Otome Game Review: Rakuen Danshi ~Beast Harem~

I started this game almost 2 years ago but due to delays/lack of interest in games the last few months, I decided to just finish it again. At the time I had only done 80% of Yukito’s route but once I got through it, the rest was mostly a skip-a-thon so I was able to get through the game faster than expected. And so here we are, a game based on a really trashy Shoujo Manga. When I say trashy I mean like Shinjo Mayu near porno levels 😆 I bought the 3 volumes on Amazon Kindle out of curiosity and was surprised Takuyo would even make a game based on something like this. Anyway more on that in my final thoughts. Our story is about Kanzaki Asuna, who moves back to her old hometown to stay with her cousin Yukito. Her dad is an engineer and tells her he’s off on a 2 year business trip with Yukito’s dad telling her to do well on her own! She figures things are ok since she’s got Yukito by her side but turns out that the school she’s going to transfer to was once an all boys school. They only started allowing girls in as of this year and since Asuna is a 2nd year student, she’s the only female sophomore in her grade. From here on Asuna’s bishie harem adventures begin!

yuki01Hikami Yukito – Yukito is Asuna’s cousin and childhood friend. I know Takuyo loves their cousincest routes and you can tell that basically Yukito is the OTP of the game as they put the most effort into his route. The problem is, in order to unlock “beast voice” (which is a feature allowing you to hear all the guys’ inner thoughts in the game) you have to finish Yukito’s good end. I guess the idea for them was for you to do Yukito last then REPLAY the routes to make the game feel “longer” for the beast voices. I was like NOPE and played him first. Needless to say, it made the rest of the game feel like 1 giant NTR fest because Asuna cannot remember her childhood promise as Yukito sits there wanting for her to love him and instead watches me lead her off to some other guys’ route. (´・ω:;.:… Like his father, Yukito loves tinkering with inventions. He creates this dream pillow for Asuna and she has all sorts of dreams every night about all the dudes she interacts with. A lot of the times they are almost dreams revealing the guys’  true feelings but in the end Yukito thinks his pillow is a failure cause it wasn’t able to reveal his feelings to Asuna :lol:.  Yukito wins a pair of tickets to the amusement park and a nights stay in a hotel room. He asks Asuna if that’s ok but she’s like yea let’s roll with it. When they stay the first night, she goes to use the public bath and then sees Yukito getting hit on by some girls. She gets a bit jelly but when he sees her he grabs her and says “I’ve got no interest in anyone but her now fuck off pls”. The girls rage saying that if she was really his girlfriend they would have just bathed together and he claims that if they did that he’d bang her all night long (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン!!! LMFAO I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY A RANDOM GIRL WOULD NEED PROOF IF THEY ARE LOVERS BUT LOL OK.   Asuna knows he was just pretending but she doesn’t realize that his “pretending” is his real feelings and thinks that he doesn’t see her as a “girl”. This is all because in the past shota Yukito was like “I have no interest in anything except inventions” but you know once the hormones started going, that obviously changed.

yuki02Sadly our heroine doesn’t think so and starts getting all sad thinking that what if he really likes his inventions more than her. Welp pretty much justfuckalready.jpg here but I was too busy (*´д`*)ハァハァ ing at Shimono Hiro to care www ^q^  Bad End: Yea so playing blindly the first run gave me a bad end because I didn’t have Asuna be some reserved polite little Japanese girl. It got me some yandere end with Yukito complaining that she forgot their promise shit and then being like I’ma hold you up to that promise forever and ever (◉◞౪◟◉`) lol. Hapy End: Asuna magically hears Yukito’s voice through his invention which is like I LOVE U BABE instead of telling her to forget him when he goes off to his 1 year training. He says he’ll be back (lol only 1 year) and she says she’ll always wait for him! One year later at sensei’s wedding ceremony Yukito shows up and is all like I’m back baby and they hug at the amusement park as the wedding bells ring indicating the ceremony’s over. In the epilogue they have to always run out of the house to ichaicha cause their dads are back from their research and get pissed seeing their kids incestuously get it on. (;^ω^) They instead go to the amusement park to make out there instead :lol:. Honestly, I don’t know why Takuyo keeps pulling the get-with-your-cousin trope. Not even like some distant cousin but like first cousin. I guess this is still a thing in Japan or someone over there has a cousincest fetish. Oh well I’m just riding this train for the Shimono (◉◞౪◟◉`)! Beast End: Err this didn’t seem much different from the bad end other than an inclusive Kabe-don from Yukito in the classroom. Also him being all like GURL FORGET ME while kissing her and inside you hearing his “beast voice” to be like I LOVE U BABY DON’T FORGET ME! Yea not really sure the point of the beast thing other than to basterdize the characters and complete the CG gallery ._.

