Otome Game Review: Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Ex Time

This was originally a review of the PS2 game, but due to me getting the Vita port I realized I had a lot of changes to make. One reason is I played the game 5 years ago and my Japanese improved a lot since then. A lot of stuff made more sense to me so instead of just making a bunch of edits everywhere I decided to just heavily rewrite the entire review. Parts of it are salvaged from my PS2 review but there’s a lot of new stuff added, adjusted as well as the fact that I’ve gone through & posted a summary of ALL 34 ENDINGS! \(^o^)/ The story is about a 12 year old girl Kurou Nadeshiko, who is a rich ojousama attending school with her childhood friend Riichiro. Ever since the transfer student Kaido Takato comes to her class, she seems to have dreams about being in another world every night. The world is a distorted and in ruins and she herself appears 10 years older. Kaga Akira sensei brings Nadeshiko, Takato, Riichiro and 4 other guys to do extra assignments after school. As the kids do these after school assignments, they call themselves team “Clock Zero”.

Preface – Let me start by briefly explaining the “theory” of this game.I tried to keep this as simple as possible because who gives a fuck about quantum physics when you have hot dudes to capture right!?

A dumb diagram I made that needs additional explanations.
A dumb diagram I made that needs additional explanations.

Pretty much what my diagram says is true except there’s a loophole in Riichirou’s route where for some reason by saving Nadeshiko in World 1, she’s able to exist in World 3 and World 2 either “merges” with 3 or basically becomes a “mirror” of 3. The game is based off the Quantum Superposition theory and the easiest thing to think of is Nadeshiko is basically Shroedinger’s cat. Basically the game begins after Nadeshiko is dead. However she is only dead in the “future” instance while she is still alive in the “past” instance which is where the game makes you think you started. Thanks to “future” interfering with “past” the “past” instance saves the heroine. However, the “future” is actually the “present” and has already happened. Therefore by changing the “past” you are just changing its physical properties rather than time, and so while you “save” the past, the “future/present” will not be changed. That means shota Takato will get to be happy with Nadeshiko while “King” will pretty much be forever alone unless Nadeshiko chooses to stay in the present. There is no way to “save” the future world save for that ONE STRANGE ENDING IN RIICHIROU’S ROUTE THAT BREAKS ALL CANON.


I’m not a physics professor, I don’t fucking understand the reasoning behind this bullshit otomate is throwing on its players but the easiest thing to do is to think of there being 2 instances that are separate.  I originally thought it was like back to the future where what happens in the past affects the future but it’s not like that at all. What’s happened has happened so when you allow Nadeshiko  to “live” in 2020 (aka the stay ends) basically everyone in 2010 is fucked because she’ll just randomly be sleeping in 2010 forever because her soul’s now in 2020. Similarly if you choose to “go back to the past”, basically it’s as if nothing has happened but the 2020 guys figure out a way to “save the past Nadeshiko” so that she doesn’t end up in the same predicament as “future” Nadeshiko (and at the same time save the world from Takato blowing it up.) Not sure how much further I can explain this without sounding like a broken record but feel free to ask any questions in the comments section if you’re still lost.

ri01Kanou Riichirou – Rittan, as everyone calls him, is Nadeshiko’s childhood friend. As a little kid he’s always been a crybaby and Nadeshiko was pretty much the one to stand up for him. He’s also a kuudere so most of the time “it’s not like I CARED to wait for you” 😆 He tries to be away from loud and boisterous people and hates being involved in crazy shenanigans. Needless to say he’s not exactly thrilled when he has to participate in the special after school program by Akira sensei with loud people like Nakaba. Because he’s a wealthy family shota, he also is skilled in performing the tea ceremony which Nadeshiko often asks him to do for her. Nadeshiko says she wants to be childhood friends with him forever, even after they “find their special person”. ( ´_ゝ`) Poor guy. Suddenly weird stuff begins happening and Nadeshiko starts seeing dreams of being in some ghetto ruined city and certain people start paying her “visits”. This cycle continues until one day the time is stopped and Nadeshiko is about to get abducted by a guy named Bishop. Suddenly an older version of Riichiro appears and saves her. She suddenly starts to realize that the entire scenario of her going to class every day and doing after school activities is all a dream and tells herself to wake up. She wakes up with an older Shuuya in bed with her. It turns out that she is now 10 years older, and is in the world that she thought she had “dreams” of. She has been abducted by a rebellion group to be used as blackmail in order to get their leader back. Older Riichiro then shows up and explains to her that she was hit by a car at the age of 12 and was in a coma for 10 years. Four years prior to her waking up the world was destroyed by a huge explosion which is why everything is in ruins now.After the explosion happened her body was missing from the hospital she was in, but they finally found it hidden in the back of some research lab. The “King” of this world, who is also in the government (aka Takato), was the one to go back in time and give Nadeshiko all those dreams. It was for the purpose of waking her up (and teleporting her soul 10 years into the future) because well he’s been in love with her for 10 years.

ri02By the time she woke up though, the rebels had taken her body which is where she is now. They let Riichiro stay at the rebel HQ if he followed their demands, even though he used to be on Takato’s side.Shuuya being the bro that he is, realized that the two of them obviously liked each other so he would often let them go out together and have some private raburabu time 😆 At one point Riichiro and Nadeshiko get teleported to a time slightly before Nadeshiko’s accident.It turns out that her accident is somehow inevitable. Even if there was no car accident, she is destined to go into this coma because of THE FORCE(tm). He tells her to go back to the ghetto world while he looks for a way to try and save her. He’s been trying to save her by using a special teleporter to go back in time but he’s failed every time – and he’s seen her get hit by the car so many times that his heart’s beyond shattered. (;д;)グスン He at one point worked for King and that’s how he got hands of the teleporter. He and a bunch of people who didn’t like the way King ran things all quit and joined the rebellion group, taking all of the scientific research with them. Riichiro made a deal with the rebellion group to allow them to use it as long as he was able to use it himself as well.  He was given the title “Knight” by Takato but he never met him face to face so he didn’t know who King really is. In the meantime Nadeshiko’s been upset that he’s only looking at herself from the past, and not the her that’s in front of him now. They get caught in the rain and go to some abandoned shack and that’s where she realizes she likes him more than just a childhood friend. Before they can return to the destroyed world present, she walks in right on the scene where her 13 year old self is hit by the car on her way to middle school. When they finally return to 2020, angst ensues about how he’s in deep regret that he couldn’t save her and he finally admits that he likes her. He says that he’s been in love with her even before the accident so it’s not that he likes her “past self” he basically loves all Nadeshikos in every universe! XDWhen they come back to the rebellion HQ everyone is raging saying they were trying to escape or some shit. (Right that’s why they came back…) The leader then tells Riichiro that they have made a deal and they will be giving Nadeshiko over to the King.

ri03Riichiro’s like wtf you tricked me you ass and he’s like “lol too bad so sad.” Riichiro gets captured as well but the day that Nadeshiko is to be handed over, he miraculously appears and grabs her hand and they run away together. They run to the room where Nadeshiko was captured (figuring nobody would look for them there lol???) and make out \( ^o^)/. So anyway he then takes her to Shuuya’s old lab (poor Shuutan got captured) and he says he will send her back in time. He says that one day he will save her but he wants her to be safe till then, and in this world she would not be. He also said he & Shuuya figured out a way to reverse the time slowdown and make it go back to normal. End 12: Nadeshiko is sent back in time but I her soul, since she is back in her loli body.  Sadly the 2020 Riichiro is now doomed to be forever alone in 2020 with her comatose body. (´;ω;`) When Nadeshiko is back she wakes up and cries on shota Riichiro’s shoulder because she still has memories of her time in 2010 (which will fade away with time.)  The car accident has magically been prevented and 10 years later, the 2010 Riichiro gives her an engagement ring. (´ω`) End 13: Nadeshiko loves the 2020 Riichiro so she escapes Shuuya’s computer lab and runs after him saying she won’t return to 2010. They return to 2010 in their 2020 bodies and Riichiro says that the only way for Nadeshiko to avoid the accident and proceed to the “safe” world rather than the “broken” world is by not meeting with a certain person (Rain). They find a “foreigner” approaching Nadeshiko and figure they’d try to cockblock him from ever conversing with Nadeshiko. They return prior to Nadeshiko meeting him, then when he shows up older Riichiro scares him away and loli Nadeshiko ends up going to school as usual without ever interacting with him. They decide to see what impact this has on the future and as they return to the broken world they find out that voila, it’s been reconstructed & fixed! So basically it means that 2010 and 2020 Nadeshiko are both alive in 2 separate instances! Also because Riichiro & Nadeshiko were in a different world when their world got reconstructed, only the 2 of them know about the “broken version” of their current world. They end up going to college together and Rittan has to hold himself back from ravaging his bae when she wants some affection (*ノ∀ノ)ヤン♪. End 1: Nadeshiko tells the teacher that Tora is a “suspicious guy” and when he asks little Shuuya to defend him Shuuya’s like “lol idk who u are m9(^Д^)プギャー”.

ri04End 11: Riichiro reflects on how he tried his best to find a 4 leaf clover for Nadeshiko when he was a kid. He says he never wants to give up trying to save her and after that he disappears forever. End 14: Riichiro and Nadeshiko return to the past but once he sees 13 year old Nadeshiko about to be hit by a car he pushes her out the way & gets hit instead. No matter how much 22 year old Nadeshiko calls out to him, he’s only looking at her past self as he dies in older Nadeshiko’s arms. Bonus Track 1: Riichiro comes into Nadeshiko’s room one night drunk after drinking with her dad. He locks the door and while her dad rages outside, he babbles how he’s loved her forever & ever but she never answered his feelings until they were seniors in high school. Nadeshiko’s like dafuq I’ve been in love with you since middle school but then he falls asleep on top of her. XD Eventually daddy finally approves of their marriage and so after some time, their wedding day arrives. Her dad bawws before the ceremony and the 2 of them get married. Bonus track 2: Riichiro and Nadeshiko realize that despite everyone around them acting like they have always been there, this is not the case. Nadeshiko finds a photo of herself “graduating” elementary school but she has no actual memories of this event since it was her other self. Riichiro’s sister stops by saying she wants him to escort her to some party and knows he can’t say no cause he’s never “changed” all these years. Riichiro is like lol beetch I got a sexy lady now so nope and runs off with Nadeshiko. (Also distorted world Rittan just wants to make out with Nadeshiko like the whole time xDDD). After story: Nadeshiko & Riichiro make out in front of her house cause he’s going away for 2 months, and daddy comes our raging that he better defeat him first if he wants his daughter! (This was originally in the PS2 game but they actually added voices for the Vita version which was really great!)

