Thoughts on Wand of Fortune R (Vita Port)

I’ve previously reviewed Wand of Fortune and it’s fandisk so this is more a commentary/review about the game system/port of the Vita edition. No spoilers here just general thoughts on the port.

What’s New (+ Tips)

There’s something about Alvaro.
  • A face portrait on the bottom left added for Lulu (was in the 2nd game but not the first.) Lulu also is now voiced by Horie Yui in the repeated scenes such as better cards, schedule picking etc. To be honest, after a while it got kind of annoying constantly hearing the same “Ashita mo ganbarou!” or “Yatta! Watashi no kachi!” about 10+ times per route(;^ω^)….
  • They call her name if left default, but all the lines with her name are completely re-recorded and sound really different than the original. They couldn’t hire new seiyuus for other NPCs though or rehire the old ones cause they didn’t call out Lulu’s name when it came up lol.
  • You can no longer play better cards every night to try to get all 30 in one route. You can only play them on Fridays because you only do 1 thing M-F now. Other thing is there’s a bonus better card now – a new liar card that has a new illustration by Kagero. Est, Lagi and Julius were my favorites. Once you get the better cards in the game, you need to then play the guys 5 more times. Also this time they’ve reduced to “2 wins” per better card instead of 5 like in the original so you have to play basically 15 better cards per character. It appears that if you do some cards and finish a route, but don’t complete all of them in 1 run – you will start the next route and have to do the cards you already did over again because while they “appear” to be there, they’re not “active” so only do better cards of 1 guy per route (doesn’t have to be the same guy as your route – IE I did Julius cards in Ami’s and Alvaro’s cards in Julius’ routes.)
  • Animations for the study sessions with senseis are super fast now even if you’re on auto mode.
  • You can now pick 1 week’s worth of schedule so I referenced Choro’s guide BUT I used Momokan’s to see how much % of each property I needed by a certain week. (Some characters need less than 50% for friendship end some need less than 60% and if you go over you’re headed for bad end.) There’s only like 1 night now and weekends where you freely move around which means no more getting all better cards in 1 route like before…BUT you can now just easily get them within the guys’ routes themselves. The annoyance though is the evening scenes are random now, rather than you picking who to interact with. Your routine basically becomes study with sensei M-F with 1 day for a mission or a “yasumi” so that your weekend is free for a date event OR the mission you picked during the week. Once you complete the romance route and finish the missions, when you go back to do the friendship route, you can ignore missions and just use the weekends to buy more items at Solomon’s store for your trophy. (***Whether or not you need them for the trophy I don’t know but I got them all anyway.***)
  • Solomon’s item shop is basically useless now? They kept adding items to it to make the game easier but now they just nerfed the whole game and basically it no longer serves a purpose. Seems like you just buy the items for collection purposes/to get a trophy probably? You can give the items as a present in the beginning if You want to raise affection super fast but I’ve done several routes without ever giving a present and it barely mattered. Still RNG on the item buying which is annoying af since you can’t get the magical hand until the end to let you guarantee to get the items.(By the time I got it I think I had every item from the shop anyway sigh.)
  • Memories are no longer a random thing you find in an open area. They appear to fill in if you meet certain ‘requirements’ Source. Once you finish a route it will appear like the last 2 jewels are missing but 1 you get from completing both ends (which you won’t see until the jewelry box opens) and the other you get for completing the fandisk portions.
  • When going on dates you almost ALWAYS have to go the mystery portrait (不思議の絵) to get the guys to come and ask you. The guide says you will pick “of course” as your choice but that only ever came up maybe 3 times for me in the whole game. Otherwise they ask -> lulu ALWAYS agrees -> date happens. If you’ve seen this dialogue you may not even realize she agreed or disagreed cause you’ll skip right through it. So my tip is ALWAYS quick save before going to the picture and if Saturday comes up and it says “No mission” that means you have no mission AND NO DATE. EMERGENCY QUICKLOAD! Sometimes it would take 2-3 quick loads to successfully schedule a date. Annoying.
  • Friend ends have new cgs and trophies so you gotta do them  but bad ends don’t appear to – but if you’re on track to a bad end, stop by solomon shop, get items you don’t have and they will be saved in your collection. Make the most of your failures!
  • You don’t need to pick every choice in the missions but certain missions require you to pick a certain choice in order to get an “item” that will be added to your item collection – whether or not this is needed for the trophy I don’t know. I got them all just in case.
  • In the FD part, best way for anata to issho “negative” response is to just spam the same choice over and over cause the guy will get annoyed and you will rack up -9 points fast.
  • And the biggest tip I have is, SAVE every 4-5 weeks for each guy. You have a ton of save slots, you can afford to do it. If you mess up, too much property, not enough property etc – easy to load and redo only a couple weeks instead of redoing the WHOLE route.

Thoughts on Everything

Basically how I felt after all the better card frustration
Basically how I felt after all the better card frustration

Was it worth it? Probably not. If it’s not your first time playing the game, I think getting the artbook would have been a better choice. I’m also the kind of person who doesn’t really replay otome games and enjoys them the 2nd time. Once I know what happens, my brain just…doesn’t focus? Also when I play a game without having to pay attention/take notes for this blog my mind kinda…wanders off lol. The new CGs were gorgeous. You could really see how the artist leveled up but I think the artbook would have sufficed honestly. While they “cut down” on the system, it’s still unplayable without using a guide (I basically used 2 and referenced a 3rd one which is sad.)