soushi01Matsushima Soushi – The main guy from the trashy manga so it was kinda weird seeing him lusting after Asuna rather than Yoko.  Soushi is a QT pie tennis ace and acts snarky but is really a sweetheart on the inside. He always teases Asuna but eventually he starts falling for her and being jealous of his friend and fellow tennis club player Kouei –  who is in the same class as her. He and Kouei are childhood friends and he knows Kouei has a thing for Asuna but he himself can’t help but like her as well. At first he tries to be a bro for Kouei until he realizes his own feelings and then turns into a cockblocker for Asuna’s attention. Eventually the other club manager returns from the hospital and tells Asuna she can leave but Soushi says that Asuna should stay and they can both be managers. Asuna also realizes Soushi has injured his leg but he wants her to keep it a secret so that he can make it for the finals. Happy End: And so for the final tennis match Soushi loses but because he lost, the scout doesn’t pick him to go play overseas. After the match Asuna goes to comfort him on his loss and he ends up hugging her for a bit.

soushi02For the school play they end up having her be a princess with Soushi and Kouei being princes who fight over her. In the play she ends up with Soushi’s character and afterwards he meets her in the classroom and tells her he won’t be going overseas for tennis. The two of them then confess their love to each other and in the epilogue, he asks Asuna to call him Soushi instead of Matsushima-kun since they’ve been dating for a while.  He comes to her place after their date and they smooch while he says he’ll “wait till she’s ready” to go further….which is so hilarious cause all sorts of humpin’ goin on in dat lewd manga!  NTR End: I was thinking there was a CG here so I did it but I kinda regret it. It was just Kouei being butthurt that Soushi gets both Tennis and Asuna so he basically takes Asuna to some classroom and says he’ll never give up on her whether she likes him or not. (´・ω・`;A) Decided to skip this and any other bad ends in further routes. Beast End: Uh kinda like the NTR end except Soushi is the one who gets all pissed off that Asuna won’t realize his feelings or something and then forces himself on her in the nurse’s office (implied rape yay!) But we’re supposed to excuse this because Asuna is like OH BEBE and in his beast voice he’s like I LOVE UUU. Sigh whatever lol these beast ends are such a stupid personality flip that I only end up doing them to complete the CG gallery (;^ω^).

ko01Narumiya Kouei -Kouei is Soushi’s childhood friend and also tennis pro. He pretty much has a crush on Asuna from the start both in the game and manga. In the manga though he ended up screwing some idol girl instead but not much luck for him here outside his own route. Once the original manager Aoi comes back, it’s another rival for Asuna as she’s had a crush on him for a long time. Kouei of course has no interest in Aoi and wants Asuna to answer his feelings instead.  Apparently Aoi was some pro tennis player but she gave it up so she could be by Kouei’s side as a manger. He figured okay cool I love tennis so it’s all good. However after some time she ended up confessing her love for him but he was like whut I thought you were just my manager! Well honestly it’s her fault for becoming his manager with ulterior motives and her own decision to give up her tennis career in my opinion. Kouei  ended up rejecting Aoi’s feelings and says he doesn’t see her more than a manager.  Her brother gets pissed saying that it’s Kouei’s fault that Aoi lost her dreams to pursue tennis. After this she got into some accident but they blame it on Kouei for making her “so upset” she wasn’t paying attention after he rejected her confession. ಠ_ಠ Seems legit.  So yea he’s had this guilt ever since and now that he has a crush on Asuna and Aoi returns it’s like one giant guilt clusterfuck lol.