shu01Tokita Shuuya – My first impression of Shuuya was “are you high?” In the beginning of the game he just felt completely out of it, he wouldn’t remember the names of either his classmates or anyone in the Clock Zero afterschool group. Everyone calls him Tono because he talks like some feudal lord due to reading those types of historical books as a child. His mother is a famous actress who is ill and spends most of her time in the hospital. Shuuya feels like it’s his duty to be a model, and earn money to pay for her care (even though they don’t necessarily need the money due to the fact that she has a lot of it from her own work.) When Nadeshiko goes to his house she finds an album of him and it appears that he’s lying about his age and that he is actually 14 years old. This would explain why he looks so much “older” than he claims he really is. Anyway skipping to 10 years later after Nadeshiko wakes up – she finds out that the reason his hair is like blondish in the future is that’s his real hair color. He had is dyed purpleish because the stylist requested it to be that way due to him being a child model in 2010. He explains to Nadeshiko that he basically teleported his “soul” into his baby self. Unfortunately the device they used is a fake one, not the one the government has and so it has errors. During the transportation, due to bugs, the 2010 Shuuya lost a lot of his memories and his general mind capacity got screwed up. This explains why he had trouble remembering anything. The reason he’s young but also talks like an old fart is in actuality he’s been a 24 year old stuck in a kid’s body for 14 years 😆 He lied about his age so he could be closer to Nadeshiko cause if he came back as an adult like Riichiro, then King would find out right away. Also because their device is just a copy of the one King has, it’s not as good so he couldn’t teleport himself into his past self or else he might get stuck there or his past self would “reject” the teleportation. That’s why he was the only one who did the soul teleportation within the rebel group. Due to him teleporting himself into his baby self, he was really weird as a child in the 2010 world which is why it drove his mom crazy and she got mentally ill and hospitalized. Meanwhile, this never happened in the 2020 world, so that’s why his mom here is totally fine. After the rebellion leader threatens Nadeshiko with torture, Shuuya defends her saying if they torture her he will take all their research and turn it over to the government.

shu02After this Shuuya sees her crying in her captive room so he kisses her on the forehead and tells her that he’ll protect her because she is his number one priority. When asked why he’s nice to her, Shuuya tells Nadeshiko that because she treated his 2010 self kindly and even visited his mother at the hospital with him. (Shuuya is the only one who has the same “memories” of 2010 in 2020 due to both he and Nadeshiko’s souls being teleported into the same eras.) The soul teleportation really takes a toll on Shuuya and his memories start to get all wonky – like forgetting what he did the same day he did it.  He tells Nadeshiko that because his teleportation device was just a “copy”, while her soul teleportation went well, his did not. Due to this he says at this rate he’ll eventually become braindead. Before this happens, and before the rebellion group hands her over to the King, Shuuya wants to return Nadeshiko to 2010. In order for there not to be any “soul rejection”, Shuuya says they need to reverse the time stop King caused and then return her back to herself there. He also notes that his 2010 self is currently sleeping in a capsule but once awakened he will live his own life but Nadeshiko is saddened because it will not be the Shuuya that she got to know in both 2010 and 2020. Kaede acts like the bro in this route and gives the 2 of them some time alone. While they’re waking around the ruins where the main explosion took place she says she likes him, and doesn’t want to go back to 2010 alone. He says that if she stays here, he will someday forget about her and so it’s better than she return to 2010 and forget about him. So then the government people come to take her away and while Tora fights with Bishop, Kaede helps her escape. Tora finds them and rages saying he’ll kill them all. Shuuya is barely able to stand up at this point because his body is getting weaker and he begs Tora to spare Nadeshiko. Tora chops off a piece of Nadeshiko’s hair and says the government’s crazy and that they won’t even listen to their demands to exchange for the leader. At this point torturing Nadeshiko or holding her hostage won’t do much anyway in terms of getting the King to listen to their demands, and he lets them go. Kaede and Nadeshiko carry Shuuya to his mom’s place, and while they go back to the rebellion HQ to talk things over with them, Nadeshiko takes care of him. He lies there half dead for a few days and then admits that rather than helping her out of “guilt”, he actually loves her. While she’s taking care of him, he asks her to give him some water – mouth to mouth ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん I guess this is their first kiss too (´д`)ハァハァ After that Shuuya loses consciousness and the doctor who comes says the only way to bring him back is to “connect to his mind” and go inside of his subconscious – aka invade his dreams and pull him out of there.

shu03End 25:  Nadeshiko goes into Shuuya’s dream which takes place at their elementary school. She goes to the room where they had their after school activities and finds him there alone waiting forever for everyone to show up, but no one ever does. Nadeshiko drags him out of there saying that waiting for everyone pointless, and instead he should be proactive and go see them himself. This basically pulls him out of his lonely dream and then he wakes up. Shuuya decides to send both himself and Nadeshiko to 2010 because he now knows the person he needs to “stop” in order to prevent Nadeshiko’s accident. The rebellion doctors say it’s too dangerous and there’s a high risk of death but he decides he’s going and apologizing to his mother, says goodbye. Soon as they return, Shuuya immediately goes to little Takato and asks him how to reverse the time stop. Not too soon later, the time stop is reversed and time begins moving again. Team Clock Zero then gets together and Shuuya tells Akira sensei that the rebellion group has Nadeshiko’s body and if he tries to teleport her soul again, it’s too dangerous so it’s no longer possible. Everyone else stands up for her and says the will protect her from pedobear sensei! 😆 Akira sensei says he just wants to save Nadeshiko but Takato’s like you’re fulla shit, and that Shuuya told me to prevent the accident all I have to do is quit doing my scientific research. Akira gets pissed and returns to the future but Shuuya tells Nadeshiko that her body will be protected by Kaede & co. Shuuya also says that his soul feels more comfortable in his 14 year old body than his 24 year old one, probably cause he spent 14 years in it and the physical properties started adjusting to it. However because Nadeshiko’s soul got used to her 22 year old body her memories of the time she spent in 2020 will be erased within 1 month. Shuuya says just like how she remembered for him in 2020, he will remember for her in 2010 and proposes to her kissing each other on the cheek. In the meantime the other guys are all watching in the back as their bae is getting NTRed I’M SORRY BABIES I LOVE ALL OF U (´;ω;`).  So then 10 years later he’s a famous model and Nadeshiko is jealous of all the fangirls who hit on him. He tells her he only thinks of them as vegetables and that she’s the only one for him. Poor Nadeshiko is frustrated cause she tries to keep their relationship a secret in public but he’s like whatever ichaichahugs xD. His mother also eventually recovered from her illness and returned to work. Nadeshiko also still kept all her 2020 memories despite Shuuya saying she would forget them. They return home and he gives her a marriage license to sign because he wants her to be his waifu. (´∀`*)  End 26: Nadeshiko keeps looking for Shuuya in his dream outside the school. He wakes up but is in a weakened state due to his 2020 body rejecting his soul that got adjusted to 2010. Nadeshiko decides she’s going to stay in 2020 with Shuuya and his mother thanks her. He pretty much spends 99% of his day sleeping and Nadeshiko is trying to study in order to help get his energy back. One day his mom calls to Nadeshiko to come to Shuuya and when she  comes to him, she finds him sleeping as usual and she says she loves him and will wait for him forever.

shu04Suddenly he wakes up and is like lol actually I was awake the whole time. His body probably was just adjusting to his soul which is why he spent so much time sleeping. He then grabs Nadeshiko and starts kissing her everywhere cause he wants to make up for lost sexy time…xDD when she’s like uh Kaede and your mom are like outside listening..and they really were ( ・∀・)むふふ♪ Kaede’s like “lol have fun lovebirds” as he and Rei leave Shuuya & Nadeshiko to have their fun in his bed. (*ノ∀ノ)ヤン♪ Really annoyed that despite multiple ports this ending still got no CG in it. End 27: Nadeshiko is unable to find Shuuya in his dream and returns back empty handed. Just then Shuuya wakes up and he has no idea who he or anyone else is or what is going on. As days go by his condition gets worse and he can’t even remember things he did a few hours before. He gets irritated at Nadeshiko trying to get him to remember things and eventually both Rei & Kaede tell Nadeshiko to give up and find her happiness elsewhere. Nadeshiko refuses and runs into his room crying over his bed. Shuuya then wakes up and gives her a nadeshiko flower saying seeing her cry makes him sad. This is the last time that she sees him smile.  (´Д⊂ヽ Shuuya After Story: When they were in middle school Shuuya got all ichaicha with her in public more often that other girls would always give her dirty looks ww. Years later as their wedding is approaching Nadeshiko is feeling down so he thinks she’s pregnant lolol. She’s like Lol no and says she’s upset that he hasn’t been ichaicha with her lately cause he usually does. He says he’s been holding back because his mom told him to hold back before the wedding lol. He then apologizes and says they’ll both live happily ever after.  Bonus Track 1: Shuuya is recovering and is awake more often these days. She wanders off into government territory by accident and one of the guards catches her. Shuuya comes to her rescue and scares the guard away. Nadeshiko is worried about Shuuya ‘s health but he’s like I’m feeling good babe! The doctors then tell Nadeshiko they’ve found a way to “reset” Shuuya’s brain so that he stops constantly losing memories but there’s a risk he’d lose all of his memories. However once the “reset” is done his brain will be functioning properly. Nadeshiko throws Shuuya a Christmas party before it and then tells him about it. He’s against it at first but she says he won’t forget her and I guess symbolically they perform the operation and he awakens to it snowing as he goes outside and calls Nadeshiko’s name. Bonus Track 2: Shuuya is being interviewed on TV about his past and childhood and he confuses all of his reporters with crap about Shroedinger’s cat and physics xD.  When they pry him about a “relationship” he just tells them about his important friends in elementary school lol. Some time later, they try to have a celebration to congratulate Nadeshiko on the day before her wedding. All the CZ guys show up except including Kaede who they had become friends with in middle school. And so the next day Shuuya & Nadeshiko get married and some months later she tells him that this time, she really is preggo with his baby x’D.

