Official Otome Game Kickstarter for Beastmaster & Prince is live!


Trying to spread the news as many places as possible, but Gloczus has launched a kickstarter to bring Moujuutsukai to Oujisama (Beastmaster & Prince) to Steam in English! I’ve reviewed both the game and FD on PS2 but they have since added several additional things in both the PSP and Vita ports. All of them will be included on 1 game now and not only that but it’s both the game AND the fandisk all in one! They have various packages that include the Steam code and the goodies such as buttons, clear files, tote backs and pillows with character of choice! The most expensive package is already gone so the stuff is going fast – pledge while you can! Also please be careful to note that not ALL the pledge tiers contain the steam code. Some are JUST the goodies so read carefully before pledging (though I believe you can change before the deadline.) Let’s show them that there are otome fans out there and we are interested in seeing more localized titles. This is finally our chance to do so, so if you want to see this and other games in English, be sure to pledge your support! (`・д・´)キリッ


Edit: Well this kickstarter ended up failing and now the same company is running another KS for some eroge asking for even MORE money. I’m starting to get very suspicious of them and I’m probably not going to support them in any future KS’s they do. It seems very fishy that they can just keep running random Kickstarters and they seem to be asking for more and more money every time. (눈_눈)


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  1. Yeah, I thought about the same thing too… How much do they actually need?! That’s my real question that want me to fly to America and asked them face-to-face tbh. Probably around 35k or so, but I’m not American so I don’t have the right to judge 😦

  2. I think the company is just terrible at running kickstarters. They’re also asking way too much money. I’ve seen galge companies asking for about 30k so I fail to see why they need 150. I’m not gonna ever support this company or any Kickstarters by them again.

  3. I ended up giving away about $USD250 and it fail, huh. But they actually started a new KS for something else? I was pretty doomed since it fail and I just check their website and yeah, they seem to be asking a lot of money then before.. I can understand why they needed the money but for a short period of time, tbh I won’t be suprise if it fails but at since the game is pretty popular, I thought maybe it will be true, but yeah.. Here we are right now

    Even I thought of stopping to fund them, it really is suspicious.. But at least now, I got my Beastmaster early birthday present~~

  4. Omg XD I loved the duck dude the best too! Unfortunately I don’t have Steam but I’m so happy that they did this for the Western audience! They care about Gaijins XD

  5. Yes! I love this game! I think this really is my first Otome game so I pledged as soon as I saw the fact that they might try to realise it in steam 🙂 Looking forward to see if this works 🙂

  6. I wouldn’t have known about this if not for you. Lol I even have a strap of Lucia on my car keys, but I haven’t played it at all. I hope this project succeeds. I wonder what else I can do to spread the word… besides a wordpress post. I don’t have much in the way of followers anywhere xD

  7. deal with it I guess lol….it happens…more often than I’d like to think. *looks at prince pia carrot animate set… ಠ_ಠ

  8. Oh, I love swag too! But I still don’t know how I feel about the game… what do you do when you end up with swag for a game that you hate? Or you end up falling in love with a character who isn’t your usual type, and you’re stuck with swag for a character you don’t care about?

  9. i went for the $140 on day 1 so I hope the kickstarter will succeed but its not growing fast enough so Im getting worried. Maybe they should add some special expensive tiers like signed art or VA signed stuff to boost it.

  10. I agree. Pirating the game will make it all go backward. Before we know it, we will have no localized otome games if people are going to be idiots. And sure, we can play them in Japanese, but there are a lot of people who can’t and would like games like this to be localized.

  11. I pledge just enough for the steam code tier simply because I can’t afford the shipping of the goods. I can’t really go ahead and give up meds, human food, cat food or dog food, lol. But I’ve been wanting to play Moujuutsukai to Oujisama forever, so now I maybe have a chance to do that (and then see if I have anything to complain about translation-wise, I’m so good at complaining on translations, lol). I really hope they get enough to have it translated. I would throw all my money away if I didn’t have to keep myself and my pets alive too.

  12. Oh Sony. Calling the Vita a “legacy program” and yet still charging extra for a port and memory cards still at the same high price.

  13. haha lol xD
    They just confirmed voice actors but I really doubt about Vita port because dealing with Sony is just extra costs I don’t think they can meet.

  14. I went with the $140 (155 with shipping lolll) cause I like junk XD
    It seems like they said all the goodies they’re including are original to the kickstarter so seems like worth it for me personally.
    but yea I agree they need to organize addons a little better.

  15. I didn’t know if I should go all in for the swag pack at $40 ($55 with shipping!) or just the digital. Your input has gone a long way in helping me decide to back at all (if you’d said this was a shit title I would have ignored), though, so I went with the digital. Perhaps they’ll allow add-ons later?

  16. Sadly lots of my friends and some people from my local otoge community actually said that they would just torrent it from somewhere even though they’re capable of buying it many times over. For one I also donated to the Kickstarter but it just pains me to see people saying that they would just torrent because ‘they have no money’ when you know that they do.
    It also reminds me of how people still downloaded the PC version of Amnesia even though it was almost $2 during sales because they didn’t want to spend money on otoges despite calling themselves a fan.

  17. Now thats some face touching I’m down with.
    Just gonna wait to save up more and hope if they got VA and might add vita port as a stretch goal. I dont mind it being it a top tier.

  18. When I see Lucia, I went fangirl
    When I read the title my toes curl
    OMG! Totally would shove this game to my friends that doesn’t play otome coz’ of Japanese.

  19. that makes no sense. why would people who can buy it pirate it ? Also I think you’re wrong seeing how 70 people already bought the $140 package. Clearly people are interested in merchandise which you can’t get if you just “pirate” the game. Yes there will always be people who pirate games, but the real fans will support it.

  20. I don’t know if I’ll bother with the Vita version since the PC version will allow me to broadcast it in beautiful large resolution and stuff xD

  21. Yea honestly I’m not a steam fan. I have an account but I never bought games for it. But hey this would give me an opportunity to broadcast otome games again :_)

  22. I was gonna get the vita port but I held off so I guess I’m glad I did? The resolution on Amnesia Steam version was amazingly high so that’s what I am hoping for with this one!

  23. Yea I’m just a bit concerned about whether or not they will keep the Japanese voices. I naturally thought they were going to but now I’m kinda worried

  24. Urgh I’m actually not looking forward to this because people who CAN buy it are just gonna be all ‘I ain’t gonna donate I’ll just download it from pirate sites cus it’s PC’. It’ll impact their future decision of lots of companies when it comes to localising any further otome games if this Kickstarter fails.

  25. wasn’t expecting this game at all! thank goodness it’s not diabolik lovers egad. I still plan to get it on vita and it’ll be nice if everyone can play this game in english \o/

  26. OMG, yes!!
    I’m really excited. I was literally about to import the game next month, but now I can get it in English and digitally!
    I’m really happy that they decided to port to Steam (even though it can be a pain to use) as well as mobile. Hopefully, that will help convince more people to donate.

  27. I’m so happy they chose this! It’s such a cute game and I love the art style for it. I pledged the maximum (even though my wallet cries) cause I really want this to have a fighting chance (and a more than decent translation *cough* Norn9 *cough* ). I already have the art book for the vita port though…. If it’s like a guidebook/translated maybe I’ll keep it though. >___>;

    The hard part is choosing which character to get the pillow for! @ ___ @

  28. That sounds awesome! Didn’t expect this title to have a kickstarter but it is a start 🙂

    Glad they added the fandisk content since its a nice added bonus~

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