Otome Game Review: The Wizard & the Master

From the graveyard of Quin Rose, I’ve finally picked up & finished Wizard & Master! I originally had the PC version but I couldn’t get started on it because I didn’t want to deal with yet another grueling battle/stat raiser system like Crimson Empire or Arabian’s Lost. Thankfully Quin Rose made the Vita port a straight VN but just like with Alice, it was at the cost of a lot of CGs on the chopping block. (;´・ω・) Oh well our story begins in the country of Rune Venus where everyone can use magic – everyone except our heroine Alicia who has 0 magic powers (or so she thinks.) In order to inherit the throne, princess Alicia has 25 weeks to find a powerful wizard husbando or else she gets sent back to the countryside and loses her inheritance. It’s a fateful half a year, will Alicia be able to secure her wizard ikeman? 😆

r01Ryuk Brown – Ryuk comes from a royal family of knights so he’s your knight in shining armor canon. He’s the oldest brother in his family but he’s given up his inheritance rights in order to have freedom.  On his own free will he then enrolled in the magic academy. He’s known Alicia from seeing her at royal parties/events but he never spoke with her directly. Due to this he’s always idolized her from afar and after interacting with her at the school his admiration turned into love. ( ´∀`) Unfortunately being the stubborn quin rose heroine, it takes some time for Alicia to reciprocate his feelings,  despite him going as far as kissing her midway through the route. He also teaches Alicia a bit of his sword skills since she’s always mad that oniichan keeps beating her during sparring. At one point they get jealous of each other because she thinks that he’s popular with the ladies while he thinks that she has the hots for Lloyd. But what I do like about QR’s older heroines is that they often think logically and are like “why are we even arguing about this pfft let’s be direct!” So to get him to understand she only likes him, she grabs his shirt collar and kisses him explaining that she only asked Lloyd for directions to find Ryuk in the first place at the school festival. So yea this kinda continues until some assassin from Gil Katar (thank you Arabian’s Lost!) tries to kill Alicia and Ryuk helps stop him….until she somehow unveils some magical power within her she never knew she had to make him leave. (And I’m a bit sad that we never get an explanation directly on why she was able to summon the powers to use them only during that time especially since this scene happens in every route…)

r02Best End: Alicia asks Ryuk to be her partner and she becomes the queen. Somewhere in this they became lovers (I swear there was no confession I think Quin Rose missed a scene or something….) and everytime he goes away, she misses him so much that when he returns they have sexy time :lol:. Good End: Ryuk rejects Alicia’s offer to be her attendant because he feels he’s not fit for her. Because of this she has to go home empty handed and Seras is like ok well time to go to the countryside. Alicia gets mad and takes her anger out on him :lol:. She ends up going back and becoming a scholar since she can at least do research and stuff even if she can’t use magic. Ryuk comes to visit her, saying he’s been travelling places like Gil Katar (Arabians Lost setting :P). Before he leaves for the night, he makes out with her outside behind the corner of her house. Suddenly it starts raining for like 3 days straight so Ryuk ends up spending time in her room the whole time :lol:. A place to call home end: Alicia fails to snag her man and becomes a flower shop girl in the boonies of her hometown. Ryuk visits her to tell her he’s going on a long journey and then he returns to her several months later. Alicia is so happy to see him she glomp tackles him to the floor 😆 That night they screw  cause it’s been a while and live happily ever after ( also once again they became lovers somehow in this ending I have no idea when.) Oh and then Lloyd shows up to not only cockblock Ryuk but to make this ending drag on forever. In the end of this, Ryuk goes and uh…builds a house for the 2 of them to live in. There are B & C variations of the endings where Alicia becomes something different but overall everything is the same so I’m not gonna bother summarizing them.

loyd01Lloyd Darknest – Lloyd seems like this hardass nerd, which he is, but well he’s also a tsundere :lol:. He acts all stiff in front of Alicia until she finds him one day cuddling with a cat in the garden. It’s the most adorable thing ever, and because of this she now is gripping his weak point! Unfortunately it’s not much of a grip since she thinks he’s adorable as fuck and after that nothing he says ever sways her one bit. In fact the tsundere magnet is stronk enough to make her fall for him (and being the typical tsundere, he falls for her too while denying it all the way down :lol:) He’s often found in the research lab doing various chemical experiments. Eventually Alicia becomes his assistant for a science presentation and that’s when he realizes that she’s not just some spoiled dumb princess. He apologizes for treating her like a fool and acknowledges her hard work. After the presentation is a success, Lloyd is worried she’ll stop coming to his lab but she says she’ll continue because she’s used to it now. One day when Alicia goes to see him at the mens dorms, he freaks out and uses a spell so nobody can see her. After he takes her to his room to kill time before she can run back, he ends up kissing her but Alicia hates to lose so she ends up taking that kiss further than he expected :lol:. After this Lloyd is all tsuntsun and doesn’t want to admit that he’s in love with her but also feels like he’s a “poor plain guy” that doesn’t fit a rich princess. Eventually he deredere’s up though and by the time she’s ready to ask him to be her attendant, he’s already got his bags packed & ready to go 😆