tora01Saionji Toranosuke – Toranosuke is the local “badass” and a closet yandere. His eyes are different colors so when he’s 12 he hides one of them with an eyepatch and at age 22 he hides the other with his hair. As a child he likes  video games and building his own computers out of parts he buys so he can get the best rig! ヮ(゚д゚)ォ! The biggest annoyance about Tora’s route was the fact that a lot of the choices during the shota arc required you to make a decision in 10 seconds. The most horrible situation was when TWO of the choices gave you an 8 second count down and in the last 2 seconds, the choices changed and you had to pick the 2nd one or you wouldn’t get it right. Y U DO DIS OTOMATE Щ(・`ω´・Щ) Anyway even at age 12 he often gets into fights and even when the other delinquents bring more against him, he still kicks their asses. Since he’s a delinquent himself, he never really comes to the after school assignments so the entire after school program you basically spend with the the other guys. So anyway skip to 10 years later Nadeshiko’s being held captive and they decide to “torture” her to threaten the King for their demands. (They planned to do this in other routes but Shuuya & Riichiro usually would run away before this happens.)  So with this Tora cuts off a chunk of her long hair and they mail it to the King who rages about it. As usual their demands are to trade Nadeshiko for their true leader, aka Tora’s mom who was captured by the government many years ago. Tora’s dad is the current leader but he’s just subbing in until they can get her back. Nadeshiko is afraid of worse things being done to her so she fools some guards by acting like she was the leaders’ guest and manages to run away. Unfortunately she can’t run too far because she doesn’t have a barcode on her arm to identify her which would easily give away her identity to the King. Before the government guards catch her, she runs off with older Nakaba who remembers her from when she was a “ghost” during her synchronization. Unfortunately as the King’s guards chase her down, she bumps into Tora who takes her back to rebellion HQ. Nadeshiko gets angry that Tora doesn’t emotionally give a fuck about her (and she’s pretty much hung up on his shota self). She rants that Tora is not the Tora she knew when she was 12 and he rages at her saying that his 12 year old self probably tricked her and thought she was annoying too. Nadeshiko gets pissed and then slaps him – YEA YOU GO GIRL lol. She continues to ramble on that if he were to hurt her now she’d finally be able to distinguish between this Tora and the “nice Tora” she knew from the past. Sooo Tora’s like okay well I guess I’ll just have to beat some sense into you to finally make you realize I’m not the nice shota-kun you knew when you were 12!

tora02Nadeshiko then cries saying it’s not that she wanted him to prove that this Tora is the bad one, she wanted to believe that this Tora is the GOOD one she used to know. Tora licks her tears away and is like sigh I was just kidding, you’re the one who provoked me. (;´・ω・) So then King comes to get his bae and fights with the rebellion group but Tora gets stabbed protecting her. She threatens to kill herself on the spot if Bishop & co. don’t leave so they decide to return empty handed for now. Nadeshiko then nurses Tora back to health realizing she wants to get to know THIS Tora rather than constantly thinking about the one from the past. Eventually both he and the guys at rebellion HQ warm up to her, despite being angry and distrustful of her taking care of him. One day Kaede takes her outside and then hands her over to the King’s guards. Nadeshiko is shocked but before she can be taken into Clock Zero HQ, Tora beats up the guards and runs off with her to Riichiro’s hideout. (Riichiro’s as usual wandering in the past seeing his bae get hit by a car over & over ;;). Since Nadeshiko got some glass stuck in her foot Tora licks it off and removes it to stop the bleeding. They end up sleeping in the 1 bed that’s in that hideout and ichaichaing the next morning. When he wakes up Tora tells Nadeshiko that Yoshimune’s head over heels for Shigure and that she had Tora when she was only 16. Also probably the reason why he allowed her to be leader cause he loves her so much XD. And because Shigure loved her son so much, Yoshimune fucking hated Tora and beat him up cause he was a dumb yankee. ಠಠ And the worst part is the stupid bitch mom was like “welp that’s how it is!” and did nothing to stop it -_-. Nadeshiko rages at how stupid his parents were but Tora says once he was able to, he began fighting back. (´;ェ;`)ウゥ・・・。Once his 2 baby brothers were born, his grandpa took them all in so most of these childhood flashbacks Tora doesn’t remember.

tora03He wore a patch to hide his eye color difference because it made his parents angry ~_~. Nadeshiko then apologizes for saying he’s different and says she’s no longer scared of him. Tora then blushes and says he doesn’t hate her either (*´ェ`*)ポッ。They eventually come back to the yakuza house because that’s the only place where Shuuya can bring her back to her world, which Tora knows she wants more than anything. Yoshimune is pissed that she’s back here instead of handed over to the government but Tora’s like “I wanted her to myself so I just took her back :lol:”. Yoshimune is pissed that Tora basically chose Nadeshiko’s safety over Shigure’s. Shigure starts beating Tora with his stick and even hits him in the wound that’s still healing. Yoshimune then says that Tora’s just like him – when he falls in love he drops everything and is willing to even betray his group. He also points out that Nadeshiko is probably in love with his 12 year old self and not his current self and that Tora doesn’t deserve to be loved by anyone. He points out that while he and Shigure do yakuza shit as a “business”, Tora randomly betrays and attacks people for no reason. Nadeshiko gets pissed and tells him that she is not in love with 12 year old Tora, she wants the Tora that’s right in front of her now. m9( ゚д゚)ビシッ!! Tora then grabs Nadeshiko’s arm and they run away. They end up at ground zero, where Tora makes out with her asking if she loves him. (/ω\)イヤン End 22:  Nadeshiko tells herself that she loves Tora and wants him all to herself. Tora’s like sure babe I’m all yours ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ. They return to Yoshimune and Tora has a fight with him telling him if he really wants his bae back, he should just go directly and get her himself..instead of using threat/torture tactics with Nadeshiko. Tora makes a deal with daddy to get mom back but Yoshimune warns him if he doesn’t do it in a certain time period, he’ll kill him. Turns out it’s all a lie to buy time for Tora to send Nadeshiko back to her world cause she decides she wants to go back. Yea I don’t really get this decision but Tora tells her to at least get with his other world self XD. He tells her that Shuuya’s found a way to save her from the accident and says he’s going back to as well and will meet up with her there. After Nadeshiko falls asleep in the capsule, Shuuya asks how Tora is gonna handle the fact that the time in that world is still stopped. Tora’s like “EZ, I just go back a bit further and get rid of the “root” of the problem”.

tora04Shuuya warns him not to do this cause it will have an affect on his existence as well. Nadeshiko wakes up in the past but the time is still stopped. She runs around looking for Tora but can’t find him or anyone else for that matter. Suddenly everything goes back to normal and as she heads to class she asks one of her classmates if she’s seen Takato or Akira sensei. The classmate says she has no idea who either of those are – so it’s as if their existence has been erased.  Suddenly Tora comes over to her, his hands covered in blood. He’s  killed Takato and Akira because they are an existence that caused Nadeshiko’s car accident and he said he couldn’t think of an “easier way” to eliminate it ((゚Д゚;))ガタガタ. He tells her that he loves her and he’ll do anything to make sure that she’s alive. He then tells her that his 12 year old self in this world will take care of her and Nadeshiko starts crying not understanding whether it’s because she’s sad at him leaving or sad at what he’s done. In the epilogue we get ye older memory reset and Nadeshiko’s pretty much forgotten everything that happened with them in the time she spent in the future and the incident regarding Takato and Akira sensei. She’s currently on her 4th year in medical school and is annoyed that Tora is taking her out to slack off instead of her studying for exams. As he pats her on the head and apologizes, she says it feels nostalgic but she has no idea why.  End 23: Nadeshiko is overcome with lust and wants to stay in this world and have sexy time with Tora xDD. So needless to say he gets all jelly and pissy when she goes out talking to adult-Nakaba to get info and starts getting all randy with her in bed when she gets back. Apparently he even gets jealous of little shotas hitting on her lol. End 19: Nadeshiko just waltzes into Clock Zero, gets captured and becomes Takato’s blow up doll as he drugs her and knocks her out. (lll゚Д゚)ヒイィィィ!! End 20: Nadeshiko is captured by the King’s guards. End 21: Nadeshiko decides GEE WIZ I THINK I’LL RETURN TO THE PLACE I JUST RAN AWAY FROM LOL and Yoshimune then beats her with a stick for running away.

tora05End 24: When Nadeshiko can’t decide if past Tora & current Tora are the same, Tora knocks her out and she’s in for a rude awakening – to find out that he went back to the past to kill his child self. 1. WTF Tora pls. 2. In Riichiro’s route the past DOES affect the future so I fail to see how the fuck Tora doesn’t just disappear from existence.  Meh that last ending kinda ruined things for me…I was starting to change my mind about Tora but him turning into a yanGIRE near the end there was kinda uhh….no thanks… Also made me realize that Tora turns into a better person with Nadeshiko and without her he’s a pretty awful human being in probably every possible way (all thanks to his piece of shit excuse for a father.) Tora After Short Story: Tora & Nadeshiko haven’t seen each other in a while because he got in a fight with her dad & said he didn’t wanna see her. He then tries to contact her on his cell phone but her phone battery’s been dead for a while cause she’s not a big cell phone gal. He then goes to see her directly and they both admit they’ve been lonely without each other and after picking on each other they make out lol. Bonus Track 01: Nadeshiko papa will not allow his daughter to marry that DELINQUENT Tora! So the two of the argue at a cafe and later that night Tora says that he’ll try to get Nadeshiko no matter what, even if it means finally getting approval from daddy. In the meantime, Tora’s dad wants him to inherit his yakuza business and Tora’s like umm no? The dad is just as much of a douchebag in this world as he was in the distorted one and says that Nadeshiko cannot handle his CRUEL son who does not know how to love anyone. Nadeshiko tells him off and says she’s known and been with Tora a lot longer to better judge him lolol m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー. A few days later, Tora asks Nadeshiko to dress up and come to the church. He meets her there dressed up and it’s just the 2 of them as he tells her how his parents tried to elope and how he was nearly beaten to death for attempting to do so. He then gives her an engagement ring and they kiss. Bonus Track 2: Tora’s got a shitty attitude as usual and realizes he’ll never be able to change. His yakuza parents are to blame but Nadeshiko’s like it’s all good…though as usual he rages when he finds out she’s been “touching” other men (by treating injuries sigh ~_~). Ultimately I don’t like Tora but if I had to choose I’d pick his 2010 self over his 2020 one.