ko02So then Soushi ends up confessing his feelings to Asuna knowing well she likes someone else. Just then Kouei shows up telling Soushi to stop 壁ドンing his bae. Soushi says he loves Asuna and not just as a “manager” and Kouei won’t confess his feelings because of his guilt for Aoi.  Good End: Kouei ends up losing the preliminary tennis match to Aoi’s brother who yells that Kouei just lost on purpose. He then gets butthurt that both Asuna and Aoi are in love with Kouei while he’s getting only tennis oh noes! He has to win the final rounds though because it was always his dream to to go abroad with his tennis career. Aoi tells Asuna that she’s cheering on her brother because Kouei doesn’t seem like he cares about going abroad anyway. Too bad for him Kouei kicks his ass and wins the tennis match. At the end of the night he confesses to Asuna that he loves her. And so during the school play they change the lines around to basically make Soushi and Kouei duke it out for Asuna’s love….Kouei wins and grabs Princess Asuna in the play. In the epilogue they go to the amusement park date together and Kouei kisses her saying he wants to take her back home and do all sorts of things too impure for this game. Beast End: Kouei becomes a yandere rapist. I’m probably going to say this in every end aren’t I? Though in this one it was kinda creepy cause the screen went white and Asuna’s like “lalala I’m dreaming” and he’s like “You won’t even look at me anymore..but it’s ok I’ll protect you forever…” Ugh…..( ´_ゝ`)

shin01Sakaki Shinmei – I swear I am not intentionally trying to marathon games where Maeno Tomoaki is a voice actor – but it’s turning out that way isn’t it? 😆  Shinmei works at the women’s clothing store called AQUA as well as a “guide man” at the amusement park. A guide man is basically a dude who takes “requests” based on cards drawn by the customers. In the manga people could request stuff like kisses or hugs and he’d do it because he never takes any woman seriously. In the manga though, the reason for this was becuase he was ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ with Rei 😆 Despite everything though, he gets attracted to Asuna and often drags her into help him with his part time job at Aqua. Sometimes he goes a bit too far though and Rei has to cockblock to stop him. In the past Shinmei had some one sided love and because the girl didn’t reject him outright and loved someone else he got his hopes up…only to be rejected down the line. THE HORROR! And so because of that he can never take any girl seriously or have a relationship so Rei’s trying to make him ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐. Sigh. ಠ_ಠ At one of those Guide Mens events Asuna gets bullied by some jealous bitches and mistakenly goes into the male bath at the hotel. Fortunately that night there were only female guests aside from Shinmei and Rei and Shinmei told the bitches off saying what they did is disgusting.

shin02After this event Rei and Shinmei always seem to fight for Asuna’s attention but Shinmei tells Rei he’s not serious anyway so why bother. Rei responds with the fact that you never know maybe I changed my mind? So then during another trip with the Guide Men and Shinmei gets all jealous of Rei pulling a harem card forcing all the girls in the room to hug him. Sooo he then somehow pulls a kiss card and kisses Asuna on the lips….even though normally they’re only supposed to kiss their hands on top of the girl’s forehead. After this Asuna runs away in the park somewhere but then realizes that hell yea dat kiss was some gud sheit. After she returns to Shinmei’s room he gets all pissy saying that by not choosing him she’s choosing Rei instead. ಠ_ಠ She says that this isn’t true so he’s like “oh so you want BOTH of us you insatiable whore!” and pushes her down on the bed. SIGHHHH. He then ties her up to the bed and blindfolds her and covers her mouth so she can’t scream for help. Just then Rei comes in and he’s like what the fuck are you even doing and unties her.He explains the only reason she wanted to go to Rei’s room with Shinmei is to play games…with the other staff =_=. Shinmei realizes what a fucking asshole he is and Asuna and Rei leave his room. The following day Rei tells Asuna that he’s gonna be her boyfriend for a week so she can “decide her feelings” ಠ_ಠ。 While they’re “fake dating” Asuna inquires about Shinmei but Rei says  she cannot see or contact him. He eventually realizes that Asuna’s in love with Shinmei and tells her that he’s probably emoing alone in his room. Rei says that he’ll bring him to AQUA the next day and tells Asuna to go there if she wants to see him.

