Official Otome Game Kickstarter for Beastmaster & Prince is live!


Trying to spread the news as many places as possible, but Gloczus has launched a kickstarter to bring Moujuutsukai to Oujisama (Beastmaster & Prince) to Steam in English! I’ve reviewed both the game and FD on PS2 but they have since added several additional things in both the PSP and Vita ports. All of them will be included on 1 game now and not only that but it’s both the game AND the fandisk all in one! They have various packages that include the Steam code and the goodies such as buttons, clear files, tote backs and pillows with character of choice! The most expensive package is already gone so the stuff is going fast – pledge while you can! Also please be careful to note that not ALL the pledge tiers contain the steam code. Some are JUST the goodies so read carefully before pledging (though I believe you can change before the deadline.) Let’s show them that there are otome fans out there and we are interested in seeing more localized titles. This is finally our chance to do so, so if you want to see this and other games in English, be sure to pledge your support! (`・д・´)キリッ


Edit: Well this kickstarter ended up failing and now the same company is running another KS for some eroge asking for even MORE money. I’m starting to get very suspicious of them and I’m probably not going to support them in any future KS’s they do. It seems very fishy that they can just keep running random Kickstarters and they seem to be asking for more and more money every time. (눈_눈)