mado01Hanabusa Madoka – Madoka is the oniichanko. He follows his brother Nakaba around like a shadow. Because Madoka is adopted he also feels that in order to keep his place in the Hanabusa family he has to support Nakaba in every way possible. During the test phase of the game Madoka refuses to pair up unless Nakaba is there so most of the time Nadeshiko does all her activities with the 2 of them together. While Nakaba’s hobby is baking pastries, Madoka’s hobby is making jewelry/accessories. His older self is good at making all sorts of futuristic gadgets that do things like deliver food in the distorted world. After the whole time-stop battle, this time Nadeshiko ends up in the hands of the government – and she wakes up in a room at Clock Zero. Rain, in human form, is there and explains that he used the bunny mascot to communicate into her subconscious.She finally meets King who immediately says he loves her and is so happy that she’s finally alive again. The thing is as before, the Nadeshiko he loves is not the one in front of him and the Nadeshiko now has only known Takato for a month. Therefore she cannot accept his feelings and in fact she’s more creeped out at how he’s chucked everything for her. He explained that he started a research lab (where Nadeshiko’s body was held) to mess around with time when he was in middle school after Nadeshiko’s accident.  He started messing around with physics and eventually after he succeeded, it caused a huge explosion and destroyed everything.  After this, the research scientists with Takato formed a “government” and Takato became King because his father didn’t know much about all this science stuff. He tells Nadeshiko he wants to live in a “happy world where unfair accidents won’t happen”. Most of the route Nadeshiko spends rejecting Takato’s advances and Madoka gets annoyed because a pissed Takato means all his underlings are gonna feel it, One day when they go outside she sees the government staff bullying one of the people. It turns out Takato’s “idea” of a happy world is controlling people’s lives left and right. She’s shocked and terrified at this and continues avoiding him and instead spending time with Madoka.

mado02She then finds out that Madoka is only the “dog” for the government because he was captured and forced to work there. He is also only staying there because Takato promised he’d find his family – particularly Nakaba. Madoka is still afraid of dogs and while they are outside some fight breaks out and she’s taken to a safe area by Nakaba. When she finds out it’s Nakaba she’s excited that it’s finally someone she knows. Just then Madoka shows up and the 2 brothers start arguing without realizing who they are until Nadeshiko tells them to stfu lol. Madoka is so happy he finally found his brother that he intends to leave Clock Zero. He tells Nadeshiko he’s the reason she got into the accident and tells her to forget about him. After he leaves, Nadeshiko finds out from Takato that he figured Madoka must have found his family. Madoka messed around with the database to erase his records so Takato couldn’t find him after he left. Takato wanted to use him for his dirty deeds because he felt Madoka (And anyone else or that matter) deserved to be punished for hurting Nadeshiko even if indirectly. Turns out Madoka’s family was threatened and they’d be harmed if he hadn’t called Nadeshiko out on that one fateful day. Takato is pissed that Nadeshiko starts crying for Madoka (while holding the strap he left for her – which looks like the strap he gave her in 2010) so Rain suggests to stop the NTR that Takato and Nadeshiko should just get married. Nadeshiko  is told to stay in her room for 3 days without realizing her wedding is being planned behind her back \(^o^)/. Meanwhile back at the ranch Nakaba is trying to get their parents back with them but Madoka’s head is in the clouds thinking about Nadeshiko. Just then one of Nakaba’s allies comes in saying that he found out King’s getting married and Madoka shits bricks.  Madoka isn’t happy about this and Nakaba tells him to stop being a pansy and literally slaps some sense into him. He tells him that he’s happy that Madoka thinks about their family so much but he is allowed to think important of other things as well. Madoka then invades Clock Zero, says he “Forgot something”, grabs Nadeshiko and prances off xD. Takato then leaves him with the parting words of “you can run but you can’t hide.” He also then says “I’ll just fix the world then make her change her mind about me”. Sigh delusional man you are sir. In the meantime Madoka takes her back to where Nakaba is and Nakaba acts like a bro and leaves them alone. After the two of them being extremely tsun they end up indirectly admitting they like each other and making out. Madoka says her angry face turns him on which is why he always intentionally pissed her off xDDD. (And as annoyed as she got after kissing he’d be like “are you trying to please me?” (/ω\)イヤン).

mado03End 16:  Madoka gives her a bracelet he made for her and they break back into CZ HQ to use their soul transporting capsules. Just as she gets into the capsule she cries and feels regret and she hears Takato come into the lab saying he will not allow this, then a punch is heard and next moment she wakes up in the hospital. 11 year old Madoka is there and explains that she, Takato and Riichiro all passed out but the other 2 recovered quickly while she was sleeping for a while. Nadeshiko thinks this isn’t the Madoka she fell in love with and remembers that she’d forget all her memories with the 21 year old Madoka in about a month. She is upset but as the 11 year old Madoka starts talking, she realizes that it’s really the same Madoka and she cries. AND OH MY GOD I CRIED 。・゚・(ノД)・゚・。 うえええん. First time I cried the entire game goddamnit 。゚(*ノДノ)゚。わ~ん. (And the 2nd time around I had to hold back my tears because I was riding the subway orz.) He stays by her side and wipes her tears. 10 years later Nakaba is running the very popular Hayabusa Pastry shop. He tells Nadeshiko she should quit Madoka and go for him instead until a jealous Madoka shows up and rages at his brother to stop hitting on his girlfriend 😆 Madoka has become a famous jewelry designer. He gives her a bracelet which is identical to the one 2020 distorted world Madoka had given her before. (No idea how the hell that transferred over with her soul though ???) Madoka is now jealous of “whoever that guy that gave her the bracelet is” 😆 He’s so jealous he kisses her in front of everyone at the restaurant XD Afterwards they get out and he tsunsun’s as usual but Nadeshiko’s like bebe I know you love me, so don’t worry I’ll take care of you. xD End 17: Nadeshiko chooses to stay with Madoka in the distorted world and they end up being on the run, moving places every few months. They have another “married couple fight” over the fact that Madoka spends time with Nakaba and Nadeshiko gets “sad” when King is mentioned…and Nakaba’s like (#´_ゝ) so they finally kiss and make up….as Nakaba walks in on them lol. Madoka’s like “omg go away I’m busy now” 😆

mado04Gah I was really annoyed with Madoka at first (and his Chichiri eyes and fur pimp coat bug the hell out of me) but ugh I cried and laughed so much at the end. End 15: Takato goes into yandere mode and drugs Nadeshiko because he’s salty that she likes Madoka more than him. End 18: Madoka decides to send Nadeshiko back to her world but during the part where she hears the fight, I guess this time Takato wins and the transfer doesn’t go through. She gets out of the capsule and Takato’s all yandere and shit “bebe you ain’t going anywhere (◉◞౪◟◉`)うへへへ”.  Rofl all these yandere Takato endings got kinda hilarious after a while though it sort of makes him and his obsession with Nadeshiko even more of a joke lol. Bonus track 1: In the distorted world, Nadeshiko and Madoka are on thin ice because she’s jealous that he’s always hanging out with oniichan, and he’s all jelly because of her guilt for leaving Takato. Nakaba pretends to hit on her to light a fire under his tsundere brother’s ass and fortunately it works. They realize they’re both just stupidly in love and Nakaba’s like sigh stop giving me more work to do guys! Bonus Track 2: Madoka and Nadeshiko get into a fight because she doesn’t feel like she understands his feelings towards her. She ends up accidentally ripping and breaking the bracelet he made for her so she ends up going home crying. Madoka then comes to her house confessing how much he loves her and they make up. He also says he’s jealous of when Nadeshiko would bring a drunk Riichiro home because nobody else would pick him up :lol:. He then asks her if he can do whatever he wants and have her all to himself for his birthday. And so some time later, Madoka asks Nadeshiko to marry him. And so after getting daddy’s permission they have their wedding ceremony.

naka01Hanabusa Nakaba – Nakaba is a new route created just for the Vita port. While he did have his cute moments, unfortunately it was painfully obvious he was just shoed into the storyline. A lot of stuff felt inconsistent with the rest of the game and well the only thing I really liked was how Tora’s mom Shigure finally got some screentime. I think the problem is Nakaba is just TOO NICE and because of that he had to hide his feelings most of the route…which made it really disappointing until the end when it’s like I LOVE YOU BYE :s. The after stories were all really cute though so I guess as far as romance, I have no complaints. As a child, Nakaba likes to cook as a child particularly making sweets. He sometimes gets annoyed at Madoka always saying everything he does is right when that’s not true at all. One day after school some random pedos kidnap Nadeshiko and when Nakaba tries to help her, they grab him too. they sit there together and he gives her some comforting words but then the cops find and free them. its all because Rein sent signals to Takato to call the cops to free her. A few days later as a thanks Nadeshiko tries to invite him someplace but instead gets invited to his house XD. He cooks some food for her saying he wanted her to be happy after that bad incident.(*´Д`) When Nadeshiko wakes up in 2020, she’s been captured by Tora’s rebellion group. Only Kaede is nice to her and he gets beat up when he tries to take her outside for some fresh air :/. Later on after hearing the leader say he’s gonna torture her, Nadeshiko escapes and fools the guards into thinking she’s a ghost coming back to haunt them. Unfortunately she gets caught but before she is she runs into Nakaba who can tell she’s in trouble. She has a dream that night of Nakaba saving her, and lo & behold older Nakaba sneaks into the rebel shrine to save her. She ends up staying with him at his place and one day he tells her that the Takato she knew now works for the government. Nadeshiko thinks if they meet and talk to Takato he’ll be on their side and help them out…without either of them realizing that Takato is the yandere King in love with Nadeshiko and wants her in his uguu lab of love xD. Unfortunately as expected, they get caught but Madoka recognizes Nakaba so he lets him go and captures only Nadeshiko instead. After Takato gives her the IWUVU AND I BROKE ZA WARUDO speech, some time later, Nakaba sneaks in to Clock Zero and runs into Nadeshiko’s room. They try to escape but ironically run into Tora’s mom Shigure who seems out of it and brainwashed.