loyd02Best End: Lloyd becomes Alicia’s attendant and opens up his own research lab at her castle. He’s too busy with his lab work all day and never sleeps so she threatens not to sleep with him in bed anymore if he doesn’t get some rest. One day she walks into his room and he drops a potion he was working on and it stinks up the whole room. Turns out it was a medicine to help him and her ~relax~ so they could get some ichaicha time away from work. He then asks Alicia to do an “experiment” with him to see if their babies would be more like him or like her…and so they have sexy times happily ever after \(^o^)/ Good end: Lloyd refuses Alicia’s request to be her attendant cause he wants to focus on his research and studies. Lloyd comes to visit her at the countryside and they end up making out in the guest room.  Lloyd then brings all his lab stuff to her place so that way he can still do his research but be with her. 😊 They also work on a project together cause they’ve both been invited to a scholar seminar. He then proposes to Alicia to marry him. A spell cast on a wizard end: Alicia is annoyed that Lloyd won’t visit her at the countryside so she goes to see him and as usual he hasn’t been eating or sleeping properly. Just then Lloyd’s little brother shows up and he’s run away from home cause his parents are ignoring him due to being busy with their research. After they play with the bro and the sister comes to pick him up, Alicia runs into Ryuk visiting. That’s where Lloyd announces that he and Alicia are lovers and she’s like ????? He says he DID confess to her (though he was being so tsun about it she didn’t take it seriously xD). Alicia ends up spending the night at his house and that night he confesses his love to her directly. Alicia says she doesn’t believe him since his mom left his family because they were all so deep in their research. Lloyd says he values his research but without Alicia it feels meaningless to him. Unlike his father, he won’t neglect his wife and kids. The next day Alicia wakes up with an engagement ring on her left hand (ノ´∀`*).

sylphSylphiel Belmore – Sylphiel is kinda like the yuri route I guess but I thought she was a pretty good friend to Alicia. She’s also a rich royalty ojousama and probably more princess like than Alicia is :lol:. The other guys idolize Sylphiel and get all mad at Alicia for hanging out with her not knowing that Alicia is a princess. She also admits that she had a rivalry going with Ryuk for Alicia :P. Both of them wanted to protect the frail Alicia who can’t use magic but upon hearing this Alicia’s like uh I’m not really that frail…lol. The route is generally short with bits about all the magical fairies Alicia encounters throughout the game. Best end A: Alicia asks Sylphiel to be her attendant and she agrees but asks if she can graduate from the magic academy first. They’re bffs and all but uh Alicia still has her man slave Seras by her side.  😂 Good end: Alicia becomes a scholar and Sylphiel visits her. She says she’ll even abandon her royal name because she wants to research various continents. She also wants to meet more fairies as well. Bad End: I don’t know how this is a bad end but Alicia basically ends up in the countryside  but she has her manslave Seras by her aside to cuddle with xD Student end: Alicia gets involved with some girl named Tenelope Cruz who knows that she’s the princess. She also then gets to know 2 step brothers named Gai and Nicol. Gai was some adopted dude at an orphanage and Nicol was the son of the orphanage owner so Nicol things of Gai as his cute brother. Actually Alicia and Tenelope think he’s an uguu bear too and they all bond over this :lol:.

miller01Miller Ferdinandes – Miller is Alicia’s childhood friend and while it seems like they start off on a rocky road, it’s all because Miller is extreeeeemmely tsun for his crush on her :lol:. (And so I am really biased to him more than anyone else – except Meissen oniichan of course.) As the typical CHF, he love her long time, but since she doesn’t see his feelings he says means stuff just to get her to pay attention to him – even in a negative way. Deep inside though he really cares for her and worries about her, especially since she has no magic powers can’t protect herself from getting into trouble at Symphonia. When Miller and Alicia were little kids, he said the only way for them to be together due to their different “social status” is to get married. He told Alicia to then kiss him to seal their “wedding vows” and Alicia was really confused but did it anyway xDDD. Freaking ero-gaki www. Unfortunately for him, Alicia mostly thought of this as “cute childhood play” (uhh ok I didn’t do this as a child but sure) and thought absolutely nothing of it :roll:. Miller can also play the pipe organ which impresses Alicia since she was used to him being bad at it when they were kids. He continued to be a tsundere to her but while she’s sleeping in the library one day he pets her head and sneaks in a kiss cause he  still loves her all this time (*´ω`*). For the school festival, Miller ends up crossdressing as the “goddess” and giving the “blessing” to Alicia by kissing her on the forehead. After the show, in the changing room Alicia compliments him on how he looks really good as the goddess and he gets upset that she doesn’t see him as a man. That’s all until they trip and topple on the floor and he sticks Alicia’s hand on his chest to be look like – no boobies. Alicia subconsciously starts groping him around and he blurts out that if it’s her it’s okay to touch him (〃ω〃)モェ!! (That is until she’s like ok woot woot and he tells her to GTFO and stop saying lewd things as a princess xDDDD)

