what this game lacked. It had all the school life but it didn’t have the MOE that comes with typical school life games. Therefore I barely got to know the characters, I couldn’t understand why any of them fell in love with the heroine (except Keitaro was the only obvious one) who just wants  to laze around like a log the whole time. She also couldn’t really win any battles except in 2 routes (1 of which she got help in) and it was mostly because she couldn’t care less to battle anyway. So it’s like the heroine doesn’t care, the writers don’t care, so honestly as a player, why should I give a rat’s ass. ಠ_ಠ The omakes were ok; some were funny  others were cute like with Rihoko and Godai. However putting the  flashback of Hiroka’s past was really stupid as this should have been in the actual game for consistency. Also the romantic scenes would have been better as epilogues after the credits so the flow wouldn’t be broken. Like cool I get to see a kissing CG of Takaki whose route I draw a blank on.

Shut your mouth Meguru ಠ_ಠ
Shut your mouth Meguru ಠ_ಠ

The limited set drama CD and the preorder drama CD was actually funny, and I kinda wish the effort they put into writing that was reflected in the game itself. I don’t mind school life games, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like they weren’t even trying and the great plot was revealed and repeated in so many of the routes that by the time the full revelation game in the last route – I was like cool, I know but thanks for telling me for the 6th time. ┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ Anyway it seems these days Otomate is beating their artists to work like slaves to produce pretty pictures in their games which is why the writing has been so disappointing to me lately. Also I am not even sure if melo even drew the Cgs in the game or if she just did the “character” designs. The Cgs themselves look very different from what I saw in Taisho Alice so it’s like someone else actually drew them based on her “character sheets” or something. I feel like I haven’t really enjoyed a well written story since Collar x Malice which is pretty sad. This will be my last post of 2016, I hope we run into some better games in 2017 (although the next 2 games I’m finishing off from 2016 that I know are both terrible lmao oh well I bought them, may as well play them!)  Happy new year everyone! 今年も( `・∀・´)ノヨロシク!

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  1. wow that was some kind disappointment I thought this game will have some kind of cool action sword battle in school setting but turns out it was just?????

    Kind of sad you have to end this year with a meh game. 😂😂 now I can see where otomate only just put their effort towards collar x malice instead of others. (like cmon this game kind of having potential). Just hope next year otomate at least have a good game to came up with since seems like 2017 no many good otome games that I’m really interested beside taisho x alice and kenka bancho fandisk haha.

    1. I pretty much thought the same as you lol, but oh well I guess I’m starting to get jaded to the disappointment again X_X
      and I agree with you on 2017 games…there’s barely anything I care about aside from Taisho Alice & KBO FDs too..well I am curious about Variable Barricade but hopefully it won’t take Otomate until 2018 to release it.

    1. I’m guessing you meant Meguru, since Osuke was the nice guy xD I think 2017 will be the year where I will not play a lot of otome games, the outlook is pretty dim

  2. Hello 🙂

    I discovered your blog today. Its very entertaining as well as informative.
    I would just like to know if you have a list of your best/favourite Otome Visual Novels. I have read a number of your reviews but in trying to avoid spoilers I have been scrolling down to the bottom to read your final thoughts, which are indeed helpful. I was just wondering if you had a concise list of recommended Otome games. (must plays/worth playing)

    Perhaps I have completely over looked it, if so; my apologies.

    Kindest Regards

    1. I don’t have a recommendation post but my yearly anniversary posts I have my fake “awards” so basically anything in the “gold” section is usually games I would say I’d recommend and I’d say to stay away from anything in the Bronze and Silver because those are the mediocre/bad games I felt I had played throughout the year.

  3. thanks for the review! i was wondering what about the girls? pink hair girl looks interesting.

  4. What a bad way to end the year… Otomate seemed to have an even higher rate of misses than usual to me > <;;

    On a side note, I've been thinking of buying some otome games to play (I normally only read blogs – like yours which has given me many laughs on a bad day)

    How long did it take you to be able to play a game with the help of a dictionary? My Japanese is near nonexistent. Thank you for all your posts, may 2017 be a better year for releases ( ˶˙º˙˶ )୨

    1. I never really used the help of a dictionary unless complex terms came up. For example back in 2010 I had to look up a lot of things when playing Clock Zero and I still didn’t understand a lot. Playing it 5 years later things just naturally clicked. When I began playing otome games was already way after I spent about 5 years fansubbing anime which helped me learn a lot of basic conversation dialogue that when playing stuff like starry sky I didn’t need to look things up xD So yea it’s been a while, at the moment I guess you could say it was a 15 year learning progress (this probably tells you I’m an old fogey lol)

      1. I see, I’ll try to start small and build up some daily conversation skills (*´˘`*)
        Hopefully one day I’ll be able to read your reviews after playing some untranslated games myself ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ Thank you for taking the time to reply!

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