naka02On top of that they run into Rain, who I guess is bored to tears that he lets them escape. One day when Nakaba goes out, Nadeshiko decides to clean up his place and finds a “charm” you give to someone when they are expecting a baby. She then starts to think that Nakaba has a girlfriend /(^o^)\. When she brings it up with Nakaba hes like lol it was given to me by a woman who was pregnant who I saved from being discovered by the government. Nadeshiko then realizes she’s starting to fall for Nakaba and she gets really upset that he doesn’t seem to “treat her” like a woman. Nakaba tells her basically that look guurl if I don’t hold myself back I’ma ravage you but Nadeshiko believes that the sweet Nakaba from her past would never do this. She tells him to forget everything he says, and this gets put on the back burner when Madoka shows up for a family reunion and it’s like old times. XD Madoka admits that he cannot leave Takato because he has to repent for his sins for being part of the cause of Nadeshiko’s accident. After talking things out with him he agrees not to take Nadeshiko and also on top of that agrees to return Shigure back to Tora & co. Unfortunately she’s so brainwashed she doesn’t even recognize her own son. Tora agrees to work together with Nakaba and after this Nakaba takes Nadeshiko to a flower field that Takato recently planted. He says that he feels that if these flowers can bloom, eventually this world can get back up on its feet again. Nadeshiko then decides to confess to Nakaba that she likes him because she wanted to get her feelings out before she goes. Nakaba just smiles and thanks her but she’s happy that at least he didn’t reject her or tell her to forget about him. (´;ω;`) They go back to the Yuushinkai HQ to transfer Nadeshiko’s body back to 2010 and she finds out from Shuuya that Riichiro’s been gathering data (aka watching her die a million times) to find out the “cause” of her accident. Unfortunately before this can happen, Tora’s moron brother Riku brings Nadeshiko to Yoshimune who’s raging that Shigure is so brainwashed she forgot about him and the entire organization. He decides to take revenge on Takato and hurt Nadeshiko instead. Just then Nakab bursts in, gets stabbed in the arm and then rages at them that it fucking hurts and wtf are they doing. Suddenly, Shigure bursts in, all her memories back and she punches both Yoshimune and Riku for being pansy asses who use a young girl as a hostage :lol:.

naka03End 30: Nadeshiko and Nakaba go to Shuuya’s lab but she starts to cry and tells him she loves him and doesn’t want to return. Nakaba knows returning her is the right thing to do, stuffs her in the capsule, tells her that he loves her, and kisses her goodbye. When she returns to her world, she runs into shota Takato and tells him everything because he knows what the “slowing down of time” is that just happened. He then works sleepless nights to see if he can teleport her back to the other world. In the meantime, Nakaba finds her all sad so he gives her some chocolate he made but when she eats it she starts crying because it’s not the same. (´Д⊂ヽ So then magically Takato is able to return her to the 2020 world. Soon as she wakes up, Shuuya’s like GO GET HIM GUURLL and she runs to the flower field and lo & behold Nakaba is waiting for her there. And so they hug and decide to live happily ever after. Honestly I’m a bit disappointed lol because of how they specifically said they cannot have her just keep jumping back & forth between bodies…but here we go power of love magically allows her to do so! And amazing how shota Takato was able to get this to work at the bright age of 12 which took adult Takato YEARS of work to put together lol. End 29: Adult Madoka tells Nadeshiko that his younger self is probably too busy with cooking and having fun to realize his feelings for her but he’s most likely in love with her. Before she goes off on her way, he kisses her and asks her not to forget about him. She wakes up with shota Nakaba holding her hand sleeping on the side of his bed. When Nakaba says he has a strawberry muffin for her she begins to cry as she realizes that her memories of 2020 are quickly fading away. And so 10 years later, Nakaba is studying abroad culinary stuff in France. Nadeshiko hasn’t seen him in a while but he surprise visits her in Japan. As he hugs her she has flashbacks of the Nakaba from the distorted world but has no idea what they mean. Nakaba then says they need to make up for lost time and apologizes in advance that he may not be gentle (*ノ∀ノ)ヤン♪. End 31: Nadeshiko gets stabbed protecting Nakaba from Riku. Shuuya then says the only way to save her is to transport her soul back to her world since her body there is safe. Nakaba continues living in the distorted world without her – crying that he wishes he could be with her. (´Д⊂ヽ

naka04End 28: Nadeshiko & Nakaba get caught and Nakaba gets brainwashed to work as a government guard with any memories of Nadeshiko completely gone. Lol sigh as I do more and more of these bad ends the more creepier Takato gets with all of them. Nakaba After story: Nakaba & Nadeshiko have a long distance relationship due to the time difference and Nakaba misses her a lot. And so after he returns to Japan for a bit, he’s ready for some sexy time cause he’s been repressed for such a long time without his bae ;P. Bonus Track 1: Nadeshiko hears Nakaba calling his coworker by her first name and demands that he do the same to her. He explains the coworker was someone who helped him a lot overseas and she’s married anyway. After ichaichaing they go on a date a few days later and he tells Nadeshiko that he has to go back overseas for a bit to tie up some loose ends. He says when he comes back, he wants to live together and have her become his waifu. And so he returns, works at a store in Japan and is popular amongst his female customers. He gets them off his back by saying he’s marrying his girlfriend and so time passes and it’s their wedding day. Nakaba goes MIA though because he went outside for some fresh air and found some lost dog lol. He then returns the dog to its owner and they run to get married. When it’s time for the kiss, he whispers “I love you” in Nadeshiko’s ear and she’s so happy she catches him off guard and kisses him first. ( ≖ิ‿≖ิ ) Bonus Track 2: Apparently the government’s been disbanded and Madoka & King were captured by Tora’s group. Meanwhile Nadeshiko starts her lovelove life together with Nakaba. The crime has also increased since the government’s demise. Nadeshiko wants to try to get over her embarrassment of sharing a bed with him so she asks Shigure for advice and gets the “GO GET ‘IM GUURL” response :lol:. When she attempts to get Nakaba to sleep in the same bed he’s so happy he teases her and then they smooch on the couch. He then tells Nadeshiko when they improve this world a bit more, he wants to marry her. End 32: Lol apparently Kaede gets an ending too! XD She runs away from rebellion HQ but he catches her and they spend the night in Riichiro’s ghetto shack. Nadeshiko ends up crying and he wipes her tears away and then he gets all tsundere for his feelings for her lol. They decide to return the next day but when they run into Tora’s brother Kai, Kaede realizes that they’re gonna treat Nadeshiko like shit. Since Kai is friends with Kaede he lets him go. They end up running away together because Kaede chooses to spend his life with Nadeshiko instead of his bros!

taka00Kaido Takato – As expected Takato’s route filled up most of the gaps in the story and answered a lot of questions about the game. As not expected, rather than being a sawayaka shounen, Takato is actually a closet yandere. Takato is at first the transfer student into Nadeshiko’s class. He’s really bad at cooking, but he’s one of those genius kids because instead he does crazy biology experiments/dissection etc even though he’s only 12 years old. He says sometimes he feels he’s not “child like” enough and while he’s good at a lot of stuff he doesn’t particularly have any “goals” or “dreams”. He comes over her house to learn how to make cookies since on his own he just blows up the oven. One day some crazy gunman runs into his parents’ building and goes on a rampage but he’s okay and he takes the opportunity to invite her over to his pad. His room is in an office building where his parents’ company is. She went to poke one of his crystals and it exploded on her and cut her. It’s then and there that Takato realized that what he does for a living is a pretty dangerous hobby – and he never thought of his own safety but now he thought of Nadeshiko. Anyway the time stop stuff happens let’s jump to 10 years later, Nadeshiko wakes up in the future world past the explosion. Takato’s pretty much lost all his marbles at age 22 because all he can see is Nadeshiko in front of him and nothing else – like a horse with blinders on. He also wants to control everything like a science experiments to make sure there are no “variable” dangers that will kill his bae ever again. The man’s a genius but has like no common sense due to being raised by maids and hired workers cause his dad was too busy being Mr. Rich Executive.   Additionally Takato mentions that he wanted to make sure his past self doesn’t cockblock what his current self is doing so he stopped time back in the 2010 world and brought Nadeshiko to this one! So Nadeshiko tells him while he’s busy trying to stop “unfair deaths” for her, he basically unfairly killed the lives of everyone back in her world. The distorted world Takato is like “fuck my other world self cause he gets to mack dat shit while I’m sitting here with a lifeless body gRRRR.” He’s pretty much my way or the highway type selfish King you typically see in some fairy tale lol.  He doesn’t care that he’s being selfish to the people left in the world because all he wants to do is frolic in the flower fields with Nadeshiko to the sound of music.

taka01Nadeshiko thinks he’s a mad scientist so she confides with Rain saying she wants to stop him. Rain says he doesn’t give a damn what Takato does because he hates this world as well (it’s all your fault though bro). ( ´_ゝ`)Takato also informs Nadeshiko that her spirit has actually aged while she was having all those dreams so she’s not a 12 year old in a 22 year body – she’s properly 22. He says he’s been waiting years and years to “touch her” (back in my broadcast in 2010 we made jokes that he fapped to her comatose body every night…but it’s probably not too far from the truth.) and so he demands that she kiss him. In return he said he will allow her to go out on her own for up to 4 hours a day. And while Takato is King Creep, his dorky side of trying to cook for Nadeshiko and get all ichaicha with her was admittedly adorable (*´∀*). The other problem is he’s in love with the Nadeshiko he grew up with – and all these memories he has of her (such as her bringing cookies to school) the current Nadeshiko never experienced. One day he tells her that they’ve caught the guy who caused her accident. He was hired by someone but never met the guy and he only did it for the huge monetary reward as well as the fact that he hated Nadeshiko’s family. All this time Takato thought when he finally found the criminal he’d be angry and vengeful, but when he saw the guy in front of him he thought of him as this pathetic shit that he didn’t give a damn anymore. He hates himself for this because he feels like all of his emotions of revenge for the past 9 years just vanished. He says that without her he’s like an emotionless robot so he needs her by his side. Just when Nadeshiko finally thinks he’s showing emotion, he goes back into his robotic state and says he’s going to question the criminal further. Rain then takes Nadeshiko to meet with Riichiro and Tora and asks them to overthrow the government and dethrone Takato. Nadeshiko wanted to stop Takato initially as I mentioned, but she didn’t want to hurt him and the way it came out of Rain’s mouth made her terrified. Tora informs her that in order for the civilians to truly feel that Takato’s been dethroned they’d have to “see” him killed like some weird medieval ritual. Rain further agrees saying that Takato became a King to be the “Scape Goat” so sooner or later he’d meet this fate whether or not Nadeshiko was here. Takato asks Nadeshiko to sleep with him one night so they can chat like they’re on some school trip. She agrees and he then tells her that he was stuck in the past being in love with her self that no longer exists. However as he spent time here with her “new soul” he fell in love with her once more and realized how awful he’s been treating her.