miller02Unfortunately our princess is on the dense side and doesn’t realize his feelings…so when they’re out in the forest one day Alicia kisses him for shits & giggles.  When he asks why, she’s like idk so he gets pissed and she apologizes for doing that because he has a “girl he likes”. Miller is frustrated that his “childhood promise kiss” and anything in general towards her flies over her head, but says to her that unlike before, he isn’t going to give up this time. (´;ω;`)ウゥゥ He brings Alicia to the woods one night where he admits he enrolled in the wizard school so that be would be a more suited man to be with Alicia.  As it was he was just the son of a count that saw Alicia at royalty parties. After his failed attempt to SHOW her he’s a man (she kicks his ass and walks away 😆 ) he figures he’ll just give up as her time at Symphonia is coming to an end. However Alicia doesn’t want to give up, despite being stubborn, she realizes she really likes being with him more than just childhood friends. She asks Seras to bring her up to his room and despite him being like NOo you can’t come into a man’s room at night, Alicia plows her way inside xDDD. She tells him to get the picture and they end up making out on his bed. Best End: Alicia tells Miller that he’s gonna be her attendant and he shits bricks and is also shocked that she’s in love with him cause she never said it directly till now :lol:. He thought she was in love with Seras but then he babbles that of course he’ll come with her because he’s only ever had eyes for her 💗.

miller03Unfortunately as expected, it ends up being a constant battle between him  and Seras for her affection :lol:. He tells her that he’s loved her since forever so he gets jealous and doesn’t feel like his role stands out from Seras’. Alicia reassures him that she would never hug or kiss Seras. One day Miller bursts out that he makes Alicia ~cry every night~ huehue in front of Seras and Seras rages. Their relationship is supposed to be a secret but rather than raging at Miller, she tells Seras to GTFO and instead takes her ~stress~ out on Miller in bed (◉◞౪◟◉`)hehe. Real talk: I wish we’d have more dominating heroines like this. Good end: Miller rejects Alicia cause he’s tired of getting the run around.  He continues to visit her while she’s a scholar in hopes to truly won her heart someday. He then takes her on a magical broom ride to a magic item shop where he buys her an item that will protect her in case an assassin comes after her again. He intentionally buys one that’s shaped like an engagement ring and Alicia knows it so she asks him to slip it on her finger (ノ´∀`*). After this he says that eventually he’ll come to pick her up to be his waifu and tells him that this ring will hopefully ~ward off~ the other mans (specifically Seras :lol:). Alicia is disappointed he isn’t her attendant, but she’s a-ok with this outcome and they screw happily ever after \(^o^)/. Wish Upon a Starry Night end: Alicia becomes a pianist after Miller rejects her, but he only did it because his pride wouldn’t allow him to be a rank below her (even though honestly that was always the case to begin with :lol:). He continued to visit her at the local church where she works at the pipe organ player and constantly bickers with Seras for her affection. Eventually he babbles out (thanks to the church kiddies) that he loves Alicia and she admits that she kinda feels the same way and that Seras is nothing more than her summon. Miller then invites her to play piano at his “party” but Alicia knows that it’s his birthday party and after her piano playing is done, he takes her to a room with the 2 of them. That’s where he’s surprised that she cared enough about him to remember his birthday…but since her present to him is with Seras, he instead asks her to give ~herself~ to him and they kiss by the moonlit starry sky. (*´∀`*)

seras01Seras Dragoon – Seras is Alicia’s servant/slave/masochistic pet dragon. She found him one day when she was a loli and obnoxiously convinced him that he should be her tsukaima. Seras was like dafuq at first but then sensed a strong magic power within Alicia and agreed. After this he somehow fell madly in love with her and became a do-M for her abuse for reasons I don’t think I’ll ever know. I mean I guess he had a masochistic fetish and Alicia fullfilled those desires!? People think the 2 of them are a couple but Alicia’s been with him for ages so he’s like a childhood friend/pet to her. She decides to see if there’s any romantic feelings between them so she asks Seras to kiss her. Seras ends up shoving his tongue down her throat and they make out so hard they can barely stand up afterwards. Alicia is shocked at her reaction but continues to deny saying there’s nothing between them. After this she invites him to her room, making him hide himself so he can sneak into the girls dorm. She ends up jumping all over him and making out with him before he has a chance to say anything..and of course he lets her xD. In the end they end up humping with Seras bawwling that he cannot bear her children to have something memorable of her after he outlives her. Alicia is like it’s okay bby we can still screw 😆 Best End: Alicia choses Seras to be her attendant – which doesn’t change much aside that she’s considering have some half dragon babbies in the future :lol:. She gives him a bath in his tiny dragon form and that lights a fire under his ass. Later on she says that she wants to visit Symphonia again to see everyone. Seras is like wtf but she’s like I’m your master so you do as I say and of course he has no choice but to agree cause he’s weak to his goshujinsama :P. Good End: For whatever reason Seras rejects Alicia’s proposal to be her attendant.