shin03When they finally meet with Shinmei he bitches about how he doesn’t know who Asuna loves. He then rambles how he never takes any woman seriously and he doesn’t love Asuna…while on the inside babbling about how much he wuuuvvsss her as usual sigh. The next night Asuna has a dream about Shinmei and suddenly realizes she loves him too! ( ´_ゝ`) Unfortunately the next day when Shinmei finds out that Asuna is Rei’s “girlfriend” he throws a shitfit before Asuna can even explain herself headdesk.jpg. Rei and Asuna chase after him and tell him to stop being a moron so this route can end. They then have some guide mens competition and Shinmei vows to win for her and later on apologizes for near raping her. One of Rei’s fangirls asks Asuna to vote for Rei but Asuna refuses saying she’ll vote for Shinmei cause she loves him instead. Happy End: Shinmei admits that he loves Asuna and says that the girl he used to be in love in the past with a girl who looked like Asuna. He took interest in her only because of this but then came to realize that that girl and Asuna are totally different people. So basically this whole route can be summarized by this song. Asuna then confesses that she loves him as well. In the epilogue they go to the haunted house at the amusement park and then go hump in his hotel room afterwards or something. Beast End: As usual yandere rapist, decides that the only way for Asuna to prove that she loves him and won’t betray him is to fuck him or whatnot bleh.

rei01Takanashi Rei – Rei is Mr. I won’t take you seriously either. Realizes Asuna always reacts to the word “promise” so always makes “promises” to meet up with her. I may as well call him MENDOKUREI cause he’s so めんどくせー. Seriously I have no idea what this guy wants to do with his life. He acts like he won’t take any girl seriously, then gets all angry and jealous that Asuna may like Shinmei instead of him. Then nearly rapes her, then gets a harem of his fangirls and then babbles shit about how Asuna is hung up on her childhood “promise”. He never lets her get a word in to tell him her feelings, but she’s also easily swayed around by Shinmei in this route. Eventually Yukito just tells her that Rei is a pathological liar and denial of his feelings. Asuna decides she will tell him that she “Doesn’t hate” him because apparently telling him that you love him turns him into a yandere rapist or something. ಠ_ಠ Happy End: Rei pulls the stick out his ass and tells Asuna that he loves her! Hooray! I still don’t get what the fuck his problem is. It woulda made more sense if they just made him gay like they did in the manga or something.

rei02In the epilogue, he makes out with her in an empty classroom at her school cause his house is too far away and Yukito’s back at Asuna’s place. Also Rei says he figured out who her “promised person” is (aka Yukito) but won’t tell her or give her to him. Poor Yukito. NTR’ed for 6 routes in a row. (´・ω:;.:… Beast End: Becomes a yandere rapist and coerces her into screwing him but what else is new. I wonder if there’s even a point to writing anything in these beast ends other than the fact that for Rei & Shinmei, one of the beast end CGs was a CG of..the ceiling. That’s right just a CG of some poorly drawn hotel ceiling. I thought quin rose was bad with the backs but Takuyo now takes the golden trophy. Yea as you can see I don’t have much to write because most of the route is the same as Shinmei’s and most of it is spent on Rei’s bullshit monologues about what he wants to do (or not do) with his life. My biggest complaint with this route is really the fact that Souichiro Hoshi does the exact voice on Rei as he did on Homare in Starry Sky. Since I absolutely love Homare, it was rather disgusting hearing the same voice come out of Scumbag MendokuREI. ガ━━(;゚Д゚)━━ン!!

aki01Nabari Akihiko – I believe Akihiko, Masuke and Yukito were all “Takuyo Original” characters which is why they all had mostly sweet routes. All the other chars were from the manga which is why they had more trashy routes, especially Shinmei and Rei. (Shinmei was absolutely despicable in the manga ugh.) Anyway fortunately due to this Akihiko and Masuke were really sweet routes (aside from the garbage beast ends which I will pretend don’t exist.) Akihiko is the kouhai in the student council who adores the student council president Masuke. He’s kind of a tsundere though and always has a sharp sarcastic tongue towards him but then babbles how much he wishes he could be like him to Asuna :lol:. Despite being a rich bocchama he still has a part time as a guideman at the amusement park. He’s also in a forced engagement with Amamiya Mikage who is the daughter of the Mikage group owner and it’s all for political reasons. Mikage actually has a crush on Masuke instead  and thinks Akihiko has no personality. It’s ok ho, he don’t want your bitchy ass either. ಠ_ಠ  After a while it’s obvious Mikage actually has the hots for Masuke and Akihiko confesses his feelings for Asuna. Asuna says she thinks she likes him too but needs more time to organize her feelings. In the meantime though, Akihiko sees Mikage hanging out more and more with Masuke and gets mad that he’s just “messing around with her”. Masuke shoots back with the fact that Akihiko’s engaged to Mikage but is “messing around with Asuna”.