taka02The fact that she accepted him and said she’ll be by his side made him fall in love with THIS Nadeshiko and gave him a sense of non robotic emotion again. They talk about their childhoods and Takato reveals how he scored 280 at age 5 on an IQ test. Due to this he got involved in the science field by his father and he grew up with the mindset that people are just “test subjects”. It was when he met Nadeshiko that he realized what it’s like to be a child and have feelings. Now here’s the major spoiler of the game (also taken from Rain’s special ending thing.) Rain knew about Takato being a genius child, and he came from America at the age of 15 to meet him. Rain’s younger sister Rachel, was killed in an accident as well and being the stereotypical siscon that he is, he wanted to bring her back to life. When he met up with 12 year old Takato and told him he wanted to research bringing people back to life, Takato refused to cooperate. He said he had no interested and he felt that it was immoral anyway. Rain raged at how dare this brat not do as I say! He then asked Takato if there was a girl that he liked. He came to Takato’s school one day and bumped into Nadeshiko. He pretended to be this gaijin who doesn’t speak English (even though he was fluent in Japanese) and asked her “What is your name? Do you believe in God?” Nadeshiko was like (ಠ_ಠ) wut? So then Rain basically created the scenario – he called Madoka threatening his family and told him to call out Nadeshiko on that fateful day. That fateful day, Nadeshiko was supposed to go to the aquarium with Riichiro and Takato but she had some time before hand so she went to meet Madoka. She got hit by the car and the next time those 2 saw her, was in a vegetable state at the hospital. Takato then swore that he would bring her back to life and that’s when he joined forces with Rain and the rest is history.  So then rain goes and injects a virus in the government computers causing breach holes everywhere. Because Takato trusts no one, he catches on to this and decides to disband the government. He tells all his staff to run for the hills and says he’ll go down with the ship as the rebellion group attacks it. Unfortunately Takato forgot about his 1 weak point: Nadeshiko, and one of the guys from the rebel group tricks her and brings her at knife point in front of Takato & co.  End 8: Nadeshiko realizes the guy’s really after Takato so she resists and gets stabbed in his place. Takato is about to go insane part deux but Nadeshiko begs him not to go crazy, not to do anymore experiments and that she will always be by his side. Takato decides to keep his promise with her and he lets Madoka and some CZ workers do the surgery on her to save her life. This pisses Rain off to no end and Takato then finds out Rain was behind it all. He is pissed and shocked on why Rain would do this and Rain said “I just wanted to make the greatest scientist out of you.”  He says that he never intended to kill Nadeshiko and really just wanted a “trigger” for Takato to become a mad scientist. IT WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE!  🙄

taka03Takato says that 9 years ago he would sacrifice anything for Nadeshiko, but now he realizes that even if he were to bring her back from the dead – it would not be “her”. Also Rain babbles that Nadeshiko was making Takato too “soft” and he’s forgotten his sternness as the King. The surgery is a success and Takato is so happy he hugs her so hard that Madoka yells at him for not being careful and that he might open her wounds by accident lol. Nadeshiko then tells Takato that she likes him and he’s so shocked he turns to stone. She’s like “uh…hello….?” 😆 Takato is so happy he asks one more time and she repeats her confession and then he asks to kiss her for real this time stating that other time was a “no count” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. For safety reasons, Nadeshiko ends up staying in his room. One day there’s a huge explosion and all of Clock Zero is set on fire – with all the security disabled so none of the sprinklers can put it out.. The rebels have invaded CZ again all courtesy of Rain as he decided he’ll be going out with literally a BANG. Nadeshiko, despite her wounds post surgery, runs to look for Takato and bumps into Rain. Rain tells her that she reminded him of his sister and tells her how to get to Takato before going out in flames. When she gets there, Takato takes her down to the lab with the capsules. He tells her that in this world she will be in danger and he just cannot live in a world without her. He admits he was jealous of his other world self being happy with Nadeshiko but also wanted to monitor her growing up which is why he posed as Akira sensei. He also says that he came up with the name clock zero because he was researching ways to stop time (unlike his other world shota self who came up with it for some cute reason.) He concludes that his other time self might have turned out better than the way he is now. He also tells her that he’s found a way to keep her from getting into the accident, and his other self will protect her.  Nadeshiko’s like wtf bro I finally fell in love with this you and now you’re sending me back! Takato’s like yep, I’m a selfish crazy scientist but I want you to live a happier life and it won’t be happening if you stay here. All he ever wanted was a simple life where he could go on dates, go shopping and hold hands like a couple. Finally he puts her in a capsule and sends her spirit back in time. Nadeshiko wakes up at the school and sees a passed out 12 year old Takato. She panics and cries but then Takato wakes up and she glomps him. She tells him not to disappear and that she’ll always be with him and as time passed her memories of the distorted world faded away. 11 years later Takato becomes a teacher for the school and he’s happily raburabu with Nadeshiko. They remember they had a teacher giving them after school homework but can’t remember who the teacher was.  It turns out that Takato actually saved her life on the day of the accident by taking the hit instead (and miraculously surviving). The reason is because Takato’s future self, Akira sensei, gave him a letter which listed the day, time and place of Nadeshiko’s accident. He also told Takato to stop all his research immediately – this way he would never catch Rain’s eye. Because of all of this, Nadeshiko’s coma was avoided, her life saved and the world prevented from destruction.

taka04Meanwhile back in the distorted world Takato whispers to a sleeping Nadeshiko that he’ll be waiting for her to wake up. As he leaves the room, a miracle happens and Nadeshiko opens her eyes inside the capsule. End 9: Takato plans to sink with the ship but Nadeshiko rages and says she can’t live without him and forces him to escape with her. You go girl! m9( ゚д゚)ビシッ!! 3 months pass and basically the government is dispelled and everything’s in chaos. There are rumors that the King died in the fire with the castle. Takato runs into some loli who gives him a flower ring and tells him to not hate the King because he gave them food and these flowers. End 6: Nadeshiko just wants to return to her previous world and can’t trust this Takato. The rebel group invades clock zero and kills everyone. End 7: Takato is shot by the gunman but he’s happy he was able to protect Nadeshiko. He admits that he didn’t care about anything but her even if it meant sacrificing the rest of the world. He dies asking Madoka to protect Nadeshiko. End 10: Seeing Nadeshiko get hurt makes Takato go nuts again, so after she wakes up post surgery, he freezes time so only he & Nadeshiko can move in the “timeless world”. End 2: If you intentionally fail every exam during the homework portion, Kaga-sensei says he’ll call their parents to report this. After this both he and Rain disappear from Nadeshiko’s sight forever. Not sure if we’re to assume that she just dies as predicted. End 3 & 34: If you get all the homework questions right except the last one, after they bury the capsule we get a time skip to 10 years later. It seems like nothing happened and everyone gets together to dig up the time capsule and read the letters they wrote. Nadeshiko reads her and starts crying and afterwards it’s revealed that her trip through time did happen but she had forgotten about it how she has in most endings. What happened is when she was sent back to her world, it was before the time capsule burying I guess so she wrote herself a letter to “never forget the distorted world” and to always “treasure her present time”. Everyone decides to get together in 2 weeks to make another time capsule to bury and open again when they’re in their 30s. End 4: Nadeshiko decides to put Rain into the time capsule as a joke but it really does happen…and he gets buried crying for help xD. End 5: Nadeshiko decides not to put anything into the time capsule and she watches sadly as it gets buried.

taka05After story: Takato is a teacher at their old elementary school and tells all the shotas there not to hit on Nadeshiko cause she’s his sexy laday. He tells Nadeshiko that when he was a child he used to have dreams of being trapped in a cage with no way out. Those dreams ended when he met Nadeshiko in elementary school,  and realized he doesn’t have to be forced to be an adult and that he’s still a child after all. They end up hanging out at the school until wee hours of the night and then making out somewhere on the rooftop lol. Bonus track: Nadeshiko meets Takato’s father Kaido Kengo when he barges into Takato’s apartment by seducing the landlady (´゚ω゚)・*;’.、ブッ. He is there to give Takato a spare key he made for his apartment so Takato could give it to Nadeshiko so she could stop by more often :P. Some time passes and Nadeshiko graduates and is working at a small doctor’s office. She gets home late one night and goes to Takato’s place only to find he’s prepared a surprise dinner for her. She’s shocked to hear that he made the food himself since the old him would just make something as instant ramen explode lol. He admits he got help and advice from Nakaba though xD. She asks him what the occasion is and he’s like “it’s the day we first met when I transferred to your elementary school” (〃∇〃). Some time later Takato’s dad meets Nadeshiko’s parents and thanks Nadeshiko for being a positive influence on his son. Nadeshiko’s dad is like “I’ve approved of Takato but not of you!” and as usual starts raging at Takato’s dad :lol:. Takato later runs into Riichiro  who says he has nothing to worry about as he’s gotten over Nadeshiko years ago. And so time passes and it’s Nadeshiko and Takato’s wedding day. After the ceremony they go outside the church and he carries her princess style. In the distorted world bonus track, Takato attempts to cook for Nadeshiko and she’s like NOOOOOOOOO. She then gets into a fight with Takato cause he’s obviously got something on his mind but he won’t tell her when he goes wandering around Ground Zero. He admits that he wants to do something to change the world but he’s afraid to do so to reveal his identity and make things worse. She hugs him and says she’s here for him no matter what. As the sun rises, they start to head home and find 1 lonely flower growing within the pile of rubble. Takato says that this is proof that there’s hope that they can rebuild this world. They continue to live together as Nadeshiko has to try to stop Takato from attempting to do anymore cooking xD.

