Chikage-tan is mai waifu♡


Sorry I don’t have an April Fool’s post of any kind this year. No excuses other than busy with work and just burning my brain raiding in FF14. I’m trying to finish up the 2 otome games in my side bar so I can at least keep up my 1 review per month pace here. (;^ω^)


In regards for what’s to come after, I’ve preordered the Clock Zero vita port, Crimson Empire vita port, Norn9 FD, and Possession Magenta. I might play some old PSP game on the side during my commute though while waiting for the orders to arrive at the end of April. Thanks to all the train delays lately I made a lot of progress in regards to this! 😆


8 thoughts on “Chikage-tan is mai waifu♡”

  1. Lol if possession magenta ends up as trashy as rebirso that would be the most depressing thing on the planet. jfc i’d probably quit after that LOL
    And niiiiiiiiiiice lol here’s hoping CE doesn’t suck balls

  2. yea I ordered the Animate set it better be good or it will be a massive suicide in my otome game hobby lolol
    I got the regular edition of CE with mostly CD Japan points so even if it sucks it won’t be a huge dent in my wallet.

  3. Ahhhhhh Possession Magenta *V* looks sooo good but I’m holding off for now… I’m really curious so I look forward to your review on it www

    I completely forgot they were porting Crimson Empire to vita. Hopefully there aren’t any weird bugs or anything with it haha

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