aki02He also puts the blame on Asuna saying she knows well Akihiko had a fiance, but she chose to stay by his side anyway. Just then shit hits the fan and Akihiko’s mom says that his too sensitive to take over the company so instead she’s going to have Masuke be the next inheritor. Akihiko doesn’t understand how some “stranger” can inherit the company.  With Asuna’s encouragement, Akihiko gets back to his natural state of “I’m going to make Masuke look bad so they reconsider him as a candidate and I don’t care if I have to fight dirty to do it BWAHAH.” XD They go directly to Mikage only to find out Masuke’s been making everything up to stir up Akihiko to finally take charge of himself. When Akihiko finally takes charge and says to both Masuke and his mom that he’s sorry for not realizing their true feelings and only looking at the outside.  And so his mother Akina admits that Masuke is her true son. She also says that she was actually in an arranged marriage with Akihiko’s father and that he had a lover with the last name “Nabari”. Even after they got married, the father continued his relationship with his lover but Akina didn’t care. Her job was just to be a good “wife for the Nabari household”. When she got pregnant, she went to the hospital where her husband’s lover worked. The lover got really jealous so when Akina had her baby, the lover switched the babies around.

aki03And as it turns out, Masuke is the real baby, while Akihiko was the real baby of the Sasazuka household. This explains why Akihiko looks a lot less like his mother and why Masuke looks more like her. And so the reason the father was never home was because he tried to show love to both of his sons. Also because Akihiko was sick for a while he ended up bed ridden for 2 years or something so he’s really the same age as Masuke. Akihiko asks why she cared about him so much and she says because despite everything, she was still his mother. Masuke found out all of this beforehand because he took his picture book that he and Akihiko had and asked Akina about the serial number. Good End: After everything Akihiko thanks Asuna for being there with him and once again tells her he loves her.  He says at first he thought she was a dumb bimbo but eventually he fell for her. Asuna kisses him as her answer to his feelings. ( ≖‿≖) In the epilogue, Akihiko says he and Masuke went to visit the Sasazuka’s grave. Asuna joins the student council president because she wanted to be with Akihiko. He’s also broken off his engagement with Mikage because he doesn’t want to marry someone he doesn’t love. He spends his days working in the student council office and ichaichaing with Asuna during his break times. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Beast End: Siiigh I really didn’t want to do this end because I love Akihiko so much I didn’t want to see him ruined. (´;ω;`) He basically strangles her telling to only say his name or some shit bleh. =_= #richpeopleproblems #manwhoredads #separatedatbirth #richbitches

ma01Sasazuka Masuke – Similar to what happened in Akihiko’s route, Masuke is obviously on the other end of the rich person problem spectrum. He’s actually in fact really poor and while in the game he’s the “senpai” who’s older than Akihiko…we now know that in fact the 2 of them are the same age and both older than Asuna.  As revealed in Akihiko’s route, Masuke is  the real son of the Nabari group but was switched in the hospital by a jealous lover. He’s been raised by the Sasazukas but a year before this game takes place, his father died in an accident and mother died from overwork. Due to this Masuke’s been living alone and he’s been really depressed and lonely. He works as a guide man at the amusement park to make some money to support himself but is generally poor. He has an upbeat personality but that’s all to hide most of his depression inside. The only person who cheers him up is Asuna and she gives him a hug during the school festival when he’s feeling down. After this he falls in love with her but tries not to get too close in case his emotions run wild.In fact he tries so hard he ends up almost putting a wall in front of himself because he feels he’s not good enough for her. Akihiko also likes Asuna and he knows Masuke does too but when Asuna basically rejects him he gets pissed. He also finds out from Mikage the truth about his and Masuke’s family ties so his whole brain goes into turmoil. Unfortunately Asuna has no idea what is going on between any of them because nobody tells her anything ._.