seras02Honestly it never makes sense because Seras would never reject his master at all so it’s like “oh you didn’t pick the right choices” end (;´・ω・). They go on a date in the park where he licks ice cream off her hand and she freaks out thinking they might look like lovers…but Seras is completely oblivious to the whole thing. Dragon & Princess End: Alicia becomes a painter and lives quietly in a village undercover with Seras. She tells him not to call her “master” so that nobody thinks anything suspicious. Miller comes by complaining that Seras is keeping Alicia from getting married by cockblocking any mans (including himself). Alicia tells Miller that she chose this and later on when he’s gone, Seras is so upset that he wasn’t born a human and he kisses Alicia so she accepts his depressed self. She also then orders a book called “Dragon & the Princess” that Seras used to read to her when she was a loli. In the book the princess marries a prince and leaves the dragon making him sad. However once Alicia re-reads the book as an adult, she realizes that the dragon then chases the princess down, disguises as a human and kills the prince. He then turns yandere and takes the princess to his shack in the woods where he locks her with him forever & ever :lol:. Alicia is like dafuq though at the plotline of this but then reassures Seras that she has no intentions of marrying Miller and leaving him behind. She even paints a painting of a princess cuddling with a dragon for the storefront of a customer that requested it. Also she asks Seras to call her by her name instead of “master” but he has a long way to go before he can catch on that. Honestly I thought this was actually a really cute ending though I like Seras to be a do-m dragon not a yandere one (;´・ω・). I never really did understand why Seras was so in love/loyal to Alicia. I mean he sensed magic powers in her and I was getting that hint throughout the game but I was hoping his route would give more hints towards it. Otherwise he just falls in love with her for absolutely no reason lol.

howard01Howard – Howard is the chief of all the maid servants at the school but he’s secretly the substitute for the school principal who’s been gone for many years. Apparently Howard had some ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ…love for Alicia’s former life self – who was a man. He told Howard that he’d be reborn with no magic powers and no memories of Howard and Howard was like NOOO THERE’S NO POINT THEN /angst. Then for no reason whatsoever other than “token adult character” Alicia falls in love with Howard and confesses to him. It’s kind of annoying/sad because this is literally like the only route where she confesses first. All the other routes the guys are pining for her love and she barely even confesses in their BEST endings..but here we are love confession….and of course Howard rejects her. He tells her that her feelings for him are like that between a father and a child but Alicia is determined to make him give in! One day Alicia gets caught in some slime in the hallway and Howard shows up to help.  She refuses his help because he rejected her feelings but he then just grabs and kisses her 😂😂 This calms her down but then makes him freak out on what the hell he’s doing.  Eventually they both simmer down and he frees her from the slime. He comes into her room that night claiming some kind of seal is breaking and he reseals it. He says that this will stop her from having “those” dreams of her past life. Alicia complains that she wants to remember but Howard just kisses her until she falls asleep. She wakes up with no memories of what happened the night before. She feels like she’s called towards a certain room in the school building so she heads over it – because the room unlocks itself for her. It was a room where her former life self used to be in a lot. A room where he and Howard spent a lot of time so when Howard finds her there he’s frustrated because all the memories keep coming back to him. Alicia has no idea WHO Howard is looking at but she asks him to look at her.

howard02Howard also tells her that the goddess Lorei originally created the school as a place for wizards & their masters to just hang out at, but then it became an actual magic academy. Alicia keeps having dreams but Howard comes like a creeper to her room every night to try to wipe her memories. Not this time though, she pins him down on the bed and makes out with him before he can finish his spell 😆 She tells him she doesn’t care about what her past life was and he starts babbling about how he’s always been in love with “that person”. Basically I just think he wanted to bang his former master, but couldn’t and now that his former master is a bodacious babe, ALL IS CLEAR 😂😂😂😂. Despite this weird NTR with her former self, Alicia doesn’t care cause all it means is that Howard is all over her whether its her current self or her past self. Best End: And so the 25 weeks are up and time for Howard to give us the plot dump. He tells Alicia that he’s over thousands of years old and he’s not the principal like she thinks. He’s been the “substitute” for the real principal, his former master, who’s one of the 25 godly beings created by the god of creation. Howard and most people at Symphonia look young but are actually thousands of years old and have been living here for ages – their time stopped – waiting for their “true master” to return. Howard’s master has been reincarnated thousands of times but he’s never returned to his “full former self”. Alicia says she don’t care about that stuff but Howard’s all like NUOOO MUH MASTAAARRR. Or so he thought but I guess Alicia’s too hot for him to resist, so he agrees to be her manslave while ~waiting for his master~ (even though she’s his master’s reincarnation lol.)  He asks if she remembers her ‘dreams’ and she just answers she only remembers dreams of strawberry shortcakes so he tells her to forget about it. ┐(´д`)┌ And so Alicia follows in her dad’s footsteps but unfortunately Howard is busy with attending to Symphonia as the principal sub so he barely spends time with her (;´・ω・) I mean honestly I don’t know what she was expecting lol. Seras rages at him but he says he knows he hasn’t been a good attendant but he doesn’t want to quit.

