3 Years on FFXIV


It was certainly a year to remember, or maybe forget.

Not going into much detail but since I quit raiding in 3.0 my life has been a lot less stressful and quieter. Ex-primals were still a bit of a wall but I was able to clear them thanks to help of friends. I’ve made friends and lost friends as usual but that’s just part of an MMO game cycle and you just move on. The game isn’t as engrossing to me as it used to be. Not sure if the raiding retirement has anything to do with it but I’ve now switched to a monthly subscription cycle and I find myself often “cancelling” after 30 days and only resubbing when there’s a new patch or event. I’m probably less than a stellar FC leader like this but what can I do….the flames of passion I once had for this game have all but died out. At least I can still get together with my few FC members and have these nice event photoshoots every once in a while.

Discovering & implementing reshade was a huge plus for me this year as well and really rejuvenated the what little bit of fun I had left in the game. I think at this point I’m ready for 4.0 but I’m a bit glad as all this free time away from the game is giving me time to actually play a few old otome games in my backlog (though looking at the previous review maybe that’s not that much of a good thing 😂). We’ll see what happens with FFXIV in 2017!


On an unrelated note, I heard Pangya Korea is finally shutting down lol. I’m kind of surprised this hasn’t already happened a while ago. It seems like only Pangya Japan will be operating that train anymore but seeing how the game is dying worldwide there’s only so long they can keep the game running –  on the budget of butas paying money for gacha coins to see new graphical panties while they play golf.😂

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    1. eh when you first start the game there’s a lot to do but here I am 3 years later having done most of what the game has to offer.

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