ma02Eventually, Akihiko calls her to a restaurant and has her sit nearby where he’s meeting up with his mom, Mikage and Masuke. This lets Asuna overhear that Masuke might actually be Akina’s son and Akihiko’s older brother. Unfortunately not enough is revealed before Masuke gets up saying the Sasazukas are his only parents and then he takes Asuna and leaves. The following day Akihiko apologizes to Asuna for getting her involved in their family drama and admits that he loves her. He says he knows Asuna loves Masuke though, and Asuna admits that she does. However lol misunderstanding she thinks Masuke loves someone else (;^ω^)… After a while, Masuke admits that he loves Asuna but he wanted to stay away from her because if he got used to being with her, separating would be more painful. Asuna tells him ain’t no thang cause she loves him too! Masuke then gives Asuna his mother’s diary where they basically see the revelation of Akihiko’s father coming to tell them that Masuke isn’t their real child. They eventually meet up with Akihiko, Mikage and Akina and Mikage demands that Masuke take over the Nabari group. Masuke says his parents, blood related or not, raised him and were very important to him…and he cannot just go take over some big group having nothing to do with it for all these years. Mikage then bitches about her GGE complex because apparently she had the hots for Akihiko’s dad cause he spoiled her rotten.

ma03Since Masuke looks a lot like Akihiko’s father (due to being his real son & all), Mikage wanted him to take over the group so she could marry him. Eww GGE projections. Anyway Masuke’s like lol no I love Asuna and Mikage bitches that she’s cutting ties off with the Nabari group and they will PAY for making a fool of her! Yea whatever ho, fuck off ಠ_ಠ. Happy End: Akina reveals that because Akihiko was so sick she kept him as her son so that she could raise him in a healthier environment. She also tells Masuke that he and Akihiko were 2 babies who got swapped in the hospital due to Akina’s husband’s lover. Akina says that her son will be Akihiko because that’s who she raised but before leaving she calls Masuke “Akihiko” and he calls her “mother”. After this Asuna pats his head and says he’s done well like his mother used to do. He promises Asuna he won’t go off being alone anymore and kisses her. In the epilogue, Asuna helps out with some student council work and Akihiko tells her if she gets tired of Masuke he’s available now ;D. She meets Masuke in the back of the school and they get into a conversation of baby making but just then Akihiko cockblocks them over the intercom telling Masuke to come to the student council office. Before they go Masuke tells Asuna she’s the most important thing in his life and he hugs her promising to live happily ever after. Beast End: Well it wasn’t a rape end, but it was basically Asuna being like “u can fuck me if it makes you feel better bby <3”. Oh well whatever at this point lol ┐(‘~`;)┌ Masuke was actually really sweet and in fact I ended up enjoying both his and Akihiko’s route. I had wished I got some omake ending with the 2 of them and well Takuyo granted this with the mini harem omakes in the secret section!

This accurate describes this entire game's problem.
This accurately  describes this entire game’s problem.

If the entire game was like Akihiko’s, Masuke’s and Yukito’s routes I would have gave it a higher rating than I did. Dumb O/C Beast Ends aside, the good ends for those guys were really sweet and I enjoyed the stories a lot. It reminded me of older Takuyo games with all the silly gags (like Arashi sensei going “Guys I have a confession…I’m not a woman!” and the classmate going “It’s ok sensei, none of us thought you were one.” `;:゙;`;・(゚ε゚ )ブッ!! xDD) However Shinmei and Rei’s routes along with parts of Soushi’s and Kouei’s really ruined the game for me. It’s almost as if Takuyo wrote the  3 routes I liked, and the original manga writers were the ones who  wrote the routes for the manga characters. I mean I guess that’s legit for them to do but it made the game painful to sit through.  Asuna’s character varies from decent to completely dense personalityless self insert. Sometimes it’s amazing how gullible she is and how she doesn’t suspect any kind of danger from anyone….this makes her easily susceptible to bullying which fortunately doesn’t escalate thanks to her man harem. ಠ_ಠ There’s a common theme of JEALOUSY in the entire game. Each set of guys ends up being jealous of the other because there’s something about Asuna. Seriously every guy is in love with her for no reason other than the fact maybe that she’s the only girl at the school and they’re like ZOMG PUSSAYYYY GOTTA HIT DAT SHEIT. This doesn’t at all explain Shinmei & Rei who she just ran into at the amusement park. Considering how many female customers they get daily it’s amazing they decided on some high school girl!  It reminds me of Starry Sky and how everyone wanted Tsukiko too and while I guess it was a common theme for older games…with all the new games and well written heroines this all feels like a disappointment.