howard03Alicia tells Seras to shut it because she came in with the expectations that it would be like this anyway. Alicia then starts to visit the school along with Howard and help him with his work there. She comes during the anniversary festival again where she plays a magical piano which makes it seem like she has magic powers even though she doesn’t. Howard asks Alicia if she’d be willing to throw everything away for him to live with him forever and regain magic powers. Alicia says sorry she doesn’t want magic or eternal life, but tells Howard to love her in her “limited” lifetime. Kinda sad and bittersweet ending but I’m glad that Alicia didn’t pick eternal life with him. Good End: The realistic truth that Howard refuses to be Alicia’s attendant cause well he’s got his duties as the substitute principal at Symphonia. Like with the other guys’ good ends, Howard still visits her at the countryside. Alicia asks Howard to go on a “date” with her and Nero says he’ll keep Seras busy in the meantime :lol:. Alicia tells Howard to stop calling her Princess because she’s no longer a princess, but he can’t stop and he makes it so that anyone except her won’t hear him say the word princess :lol:. He continues to visit her at night and probably screw her after he wipes her memories clean of her past life. Meteor Festival End: Alicia becomes a teacher at Symphonia despite having no magic powers. She just uses magic items! A meteor festival is coming and its purpose is to celebrate 25 years of no war. Howard shows Alicia a flashback to an area that’s now just deserted land…and how it used to be a town that was completely wiped out because of forbidden magic.  Alicia finds his diary and flips through it reading about his old master. He wakes up and is really mad that she did this but lets it go. At the star shooting he tells Alicia that he doesn’t care about world peace but he always wishes for it because that’s what his old master would have wanted. Alicia says she only wishes for his happiness and he tells her that as long as she’s by his side he will be happy. I think I ended up appreciating Howard near the end but I still didn’t really like him with Alicia cause it still feels to me like he’s just pining after him former master who he never got to yaoi it up with (; ・`д・´).

silas01Silas Von – Silas is a teacher but he’s shady as fuck and Alicia can tell. But yea both me and Alicia like to live dangerously and get PSN trophies so off we go! Fortunately he didn’t turn out to be the creeper Yusa Kouji character I expected and he ended up being rather chill…but that only became more obvious after the revelation of who he really is. Until then he just felt creepy because he seemed to be hitting on Alicia for no apparent reason (which sadly happens a lot in this game.)  One day in his study she finds his diary and as she flips through it she freaks out upon the contents. Silas catches her red handed but she managed to twist her way out of it and runs off. The dairy basically reveals that he’s an assassin. She continues to visit him in his room for some reason though and he eventually just forces himself on her and makes out with her. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Well as I had expected, Silas is the assassin from Gil Katar who was hired to murder Alicia (And successfully did so in Arabian’s Lost!) Despite being a  murderer, someone put him as a “candidate” for Alicia’s attendant. Obviously that someone is Nero since he just wants Alicia to die so she that his master can get another chance to be reborn. However since this is Silas’ route, he falls for Alicia and decides not to murder her after all! He was also thinking the reason Alicia wanted to pick him as her attendant was because she was on to him so he was really careful and decided to “go along” with her. But it turns out she had no idea at all lol.  He tells her he’s gonna wipe her memories and tells her to keep him entertained until her time at Symphonia ends. Before she knows it, he wipes her memories clean so she is back to having no clue that he was intending to kill her. Before doing so though, she says that by not completing his duty, his assassin guild might come after him but he’s like lol whatever. Buuuuut as time passes, Silas is all sad and lonely that she forgot and she manages to go back into his room, and find his diary and find out that he’s an assassin once again! Dejavu! She tells him to return her memories unless he has some kind of fetish play of forcing her to constantly forget about him.