The shortening of the schedule and picking “weekly” rather daily cut out a lot of time. Also not having to rng spam search for memories helped a lot as well. That said though, ultimately I got to the end with a “whatever” feeling about any of the “plot”. Lulu is still a great heroine, her interactions with Alvaro and Elbert were definitely my favorite. I also disliked Est a lot less now that I’m experienced with all of his tsuntsun 😂.  The better cards were still annoying RNG. They shortened how many you needed but I struggled with certain characters like  Alvaro and Elbert. My strategy was to see if they had a pattern, and then basically whatever card they used, my next card would be the one that their “previous card” would have beaten since you know they were unlikely to use that. (Sometimes this backfired if they used light/dark but worked MOST of the time.) You need to get all the better cards, including Ami and Elbert to complete the gallery. Also make sure you are playing as “Lulu” against them or it will NOT count.

Est is best put your shota to the test
Est is best, put your shota to the test

Overall it was a valuable lesson that I will not only not buy the 2nd game’s Vita port, but I will probably stop buying Vita ports of games I’ve previously completed. It just doesn’t interest me, not even when they add beautiful artwork. I think I will just stick to buying artbooks instead or scourge the net for a CG pack 😂. If this is your first time with WOF, then definitely get the Vita ports because they DID make it easier than the PSP/PS2 counterparts and you get the bonus of larger and new CGs. If the Lulu name calling volume bothers you I think if you just change her name they will just not call it at all. It did bother me a bit but I dunno hearing Suzuken go ~Luluchan~ was delicious. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)❤


19 thoughts on “Thoughts on Wand of Fortune R (Vita Port)”

  1. You mentioned an artbook–does WoF-R have one? If so, I can’t find it… What is it called?

  2. Do you think it’s worth playing? I mean I never played the original one so the Vita port interested me, but the system really scares me lol. Are the characters/story worth it?

  3. Was it worth it? Probably not. If it’s not your first time playing the game, I think getting the artbook would have been a better choice. I’m also the kind of person who doesn’t really replay otome games and enjoys them the 2nd time.

    Don’t know about Corda 4 and I generally don’t play KOEI games so I can’t really comment on that

  4. It’s been years since the last time I completed WoF series.. I think I already forgetting some of the plot haha
    Do u think it worth to buy the vita one? I’m struggling to choose between these and the corda4 ;;w;;

  5. Well that doesn’t sound fun lol, hope they’ll make it more efficient. I don’t wanna have to ragequit.

  6. Awesome! I got the Vita since I can’t get a copy/system for the original and nobody got time for all dat system card bs.
    I do agree with you on the art. It’s absolutely fantastic. And Lulu is ferocious! Slay girl!!

  7. The 2nd game’s system is a lot more straight forward – but more cumbersome. Rather than doing a ‘variety of things’ you basically have to do a lot of ONE thing which can be pretty annoying in the long run. I read through my WOF2 review yesterday and reminded myself of how depressing and grim most of the game was, save for Alvaro and Julius’ routes lol. Hopefully whatever they do to the Vita port will make it less painful? (Like allow you to craft 10+ stones at a time instead of 1…….(눈_눈))

  8. I guess? I don’t think I’ve seen annoying system otome games lately (or maybe I’ve mostly avoided them?) Also laughed hard at Wand of Warcraft – if anything I think the 2nd game is much closer to that feeling… 😂

  9. I was so excited for this game and I’m disappointed I didn’t enjoy it as much. Now I kinda wish I didn’t get the Animate set, but I do like that wallscroll. That being said, I still plan on getting WoF 2 because I need more of the characters haha. I just hope the story is interesting enough to make up for the grueling system.

  10. So basically they remade it to almost be at the current standard for otome games? I dunno how to feel about it, since I’m not really a fan of Wand of Warcraft-*cough* Fortune. Or, perhaps I’m no longer a fan of wizarding schools in general? Who knows.

  11. the real RNG is the dumb card game but you can ‘sort’ of control it if you follow my strategy and pick up the patterns. Also the RNG with the dumb Solomon item shop is just pointless and contributes nothing to the game.

    The rest is just grueling stat raising. Also I kinda feel like by shortening the schedule they took away a lot of the “character interaction” parts that were in the original game so now you’d get scenes with random guys to “go home” rather than the one you’re going after lol.

    It’s strange since I really do want people to play this game and enjoy the WOF franchise but at the same time I don’t want to expose anyone to the frustration of flipping through 3 guides just to get the platinum trophY!

  12. Thanks for the review!
    I have a love/hate relationship with RNG. I’m playing an otome game with it, and it’s so frustrating to plan for anything, let alone get a romantic ending. Now knowing that WoFR has it, it’s pushing me to a no about purchasing it.
    Even so, I secretly hope that WoFR gets localized (hopefully by Idea Factory International). It looks really cute and some of the elements may appeal so some people that don’t like pure VNs.

  13. That’s a relief XD The system sure sounds annoying but at least they made it easier compare to the horror that is the original game. I think I’ll save up for the Vita port after all. Anw thank you for answering my question 😀

  14. Honestly I don’t think it is? And like I said if it bothers you, you can just rename Lulu and they won’t call her name = no sound differences lol. (There might have been a few new lines added to Anata to Issho but that’s about it.) I think it’s worth getting if you’ve never played the game, the voice difference is not remotely close to being a deal breaker. (The annoying af better cards were way worse to me XD)

  15. Thank you for your review, as always :”D
    I was thinking about getting the Vita port too, since I’ve never played the original game; but I’ve read some reviews saying the quality difference between the old voice and the new voice is pretty jarring… So I’m wondering, is it bad enough to put off someone?

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