This image pretty much describes everything about this game.
This image pretty much describes everything about this game.

The beast ends/system is kinda pointless in a sense where all it does is further underline all the jealousy the guys have. It’s worse when the guy is saying the exact opposite of what his “beast voice” is thinking. Soushi and Shinmei literally had a scene of them going “I don’t love you at all” while inside going “no that’s not what I want to say!I love you!!” Are you bipolar sir? I guess if you love when some guy forces himself on you out of jealous misunderstanding you’d find this game extremely hot! Me on the other hand, got sick of it after the first 2 and then just straight faced my way to complete the CGs for the rest. The actual gallery has very little CGs for each guy. It’s actually only 8 and the rest are just “instances” with a separate slot. They do have extra CGs in the after story & harem omakes, but for whatever reason none of those are in the gallery so I had to capture them while watching the omake. Oh and the worst offender was this:

Wait a minute what is this doing here...?
Wait a minute what is this doing here…?
Let's zoom in....oh.
Let’s zoom in….oh.

An actual CG of just a ceiling that showed up as a waste of space in TWO characters galleries. Really!? Really!? My favorite is the description says “I want to touch you RIGHT NOW”. Well gee you might have better luck if you’re looking at her and not the ceiling sir.

Kouei looks like he wants to have more fun with Soushi than with you. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ
Kouei looks like he wants to have more fun with Soushi than with you. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

As I mentioned in Yukito’s route, Yukito is obviously the OTP. The game makes you play him first in order to unlock “beast ear” so you can hear all the other guys’ inner thoughts. After this you basically spend the game seeing him be hurt & upset as Asuna is NTRed by the other 6 guys ( ´_ゝ`). I guess ultimately I just wish it was more like Takuyo and less like CHEESE. For what it’s worth it was still a good way to pass time during my commute (which is why it took me so long to get through it.) If you are curious about it, I would only recommend it for Akihiko, Masuke and Yukito and screw the rest. Also stay the fuck away from the bad ends and the beast ends, unless you just love unwarranted jealousy and implied rape. ( ´_ゝ`)


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  1. They have no problem with cousincest cause in Japan same it’s there first cousin, it’s perfectly legal in the law.

  2. Ok, thanks! I’ll definitely check those out. I think this one just stood out to me because of the title XD;;;

  3. To be fair this was based on a trashy manga and definitely not a game I’d use to represent Takuyo. If anything I’d say Kaeru batake, panic palette, himehibi are more what I think of when it comes to Takuyo games. Though lately they’ve taken a darker less comedic approach and their stuff is closer to their old release Sorayume

  4. I think I was interested in learning more about the folks behind Sweet Clown so I was looking up their old games, but I’m going to have to pass on this one, haha! Thanks for the review!

  5. Read a few lines
    My 1st thought it’s even more boring than
    Hana Awase
    The cg art was ok but it looked boring as well
    Jotting this game in “avoid like a plague” list
    Thx for writing this review

  6. Your review *almost* makes me wish I had the system to play this, for the laughs.
    Especially because, once upon a dark dark time, little me actually read and enjoyed shinjo mayu coughLoveCelebcough. A dark dark dark time.
    Shinmei’s route really is the epitome of shinjo mayu, wow. I applaud you for finishing this game ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

    That ceiling CG killed the wish, though.

  7. Honestly, the art is probably the least of this game’s problems. I mean yea there’s like giraffe necks in some CGs, but all the NTR/implied rape stuck out to me as a much bigger issue 😆

  8. Lol the CG one that’s too funny, I’m skipping this game because the art not my cup of tea but seeing your review not that bad ^-^

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