rain01Rain –  Not sure if this was a PSP or Vita addition but if you complete ending 33 for Rain, it unlocks an episode about Rain’s past. End 33: After Nadeshiko runs into rain and then runs off to Takato, the POV is switched to Rain. He sits there dying in a fire until Madoka finds him and tell him he’ll never forgive him. He thanks Rain for being a good “mentor” to him though but leaves him to burn to his death. Before he dies it’s revealed that his frog puppet was made to mimic the personality of his best friend who also died. So yea here comes the pity train for Rain and I guess I’m getting on board. It begins with him being with his younger sister, to meeting Nadeshiko at the elementary school to working with Takato to transfer Nadeshiko’s soul to their world – all from his point of view. Eventually it leads us back to the time where Rain’s about to die in the burning Clock Zero HQ. Just then Nadeshiko and Takato show up to save his ass, telling him that he won’t die until he repents for all the bullshit he’s put them through. And so time passes, Nadeshiko & Takato are all raburabu and since Rain’s a 3rd wheel, he gets bored and figures he wants to hit dat sheit too. He tells Nadeshiko that he’s gonna be competing with Takato to her number one and she’s like (゚д゚). In the “after story” for Rain it’s more a flashback to him having fun with his friend Al and sister Rachel as he kicks Al’s ass in poker. He never thought that those fun days would ever come to an end. My only complaint as far as Rain goes is his friend Al who he “programmed” into his frog puppet’s AI. Somehow though it felt/was hinted at that Al’s “Soul” was inside the frog rather than just a robot.

rain02Bonus track: Taking place after Rain’s NTR ending, Rain stops sporting the weird twin tail look and just has his hair down xD. Nadeshiko asks him to strip his lab coat so he doesn’t stick out but he says he’s not ready for that big of a change. He also makes Takato really pissy by doing stuff like holding Nadeshiko’s hand /(^o^)\. He eventually says some o/c bs (that they threw in for the sake of Rain) that he’s happy just living with Nadeshiko and Rain. Nadeshiko then run outside to look for Rain who said he went to go wander around the ruins of Clock zero. She finds him there and tells him that she and Takato don’t care if he “repents for his sins” they just want to live together with him. 🙄 Nadeshiko tells him that he’s her bff ever since he spent time with her in his bunny keychain form. Rain starts crying and saying it’s just the rain so Nadeshiko takes his hand and brings him home all soaking wet lol. As Takato  goes to blow up the kitchen make dinner the two of them go to the bedroom to dry themselves off. While they do this Rain takes her hand and confesses that he’s fallen in love with her. (He also admits how it pisses him off cause he can’t seem to push aside or ignore his feelings.) And as Takato goes off to work, Rain ends up staying back at home with Nadeshiko and hitting on her while babbling Engrish she can’t understand ,、('∀) ‘`,、。 He then challenges her to a game of poker and they make a bet that if she wins he’ll teach her English, and says if he wins, she’ll marry him (´゚ω゚)・*;’.、ブッ. She’s like wtf so he’s like ok fine I’ll settle on a kiss – before informing her that his best card game is poker xD.

Maybe it’s just me but something feels off.

I’m gonna start by saying I’m extremely butthurt that I couldn’t complete the gallery and get the platinum trophy for this game. After checking a CG pack it turns out I was missing some of those chibi CG instances you get from going home with all the guys. I followed a guide but somehow missed them and welp here I am, 2 trophies away from a platinum (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to go back and apologize into the distance for all the errors/mistakes I had in my PS2 review. Essentially this is like my PS2 review but I’ve adjusted/changed/removed a lot of things. Playing the 2nd time around, 5 years later with much better  Japanese I caught and understood a lot more things than the first time I played the ps2 version back in 2010. For amusement purposes I’m going to go through my final thoughts from the PS2 review:

The biggest complaint are the STUPID TESTS. Okay fine, they’re part of the game I have no problem but Y U MAKE ME TYPE OUT ANSWER IN KATAKANA. Considering this is a PS2 game too I have to scroll around and pick the letters so I can’t even “type” it out through my keyboard. Additionally those answers aren’t always easy so the easiest way is to just press “A”, get wrong answer, go to Rain and have him give you the “choices” to pick the right answer. If you’re gonna do that just GIVE US THE CHOICES TO BEGIN WITH DAMNIT. (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻ This fact alone really lowered my enjoyment level of the game (ಠ_ಠ).

This is funny because thanks to the Vita’s touch screen, for the most part, the quizzes were a breeze. There was a few answers with kanji I’ve never seen before but ultimately punching the letters on my screen was something my 2010 self would never dream would eventually happen. So dear my 2010 self, you get a pat on the back for manually joysticking your way through all that shit.

The positives was that Nadeshiko was a pretty strong willed and awesome heroine. Rather than crying for prince charming to save her or being quite and reserved when he rejected her – she’d be like NO YOU’RE MINE BEECH ( ಠ益ಠ ).

Nadeshiko is still awesome. Somehow she felt more awesome and oddly relateable to myself. One particular thing I caught the 2nd time around is how she said everything so bluntly, she would make her fellow classmates cry. Riichiro said that she’s got a sharp mouth and that’s why a lot of people are afraid to get close to her which was one of her downfalls mentioned by Kaga-sensei. Nadeshiko guurl, you and me both sistah www.

There were “bonus tracks” which were like extra scenarios for each guy – but it was just text. At least in Death Connection they actually had voices and sprites but here I felt like I was just reading some fanfic.

Yahoo for ports! In the port they added voices to all those unvoiced stories. I finally went through every single one of them and enjoyed them a lot. Why can’t these kind of things be done the first time around??

The character interviews (old & young) were nice as well as the “gouhoubi ” pictures XD. There were some scenes where you had to pick a choice in 8 seconds. Okay short but doable. Then there was one scene in Toranosuke’s route where you had to wait until 2 seconds remaining – then the 2 options would CHANGE – and you had to pick it in literally 1 second. Dafuq? Does Otomate think trolling its players is funny? ヽ(`Д´#)ノ

I don’t know why I said “there was one scene” cause there was definitely more than one scene where Toranosuke had a timed choice! :(;゙゚’ω゚’): Fortunately with touch screen capabilities, picking the right one in 2 seconds is not much of a problem anymore! I actually didn’t go through all the interviews again (I think I only looked at Riichiro and Shuuya?) but I DID go through Rain. They actually added a bonus that is affected by his future relationship with Nadeshiko that was probably a bonus added only to Vita (or PSP?) ports.

After Madoka’s route I REALLY wished that Otomate would make a fandisk for this game. Need a route for Nakaba SO BADLY it’s not even funny.

You know what maybe Nakaba didn’t need a route that badly after all. I mean I loved Nakaba but I feel the path they chose to “fit him” into the game was wrong.  I know he’s a nice guy but using “too nice for his own good” as the plot line then goes from “hes a nice guy” to “just fuck alreadyyyyy” level frustration lol. I know, he has to have an angsty route just like everyone else to fit in, but the fact of the matter is Nakaba is not an angsty character. That’s why a lot of his route felt shoved in and out of character and well I just wanted cute cuddle time with him more than anything else. (;^ω^)

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t happy with the new CGs. Aside from a few, a lot of them felt really awkward compared to the original counterparts. Did the original artist draw them? I don’t know. They claim that she did but a lot of them just felt like they were…off. Is this game worth buying only for Nakaba’s route? I’d say no. I pretty much enjoyed playing “the bulk of everything” and if I had only bought it for Nakaba I’d be disappointed. Also a thing to note is you can’t even play Nakaba’s route until you clear Tora & Madoka which added a bit of frustration for me along the way.  Did I change my mind about any characters? Rittan is still my number one. That will probably never change. However SHUUYA is my number 2 now. Wow I don’t really know why I disliked him or thought he was boring but when I actually understood most of what he said he was really funny and cute!! Shuuyyaaaaa!!! (´∀`)!! I started feeling less dislike but more pity for Takato and at this point I just want to give him a pat on the back cause he’s done a lot of hard livin. Tora has also done a lot of hard livin, and I really want his dad to throw himself off a cliff that stupid son of a bitch ^^. However I gotta say I think I only like 2010-world Tora. I don’t think I’ll ever get to like 2020-world Tora and probably if anything I’ve grown more hatred & dislike toward him after my 2nd playthrough. And well Rain……go bugger yourself, you don’t deserve a route or a happy ending you NTRing ass lol :lol:.  (/gets bricked by Rain fangirls /(^o^)\)


Eh overall I think it was worth the replay. I’m not one to replay games because once I “know” what happens it’s not as interesting to me. Despite this, I found CZ enjoyable the 2nd time around and the new content/bonuses + 5 years of improving my Japanese definitely helped keep things “fresh”. I think if there’s a game you really enjoyed a long time ago and your Japanese improves, definitely return to it and replay it – it’s a much different but better experience.


24 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Ex Time

  1. LOL at the Engrish. On the other hand, “Vengesnce” sounds like it could be a really cool name for a monster or a villain…

    I’m hoping Idea Factory or Aksys will release this in English. I thought about importing it, but the story sounds a little too complicated for my level of Japanese. I do think your graphic and explanation helps though. Maybe someday I’ll give it try…

    1. yea admittedly my first play through I still enjoyed it even though I had no fucking idea what was going on half the game xD
      it would definitely be a game that deserves a translation

  2. Wow Shigure is badass in Nakaba route, meanwhile in his son route 😛

    I agree with you regarding the Cg, when I saw it on official site and B’s-Log I was like “why the new art kinda awkward?”

    Also, if only Kaede have route in PSVita (Although it’s pretty understandable why he didn’t)

    1. Yea also it’s annoying she had no role or sprite in her own son’s route lmao

      I think some Nakaba CGs were really cute but others felt really awkward. Not sure if it’s the art style or the coloring style that makes them stick out.