silas02He’s pretty shocked at how crewd the ~princess~ is and how she basically pwns his ass despite him being an assassin xD. The final night before her time at Symphonia is over, she gets some classmate friends to help her get inside the school at night and into Silas’ room. He’s like I thought I was called out for a battle but she has to facepalm and explain to him that it was a love letter and she called him out to confess her feelings to him \(^o^)/. He also tells her that he originally came to Symphonia to steal stuff from the museum cause he’s a thief rather than an assassin. They end up humping in his office the rest of the night. Path of Thorns End: Silas rejects Alicia’s proposal to be her attendant cause he’s sought after by the assassin guild and doesn’t want to get her involved. Alicia becomes a writer since she spent all that time writing in her diary while at Symphonia. He however then begins to collect and steal random jewelry that will look good on Alicia and putting it into his secret hideout. He also sneaks into Alicia’s house, abducts her and takes her to his hideout so she can try all the jewelry on XD. At one point Silas stops visiting her so Alicia freaks out thinking something might have happened since she hears rumors about a dead body near the village. But yea Silas is fine, despite being hurt, and when he comes to visit him she hugs the living shit out of him and cries. He tells her that his life might be “short” but wants to spend as much time of it with her as possible. Good End: Alicia ends up in the countryside and Silas visits her so she gives him a tour of the countryside. He also brings her a necklace he probably stole somewhere. He ends up bed intruding into her room at night because he wants some sexy time claiming he likes to ~steal things~. Best End: Silas agrees to be her attendant but his solution to everything is “let’s just kill whoever disagrees” :lol:. Silas become a magic teacher for little kids and tells them about how Alicia is the reason they all live in peace. They end up humping happily ever after after talking about having kids. I think by the end I grew to like Silas and his “calm attitude” despite being Mr. Assassin was kind of amusing lol.

hauHauranne Balzola – Hauranne is a magic professor at Symphonia and he was also a huge influence to Meissen. He’s an old GGE but because of magic, a lot of teachers at Symphonia never age and never die. This is why despite being hundreds of years old Hauranne looks like a hot young ikemen 😆 He teaches mainly astrology usually but he is a wise old wizard so he knows  a lot of other stuff as well. His classes are held randomly and his students need to read the stars to figure out when his next class will be xD. He also secretly has a pegasus he takes care of behind the school who is a girl so she gets angry and jealous when Alicia is nearby lol. He has a mysterious fear of riding animals so when Alicia proposes they ride the pegasus together he shits bricks. She then decides to bully him (xDD) and orders him as the princess to ride it with her…and he ends up screaming and clinging to her the whole time \(^o^)/. End: Both of his ends involve Alicia being rejected by Miller and doing research back at the countryside. She’s happy that thanks to Hauranne’s teaching, she is able to successfully do experiments without needing magic powers. He then later asks if she wants to come to his castle to assist him with his research and she’s like YEA SURE I’m SURE SERAS WON’T BE MAD.

neroNero – Nero is the boku shota who is Howard’s fanboy since the two of them go way back. He used to be the cat who belonged to Alicia’s original reincarnation. He often babbles how amazing Howard is and sometimes assists Alicia with information about the school. It’s implied that he loves Alicia because inside of her lies the soul of his former master. End 1: Nero de-shotafies and grows up to come visit Alicia in her countryside. She’s cold and sleepy so she tells him to get into bed with her as long as he’s gone by morning and they sleep happily ever after (?) 😆 Dead End: An assassin kills Alicia and Nero is happy that his master will be reborn but because he loved Alicia he starts crying.

meisMeissen Hildegarde -Meissen is Alicia’s super siscon older brother who will do anything for her. That anything includes taking some of her magic powers into himself and then making a contract with the devil (Michael who appeared in Arabian’s Lost and Crimson Empire xD). Michael eats away at Meissen’s magic so that Meissen doesn’t die all so that Alicia can be safe. Also guess they were too cheap to hire Midorikawa Hikaru to voice Michael so he had no voice this time lol. Meissen’s end is actually the “bad end” for some of the other guys. End 1: Lloyd rejects Alicia’s proposal to be her attendant cause he ain’t got no time for dat. She ends up going home and being a NEET cause she didn’t study and can’t get any job. Oniichan then drops by with some study material that comes with mini-teachers in the magical books. He tells her to study and become a researcher so Alicia kisses him on the cheek as a thanks. Oniichan almost shits bricks and tells her to be her bratty self to him otherwise he doesn’t know what to do with himself….. (*´ω`*) Alicia will never know her oniichan’s feelings ;__; I’m so annoyed the remake cut out the CG of Alicia kissing Meissen on the cheek ffs rage. End 2: Alicia comes back to Symphonia to do some lab research and runs into Meissen. He tells her no matter who her attendant is, nobody cares about her more than him. End 3: Alicia works a simple job not being royalty and doing herbal medicine work, and Meissen visits her making fun of the fact that she used to say that he was a recluse in his lab..but he’s basically that now too. He says he’s going off on a journey but Alicia tells him to visit more often because she wants to see his face. Kinda bummed they cut out this one CG of Alicia kissing Meissen on the cheek that was in the original game. I guess they didn’t wanna promote siscon? Idk honestly I love Meissen. He has this sad thing where he never gets a real full route in any of the continent games. He had a short ending with Aileen in Arabian’s Lost, and I kinda hope he has one in Crimson Empire but yea…siiigh lol.

do-M dragon
do-M dragon

Well overall I enjoyed the characters but in the end come to think of it – not a lot happened. As usual the game followed Quin Rose’s set template of Alicia comes to school → picks guy to stalk → some kind of event (like ball with Alice, it was the school festival here) → attacked by assassin → pick guy end get ending. I guess the big part of the game, the grueling stat raising, was what really took up time and take it out and you’re left with not much stuff. The characters themselves were charming though and I enjoyed the tsuntsun do-S quin rose heroine (which they had stopped doing in their recent titles – not counting remakes.) Getting all the endings felt really draggy which is why I dragged this game on for so long. There’s really only 3 ends – Best, Good & New (new end added to the Vita port)….but they had 2 alternatives so in order to complete the scenes for the trophy you had to do 7 endings for each guy. Thankfully this game had the “jump to next unread piece of dialogue/choice” so skipping through all that nonsense was a breeze. (The ONE thing Quin Rose did right tbh.) Sadly despite being the Vita port, the sound quality was still pretty terrible. A lot of kiss CGs were also pretty terrible the usual quin rose “move to heads near each other to look like a kiss”. I can only thing of maybe 2 Cgs that looked decent and honestly come on, there’s so many books out there on how to draw kissing – you trace your templates anyway, trace the damn kissing book (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻.

I think what bothered me the most though was the story. I mean the story is simple and okay but there’s a truth about who Alicia is and the truth behind Symphonia. Unfortunately, it’s all scattered throughout all the various routes and it’s never just “all put together” in any single route. I expected it to be one clear concrete info dump in Howard’s but was very disappointed that it was yet “more pieces” that you had to put together. Because I expected the revelation to just come out all at once, I didn’t exactly remember all the bits & pieces here & there so a lot of stuff was left vague to me. A lot of stuff was hinted at /vague to begin with – especially with Meissen – that ultimately everything seems to be “left up to the player’s imagination”…..and I really hate when games do this. Most games will give you hints and then finally reveal everything and go over everything to make sure the story reader understand what’s going on. Here it’s like oh you forgot? Go play that route/scene again cause we’re not gonna remind you m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー. So yea that bit was really disappointing to me.

The new artwork was pretty nice though, I like it much more than the New Ground one or the REALLY old one. I’ve got a couple comparison CGs below I managed to dig out:

Honestly I don’t even know if the Ryuk CGs are the same scene because I struggled trying to find the “same” shots on various Chinese and Japanese blogs (;´∀`).  What else annoyed me is a lot of CGs were not only cut out but replaced with uh….hands. Lots of hands.

Sometimes chibi Cgs or the once in a while “object” (like a book or something.)  Btw the hands weren’t in the gallery either lmao so I guess good thing I captured these magical hands in my playthrough!?! :(;゙゚’ω゚’): Anyway point being is that the new art is really nice, but too much stuff being cut. And as usual they still don’t know how to draw proper kiss CGs – or the director intentionally thought that derpy kiss CGs were a better choice 😂. I think overall the game was okay though – Alicia is fun, the dudes are pretty moe for the most part. It’s just annoying to get all the endings and trophies (I had to use 2 guides cause one of them had mistakes…) and it can feel a bit draggy with the repetitiveness of a lot of it (as with most quin rose games though so it’s nothing new to me.) I think if you plan to play this game though, I’d definitely try to scourge the stores for the Vita port because the grueling system of the original doesn’t seem to be worth it especially for all those endings. Would probably be a good idea to find a CG pack of New Ground though since it seems like a lot of nice cgs were completely removed from the Vita port.


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  1. I’m sorry I get this question asked a lot but I don’t really have a favorite or even a top list. It just ends up coming down to “what games I liked and what I didn’t like” i guess xD Recently I enjoyed Kind Love & Punish, the Clock Zero vita port, and Sweet Clown. Code Realize & Trigger Kiss were also pretty fun for me. But that’s just games within the last couple years. A lot of old PSP games are hard to find and some have been ported to Vita. Sorry for not being too helpful, I play so many games it’s almost like a revolving door for me at this point

    Thanks for reading and enjoy your trip to Japan!

  2. Hi! I recently stumbled upon your blog…
    and I love your blog so much right now. It’s amazing.
    It’s a girls paradise.
    One of my friends introduced me to the world of otome… and after she made me get Code Realize, I’ve been LOVING the genre. It’s amazing. I love otome games so much!
    I was wondering, because I am actually going to Japan for this summer, what games do you suggest as otome games? I’ve read through a lot of your reviews, but I would like the top maybe 5 games for the Ps Vita you would recommend? There are just so many! And hopefully, I’ll study Japanese and understand the game! ^_^ Thanks so much~

  3. Even if not in this game I wish we could get with Meissen in the other games. In Arabian’s Lost Aileen just finds him annoying cause he hits on every girl, and now in Crimson Empire Shiela hates him because she hates wizards lol \(^o^)/

    Unfortunately I don’t really know who would review other doujin games and I don’t even have time to do so anymore. My backlog is pretty big now and with FF14 patches/updates my progress slows down…so I try to only stick to official release reviews now.