      Kaede at least had a short ending this time which I guess is better than nothing

  3. Congratulation on finishing Clock Zero ^o^
    On twitter you said you found a CG pack. Could you share it with me please? I’ve searched for CZ CG for a while but no luck finding it ><. Hope I'm not bother you ^^

    1. per my FAQ I do not share or distribute CG packs.
      (Also I paid money for it so that’s probably why you can’t find it)

  4. hello again! although you said extime wasn’t really worth buying just for nakaba’s route, i ended up buying it anyways hahaaa,,, i reasoned w myself that it was worth buying bc i wasn’t really that far into the game yet since i’ve only done two routes so far and that i was only playing a borrowed copy of it and had yet to spend an actual dollar on cz….. but really i’m just grasping at straws to justify my poor decision making skills ¯\_( ᐛ )_/¯

    i really wanted to like both toras but i guess i ended up feeling mostly the same way about 2020 tora bc the bad ending (tora why) … and the return endings i usually liked for being bittersweet but it was kinda hard to focus on the ‘sweet’ when i was already scarred by tora creepily caressing small nadeshiko w blood soaked hands (ಠ_ಠ) i dunno i guess i’ll never learn to be ok with yanderes. and basically any time tora’s dad ever appeared and opened his mouth i really wanted to kick him in the face because ???? he’s such a piece of shit ????? why was he even allowed to have children wtf why didn’t they just send all their children to tora’s grandpa in the first place or something like jesus who beats their child bc they’re jealous that their wife pays more attention to their child than them??

    also i know they explained that she actually really becomes 22 when she gets sent to 2020 since she synchronised w her 2020 self and has all her 2020 memories and stuff, but wasn’t she basically a vegetable since around 13ish? at most, shouldn’t she be around 13? that is unless she has memories from even when she was in a coma (from her surroundings maybe?) but even then i don’t think that would really be enough to mature her to the age of 22… unless it’s explained later in the other routes that i have yet to play, in which case ignore mee \o/

    1. from what I recall, the reasoning was that while she was in that capsule Takato basically filled her with “knowledge” that would make her “mature”. he also noted that it was easy to do because she was already pretty mature for her age even when she was 12/13. But yea basically she’s had like no actual experiences between ages 13-22 so I think it’s limited on how far Takato can “mature” her brain lol. They never really did go into big detail on that other than what I mentioned lol.

      And yea totally feel you on Tora, it was like even worse in the wedding omake lol.

      1. ahhh okay i see. that’s a good enough explanation for me. i guess i just had to play a little longer to uncover that in other routes 😛

      2. oh yea and sorry i have another question ^^;

        did they also explain why only the main guys saw her while the other regular people didn’t during those dreams she had of the distorted world?

        1. no problem!

          I actually don’t think they ever explained it. They just said it was her bodies getting “synced” but didn’t explain why only the guys could see her but no one else could.
          I’m going to just guess it’s because they were the only ones who had contact with her in both 2010 (because of the homework) and 2020 so during the synchronization they could see her because their other world selves had connected to her.

          I’m guessing that if she had run into her parents in 2020 world, they would have been able to see her too but since she was just wandering around ruins/Clock Zero HQ the only ones there were mostly guards or people who never met her in the 2010 world.

  5. Wahh!!! Thank you for the review, I was thinking of buying cz first, then ninkoi or norn9. But after reading the review, I guess I’ll buy ninkoi first xD
    Since I’ve played the psp port, except a few additions here and there, I pretty much knew the whole thing. But I’m happy they decide to add wedding scenes in the bonus stories as the psp’s bonus track don’t have them ヽ(*´▽)ノ♪

    Rain’s ‘route’ is already an addition from the psp port, except the bonus track and after story, iirc. Reading his route again, I never felt much sympathy for him even from before, to the point I kinda wished there’s a ‘doom’ ending for him, I can’t really picture him living a happy life with the way he is (sorry, Rain’s fans)

    1. No problem! I’m playing (albeit slowly) ninkoi now as well. It’s a lot less draining on the brain (especially since Ive played half the game already on PSP already xD)

      And thanks for the heads up about the PSP omakes. I only played PS2 version but seems like the PSP did add a lot of stuff on it that I never got to see. And I totally agree with you on Rain, wtf happy ending for him ( ´_ゝ`)

  6. Hi great review as always I love reading your reviews I always find them entertaining and like how brutally honest you are with the games you play.

    I loved playing Clock Zero when it was released for the PSP and would’t mind playing this one too however, I haven’t made the move to buy a PSP vita.

    I have seen a lot vita games that I want to play but from experience of buying a physical copy of a game then getting delivered to me is really expensive that and you get taxed sometimes more than the value you paid for the games as they hold the items at post office till you pay the tax for it.

    I have noticed a lot of the games I want to own you can download them according to the Otomate site but would that work if you didn’t buy a Japanese vita as I’m not sure if the downloadable games are region locked to Japan only but instead buy just a standard English/American PSP VIta then somehow get access to the Japanese PSP vita store to buy the downloadable games?

    I would be ever so grateful if you could answer my query above and carry on the good work as always 😀

    1. hey you don’t need a Japanese vita to play the games. if you buy physical copies you can use any region vita to play them.
      I buy physical copies because it’s easier for me to order them in bulk than buy psn cards through a 3rd party and get them digitally through PSN.
      PSN is what’s region locked so since I picked my Vita to be tied with JP PSN, I can’t go downloading any English games from EN PSN (but since I only play JP otome games it’s not a problem)

      All otome games are pretty much on the Vita now so if you want to continue playing them it’s definitely something you should invest in. Additionally 3 new otome games licensed in English (Norn 9, Amnesia and Code realize) are on the Vita as well so I definitely recommend getting one.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Hi thanks for answering my query and buying a psn card to buy the games sounds pretty long winded I’m probably better off just buying the physical games online. I just thought that downloading direct from store would be a lot easier than waiting for them to come in delivery and paying for all the taxes when I get to them.

    I was thinking of getting a PSP Vita just to play Japanese vita games anyway and not to play the English games.

    Its really good to hear that some otome games are finally being translated into English there must of been enough demand for it in order to do so.

    This has helped a lot thanks for advice much appreciated

  8. Hello! Fellow lurker here! Haha, I recently purchased a crapton of otome games. I got SWEET CLOWN, Bread Master and Prince, Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime, Reine Des Fleurs, I Doll U, Shinobi Koi Utsutsutsu and Soukai Buccaneers! ( my wallet hates me sooooo much) and I wanted to firstly let you know that because of your blog, I have been rigorously studying Japanese. It’s possible to learn enough to understand the gist of the game lol. I thought it was impossible but you really have motivated me to keep studying. I wanted to ask, and sorry since I assume you’ve been asked this so many times before, but how exactly did you go about studying? And when did you suddenly realize you were understanding the majority of a game or show? I am not taking classes but I have bought a textbook and have been studying for about 6 months now. I can understand the gist of a route (sometimes) but when it comes down to trying to understand most of what is being said, I get stumped and feel like I’m not getting anywhere. 😦 So I decided that instead of tearing my hair out trying to translate everything I would whiz through what I didn’t get and try to understand through what I could comprehend lol.

    Is that a good tactic? Anyways, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for your blog. If not for you, I never would have bought any otome games, never would have known about them, and never would have been motivated enough to start learning this beautiful language.
    If you have ANY tips that I could use to further my learning-such as grammar or just something you wish you knew beforehand when you started-I would love to hear it! If you want, I could pay you for some online classes? Well, if you’re busy I understand lol sorry I’m just super excited about all of this.

    I hope that you might do reviews on SWEET CLOWN and Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime. That’s only when you have the time. I can understand busy schedules so I in no way am trying to rush you.

    Oh gawd, I’m so sorry about this long post. 😦 Anyways, have a wonderful day and thank you!!!

    1. Hey thanks for the nice comments!
      I don’t really “study” anymore. At this point anything I learn I just learn from playing the games and if necessary, looking up any words I don’t know. My “studying” though is like a 10 year process so by now I’ve pretty much settled on the knowledge I’ve gained all those years /oldfogey
      6 months is still pretty early though so depending on how fast you learn you have a bit of time to go 😛

      The thing is sometimes playing a game when you don’t understand anything can get tedious/frustrating and you may have a different “idea” of what’s going on. If you play it that way I’d suggest replaying it in a few years again to see if you can understand better.

      I did preorder sweet clown and thumbelina so I’ll definitely review those when I get to them. I’m a little behind on my backlog thanks to FF14 but I’ll get there eventually as after July I don’t have too many games I want to order.
      Only thing I can recommend for learning is this book I used for one of my classes called げんき (Genki) series. I thought their books were the most straight forward.

      1. Hinano,

        Thanks so much for your reply!! Sorry for my late one-my internet has been dying on me 😦 but I wanted to thank you so much for all your advice! And I do have Genki 😀 so that’s helped a lot! And playing them again in a few years definitely seems like something I will need to do!

        Thanks again, and good luck with your backlog-lol, it’s so awesome to have all these great games until you start counting all the ones you still haven’t finished.

  9. An amazing review, so thorough and clarifying! Thank you a lot! ❤ It really shows you have poured your heart in this game, trying to explain so nicely all the details.

    I haven't even played such games ever. 😀 I only learned about Clock Zero some time ago thanks to a fan art. I was so intrigued. After searching online, I found your blog here where you explained the whole story. Both the previous review and this one are probably the best reviews I have seen around! 😉

    Really well done! Keep up your talented job! ^_^

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・゚

      I tried to really fix up a lot of mistakes in my last review so hopefully this time it’s a lot more clearer than before.

  10. Congrats on finishing the game! I skipped to the end comments since I haven’t touched my copy. Anyway I noticed that the new art looks different from the old one and I’ve been wondering if it’s to do with the colouring. And the Engrish lol. It is weird as I don’t remember such errors in the PSP port. How they managed to do that for the Vita port is a mystery.

    Other than that, glad that you’ve grown to like Shuuyaaaaaa!!! \o/ (main point of my comment)

    1. haha no problem. I think you didn’t miss much anyway since a lot of the stuff is repeat from before 😛

      I think all the Engrish is all the additional Rain content but yea did they lose their English translator cause that’s worse than google translate quality!
      And yea Shuuya XDDD I’m surprised how much I liked him the 2nd time around!

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