  4. Yea I guess that makes sense? Still seems kinda..weird that he became masochistic for her like that haha. I wish there was more “development” to that XD

  5. nah they didn’t resurrect. just one of their directors (?) is posting all their scripts online in some pseudo revenge or something. …so yea I wouldn’t count on it sadly lol

  6. Thanks for the review! Sigh quinrose, they always create such fun characters and A+ heroines, but I never end up impressed with their story plots.. P.S. I woulda loved for oniichan to be romance-able – guilty as charged, but he’s too cute for words man!

    Oh I wasn’t able to comment on your Sakuya review, so I might as well include it here. Just wanted to say, thanks to your review – I got the game and LOVED it! It’s such a sweet and quaint game, and it was so cheap as well! Definitely worth it and more ^_^ By the way, I was looking around dlsite to find other hidden gems. And I came upon this other game called IDEA Sensen Fukoku Hen (by Grimo+ I think). Have you played it? I’m thinking of getting it, cause it looks pretty interesting, But I couldn’t find reviews of the game anywhere. o_o Do you know if anyone’s reviewed it?

  7. Glad to see your review of this game! I’m happy you enjoyed the characters as I remember I did in the past; I guess it’s a good thing they removed the system, I used to do save/load a lot with those ;;;

    I’ve forgotten most but I think Seras fell in love with her because she’s the commander of 言靈which is the highest form of magic and I guess dragons are attracted to that…unless my memory fails me.

  8. So glad somebody still remembers quinrose .. Hahah :”)
    They’re kinda ‘ressurect’ themselves under a new company name ?? I forgot the name, but the last time I check their web, there’s still nothing in it.
    I hope they could grew stronger under this new company;; I really love their old style game (not the stats raising thing lol )
    And their lovely heroines ❤ ❤

  9. Howard & Nero made me laugh too because seriously them + Alicia’s former manself is just like this gay OT3 XD

    And laughing at the Seras cockblocking the yuri but he often cockblocks in Miller’s route too lol. I kinda liked the goofyness of it though, I kinda miss it now playing Crimson Empire lol

  10. Seeing how I got some death threats on this blog I’m pretty uncomfortable putting up anything to sell :t BUT I am okay with you and some others so maybe I’ll list a couple PC games I’d like to get rid of. (Mainly Clover Library and Prince Pia Carrot)

  11. Ah this looks like a fun game! And lol at the comparisons in art. If you ever plan on selling your games instead of to BookOff…;) maybe you could post it? I’m sure a lot of ppl would be interested-I certainly am:)

  12. 😝Howard and Nero route was so tumblrish like how dare you cockblocked my Nitro Chiral fantasy and forced the gross hetero on me, this game also have the best yuri route ever because she pratically take pinky chan has her wife but don’t forgot to bring her man slave Seras so it’s a OT3 (poor dragon man though).

    Problem is than the writing is too much goofy for my taste so i’ll take Crimson Empire on a near future instead.

  13. True about the denseness! Yeah, alicia was great even if we excluded that! While i was reading the review and finding out what she did, i was thinking that it’s great how she’s really proactive and strong! So cool–!

    Really true, the lack of bad ends quite surprised me! Even though arabians lost also had a small number of bad ends, there were still those that were pretty messed up…curtis’s bad ends, i am looking at you. Mostly.

    Anyway,for me, i love the lack of bad ends! Alicia’s just changing her lifestyle,haha!

  14. I think a lot of otome game heroines are pretty dense but she had other great qualities so I wasn’t as annoyed as I usually am xD.

    And yea there’s not much bad ends. It’s just the one bad end where she gets killed by the assassin but otherwise just her bumming around the countryside with her pet dragon or oniichan lol. Very rare for games like this anymore!

  15. thanks—!
    i really liked the characters! they were pretty interesting! alicia was super cool— and a pretty great heroine…though her denseness is a negative poin, lol! the guys were pretty good too, um, standard, i suppose, but i still went fangirling over their interactions with alicia.

    ah! i only realised when you mentioned it, but yeah, alicia’s the princess who was mentioned as having been assassinated in arabian’s lost. no—!

    well, i liked the setting, even if it was repetitive, and alicia’s character and interactions with the others were worth it—! yes, that ‘skip to unread dialogue’ option is the best—! i don’t even have a favourite guy, since they were all pretty great, although i’m iffy about howard and him liking alicia’s previous self, and on the same premisel nero. however, nero’s dead end was sad. wah—!

    for the ends, there weren’t really bad ends? just whether she stays as royalty or moves to the countryside, ahaha! which is great! lol, i need the happy stuff!

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